The Suppression of Free Speech in the UK

The recent tragedy in France in which 17 people were murdered by Jihadists is yet further evidence, if any were needed, that Islam is at war with the West. The Western political class maybe in denial of this fact, believing as it does that these Jihadists represent a tiny minority and that Islam generally is benign. The political class it seems will have to witness more of these terrorist atrocities before it wakes up, if it ever does, to the reality which confronts it.

It is clear that the political classes of the West can no longer guarantee the safety of their citizens and that in their desperation to preserve their multiracial utopia they will continue to undermine our traditional freedoms, long fought for by our ancestors, in order to appease Islam and make Europe ever more Sharia-compliant. This is why the recent demonstrations in France, as a supposed show of strength and unity against terrorism and the right of free speech, are hypocritical and risible.

The sad fact is that neither France nor any other European country remains united. They are becoming increasingly fractured societies along ethnic, cultural and religious fault lines. European countries are now rife with self-segregated communities who have very little time for each other but seem united in their hostility towards the host culture and its people. Within many of these segregated ghettos there are high levels of crime, prostitution, violence as well as high levels of alienation from the host society and its values; there is also a growing resentment towards the native white populations by immigrant groups both old and new. Within Islamic ghettoes levels of female genital mutilation, honour killings, forced marriages, corruption and radicalisation continue to increase and it is within these embedded communities that terrorist atrocities are hatched. The obvious incompatibility between Islam and European civilisation is plain for all to see, although the political class remain blind to these realities.

As for freedom of speech, that has already been compromised in all European societies as a result of mass immigration, multiculturalism and the growth of Islam. The introduction of various hate Laws in recent decades, designed to crush the dissent of the native populations to mass immigration and multiculturalism, has had serious consequences for free speech in the European sphere. Some examples:

Dr Frank Ellis, former lecturer at the University of Leeds, was initially suspended from his post, in 2006, before being sacked for suggesting that ethnicity could influence average intelligence levels. Whatever one thinks about the debate over IQ. and ethnicity, surely in an institution of higher education these views should be allowed to be expressed and challenged without people losing their jobs? However, Dr Ellis was challenging one of the sacred equality tenets of diversity — the dogma that all people are equally equipped by nature and that some groups may have a higher IQ on average than others.

The geneticist James Watson has been ostracised since he suggested that African IQ levels were perhaps lower on average than that of Europeans and in his own words has now become a ‘non-person’. He has had to auction off his 1962 prize for discovering the structure of DNA as he is no longer is able to earn an income. He no longer gets invited to prestigious meetings and has been excluded from polite society; his career wrecked.

Paul Weston of ‘Liberty GB’ was arrested in 2014 for quoting the words of Winston Churchill’s views on Islam! That’s the Winston Churchill considered to be one of the best Prime Ministers ever by most of the British people. The idea that free speech exists in Britain, France or Europe generally in any meaningful sense is risible.

In Britain today over 20,000 posters on social media (including Garron Helm) have been investigated by police in the last three years, with more to come. Pastors, street evangelists and political activists all risk being hauled into police stations and either being arrested or warned for speaking out against Islam, immigration or homosexuality.

British evangelical Pastor James McConnell was questioned by Belfast police for a possible hate crime after a controversial sermon. He spoke about the danger to Britain from radical Islam in which he said, ‘Islam is heathen. Islam is Satanic. Islam is a doctrine spawned from Hell.’ For this several visits to the police station were required to see if a hate crime had been committed!

Examples like those outlined above are legion both in Britain and throughout Europe. Even more sinister, if anything could be, are the many examples of the police, courts and social services taking children away from parents who do not have the right political views. The example of the foster parents who were members of UKIP highlights this sinister trend. These foster parents had three children removed from their care because they belonged to a political party which promoted withdrawal from the EU and had an anti-immigration agenda. The Local Council in question was Rotherham which we all know has nothing but the best interests of children at heart; their spokesperson stated that, ‘the children were not indigenous white British’ and that the ‘council had concerns about UKIPs stance on immigration.’ So they removed them!

Emma West, famous for her anti-immigration rant on a London tube train, was imprisoned and separated from her young child for months whilst the social services and the courts decided whether it was in the child’s best interests to be reunited with his mother! Here was a young woman expressing her anger at what had happened to her country, but fell afoul of Britain’s hate laws which crush any kind of nativism.

The media coverage of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy also demonstrates the striking hypocrisy of the Western political class. The Charlie Hebdo journalists were ageing left wing journalists who supported of mass Third World immigration into France and were hard core advocates of multiculturalism — an ideology designed to replace the existing native population of France. These traitors attacked Marie Le Pen’s Front National in the most disgusting way with their juvenile cartoons and even called for the Front National to be banned!

What’s all this noise about Free Speech? Free speech for the Left means just that; free speech for the left, not for those who are opposed to mass immigration, multiculturalism and white genocide. Those who adopt a different perspective to the political classes in Europe and especially France are hounded out of their jobs, imprisoned under hate speech laws, socially ostracised and sometimes killed. Those who work in sensitive jobs, particularly in the public sector must keep their mouths shut for fear of falling afoul of the ‘thought police’ and ending up with a warning, suspension or worse. So effective has the totalitarian ideology of political correctness become and so pervasive that people now police themselves; this is a soft form totalitarianism.

If anyone deserves to be killed, it’s those who promote mass immigration of non-assimilable Third World barbarians rather than the natives who have had their lives shattered by these hordes. Too often the native working classes of Europe have borne the brunt of immigration: they have seen their communities, built up over generations, utterly transformed within their lifetimes and their proud working class cultures replaced with immigrant cultures resulting in cultural disorientation and a sense of loss. Their children no longer know of the “old country” the country that was; this is particularly true of English children who have been completely dispossessed of their cultural heritage, sense of place and identity.

The only group of people who can be mocked and vilified in British contemporary society is the White working class. They are often referred to by arrogant liberals as prols and chavs; these pejorative terms would never be used against any other group in society, especially the Blacks and Browns, and the one that cannot even be mentioned. White working class people are forced to compete with cheap immigrant labour for jobs and housing. When they complain about their disadvantages and the loss of their world, they are called racists and bigots and side-lined as an irrelevance.

The utter contempt that the political class have for the White working class was made clear for all to see when the left wing labour council in Rotherham and  the police turned a blind eye to the systematic sexual exploitation and rape of vulnerable White working class children; some as young as 11. This was ignored for years so that accusations of racism could not be made against the police or the council and to protect ‘community cohesion’ in a community whose cohesion is beyond repair.

This is what mass immigration has done; it has perverted values and instutionalised moral cowardice. This crime committed against our children is just as bad as the murder of those journalists and I make no apology for saying so.

The crime that stands out above all others over the last fifty years has been committed by traitors who have intentionally and systematically set about replacing the native peoples of Europe with immigrants from the Third World; immigrants who are civilisationally different to us; immigrants who, in many cases, are parasitic on our welfare systems that our ancestors built up and paid into for our own people. The real criminals are those that make patriotic people feel that their world has been taken from them and given away to immigrants. The real criminals are those who have inflicted a sense of loss and sadness on patriotic people who must deal with the resulting emotional and psychological trauma that we must now live with every day of our lives.

There can be no greater crime than the ethnic and cultural destruction of a people and for all the tears shed for those left wing journalists and the expressions of solidarity expressed through the ‘I am Charlie’ garbage. I am proud to say that I am definitely not Charlie. I hate and detest everything that they stood for. They are, along with the Western political classes, traitors who must bear some responsibility for the dangerous and wretched state that both France the rest of Western Europe now finds itself in.

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