White Anger

Obama’s Emancipation Proclamation: Immigration by Executive Fiat

A day that will live in infamy.

A day of greater importance than Yorktown, Plymouth Rock, Gettysburg, Appomattox and Pearl Harbor all put together.

It gives me little pleasure to pat myself on the back and remind people that years ago I predicted that if Congress did not take down the borders, the Executive Branch would do so by an Emancipation Proclamation.

And that’s what happened today.

I was in the Atlanta Airport waiting to pick up my brother’s guitar from the luggage carousel when Obama came on television. Liberal journalists had been ooohing and aaahing for several minutes.

Obama was angry! He pursed his lips, lowered his eyes. His voice shook with rage and indignation as he related how his efforts had been thwarted despite the fact that the whole country — including the Republicans — knew he was right, that the illegals had to be given citizenship, that his proposal would “protect the borders,” would improve our economy….

Well…the list of the boons for us all just kept spilling off his angry pursed lips. Read more

The Trouble With Tommy

As a recruitment advert for the English Defence League the latest Tommy Robinson arrest video is hard to beat. It shows the leader of England’s foremost street protest movement attempting a two-man charity walk through the heavily Muslim London borough of Tower Hamlets then being assaulted and then arrested by police.

As the attacker is allowed to walk away unhindered through the police ranks Tommy and his colleague are handcuffed and bundled into the back of a police van shouting. “You are enforcing Sharia law”

Two things are obvious from this unedifying scene. One is that Britain’s slide into a multicultural police state has gone so far they do not even pretend to be attempting impartial policing. The second is that it is blatantly obvious that Tommy Robinson has come out on top yet again.

For this embarrassing video is only the latest in series of incidents which have establish him as not only a genuine voice of the marginalised, but helped win the grudging admiration of many beyond the public housing estates which provides his grassroots support.

As a result, no-one in the UK dissident anti-immigration sphere has come closer than Tommy Robinson to breaking out of the media stranglehold that our PC state has imposed on all media discussion of immigration and Sharia law, and articulating the voice of the majority on immigration. Read more

Gregory Hood’s “White Nationalist Memo”

Right now at the Counter-Currents site, there is a superb essay by Gregory Hood called “A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans.” Coming as it does on the heels of Republican Mitt Romney’s loss to non-White incumbent Barack Obama, the memo coldly informs White males that there is zero chance the Republican party is ever going to work on behalf of White male interests. Experience and the facts are undeniable, so White men had better finally accept that only a new party — no, a new NATION — is going to advance the interests of Whites — and allow them to actually survive.

Hood does an excellent job of reiterating the long list of anti-White (especially anti-White male) legislation, anti-White indoctrination and media assaults that all of us are familiar with. He drums home the point that Blacks and Hispanics are unshakably anti-White because they are focused solely on their own interests.

Hood packages his memo in the guise of a confession of a reformed Republican. He understands where reluctant White male Republicans are coming from. He was slow to face his denial problem as well. But it became just too obvious that the Republicans were NOT the party of Whites. Read more

Review of Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell

Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell
by C. C. Conrad
CreateSpace, May, 2012; 188 pages

Jack’s War  is the latest effort at White advocacy through the medium of fiction. It is confessedly a work of propaganda; as one of the book’s characters observes: “propaganda is really no more than an effort to convey one’s point of view to another.” The novel is authored by C. C. Conrad, with editorial assistance from Kevin Strom.

The title character is Jack Corr, an all-American boy who grew up to serve in the Air Force. His plans for a career are interrupted when he meets the love of his life, Libby Springfield. As the book’s afterword explains, the character of Libby is intended to represent White people “as we could and should be in the future—provided of course that we apply proper evolutionary and eugenic principles to our lives.” The description of this ideal feminine type is not my cup of tea, but the book is not primarily intended as a love story in any case. Read more

White Ethnocentrism as Psychopathology: Anders Breivik and Emma West

A major theme of The Culture of Critique is that several Jewish-dominated intellectual movements developed theories in which ethnocentrism by Whites (and only Whites) was an indication of psychiatric disorder. This was true not only of the Frankfurt School, perhaps the main offender, but also Richard Hofstadter’s diagnosis of “status anxiety” for Whites concerned about their displacement and Erich Fromm’s analysis in terms of “sado-masochistic reaction formations” (see here, p. 195ff). All of these movements were facilitated by psychoanalysis, an infinitely plastic bit of anti-science that was able to get any desired result.

