Was Ed Miliband’s father a KGB stooge? (cont)

The lack-lustre British general election campaign has been spiced up somewhat with the news of a link between a party leader and one of the greatest murderers of the twentieth century Genrikh Yagoda.

According to the Daily Mail, the  Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg —  who was the Deputy Prime Minister — had an aunt in twenties Moscow who was a Mata Hari-type spy who spread her favours far and wide in the cause of whoever was paying her; entrapping and compromising various paramours including British diplomats and Soviet big wigs.

The Mail alleges that Baroness Moura Budberg worked for the genocidal Jewish Bolshevik Yagoda and may have been one of his sexual conquests. Yagoda was the director of the NKVD during its most bloodthirsty period in the thirties when many millions of ethnic Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians and many others were liquidated at his hands.

Jewish ethnicity may have been one of the factors that Clegg’s aunt and Yagoda had in common as Jews who were a tiny fraction of the Russian population, predominated at the top end of Bolshevik society.  They were particularly thick on the ground in the ruthless security apparatus and there has been continued speculation that their genocidal ruthlessness was fuelled by ethnic hatred of Whites.

Thanks to the Toronto Globe and Mail we now know that Nick Clegg is a cousin of the Canadian Liberal Party leader — and ethnic Jew —  Michael Ignatieff. The Huffington Post has described Clegg’s family background as “shrouded in mystery” although it is heavily Dutch and Russian aristocratic.

This would mean that this is the first British general election where all three candidates for the prime minister’s post have varying strong degrees of Jewish antecedence. The incumbent prime minister David Cameron has already boasted of his strong Jewish roots to no less than the Knesset.

But in many ways it is the Jewish roots of Cameron’s closest rival Ed Miliband which are most intriguing. Unlike the other two, Miliband is fully ethnically Jewish and boasts an impressive family pedigree with roots that go deep into Britain’s Marxist world.

Was Ed Miliband’s Trotskyist grandfather involved in the liquidation of White Russians who were opposed to communism?  This intriguing question was asked by one of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisors eight years ago and has never been satisfactorily answered.  Kremlin insider Geb Pavlovsky even said that Ed Miliband may have “inherited” his hatred of Russia from his Polish-born grandfather Samuel.

The Milibands have always played down their family’s Bolshevik past and instead preferred to talk about the dozens of family members from the Polish side who died in the Holocaust. Ed Miliband has always been keen to play up this part of the family history

TOO has already asked whether Ed Miliband’s father Ralph himself was a KGB stooge or whether he just liked the company of KGB agents.  There is no question that in the sixties, intellectual Ralph Miliband moved in the same circles as many Marxist Jews of Russian background. There is equally no question that Britain’s security services were deeply concerned because of  their KGB links, especially abouty a Russian attache called “Lev”, a frequent visitor to the Miliband Hampstead home who was not slow to throw money and gifts around when it came to getting what he wanted.  David Horowitz remembers a ham-fisted attempt to recruit him in the sixties.

In the end this is all history and is overshadowed by one simple salient fact — the Friends of Israel lobby groups are the most powerful in British politics and eighty per cent of Conservative MPs are members of Conservative Friends of Israel.



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