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It seems that frontal lobe damage, caused by long-term porn addiction and the compulsive masturbation that accompanies it, will give rise to a constellation of behaviors called “frontal lobe syndrome”. These include four main behavior patterns:  (1) Impulsive behavior with little regard to consequences. (2) Compulsive behavior, often leading to total loss of control. (3) Emotionally labile behavior, i.e., sudden and unpredictable mood swings. (4) Impaired judgment, leading to disastrous decision making.

All these conditions, it is now clear, are caused by frontal lobe damage. Though they can be produced instantaneously by a car crash or other serious trauma to the brain, they can also occur as a gradual process by the habit of compulsive masturbation to pornography over a long period of time. “Nemo repente fuit turpissimus,” the Roman satirist Juvenal noted long ago. “No one became extremely wicked all at once.” It happens by slow degrees, step by painful step. Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny. Whoever said that was certainly on to something.

Dr. Victor Cline, possibly the world’s foremost expert on sex addiction, has this to say on pornography and compulsive masturbation in his classic essay Pornography’s Effects on Adult and Child:

In my experience as a sexual therapist, any individual who regularly masturbates to pornography is at risk of becoming, in time, a sexual addict, as well as conditioning himself into having a sexual deviancy.

A frequent side effect is that it also dramatically reduces their capacity to love. Their sexual side becomes in a sense dehumanized. Many of them develop an “alien ego state” (or dark side), whose core is antisocial lust devoid of most values.

In time, the “high” obtained from masturbating to pornography becomes more important than real life relationships. It has been commonly thought by health educators that masturbation has negligible consequences, but one exception would appear to be in the area of repeatedly masturbating to deviant pornographic imagery which risks (via conditioning) the acquiring of sexual addictions and/or other sexual pathology.

It makes no difference if one is an eminent physician, attorney, minister, athlete, corporate executive, college president, unskilled laborer, or an average 15-year-old boy. All can be conditioned into deviancy.

The process of masturbatory conditioning is inexorable and does not spontaneously remiss. The course of this illness may be slow and is nearly always hidden from view. It is usually a secret part of the man’s life, and like a cancer, it keeps growing and spreading. It rarely ever reverses itself, and it is also very difficult to treat and heal. (See here)

The Frontal lobe, located directly behind the forehead, involves several different functions but is concerned above all with judgment and behavior control, i.e., the ability to recognize the consequences of one’s actions and to avoid reckless and impulsive behavior inimical to one’s survival. 


Before we go any further, it is necessary to convince the reader that porn addiction is indeed a serious problem—in fact, an epidemic unprecedented in human history.

Pornography is no longer the relatively mild aphrodisiac it used to be in the Summer of Love, 1967, when the Sexual Revolution first began to take off.  With the advent of the internet and the advance in audiovisual communications, its lethality has increased exponentially. Future advances in the area of holographic images and reality drugs threaten to make porn so irresistible to future generations that ordinary sex as we know it will pale into insignificance and fail to exercise its customary charms. Autoeroticism will then reign supreme; and the zombie sex addict, dead-eyed and drooling with unquenchable lust, will inherit the earth and turn it into a vast masturbatorium.

This is one vision of the sex dystopia to come: a science fiction nightmare that has every chance of being realized. This is a world in which only the sexually fit will survive as the masters, those schooled to self-discipline and impulse control. The weak-willed and degenerate will not necessarily die out. They will simply sink into the amorphous lumpenproletariat as permanent slaves.

I will now allow Dr Victor Cline to present one of his most revealing case histories of porn addiction:

One of my patients was so deeply addicted that he could not stay away from pornography for 90 days, even for $1,000. It is difficult for non-addicts to comprehend the totally driven nature of a sex addict. When the “wave” hits them, nothing can stand in the way of getting what they want—whether that be pornography accompanied by masturbation, sex from a prostitute, molesting a child, or raping a woman.

An example might help illustrate this problem. Ralph was a sexual addict, married 12 years with three children. He was active in his church and held sincere, high moral principles. He believed in the Ten Commandments and opposed adultery. Yet his particular cycle involved pornography use, followed by paid sex with prostitutes. After each incident, he begged God for forgiveness and swore that it would never happen again. But it did, again and again.

