Shaming the Non-Jewish Elite

A friend commenting our on how the elites are pulling away from the rest of America, as seen here.  Quite clearly, a large percentage are Jews (e.g., around 40% of American billionaires.) His point is that we have to concentrate on the non-Jews among the elite:

 The non-Jewish members of the money elite are also corrupted. After all, they accept the exploitation of the White middle class economically and ethnically. The non-Jewish elite has abandoned the nation. America would be a very different place if there was robust conflict within the elite concerning which constituency they serve. For decades Jewish interests are being well catered for in support for Israel and mass immigration. What has the elite done for White Christian America or even for components of it, e.g. Anglos? Any roll-back must involve the non-Jewish elite pulling its weight, fulfilling its responsibilities. They should take responsibility for the ongoing destruction of the United States as a Western nation. With power comes responsibility, first a foremost to one’s family and people.

There should be a politics of shaming the White elite, along the lines of Christopher Lasch’s book. [Was he Jewish? Wikipedia does not say.] He was critical of both collectivists and laissez-faire right.
Lasch, C. (1995). The revolt of the elites and the betrayal of democracy. London, W. W. Norton & Company.
As far as I can see, Lasch did not object to immigration. But see his attack on feminism and the elite intellectual left.
My point is that our elites need to be somehow shamed.
Of course, any action by the non-Jewish elite in defense of the traditional American majority will be vigorously opposed by the organized Jewish community as well as by the Jewish elite. They probably have enough power to make any patriotic action by a non-Jewish  member of the elite very costly. The vast majority are doubtless already well-integrated into Jewish networks, particularly if they are in the financial or media elites. And, of course, it’s not just the money elite. It’s the Ph.D., the lawyers, the army of Whites who staff the institutionalization of White displacement.
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