On the Path to Practical Politics

I was asked by Dr. MacDonald to write an introduction to a body of knowledge which he felt important to bring to the attention of TOO readers.  I struggled with this, first writing a long essay discussing and describing this knowledge, then I realized that the whole point of introducing it wasn’t to paraphrase or describe it, but to encourage you to follow a path toward this knowledge, and hopefully walk that path:  The Path to Practical Politics.

Most if not all readers come to TOO and similar sites because they’ve woken up to the feeling that something is going very wrong everywhere White people dwell.  They discuss the problem, who caused the problem, and present possible solutions.

This is all fine, but something is still missing:  A pathway for each and every reader to actually do something every day.   Most of us aren’t capable of authoring the fine articles that appear here and on associated sites, articles that discuss the problem eloquently.  But we are completely capable of acting effectively,  if only we have the right tools and a guide to using them.

A general summary of why things have “gone wrong” for the diverse White European peoples is contained in the phrase:  “We’ve Lost Control of the Message.”

That message would be the totality of stories, narratives, discourses, texts, films, audio and video that define us to ourselves and the rest of the world.  The control of that message has slipped into the hands of people who, for whatever reason, hold grudges against White people as a people, and in many cases hate us enough to seek our Genocide.

We cannot effectively attack these hostile “others” directly by naming them, because a large part of the message they control is that White people are “haters” and “racists” if we point out the obvious fact that there is an anti-White double-standard in play.   We fall into a trap of the enemy’s setting when we approach things this way.  You’ve all done it, and you all know what happens when you do:  you are called “racist”, “anti-semite” and a host of other words that have been developed at great cost to prevent us from regaining control of “The Message”.

How can we shut down the effects of these hostile attacks on our very existence in our own lands?  How to “deconstruct the deconstructors,”  how to “out” the liars’ lies in a way that our own people will understand, and not get in trouble for understanding and repeating?   How to attack and vanquish the anti-White narrative poison that’s spoon-fed to White children every day, everywhere?

This won’t be accomplished by voting and political parties—“Conventional Politics”.   It will only be accomplished by a large number of people, our people, getting on the Path to Practical Politics, and walking that path intensely, as Warriors.  Those who walk that path aim to destroy the cult-mind that spews the anti-White message, and take back control of the message.

Some who have heard of this kind of Practical Politics, sometimes called “Mantra Politics”, say, “This won’t work, it’s too simple to be effective.”   I ask these people to consider just how effective the simple word “racist!” has been in shutting them up when they expressed a thought an anti-White didn’t like.  How effective was the simple word “anti-Semite” in silencing you if you expressed an idea a Semite didn’t like?

Simple Works!  Practical Politics is simply a constant repetition of effective talking points to the point that this causes demoralization and a crisis in the anti-White cults, their priests and their followers.

Introduction over!  I won’t try to reinvent the wheel by discussing or interpreting what’s to follow.  I will just point you toward the Wheel Factory, and to places where people are using the Wheel.  The rest is up to you.

Your journey on the Path to Practical Politics starts with a friendly chat about effective talking points and how they impact “the Message”.   This is just an appetizer; more courses to follow: Practical Politics with Horus and Truck Roy

The main courses are  here.

Download and listen to the first twelve “FTWR” podcasts, then download and listen to FTWR numbers 17, 20, 24, 56, 57, 63 (last 30 mins) and 65, which delve into how this political technology works, and why.

Once you’ve digested the appetizers and main courses, you may want some dessert.  Dessert is a very sweet place where you can see Practical Politics in action, and even work with a coach.  This place is known as “BUGS”  (“Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar”).  The Bob at BUGS is Robert Whitaker.   If you have done your homework above, you’ll already know much about Bob and BUGS.



BUGS is not a site devoted to discussion or chatting about the latest news.  BUGS doesn’t discuss the Jews, or any other group, at least not as a focus.  Bob is constantly focusing his team away from tripping-up on “the Truth”, and being distracted from effective political work.  Bob describes BUGS as a “Working Space”, and he has little patience for anything that distracts from the serious work taking place there.  Bob’s position at BUGS is that of a professional coach, coaching a team to victory in the war to Stop White Genocide.

Recommendations:  At BUGS, listen to “Porch Talks,” and read the essays at National Salvation.   These don’t just change your opinions, they restructure the way you think at a basic level.  They remove your mind from the enemy-constructed boxes that have imprisoned your mind, and prepare you for Practical Politics.  Read Bob’s daily Coaching Sessions, and see what the Swarm is doing today, everyday. See you on the Path!

Tasty Epigraphs:

  • “All people are created equal.”  Yes, in your OPINION all people are created equal.  Back on planet earth …
  • “This repetitive mantra stuff won’t work, it’s too simple”.  Of course it won’t work.  Just like the repetitive mantra stuff like “racism” and “nazi” don’t work to silence you.
  • “We’re all about what’s good for Mankind.  You’re against equality.”  The idea of “Mankind” is forcing all humans into one mold and destroying any mind that isn’t loyal to that particular mold, that set of Words. “Equality” is just another word.  Loyalty to a word is just SILLY.
  • “America is a propositional nation with a ‘living constitution'”.  A “propositional nation” is a dictatorship.  Whoever controls the “proposition” and can change the “living constitution” is the dictator.
  • “Bob and the Mantra are just a cult”.  Anyone who’d say that is still inside a cult.
  • “It’s all the Jews’ fault”.  Go back to Stormfront to discuss that.  We’re busy winning a war.
  • “Anyone looking at a photo of earth taken from space can see that it’s round”  A member of the flat-earth society replies, “Only someone with an untrained eye could come to that conclusion.”
  • “Don’t you know that experts at universities believe differently?”  Only someone who hasn’t OUTGROWN their education still believes Mommy Professor.
  • “All White countries and Only White countries have a moral obligation to welcome massive immigration of non-Whites, and to “assimilate” with them until there are no more White people.”   If you don’t see that you are advocating Genocide of White People, you are a militant idiot.
  • “The idea that simply repeating a ‘mantra, a sound, just sounds silly.  Doing that can’t affect anything!”  Of course it can’t.  That’s why “Yes We Can” had no effect on getting Obama elected.  That’s why “It’s the Real Thing” had no effect on the bottom line of the Coca Cola Corporation.
  • “Political Correctness is almost like a religion.”   No, Political Correctness IS a religion.
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