Jihadi John

The unmasking of the internet executioner known as Jihadi John has driven the British chattering classes into a frenzy of hand-wringing. What strange forces can have turned an ordinary London schoolboy into a depraved monster able to decapitate another human being?

His puzzled schoolteachers, parents, Mosque and the media have all wrestled  with various possible explanations. Apparently Mohammed Emwazi suffered bullying at school. His former head teacher said he was a misfit loner. Apparently he was never the same after hitting his head on a goalpost during a game of soccer.

A similar mystery surrounds the three east London schoolgirls who have taken it upon themselves to leave school and jet off to Syria to become “brides of ISIS”. The Spectator said that it must have been an online crush similar to a schoolgirl infatuation with Justin Bieber. Apparently 60 other Muslim girls have made the same journey.

All of these “British” school children were brought up on welfare in free housing, enjoyed free health care and free education in one of the most tolerant societies in the world. What on earth caused them to act in this way?

Apparently something called “radicalisation” is to blame but the mechanics of this process is not understood.  It might be transmitted online.  It might have something to do with fiery Islamic preachers.  Russell Brand blames modern day Britain for failing to make young Muslims feel at home.

Finally, as the child-grooming scandal widens to include Oxford, Newcastle and Halifax, the authorities tie themselves in knots trying to avoid admitting what is obvious to everyone.

There is no mystery. These are just Muslims being Muslims and victimising Kuffar Whites because they can. They are an inbred, low-IQ, tribal population, who are incapable of assimilating, and are only ever going to do what comes naturally and what their religion requires them to do.

Whether it is using White children as livestock or going on Jihad for the glory of the prophet, it is all part of the same continuum.  It is Muslims taking advantage of the opportunities that have been handed to them on a plate and acting the way they act everywhere else. A totally predictable behaviour pattern.

But it is the local political establishment’s panicky use of distraction and deflection to draw attention from the obvious that highlights how exposed they feel on this issue.

This was best exemplified by the local Rotherham Labour MP when the first big Rotherham story broke last year. This woman, Sarah Champion, felt moved to point out that nationally it was White men who were to blame for most sex abuse in Britain. In Manchester a Labour MP and former social worker called Anne Coffey managed to produce for the local police, a report into child grooming in that city which failed to mention the words Muslim or Pakistani.

Louise Casey, the author of a second damning report on Rotherham Council, also criticised the reluctance to talk plainly of who was responsible. “This just extraordinary inability to frankly sometimes say the expression ‘Pakistani heritage community’ or ‘Asian’ out loud.”  But even this fearless, straight talker is not prepared to utter the dread word ‘Muslim’?

What is striking is how police forces around England still see the Islamic child grooming epidemic as a presentational issue to be answered with PR campaigns and ridiculous expensive websites and astonishingly offensive videos that never mention that the danger is to Whites and overwhelmingly from Muslims.

One town that has certainly not changed is Rotherham itself where the shamelessness takes the breath away. Ian Thomas, the council’s ‘Strategic Director for Children’, castigated White parents who this week refused to allow their children on a school visit to a Mosque. He said, “in addressing the concerns of some parents we must be clear that the perpetrators of child sexual exploitation come from all backgrounds — the evidence shows that.  This form of abuse is not confined to a particular religion, or race, and it is it dangerous to take a narrow view on this within our communities…we won’t shy away from issues of religion or race when they need to be addressed, but nor can we leave unchallenged the view that children are at risk from a whole community, by virtue of their ethnicity or religion alone. ”

The police too have eagerly grabbed this face-saving formula, deflecting attention from their own negligence, laziness and failure to protect the most vulnerable, by warning instead that the issue is in danger of being “hijacked” by “extremists.”

A good example is Oxford  where 373 White girls as young as 11 were being abused by Pakistani Muslims. This was ignored for years by police and local officials. Police Chief Inspector Andrew Murray however, will still not name the offending community.

In a bravura display of obfuscation he told the local press, “in the investigations we have done of men who exchange indecent images there was no dis-proportionality. But in the model of exploitation we call child sexual exploitation, where you have discovered loosely organised gangs of offenders abusing more than one victim, then there does appear to be an element of dis-proportionality.”

