Immigration and the Recent GOP Primaries: What Next?

I have previously written here on the immigration-amnesty question.  Of relevance are the negative outcomes in those May 2014 Republican primaries that revolved around the immigration issue; essentially, pro-amnesty Establishment Republicans defeated the anti-amnesty and immigration restrictionist Tea Party-backed “outsiders.” It’s described by Patrick Cleburne at VDARE. 

Some charitable commentators excuse these election outcomes by pointing out that the Establishment candidates had huge bankrolls, and used that money to finance deceptive campaigns that didn’t tell the truth about amnesty.  However, well informed and intelligent voters should have been able to understand that immigration was the key to these primary contests, the campaign propaganda notwithstanding.

When the GOP inevitably caves in on the issue of amnesty (and they will, eventually, one way or the other), I plan to present an overall political strategy to deal with the GOP albatross that prevents the emergence of a real patriotic alternative.  For now, I’ll make a few remarks that will point in the direction my thoughts are headed.

Some quotes from Cleburne’s article linked above are instructive:

The bad news is extensive. Establishment operative Thom Tillis and the disgusting Renee Ellmers won, and did Cheap Labor Lobby servant David Rouzer in NC 7th. He replaces the retiring Mike McIntyre, one of the last Blue Dog Democrats, who has a Numbers USA career ranking of B+ and will be sadly missed…

…This being the case, what is really astonishing here is how low the vote share of the winners was. Tillis could only manage 46% of the vote which would have forced him into a runoff in neighboring South Carolina.  A massive 41% of the vote in NC-2 was cast against Ellmers for a candidate who could barely afford to drive around the district.

The Stupid Party is headed dead straight for low white turnout and defeat. The comment threads seethe with promises not to vote. It was difficult enough to get Southerners to vote Republican. They and American whites generally will not be attracted to an Invade the world/Invite the world platform.

Low White turnout and defeat for the GOP?  We can only hope!  Therein lies an important key to unlock the GOP dilemma.  The anti-amnesty Tea Party types have more power than they realize ——and that power centers around their votes in the general election.  The Establishment mindset is that once their chosen candidate wins the GOP primary, they are assured all Republican votes in the general election.  They take for granted that all of the embittered Tea Partiers will turn out to support the Establishment Chamber of Commerce candidate, since the Tea Party “has nowhere else to go” and “we have to beat those dastardly liberal Democrats.”

But the Tea Partiers, the whole anti-amnesty voting bloc, do have somewhere else to go on Election Day — they can go home and stay home.   They are not obligated to vote for Tillis or Ellmers or Graham or Boehner.  The Establishment Republicans want the best of both worlds — during the primary season they can heap abuse on immigration restrictionists, state that they are essentially “at war” with the Tea Party, assert that “we are going to take our party back from the extremists,” they can revile the anti-amnesty voters as “backwoods bigots” while raking in the millions from Jewish billionaires and from big business; and at the same time, come the general election, they fully expect all those hated Tea Partiers and “backwoods bigots” to dutifully and cheerfully head out to the polls and vote them into office.

What if the Tea Party and the anti-amnesty “bigots” stay home in November?  Answer: the GOP loses.  That’s the weakness of the Establishment Right in America — and in Europe as well.  Come the general election, the Establishment Right absolutely requires the votes of all the “extremists” that they spent so much time (and money) attacking, reviling, and discrediting.  If only the “extremists” would have the discipline to say “NO!”, and withhold their votes.

This reality should be explained to these voters as a matter of costs vs. benefits, and it needs to be explained clearly and repeatedly, in order to counteract the Establishment fear-mongering about “liberals” and “leftists.”  The cost of not voting: a liberal Democrat will win the election, instead of a liberal Republican.  The horror!  But, what about the benefit?  The benefit will be quite significant: it will show the GOP quite clearly, in language they can understand, that they simply cannot win elections without the votes of all those “bigoted” and “hateful” “extremists.”  They will learn that they can’t take the votes of their base for granted.  They will learn that there are political consequences for attacking their own base and that these votes must be earned.  It would also have further downstream political and social consequences in our favor, which will be considered in a future essay.

The same basic principle applies to Europe.  Does the Establishment Right conspire with the Left to essentially ban or intimidate parties like Golden Dawn (recently) and Vlaams Blok (in the past)?  Do they harass the “Far Right?”  Do they denounce “extremists?”  Do they arrest political figures like Paul Weston?  Do they charge men like Norman Lowell with “speech crimes”?  And, after all of that, do they expect that the supporters of the “Far Right” will vote for the Establishment Right simply because “they have no place else to go” and “we must defeat the Left?”

The answer to all those questions is: Yes.  This has heretofore been the case.  Just like in America, the reviled “far rightists” will vote in “conservatives” who represent and support all the policies that the patriotic Right justifiably opposes.  The patriotic and racial Right is all tactics and no strategy: they don’t understand that sometimes you need to lose a battle to win a war.  They don’t understand that the cost of supporting the Establishment Right far outweighs any questionable benefit derived from defeating a “Leftist” whose policies on race differ little from that of Establishment “conservatives.”

The real European Right, just like the real American Right, should absolutely shun all these Establishment Faux-Right parties and politicians.  Let them lose.  The Establishment Right and the Left are really one and the same anyway; when it comes to the fundamental issues of race and civilization, they are both of one piece.  They are both the enemy.

The Establishment Right in both America and Europe count on the “lesser of two evils” argument, and the “electability” argument, to win over those voters that they need, but who they openly and vociferously denounce and disdain.  Only when the “extremists” acquire the rock-hard discipline to eschew supporting “moderate conservatives” will “extremist” views be taken seriously.

If you give your votes away for nothing, do you really expect that anyone will value them?  Votes have significant value only when they are “sold” for a high political price.  This follows the law of supply and demand: the demand for those votes will at the very least remain constant; actually, this demand will likely increase as changing racial demographics shift voting blocs increasingly in favor of the Democrats in America and the Social Democrats in Europe.  Therefore, the “White bigot” vote will become ever more essential for GOP/”Right-Wing” electoral victory.

The demand is there.  What about supply?  If the supply is constricted, if the “bigots” withhold their votes until their interests are seriously considered, then the value of the “bigot vote” will skyrocket.  But the key is to restrict supply.  Once again: you cannot give your votes away for nothing — an unlimited supply of votes will drive their value down to the level where White interests can be safely ignored.  As they are today.

I’m not sanguine that the “extremists” and “haters” have the intelligence and discipline to stay home on Election Day, but hope springs eternal.

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