Another Anti-Shomrim demo in London

“This is England, this is our land. We’re not scared anymore because we’ve nothing left to lose.” With these words Jez Turner, the organiser of the London Forum, faced a howling Jewish and antifa mob at the latest ‘oppose the Shomrim’ demonstration in central London.

About 30 White nationalist and patriot demonstrators from a variety of organisations  assembled beside a banner bearing the slogan “Equal Rights for Indigenous Whites.” They were protesting against the establishment of sectarian Jewish police unit called the “Shomrim” for the Jewish community and funded by taxpayer money.

The protesters were outnumbered by the Jewish and antifa mob, who had been bussed in from various parts of the country and were assembled on three sides of the demo although both sides were outnumbered by a huge crowd of curious onlookers.

As Jez Turner recited a litany of notable Jewish “achievements” through the ages, his words seemed to rouse the mob into hysterical outrage and they screamed “arrest him.”

Given the relative success of the first anti-Shomrim demo in April, the authorities in London were clearly determined this could not be allowed to happen a second time. They largely succeeded.

The second demonstration took place in difficult circumstances after one of the organisers was arrested on the eve of demo. Then the police switched the venue to an out of the way corner of the Whitehall government office district, far away from the intended Golders Green area.

Predictably the event was ignored by the media with the exception of Russia Today which broadcast extensive footage of the protesters.

Specifically it showed how they could threaten violence with impunity.

The speeches can be seen in the following:

The main thrust of the speeches was a complaint not just that one  community was being given privileges denied to the native White population, but that there was media silence on this issue.

Turner said that it was disgraceful that taxpayer money was being used to provide the Jewish community with vehicles, uniforms and training.

Peter Rushton, assistant editor of Heritage & Destiny Magazine, spoke about how freedom of speech had been lost in Britain. He described them as the “face of anti-British terrorism.”

Among the demonstrators was a nationalist group from Poland bearing their banners. After one of their number said a few words in Polish, Jez Turner said: “Poland for the Polish, England for the English, Palestine for the Palestinians and Europe for the Europeans.” Cue more Jewish hysteria.

Interestingly, there were only a handful of apparently South Asian faces showing that efforts to recruit Muslims to the cause of more privileges for the Jewish community, had strangely failed.

Another demo is planned for Finchley. Given the determination of the authorities to neutralise the effectiveness of such events, this will doubtless be interesting, especially as the government seem on the verge of introducing Disruption Orders to constrain what they call “non-violent extremists” from moving about the country.

If any evidence is needed of how degenerate policing in London has become then watch this video from 1:30 when a senior police officer expresses his admiration for the Shomrim, and describes the aftermath of the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in the following terms.

That’s why I’ve been so interested to hear about the work of Shomrim and particularly looking at the work done…in the borough… so the work done after the murder of Lee Rigby, the work in protecting all the communities of London, in reaching out to the Muslim community and other communities to provide help and assistance.

A White soldier is murdered by Muslims in the street. And the special Jewish police provide assistance to the Muslim community. With the encouragement and approval of White senior police officers.

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