If neo-cons were Indian…


June 30, 2013

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We write to you because we have become certain that the United States must pursue a new policy in regards to Pakistan. We are certain that Pakistan now represents the greatest threat to American security since Saddam Hussein’s Iraq before the American led invasion. America’s relations with Pakistan must reflect this new reality. We stand firm in our belief that the Pakistani government’s inability to control terrorist elements within its borders coupled with its possession of hundreds of nuclear weapons has made the state as a whole a grave threat to American security and global peace. In reviewing past strategies to quell this and other similar threats, we have concluded that no solution aside from a ground invasion and subsequent occupation of Pakistan can sufficiently guarantee the regional stability necessary for global security. We write to you in order to encourage your administration to take immediate action in this regard.

Since 2008, the American strategy employed to weaken radical jihad in Pakistan has been a combination of limited air strikes, Black Ops missions, and large amounts of monetary foreign aid. Yet over the last five years, terrorist groups in Pakistan have grown stronger, while every form of an American-friendly government has weakened. The Taliban and similar groups periodically control large parts of Northwestern Pakistan, while the rest of the nation suffers from rampant poverty, inflation, and crime. Given that the median age of males in Pakistan is twenty-two years, and that the population as a whole is nearing two hundred million people, al Qaeda and similar groups inside Pakistan are in a comfortable position to recruit en masse for their global war against the West. America cannot allow this scenario to move beyond fiction, nor can it wait to see if it will by standing idly by until the next terrorist attack.

Furthermore, Pakistan directly threatens the only democracy in all of South Asia — India. In the spirit of Democratic solidarity, any attack on India should be considered an attack on the United States, and as we all know, Pakistani terrorists regularly carry out attacks against India. It may also be noted that as a Christian nation America has a religious, and hence spiritual, connection to India. More and more scholars are digging into the lost years of Jesus and learning of his Indian heritage — are we going to let the land of God’s only son to be overrun by Islamo-Fascists? A cursory glance at your Bible, Mr. President, will prove this to you; and so we ask you to ponder its implications on foreign policy.

In the first years of the twenty-first century, your predecessor, George W. Bush faced a similar situation in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Like Pakistan today, it was a hotbed for terrorism with an unstable and dangerous government seeking weapons of mass destruction. After careful consideration, and many months of data gathering and preparation, President Bush did what was necessary to protect democracy and tranquility worldwide. Today Iraq is a fledgling but proud democracy in the heart of the Middle East, with no designs on obtaining nuclear weapons, and near no terrorist activity. Had President Bush not acted, the world may well have witnessed a nuclear attack carried out be either the Iraqi government itself, or its allies in al Qaeda.

An invasion is not an easy decision to make. President Bush deliberated over it for well over a year before launching Operation Iraqi Freedom. However, given America’s success in both Iraq and Afghanistan, we urge you to follow the excellent model provided to you by the last administration and begin to rally America’s allies to support the cause of creating a new Democratic Republic of Pakistan. We realize that such an invasion may prove challenging and costly, particularly during this global economic downturn. However, the alternative is worse. Without decisive action in the near future, the world may see a Pakistan with nuclear weapons ready to fall into the hands of terrorists — a situation that would fundamentally endanger the safety of every human being on the planet, particularly those of Americans and Indians.

We at the American India Public Affairs Committee stand ready to support you in this necessary step for victory in the War on Terror, and urge you to act now.


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