Pat Buchanan Fired from MSNBC

We should all he outraged that Pat Buchanan has been fired by MSNBC. As he notes (“The New Blacklisting“;, his firing came after “after an incessant clamor from the left” resulting from the release of his book, Suicide of a Superpower. The problem is that Buchanan doesn’t accept the dogma that our multiracial/multicultural future is going to be just a wonderful place to live. As quoted by one of the clamorers, Media Matters, Buchanan describes the America of 2041 this way:

America’s gonna look very much like California right now. And what does that mean?

California is bankrupt. It’s bond rating is the lowest of any place. Los Angeles, half the people there don’t speak English as — in their own homes — 5 million people. And you’ve got all the problems of crimes. You’ve got a black-brown war among the underclass, as one sheriff described it, in the prisons and in the gangs. And people are leaving California. And it’s the old tax consumers are coming in.

Now, these are not bad or evil people. Even the ones who are illegal. They’re coming to work, many of them. They’re coming for a better life. But the truth is they are bankrupting the state of California because of that divide you mentioned between taxpayers and tax consumers. And what happens when all of America is like that, when every American city is like LA?

What’s so great about being on the left is that you don’t have to rebut your enemies’ ideas. Truth and the interests of Whites are irrelevant when up against the interests and moral claims of non-Whites. Here Buchanan is committing the cardinal sin of the new dispensation: Implying that there  are real differences between peoples and that a very large percentage of the newcomers are not particularly talented and are prone to sucking up government services. And apart from the economic consequences of the Third World invasion, I think it’s going to be way worse for Whites when they become a minority because they will be increasingly victimized by the coalition of the left that hates them so much now.  Not to mention the findings of all the research that multicultural societies are prone to conflict, political alienation, and lack of willingness to contribute to public goods like government-sponsored healthcare. 

The leftist idea that all this can be decided on moral grounds and that people like Buchanan must be silenced in the mainstream media implies that the future of White America should not be discussed openly and honestly. Facts and an honest discussion of the legitimate interests of Whites are irrelevant.  The greatest question in the history of the republic—whether Whites should willingly become a minority—will be decided by elites in the media and their favorite activist organizations representing peoples who obviously see their interests coinciding with making Whites a minority as soon as possible. Those who oppose this agenda will find themselves out of work, excluded from positions of influence, and generally confronted with very diminished opportunities in life.

The really surprising thing is that Buchanan wasn’t fired a long time ago given that he has been on  the wrong side of the ADL for over 2o years. Buchanan has consistently called attention to the power of the Israel Lobby and its promotion of wars on behalf of Israel since the first war with Iraq in 1991. He also went against the Holocaust Industry by daring to defend John Demjanjuk in the mainstream media. In the VDARE article, he quotes Abe Foxman complaining that Buchanan “bemoans the destruction of white Christian America.” As Buchanan says, why shouldn’t he complain about it? He’s a Christian. And he’s White.  Watch Foxman go into a rage at the thought that Israel doesn’t have a right to do everything it can to remain a Jewish state. And need I state the obvious—that Jewish money funds the left?

I remember well when Buchanan appeared as a regular columnist in major American newspapers. He used to have a regular column in the LATimes—inconceivable now. It’s been a steady slide from the mainstream.  His fall from grace is really an indication of the power of the enemies of White America. They are in charge now, and if we don’t change that soon,  the catastrophe will be upon us.

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