Leaving Labour: More on the racialization of British politics

Working-class Whites in Britain are abandoning the Labour partyParticularly in London and now expanding to the near suburbs, non-White minorities are the face of Labour.

The divide between London’s white and ethnic minority voters will be laid bare in a shocking study this week. The research into London’s recent European election result shows two thirds of white British voters backed either the Tories or Ukip. It goes on to reveal that two thirds of non-white voters supported Labour, which received the backing of just one in five white British voters. The analysis suggests that the migration of ethnic minority voters to the capital’s inner suburbs is behind recent Labour victories there. But it also comes amid debate among senior Labour voices over how to respond to the rise of Ukip support among white working class voters. The analysis highlights that there are now almost as many non-white as there are white British voters in London. The research is co-authored by former Equalities and Human Rights Commission chief Trevor Phillips. He said: “At the heart of these findings is the fact that there are now nearly as many minority voters in London as there are white British voters. But the fact that two out of three minority voters stick with Labour irrespective of where they live or how well-off they are is transforming the capital’s politics. What we’re seeing is the emergence of cultural politics…voters seem to want to vote for parties that they feel understand and like them and shun parties they think don’t fit the bill.” The research will be published in think tank Demos’ quarterly magazine later this week. It found 41 per cent of voters in London are non-white while 51 per cent are white British. Mr Phillips suggested that the dispersal of ethnic minorities into London’s inner suburbs had led to Labour’s successes in council elections in Croydon, Merton and Harrow. He also predicted it would mean former Tory marginals turning into Labour strongholds. (Only one in five white Britons votes for Labour, The Evening Standard, 14th July 2014)

Just like the Democrats in America, the Labour party has imported a guaranteed voting-bloc from the Third World in direct opposition to the interests of its traditional supporters in the White working-class. Just like the Republicans, the Conservatives do not condemn this criminal conspiracy and its disastrous effects on national life. Rather, they lament their own failure to out-pander Labour and succeed in the impossible task of winning a majority of vibrant votes. In 2014, Britain is a thoroughly Orwellian nation: our politics is governed by brazen lies. Labour hates the working-class and the Conservatives hate conservatism:

The Church of England finally voted yesterday to let women become bishops — to the anger of many traditionalists. The move was passed by a comfortable majority at a tense gathering of its parliament, the General Synod, in York. It ended 14 years of hand-wringing and faction-fighting, delighting Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and almost all of his fellow bishops. The decision freed the Church from the risk of intervention by politicians. MPs had threatened to step in to force the Church to accept women bishops in 2012, after a disastrously botched vote saw traditionalists narrowly block reform. David Cameron described yesterday’s vote as ‘a great day for the Church and for equality’. Ed Miliband said it was ‘wonderful news’, while Nick Clegg called the decision a ‘long overdue step’. (Tears of joy for the supporters of women bishops as Church of England finally gives go-ahead to females at the highest ranks of the clergy, The Daily Mail, 14th July 2014)

All three main parties are liberal and all three are full of traitors. Abandoning Labour and embracing the Tories is like abandoning typhus and embracing cholera. Only the names are different. The future they offer is the same: national suicide