Skilfully passing the buck, he added “It’s an incomplete picture and we would welcome any kind of independent academic analysis to look at this issue. It is not something that we should be afraid of. … We work with all kinds of different community leaders and they are just as keen to root out these abusers. We can all speculate, but we need independent academic analysis.”

He might need independent academic analysis but thankfully the people of Halifax do not, as this most bracing  English Defence League video shows.  It was taken as 25 Muslims came out of court after being charged with exploiting White girls and puts the lie to the suggestion that the local White community do not care. Needless to say the BBC and local media buried this courthouse confrontation in their coverage.

The Halifax Courier  went only so far as to say that “The majority of the men charged are from the Asian community and there are fears that the investigation could impact on race relations in Halifax.”

The local police chief expressed concern about community tensions.  It is a shame that his plans did not include protecting White female witnesses such as the one who was badly battered by a group of Pakistanis in a targeted attack only days after that courthouse appearance. But you can’t do everything, especially when you are concentrating on building “community engagement”.

In Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where a total of 16 suspected groomers were arrested mid-January the Assistant Chief Constable was sticking to the same script as his colleagues. “I must emphasise that the suspects do not come from one community but a range of communities and it would be very wrong to speculate.”

These days, reports of child grooming often fail to make national headlines.  Britain’s media prefer to devote days and days tracking down football supporters who chanted racist slogans at a Black on the French subway system and setting up smears on UKIP in the run up to the May general election.

The media are always ready to cover an attack on UKIP. Indeed when Nigel Farage made a trip to Rotherham to highlight the damage that immigration has done he was hit by a three-way attack. A huge demonstration from public sector unions which never acknowledged the child grooming issue which they did so much to cover-up. Harrassment from the police who did not disguise the side they were on. And a totally one sided drive-by attack from the television and newspapers.

Still, there is much to be encouraged by in all this. There is no hiding the fact that the liberal left are feeling very exposed on this issue  —hence the rage with which any opposition is shouted down. Feminists in particular are very touchy which is not surprising given their track record of manufacturing bogus rape narratives against White men while ignoring real ones

The role of women, especially public sector women, is extremely important in this story. Across the various local government agencies and in the police and as elected councillors and MPs  no one has done more than posturing, preening, left-wing professional women to make sure this issue stayed buried.  From the start they have obfuscated, lied, concealed, smeared and slandered those who pointed out the inconvenient truth. It should also be pointed out that it was a courageous women called Professor Alexis Jay  the author of the original Rotherham report, who have brought the whole affair to the surface.

While the Muslim child grooming epidemic is obviously out of control, the authorities are relying on a policy of containment to ensure that White street protest does not get off the ground.

In this they have huge advantages and will probably be able to keep the lid on. The government and European Union pump millions into public sector unions and sock-puppet organisations such as Unite Against Fascism to ensure that convincing displays of “anti-fascism” can be bussed round Britain.

This is what happened at the recent PEGIDA demonstration in Newcastle upon Tyne. The same public sector workers that were happy to look the other way on child abuse were happy to turn out in strength alongside their Muslim allies.

The media too are totally on side with the government and can be guaranteed to be at the front of the howling anti-fascist mob wherever any White protests dare to gather. And the police, on double overtime rates, behave exactly as you might expect.

If there is to be any dramatic changes, it is not hard to see it being provided by the likes of Jihadi John and his friends when they return from their excursion. All European governments are nervous about this.

In 1993 the IRA did something that nearly thirty years of bombs and shootings had failed to accomplish — it brought the British government scurrying to the negotiating table.

What the IRA did was target something that the British genuinely valued — not the lives of soldiers or civilians in Northern Ireland, but the financial sector in the heart of the City of London. The London Bishopsgate bombing was small by Belfast standards and killed only one person but the shockwaves it sent through the establishment reverberate to this day and led eventually to British withdrawal.

Muslim outrages so far, whether the child grooming, the London Underground bombings or the near decapitation of Drummer Lee Rigby have changed nothing because they have not targeted anything the British elites genuinely value.  Let us hope the Jihadis never figure this one out for themselves. For that might change everything.

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