My Question For Sean Hannity

The joke by the now-unemployed MSNBC tweeter, who said that the ‘rightwing’ [sic] would hate the new Cheerios ad celebrating miscegenation, wasn’t bad. I smiled, if not guffawed.

You know what’s bad? Amnesty.

The shocked and outraged commentators at Fox News deny that conservatives are racist, save a few bad apples. They strive to show through video clips how monstrously racist the folks at MSNBC are, seeming to save their fiercest wrath for the White-hating ethnomasochist and on-air burper Chris Matthews. (So they are particularly incensed by… a race traitor?! How unenlightened!)

The MSNBC tweeter was partially right: the right wing of course includes some “racists.” That’s what the Fox outrage-discussion is always limited to… “Sure there are maybe three racist conservatives out there…but the rest are PC when it comes to race…and immigration.”

Of course there is never any discussion of racial realism, or of White genocide. This is television. But, this is “conservative” Fox. And on this “conservative” channel, there is hardly even a mention of non-assimilation, balkanization, and the differing attitudes between the native-born and immigrants on a number of issues such as capitalism, government’s role in society, the Constitution, and patriotism. Rarely will a Pat Buchanan or an Ann Coulter get a few words in edgewise about such issues — usually gaining a disapproving look, a saccharine-sweet counter-argument about our ‘propositional nation’ (which is, of course, “A Nation Of Immigrants ®”), and perhaps a quick description of the host’s (Northern European) indigent immigrant grandparents. And then a hard break to the commercial.

Fox News’ “conservatism” isn’t concerned with conserving the nation’s majority White ethny or its specifically Anglo-Saxon culture, government, and economy. Fox News commentators are willing to “see what happens” as the doors swing wide open to fertile hordes with alien and sometimes hostile cultures. Fox News may have more country stars and wounded veterans on its morning show couch, but its values are the values of the global elite and of Wall Street, not of the heartland.

But the MSNBC jokester — though he or she probably didn’t even know it — was *also* partially right about some of the ‘rightwing’ hating of the Cheerios ad, in a different way. He or she is partially right about some of the hate (frustration? sadness?) over the ad because the ‘rightwing’ does contain White advocates, who are concerned with their ethnic genetic interests (EGI). And why would they find an ad about a biracial couple having a second mulatto child heart-warming?

Who at Fox, never mind MSNBC, has even read the *Wikipedia page* on Frank Salter’s seminal work on adaptive utilitarianism? Or understands the concept that E.O. Wilson called ‘consilience’? (The concept seems relevant today, as sentiment and emotion are used by elites to lull low-information voters into national and genetic suicide.) Have they read Richard Dawkins, Kevin MacDonald, David Sloan Wilson, or E.O. Wilson? Or did they just read Coming of Age in Samoa, and perhaps flip through The Family of Man coffee-table book in high school or college?

Pat Buchanan was booted from MSNBC for writing Suicide of a Superpower, and now the same network is actively involved in…you guessed it…the suicide of a superpower. As are most of the rest of the media (FNC included), along with huge corporations like Apple and Google, the Democratic Party, academia, deracinated Whites, confused African-Americans, thin-skinned Asian-Americans, and last but not least, a hostile elite — one with dual loyalties, a contempt for and hatred of White Christians, but an apparent tolerance of more (nominal) brown ones.

We are now treated to the surreal spectacle of Mike Bloomberg saying it would be national suicide if ‘amnesty’ is not passed, Labor Secretary Perez saying that amnesty will help the economy (on the same day of a horrible jobs report for last December!), and the mulatto ‘Homeland Security’ chief stating that illegals have “earned the right” to be citizens.

Chuck Schumer tells us anti-amnesty sentiment is driven by WASPs (hey, Chuck, the seventies called — they want their ethnic categories back). Well, it may not be driven by “White Anglo-Saxon men” alone, but yes, Chuck, you’re right, the anti-amnesty feeling is driven in part by Whites who see themselves becoming a minority. Really soon. And their (Anglo-Saxon-based) culture, economy, and political institutions drastically changed.

For the worse. Thanks for stating the obvious. Senator (I’ve always wondered — is that a cultural trait?). I am pretty sure that anti-amnesty sentiment is also driven by less-racially-aware types, who have other objections to amnesty, such as, oh, I don’t know, let’s see, um…competition for jobs??!!!!

You know things have become pretty bad when a Jew can decry the fact that (some) Whites don’t want to be swamped by mestizos…as his real country, an ethno-state even Bill Ayers is now calling out as an apartheid state, looks out for its EGI by sterilizing Africans.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro calls opponents of amnesty racist, and like the MSNBC tweeter, she’s partially right. Some believe that race differences are important. Some think that the data show that  Mexican immigrants have lower IQ’s than other potential immigrant groups. So, they’re “racist.” Or race realists. It all depends on…er….’rich’ side of the ‘wine’ you’re on, apparently.

But Navarro is probably unaware, like the MSNBC comedian, that some opposed to amnesty are race realists.

And she probably can’t comprehend the distinction…or probably wouldn’t want to admit she could, if she could. It’s a hell of a lot easier to denounce racism than debate the realities of racial differences. (How does she stand on taxpayer funding of La Raza‘s ideology / EGI promotion, one wonders?)

Even anti-amnesty Republicans dare not speak of race, or even culture. Senator Sessions has to speak of economics.

Sean Hannity, recently-converted amnesty dreamer, devoted his show on Thursday, January 30th, to the MSNBC tweet, the Super Bowl, how Rand Paul and Chris Christie have kissed and made up, how Jeb Bush may run in 2016 (ooh, pinch me!), and a couple of other important matters, but made nary a mention of the looming amnesty treason. One sane voice at the BBC has recognized that the media power was not fair in its one-sided, patronizing coverage of immigration in that once-great land (though he appears to be a very lonely voice at the Beeb). Will the people at Fox someday soon be ruing that they didn’t sound the alarm on immigration? It seems doubtful, for from the (Jewish) head of the News Corporation, to the head of Fox, to all of its prime-time commentators…even ‘CINO” Hannity…there is but a deafening silence on amnesty. Whatever happened to “fair and balanced”?

Hannity has a new segment called ‘Ask Sean’, where you can tweet him a question, and he’ll answer it, without having seen it beforehand. But a colleague chooses the questions to be asked. What would be the odds that the charming Dagen McDowell would pick mine, and ask it of Sean, in her wonderful Southern drawl, I wondered?

Well, I composed my poser, and tweeted it, but alas, it was not selected to be read. So Sean, if you happen to be reading this (doing opposition research, maybe?), here is my query:

“Former-‘rightwing’ Sean, what is it about your individual genetic interests, and the genetic interests of Euro-Americans, that you hate?”