Since the trigger of each adulterous act was pornography-use, we decided to try to free him from his dependence on this material. I asked him to write me a check for $1,000, indicating that I would return it if he went 90 days without using pornography. Ralph loved to hang on to his money and was quite attracted to our strategy. “There’s no way I’d look at dirty videos or magazines if I knew it would cost me a thousand dollars!” he said.

He managed to resist temptation remarkably well for a while. But on the 87th day, he drove past an “adult” bookstore in an unfamiliar city while on a business trip. He slammed on the brakes, entered the store, and went virtually berserk for 90 minutes. When I saw him the following week, he tearfully confessed that he had lost his $1,000. Since he had gone 87 days “sober,” I decided to give him another chance.

So we started another 90-day “sobriety” cycle. We both felt that if he could go 87 days, he could certainly make 90 if we tried again, especially if it meant recovering his $1,000.

This time he went only 14 days before he relapsed. He lost his money, which was given to a charity. He was extremely committed to quit in order to save his marriage and to live in harmony with his religious principles. But that was not the case. In my opinion, even if he had given me $10,000, he still would have relapsed. When the wave hits them, these men are consumed by their appetite, regardless of the costs or consequences. Their addiction virtually rules their lives.  (See here)

Every act of masturbation to pornography draws the fish, so to speak, deeper and deeper into the net. Professor Donald L. Hilton, making use of the fish-in-net metaphor, explains the whole process in the technical language of science:

Pornography is a triple hook, consisting of cortical hypofrontality, dopaminergic downgrading, and oxytocin/vasopressin bonding. Each of these hooks is powerful, and they are synergistic. Pornography sets its hooks very quickly and deeply, and as the addiction progresses, it progressively tightens the dopamine drag until there is no more play in the line. The person is drawn ever closer to the boat and the waiting net.

The claim that pornography addiction can cause brain damage is admittedly still controversial at this time—see the section entitled ‘Frontal Lobe Damage’ here, written by practicing neurosurgeon and associate professor of Neurology, Donald L. Hilton, quoted above—but the claim that tobacco addiction could lead to lung cancer and heart disease was equally controversial when it was first aired. Nevertheless, given the neurobiological findings discussed above, there is little doubt that brain areas underlying sexual reward become structurally altered with the result that individuals are far more powerfully motivated by sexually arousing imagery. Whether one wants to call this brain damage seems moot. The main point is that the result is an exaggerated attraction to sexual reward at the expense of other emotions—in particular, love.

In any case, we are dealing here with an addiction that is arguably worse than crack cocaine or heroin addiction. This is not even controversial nowadays. It is a claim made so often by sex addiction therapists that no one who has researched the subject is surprised by it any longer.


Particular drugs potentiate sex. This is well known to anyone who has ever taken drugs. Under the influence of the drug, the intensity of the sex experience can be increased tenfold: becoming either sacred or satanic, divine or demonic, depending on one’s state of mind, but always piquant, frenzied, and quasi-mystical. Drug addiction and sex addiction therefore often go together, intensifying each other and making the sex junkie’s dual addiction an exquisite pleasure indistinguishable from a stabbing pain.

Two of the most potent aphrodisiacs in use today are cocaine and methamphetamine. The easy availability of these drugs nowadays has increased not only the number of sex addicts in society but also the intensity of their addiction. It will be found that both cocaine and methamphetamine are used extensively in combination with pornography. The result is compulsive masturbation on an epic scale, such as few societies in the past have ever known. Indeed, ours is the first civilization in history to make masturbation a competitive sport.

For centuries, cocaine has been known for its potent aphrodisiacal properties. In fact, one of the reasons people take cocaine it is to get a sexual “super high”. In the early 1900s, cocaine gained notoriety for its ability to induce “sexual frenzy” and “uncontrollable lust” in the stereotypical “dope fiend”. Today, in San Francisco and other big cities, cocaine is openly sold in gay bathhouses where it leads to suicidal unprotected sex:

In my own city, Toronto, promiscuous unsafe sex is a popular feature of the bathhouses which have been springing up over the past few years. Some of them are now licensed to sell beer, which they supplement, unofficially, with poppers and crack cocaine (smoke it in your room) as additional perks.

