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Update on Imperium Europa and the European Parliament Elections

Several months ago, I wrote about the campaign by the Maltese pan-European racial nationalist group Imperium Europa, who were running candidates for the European Parliament elections.  The election is over, so I’d like to summarize what happened, what I have learned, and what lessons can be derived. The results from Malta are here.  Imperium Europa […]

Immigration and the Recent GOP Primaries: What Next?

I have previously written here on the immigration-amnesty question.  Of relevance are the negative outcomes in those May 2014 Republican primaries that revolved around the immigration issue; essentially, pro-amnesty Establishment Republicans defeated the anti-amnesty and immigration restrictionist Tea Party-backed “outsiders.” It’s described by Patrick Cleburne at VDARE.  Some charitable commentators excuse these election outcomes by […]

Norman Lowell for MEP 2014

Readers of The Occidental Observer may be interested to learn that Norman Lowell’s “far-right” Imperium Europa group is running candidates for this year’s European Parliament elections; among these candidates representing Malta is Mr. Lowell himself. Norman Lowell is a long-time fighter for Europe, the European peoples, and our culture and civilization.  Although (and this should […]

Boycotting General Mills

Readers of TOO have by now no doubt read about the recent controversy of the Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed race family (Black father, White mother, mixed child).  This has provoked a so-called “racist backlash” from people justifiably outraged by this celebration/promotion of miscegenation.  Of course, the “racist backlash” has itself provoked the usual hysterical […]

What the Immigration Debate Really Should Be About

Editor’s note: It strikes me that until we talk explicitly about racial/ethnic genetic interests, we cannot win. The 1924 Immigration Restriction Act was based on an explicit assertion of an ethnic status quo which assumed that each group currently in the country had an interest in maintaining their ethnic representation. The Boasian attack on the […]