Nick Griffin on the Paris Massacre

By Nick Griffin as posted on the British Unity Facebook page, with permission.
See also the statement of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, edited and expanded by Nick Griffin.

Kalashnikovs, mass murder and fears of a YouTube beheading in the heart of Paris. France is already in shock as the news of the CharlieHebdo Massacre sinks in. But the shock waves will also be felt all over Europe, and in Britain, as people grasp the enormity of what has just happened.

This wasn’t a criminal gang attack. It was a well-planned and ruthlessly executed assault by a highly trained military commando. It is likely that at least the ring-leader has military experience – either gained in the French army or fighting in one of the proxy wars against Arab nationalists that began when the USA, Britain, Israel and France promoted the so-called Arab Spring and then trained, armed and provided air cover for the ‘rebels’.

This is the first real example of ‘blow-back’ from that criminal lunacy, but it will definitely not be the last.

“When I used the term ‘vicious, wicked faith’ back in 2004, the BBC and British state tried to put me in prison for it,” says Nick Griffin.

“But in the wake of the revelations about the gigantic scale of the sexual grooming scandal, of the mass murders and sexual enslavement of non-Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, and in the light of this multiple execution for the ‘crime’ of publishing a cartoon, will any of the liberals who condemned me then STILL deny that it is the perfect description of the brutally aggressive strain of Sunni Islam that has infected so many young Muslims?

“More recently, after my visit to Syria in June 2013, I published a video interview with a captured Islamist in which he said that the aim was to bring their Jihad to Europe. “The Christians – they are the real target” he told me quite openly.

“Again, the Powers That Be tried both to ignore my warning and to persecute me for it. But can they deny any longer that I was right about that too?”

Now Nick Griffin has two new warnings:

“If the French police and army fail to track down this gang and kill them in a lightning attack, then expect to see a staged beheading video that takes the horror of the murder of Lee Rigby to a new level of Islamist depravity.

“Longer-term, understand this: The shots in Paris will echo around Europe. They mark the real beginning of a Europe-wide Civil War. It cannot now be avoided, because it has already started. By fits and starts it will grow worse and worse, until the horror ends in one of only two possible ways:

“The submission of the West to a new and truly Dark Age, with religious intolerance and slavery and savage slaughter for the indigenous peoples of Europe; or the wholesale deportation not just of the extremists but of every community which sympathises with our harbours them.

“This is now inevitable. The only question that remains is whether, whichever way it ends, the peoples of Europe will, along the way, also settle scores with the elite psychopaths, crooks and anti-white racists who created mass immigration and imported the Muslim Menace in the first place.”

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