Methamphetamine (“meth”) would appear to be an even stronger aphrodisiac. This is more popular with women than cocaine because it produces rapid weight loss, at any rate initially. Common features found among both cocaine and methamphetamine addicts are communal orgies, sex binges, and bouts of compulsive masturbation with the help of pornography. (See here)

The trajectory of the typical methamphetamine addict is particularly grim. No amount of orgiastic sex will compensate for the ravages of time.

         *            *       

It is not without significance that the sex-obsessed Satanist Aleister Crowley and the Father of the Sexual Revolution, Sigmund Freud, were both cocaine addicts. Here is Crowley waxing eloquent on cocaine in the context of “sex magick.” Freud, whose early psychoanalytical theory was reportedly a by-product of his cocaine use, recommended cocaine as an analgesic and antidepressant while discreetly omitting to mention its aphrodisiacal qualities. (See here)

A bizarre added feature found in cocaine addicts, seldom mentioned outside specialist publications, is that this is one drug that often manages to turn heterosexual males into homosexuals—even against their natural inclinations and much to their subsequent disgust. Gay porn apparently does the trick, easing the way into homosexuality for the doped-up male heterosexual. Straight females, it is said, can take cocaine without necessarily becoming lesbians. I personally doubt this. My own experience in observing others convinces me that bisexuality can be induced in both sexes by a combination of drugs and sex.

Chronic high doses of cocaine [we are told] can result in aberrant sexual behavior such as compulsive masturbation and multiple partner marathons. The disinhibiting effects of cocaine or methamphetamine open the flood gates to sexual adventurousness. Only under the influence of cocaine or methamphetamine do some heterosexuals engage in homosexual fantasies and behaviors….

The combination of stimulant drug use and sex, two extremely potent reinforcers, creates a “super high” that is more addicting than the drug use alone. For these individuals, drugs and sex are inseparable….

Similar to cocaine but even more dramatically, methamphetamine increases sex drive, lowers inhibitions, delays orgasm, and improves sexual performance in many users. The aphrodisiacal effects of methamphetamine are considerably longer lasting than those of cocaine … it [is] especially appealing to individuals seeking prolonged, highly erotic, and uninhibited sexual experiences….

An interesting phenomenon noted many years ago by one of the present authors, but discussed rarely in the literature, is the ability of cocaine to stimulate homosexual fantasies and engender homosexual behaviors in men who identify themselves as heterosexual. These men report that when high on cocaine, they experience erotic fantasies to have sex with other men. This may lead to a pattern of compulsive masturbation [while] viewing gay male pornography, or to sexual encounters with gay male prostitutes, often transvestites known as “shemales” or “half and halves”— men who have a female persona and breast implants, but male genitalia.

After the drug wears off, many of these men report feeling extremely dysphoric and upset about their homosexual behavior. Many experience intense feelings of shame. It appears that the overwhelming majority of these men are fundamentally heterosexual. (See here)        


That pornography damages the character, weakens the will, and produces sexual deviance in those it infects, can no longer be doubted. That it can even, under the influence of drugs such as cocaine, occasionally turn heterosexuals into homosexuals, is an even more sinister development.

That long-term pornography use, accompanied by compulsive masturbation, actually causes structural changes in the brain is now beyond dispute. Whether this amounts to “brain damage” in the classic sense is a contentious issue and will be hotly denied by the Masturbation Lobby and all those who believe, erroneously, that masturbation is a stress reliever and a cure for depression. Porn addiction and its invariable accompaniment, compulsive masturbation, are in fact stress increasers. They are often found as major symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorders. Far from relieving depression, they intensify it. Indeed, they are all too often the underlying cause of the depression in that they generate a huge loss of self-esteem. These are truisms, patently obvious to all except the merchants of lies.

Meanwhile, there is little doubt that the virulent sex epidemic we witness all around us is a deliberately planned sex psyop. This is what governments want. The Puppet Masters who pull the hidden strings of our Western regimes, all masquerading as democracies, have managed to manufacture exactly what we see when we look around us: widespread neurosis, mass misery, the collapse of moral values, Christianity in ruins, and the coarse brutalization of the common man.

No need for gulags for those who consent to their own chains.

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Dr Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a poet and translator. Her articles can be read here, her poetry here

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