Norman Lowell for MEP 2014

Readers of The Occidental Observer may be interested to learn that Norman Lowell’s “far-right” Imperium Europa group is running candidates for this year’s European Parliament elections; among these candidates representing Malta is Mr. Lowell himself.

Norman Lowell is a long-time fighter for Europe, the European peoples, and our culture and civilization.  Although (and this should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway) we may not agree with every single part of Mr. Lowell’s program, his overarching vision is excellent, and it is very similar to that of Francis Parker Yockey in his magisterial work, Imperium.

Norman Lowell and Imperium Europa, the group that he founded and leads, are resolutely pan-European.  Indeed, there are very few genuinely pan-European groups and leaders among the so-called racialist and nationalist “far-right” – although there are groups and leaders who make a fig-leaf pretense of pan-Europeanism in order to garner support.  Norman Lowell is the real deal in this regard, and his Imperium Europa program offers a bright future for all Europeans, of all ancestries, worldwide.

Malta Today ran an interesting – albeit slightly hostile – article on Imperium Europa’s latest electoral bid. A few excerpts.

Shooting down the two major parties’ call for mandatory burden sharing, Lowell insisted that the only effective measure to address migration was to repatriate all migrants to their country of origin. …

“By saving them at sea, Malta is encouraging migration. If, and when we are elected, we will repatriate them. We will not send them to other European countries. We will resolutely push them back,” he said.

However, the article predicts little success for Imperium Europa:

Despite ultra nationalistic and populist parties prospered amidst crisis in countries like Austria, France, the Netherlands, Greece and the UK, it seems unlikely that Lowell’s Imperium Europa will reach similar levels of support. Unlike many European countries, the Maltese electorate has so far kept its faith in the established political class and xenophobic and racist voters are habitually absorbed by the two established parties.

This is a common problem, including in the USA.  Voters may be sympathetic to the “far-right” program, they may be “xenophobic and racist,” but they do not want to “throw their vote away” (sic) on a “fringe” candidate, but instead will vote for the “lesser of two evils.”  There is a “tragedy of the commons” aspect here, since each individual voter refuses to make the “sacrifice” to vote for the “fringe” candidate and therefore refuses to invest in the common good of electing a candidate who truly represents the interests of their nation, race, and civilization.  Since all of these individual voters make the short-sighted calculation to “make their vote count” by supporting the corrupt mainstream parties, the electable/unelectable divide becomes a self-fulfilling assertion. The “unelectable” party is unelectable precisely because many of its potential supporters assume in advance that all of the other potential supporters will defect to the “electable” mainstream, so they had better do so as well.  They all make the same self-serving calculation and thus all drift to the mainstream. This is a problem we will need to address.

Asked for his take on the controversial citizenship scheme which will allow wealthy foreigners to obtain a Maltese passport by investing €1.15 million, Lowell said that he opposed the sale of Maltese passports and alluded to an invasion of Jewish oligarchs.

Going off on a tangent, Lowell compared the situation to post-Soviet Russia which he said sold off its riches to 300 families, alluding at a Jewish conspiracy to take over the country’s vast riches. “Who do you think will come to Malta? It will be the same people,” he said, adding that African migrants were taking Maltese people’s  jobs, raping women and spreading AIDS while rich people will take over the media and the country’s resources.

Although expressed in a sound bite manner, it would appear that Mr. Lowell is quite aware of the dual threats to our civilization throughout the West—the threat from above presented by an alien, hostile elite with no ethnic ties to the Maltese people, combined with an invasion of non-Maltese with all that that  implies for crime, welfare dependency, the labor market, etc.

Lowell’s fellow Imperium Europa candidate, Antoine Galea, also addressed the event. A Lowell clone, Galea explained that migration was “damaging working conditions and the property market.”

Mimicking Lowell’s distinctive pose and tone, Galea said: “I’m very proud to contest the elections on Imperium Europa’s ticket and soon a strong group of staunch patriots will be formed in Brussels.”

In his concluding remarks, Galea added that Malta needed “ideological” MEPs and not “career politicians”, before following Lowell’s example and making a Roman salute.

Putting aside the snidely hostile remarks here (“clone,” “mimicking”), I see Mr. Galea’s candidacy as very important, as it is crucial that younger men such as himself get involved in the struggle.  We need to promote the next generation of activists to carry on the battle for the years ahead.  I wish him a long and productive future as a pro-European activist.

The election will be this Spring. Let us hope that the Imperium Europa ticket increases its percentage of the vote, makes a good impression on the electorate, and builds momentum for future success.  Their fight is our fight.