Gregory Hood’s “White Nationalist Memo”

Right now at the Counter-Currents site, there is a superb essay by Gregory Hood called “A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans.” Coming as it does on the heels of Republican Mitt Romney’s loss to non-White incumbent Barack Obama, the memo coldly informs White males that there is zero chance the Republican party is ever going to work on behalf of White male interests. Experience and the facts are undeniable, so White men had better finally accept that only a new party — no, a new NATION — is going to advance the interests of Whites — and allow them to actually survive.

Hood does an excellent job of reiterating the long list of anti-White (especially anti-White male) legislation, anti-White indoctrination and media assaults that all of us are familiar with. He drums home the point that Blacks and Hispanics are unshakably anti-White because they are focused solely on their own interests.

Hood packages his memo in the guise of a confession of a reformed Republican. He understands where reluctant White male Republicans are coming from. He was slow to face his denial problem as well. But it became just too obvious that the Republicans were NOT the party of Whites.

Hood notes the anti-White teachings children get at church and at school. Your son will learn that “white people are uniquely evil, that he is the recipient of unearned ‘privilege’ because he was born, and that to be a moral person, he has to turn his back on his ancestors — i.e. you.” And for your and your child’s troubles, you’re saddled with unpayable student loans, while non-Whites, even non-citizens, are given free educations.

Worse, your job prospects as a White male are terrible. Corporations hate you. “They despise you, give money to your enemies, and discriminate against you because you’re white.” Affirmative action continues to hobble White men, and no Republican, including presidents, has made a difference. When non-Whites shoot you down in the streets, the media blames YOU.

Your wife might actually love you, but the system is such that she’ll be sorely tempted to ditch you (and maybe the kids), help herself to your paycheck and house, and move on. After all, “The law rewards her if she abandons you.”

Here’s the real dope: “Everything you loved about what used to be your country came from one group of people. It’s the group you belong to. It’s the white race. And it’s not an accident that the same people who hate your country, your religion, and your family hate your race more than anything.”

Accept the facts: “You’re a white man. ‘American’ doesn’t mean anything anymore. If anything, citizenship is actually a burden. As a white American, you are a second-class citizen in jobs, education, and government benefits. No one cares about you and no one ever will. Those in power will deny that your suffering even exists. So why are you fighting for these people?”

Then, sounding very much like Michael O’Meara, Hood declaims: “You need to fight for a country of your own. We need revolution if ordinary people anytime, anywhere are to have anything even close to a moral and pleasurable life. And it makes more sense than spending your rapidly diminishing days shuffling through this horrifying nightmare that used to be your country.”

Hood preaches tough love to these modern White men: “You can’t pretend you don’t know anymore. . . . You can’t pretend this is still your country or that you are a free man. You aren’t. You can’t pretend that you can keep playing by the rules and somehow win. You won’t.”

Then a remarkable ending:

You need to remind yourself each morning that you are a slave and people who hate you rule you. I’m saying you need to recognize that America today is a filthy lie, the most vile and despicable fiction ever foisted upon decent people. I’m saying everything good and generous about you is being used to kill you. I’m saying there are people out there like us who really care about you and want to help you. Your government and your society do not.

Bottom line: “Do you get it yet? America, your America, is finished. But you don’t have to be. It’s time to fight for what comes next. It’s time to fight for a country of our own. It’s time to stop being Americans. It’s time to start being White Men again.”

Amen to that, Brother.

Of course I get it — in fact, I’ve “gotten it” for about two decades now. No reader of my work for this site or for The Occidental Quarterly could think otherwise. But there are legions of White males out there who somehow still don’t get it, which, frankly, mystifies (and annoys) me. I have a hunch, however, that Hood’s memo could speak to many of them. Try it out on some men you know who are just starting to realize what the last election meant.

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