Democrats Abandon White Workers

A source of frustration is that very few Whites actually believe that White hegemony in America could or would be threatened in any meaningful way. For them, advocating for Whites is as silly as collecting food cans for Bill Gates or raising awareness of hardships faced by banking tycoons. If you try to explain to them how the very neighborhood they stand in and its landmarks, families, and traditions will be displaced and replaced, you might as well be describing a fanciful zombie apocalypse scenario.

“That’ll never happen to sleepy old Hicksburgh…”

Well, actually, it’s already happened to hundreds of Hicksburghs all over America, it’s building momentum, and it’s headed this way.

Take Postville, for instance.


As frustrating as it is to try to warn people who are laughing at me as I attempt to do so, the fact that they’re still comfortable enough to laugh is a source of hope. They don’t necessarily want it to happen, and may even be prepared to fight with us to stop it from happening. They just don’t see it happening, yet.

Well, it is happening, and it’s happening faster than the most hysterical klansmen of yesteryear predicted it would. According to the New York Times, the Democratic Party is already giving up on working class Whites altogether. According to the report, they’re still going to court White elites and Whites with college degrees–at least for now. This is a natural consequence of decades of uncontrolled immigration and guarantees the end of America altogether. Do I sound hysterical? Last year’s hysterical prophecy is next year’s Census Bureau Estimate, so a man’s got to sound hysterical to keep up with the breakneck pace of dispossession.

Matt "Chicken Little" Parrott

Matt "Chicken Little" Parrott

Democracy is a very fragile institution, and it depends on the solid majority of the electorate sharing a basic sense of identity. Lacking that, democracy becomes a simple competition between two “others” over resources. This unavoidable outcome is happening in the form of the Democratic Party steadily consolidating all the non-White and anti-White “others” against an increasingly White GOP. That’s not to say that the RNC is trying to become White. It’s struggling mightily to avoid it. But this demographic sea change is greater than Herman Cain, Michael Steele, and Marco Rubio…combined. Not even Karl Rove can devise a strategy to save it from becoming White at this late hour.

White workers are voiceless in Washington, caught between a DNC which is increasingly set against them and an RNC which both takes their presence for granted and is more than a little anxious about being too White. With each passing year, it gets a bit more awkward for Whites of any class to show up for DNC events which are more blatant and direct in their anti-White agenda than they were the year before. Personally, I wonder if the Democrats aren’t getting ahead of themselves in abandoning Whites a few election cycles before the demographics allow for it and I’m not so sure about their ability to keep the (non-elite, non-Jewish) college-educated Whites.

See, for all my hysteria, I’m inclined to suspect that the pollsters and demographers who make a living predicting these things are getting ahead of themselves on the rate of White dispossession. Therein lies the gulf between what’s actually happening and what your typical White American has been led to believe is happening. Even I, Matt “Chicken Little” Parrott, don’t believe the sky is falling on White America as fast as the Democratic Party and Obama’s administration are betting it will.

Don’t you think it’s time to at least open your mind to the possibility that we’re being dispossessed? If The Democratic Party, the Presidency, and the New York Times are taking the consequences of racial demographics seriously enough to bet their careers and reputations on it, shouldn’t you at least take the time to familiarize yourself with the issue?

This article originally appeared on Matt’s Hoosier Nation website.

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