We are now seeing a trend for psychiatric diagnoses to be given to Whites who are angry about the massive invasion of non-Whites that are destroying the traditional cultures and threatening the status of the traditional populations of White countries. Anders Breivik was recently diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic for his rampage, mainly against young activists and the children of the leftist Norwegian elite he viewed as responsible for the immigration assault on Norway. This despite the fact that his operation was well-planned and despite the fact that his manifesto shows that he is quite intelligent and has read widely on the ongoing disaster of the Muslim invasion of Europe. I described him as “a serious political thinker with a great many insights and some good practical ideas on strategy (e.g., developing culturally conservative media, gaining control of NGOs. and developing youth organizations that will confront the Marxist street thugs).”

His writings are definitely not the ravings of a psychotic completely out of touch with reality. Indeed, there will be an investigation by the Norwegian parliament because at least some members are voicing concerns that the diagnosis is not consistent with the level of planning involved. Dr. Tarjei Rygnestad, the head of a panel that must approve the ruling before it becomes official, stated in July that “it was unlikely that a true schizophrenic would have been able to plan an attack as carefully and calmly as Mr Breivik had.” Read more

Roger Scruton’s “The Rebirth of Nations”

Roger Scruton is familiar to TOO readers for his starring role in Brenton Sanderson’s wonderful series, The War on the English (see here and here). Scruton’s comments on the destruction of the English quoted by Sanderson are well worth re-reading.

Scruton recently published an article in The American Spectator that summarizes some of the successes of nationalist parties in Europe and the deep disillusionment with immigration, multiculturalism and the European Union (“The Rebirth of Nations“). It is a very heartening article with some familiar themes, particularly the point that this has been a top-down, anti-democratic revolution. The elites have systematically stifled nationalist sentiments, but these sentiments are once again “prominent in the cultural landscape of Europe. And they are the more prominent for the attempt by the Eurocrats to forbid them.” Read more

Whites Feel Discriminated Against

A recent  psychology paper suggests a bit of trouble on the road to our glorious multicultural future. The title says it all: “Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing” by Michael I. Norton and Samuel R. Sommers (Perspectives on Psychological Science 6(3), 215-218, 2011). The paper documents “an emerging belief in anti-White prejudice” — the belief   “that Whites have replaced Blacks as the primary victims of discrimination.” Participants were asked about their perceptions of discrimination against Blacks and against Whites in each decade going back to the 1950s. Here are the results:

The claim by Norton and Somers that Whites view discrimination as a zero sum game is based solely on the fact that the lines in the above chart cross:  perceptions of Black discrimination against Whites have risen as perceptions of White discrimination against Blacks have fallen.  But to say that this implies that Whites see discrimination as a zero sum game is a non-sequitur, since the curves could be going in opposite directions for quite different reasons. (As all first-year psychology students are aware, correlation does not imply causality.) As indicated below, there are very real reasons why Whites feel discriminated against increasingly in recent decades, and this is likely independent of the reality that there is demonstrably less discrimination against Blacks.

A paper like this published in a first rate academic journal has to follow certain ground rules. The authors imply that Whites’ belief in anti-White discrimination is irrational because “by nearly any metric—from employment to police treatment, loan rates to education—statistics continue to indicate drastically poorer outcomes for Black than White Americans.” This comment fits well with the general the general tenor of the comments by several academics (including Norton and Somers) invited by the NYTimes: Yes indeed there is discrimination against Whites via well-publicized affirmative action cases, but Whites are still dramatically better off than Blacks, so get over it. Read more