What do Pat Buchanan, Kevin MacDonald, and Edmund Connelly have in common?

All three were featured during Saturday night’s rebroadcast of The Political Cesspool Radio Program!

Due to studio refurbishments that are taking place at our flagship radio station, we had to air a classic show featuring some of our “best of” interviews.

If you missed it during our regularly scheduled weekly broadcast time last weekend, feel free to revisit it (again) in the broadcast archives.

We will resume live production of TPC this coming Saturday, July 7.

Here’s is an hour by hour breakdown of the June 30 program:

Radio Show Hour 1

Guest: Edmund Connelly – We’re joined by Occidental Quarterly columnist and film expert Edmund Connelly right out of the gates this evening as we discuss the cinema arts and the dangerous and unnatural propaganda being forced upon us by the Hollywood movie studios (Originally broadcast on May 23, 2009)

Radio Show Hour 2

Guest: Kevin MacDonald – Dr. MacDonald, a tenured professor of psychology at California State University – Long Beach, returns to our show for one of the most gripping interviews we’ve ever conducted(Originally broadcast on June 20, 2009)

Radio Show Hour 3

Guest: Pat Buchanan – Pat rejoins us tonight to discuss his new book, Suicide of a Superpower (Originally broadcast on October 22, 2011)

Folks, our vast library of broadcast archives is littered with other treasures such as these. Please take the time to browse through our massive collection of previously aired shows!

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