Patrick Cleburne smells Jewish money behind the Jeb Bush campaign

As American politics becomes ever more racialized, the powers that be are intent on defusing any hint that White people are at last determined to stop the unfolding horror. Back on December 8 the New York Times noted a desire to limit the field early on to prevent a “second-tier” candidate from winning the nomination.

Of special concern, no doubt, would be a “second-tier” candidate who was a populist conservative who opposed the immigration amnesty and wanted to change immigration policy to improve the labor market for middle- and working-class Americans. Indeed, there is fear that the “center right,” business as usual, chamber of commerce-type candidates favored by the donors would lose to such a candidate in messy and contentious primary battles. (“The Republican Donor Class Hopes to Avoid a Populist Nominee”)

Vdare’s Patrick Cleburne points out that Jeb Bush’s campaign is suspiciously well funded and seems determined to focus on a muscular foreign policy aimed at appealing to neocon sensibilities rather than populist sentiments (“Jeb Bush’s Function: AdelZuck Bagman for Corrupting the Whole GOP“).

The important point: at this point in a normal Presidential run,the candidate is struggling to scrounge up enough money to keep an office open. Bush’s affluence is totally anomalous.

Why has this happened? Because Jeb Bush is the lead AdelZuck candidate. His campaign is being used, not merely to enrich campaign consultants, but as the conduit to corrupt the whole GOP. …

Just like Sheldon Adelson’s advertorials dutifully carried by the Wall Street Journal in late 2012, the massive overfunding of the Jeb Bush campaign is advertising to the pols: THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS!

But whose money? That is generally a taboo subject. However, Peter Beinart in Is Jeb Bush Buying the Nomination? The Atlantic Feb 12 2015 smuggles in a hint. After accurately observing that Bush is a weak campaigner who does not empathize with the GOP base, he concludes

Right now, the people with the greatest influence over the GOP’s next presidential nominee are caucusing not in Sioux City but Central Park West.

Central Park West? For those not familiar with the political character of New York, Central Park West is the richest street of the Upper West Side described by Wikipedia as having

the reputation of being home to New York City’s cultural, intellectual hub…the Upper East Side is traditionally perceived to be home to commercial and business types.

This is a euphemism for being Jewish rather than WASP (in fact,WASPs have long since been driven from the Upper East Side to Greenwich or New Canaan in Connecticut).

What Beinart is insinuating here is that the GOP nomination is being bought by a small cabal of neoconservative billionaires promoting their particular objectives.

He is right.

As Cleburne notes, the point is not to pick a candidate who really resonates to the anxieties of Republican voters who are overwhelmingly White and care a great deal about immigration and their declining power. Otherwise, why would solid majorities of Whites of both sexes and all age classes and social classes have voted Republican in the last two elections. The point is to tilt the debate to foreign policy, even if it costs Republicans the election because Whites are turned off by yet another candidate who cares far more for the interests of Israel than for the interests of the traditional America. It doesn’t really matter to the Jewish money if the Republicans lose because their interests are equally well served with Hillary Clinton with her strong neocon and Wall Street credentials. (Recall that Clinton’s biggest financial backer is Haim Saban who, at a pro-Israel event where he shared the stage with Sheldon Adelson, stated that “if Israel doesn’t like the Iran-western nuclear deal, it should “bomb the daylight out of the sons of bitches.”) And she will certainly not disappoint Jewish money with her attitudes on immigration and the demise of White America.

What the big money wants is to prevent a Republican populist candidate who would appeal to middle- and working-class Whites on issues like immigration. What they want is four more years where Whites continue their slide to demographic oblivion. 

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