The execrable Tim Wise is at it again.

There’s an interview with the execrable Tim Wise at Truthout. (TOO articles on Wise:  Mark Green: My Smackdown with Anti-White Crusader Tim Wise; “Tim Wise Hates White People”: see also here and here.) The interview is not really worth reading. The only thing that stuck out was his claim that Whites identify more with other Whites rather than non-Whites in a similar economic situation “because they have been subjected to intense racial propaganda for generations”—a ridiculous claim given the clear thrust of media messages for the last 50 years pounding in White racial guilt 24/7. Without getting into an academic analysis—implicit Whiteness and all that, maybe Whites have noticed that every other ethnic group is organized to the hilt and has a strong racial/ethnic identity and a sense of racial/ethnic interests. Maybe Wise should ask why Jews do not vote along social class lines but rather vote along with non-Whites, overwhelmingly for Democrats.

What’s really interesting is the comment section—dominated by people who reject this poison. One argument comes through again and again: Why should White countries and only White countries have a moral imperative to admit millions of non-Whites so that they become a minority?  It’s not just the US, but every White country and only White countries. It’s an unanswerable argument.

And how does Tim Wise’s Jewish identity influence his fervent desire that Whites be a minority?

People like Wise can continue to spew their poison, but as long as Internet sites have comment sections, at least they will at least get an earful. Leaving comments is certainly a low cost, high reward form of White activism. Join the fun!

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