David Duke on the Alex Jones Show

Why in the world did Alex Jones invite David Duke on to his Aug. 18th show?

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of what Duke has been focused on for almost the last two decades would know that Duke consistently and forcefully talks about Jewish power — and the abuse of that power.

After all, as early as 1998 he published a book called My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding in which openly wrote about Israel and Jewish power. This theme expanded into the 2003 tome Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question, the title of which aptly describes the contents.

For years after, Duke has been hosting his own radio show, and the topic of Jewish domination is a constant. Further, a visit to http://davidduke.com  will show untold stories about Israeli misbehavior, the Jewish role in an number of modern ills, and the ongoing Jewish attempt to destroy Western civilization, if not White Europeans themselves.

Dr. Duke has bent over backward to make these topics as publicly open as he can, so there is no way to misconstrue his position on these critical topics.

Yet Alex Jones seemed to be uncharacteristically caught off guard when Duke came onto his show Aug. 18th.  What a mystery — but also what a show!

Now, let me offer a bit of background on Mr. Jones. I’ve listened to his show often over the years and check his website almost daily. I like much of what he discusses and believe he has offered enlightenment to his listeners and viewers, at least those with the ears and eyes to understand him.

I even enjoy his bluster, much of which is done in good humor, and I accept that he is the P. T. Barnum of our day, what with his hawking of all kinds of vitamin supplements and survival gear. But this is all done in the open, and people are free to turn off his message or listen to it if they so choose.

As for the Jewish Question, Jones, of course, famously will not directly discuss it. Still, for someone even mildly informed about these issues (and certainly for regular TOO readers), Jones provides enough information about those who dominate us and what their schemes and plans are that all we need to do is connect the dots. Why not be thankful for that?

Further, how far does one suppose Jones would have gotten if, for example, he had openly discussed Zionist power? Good Lord, he would be very likely to suffer a mysterious fate along the lines of the late Andrew Breitbart.

We White Nationalists should be grateful that Alex Jones has so openly talked about attempts at taking down Western, i.e., White, civilization. Jones even acknowledges that there are elite attempts to genocide the White people. That is saying far more — and to a massive audience — than any other major figure today.

Having said that, I still have to consider what some critics of Jones say — that Jones is controlled opposition and his role is to mislead Whites as to who exactly is pushing these programs so harmful to Whites and White interests. If that is the case, however, then I’m back to my original question: Why in the world did Alex Jones invite David Duke on to his August 18th show?

In a nutshell, Duke was able to get abundant airtime and used that time to forcefully assert that Jews had world power far out of proportion to their actual numbers. He names Jews as the leaders of the Bolshevik era in which tens of millions of White Christians died. He named Jews as the leaders of modern mass media such as Hollywood, where Whites and their culture are constantly slandered and attacked. He pointed out that Jews control Harvard and the other Ivies despite European-derived Whites having better scores. He emphasized that for the last three decades the chair of the Federal Reserve has been a Jew.

Remarkably, Jones seemed unprepared for this. He offered tepid responses and often tried to mildly mock Duke, for instance, joking about his past participation in the KKK and using terms such as “Grand Cyclops” to belittle the whole episode. (To be fair, this is part and parcel of Jones’ normal approach, and I felt Jones was on the whole quite courteous to Dr. Duke.)

One amusing result of Duke’s aggressive use of such facts was that Jones faltered at least twice and said that such talk was giving him a headache. I’ll bet it was, as he envisioned what powerful Jews were going to say to him after the show finished. Sure enough, very little of the two-hour interview was posted on Jones’ site, which is not the norm.

Because this could be a watershed event, I’ll post a brief timeline of resources about it.

For a few days before the interview, Jones proudly announced that he had risen to the occasion and invited Duke on his show for Tuesday Aug. 18th. On that day, prior to the show, Duke announced that he would appear later in the day on the Alex Jones Show (see here and scroll down to 8-18).

Because Jones has yet to post the debate, here is the full high-definition version. Later that evening, Duke appeared on the Jeff Rense Radio show for a “debriefing” of his appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

The following day, August 19, TOO editor Kevin MacDonald, a frequent guest on Duke’s show, joined Duke’s radio program to discuss Jewish power. As Duke’s archives say, “Professor MacDonald and Dr. Duke also presented evidence not just of the massive Jewish over-representation in the various aspects of the American elite but also their ability to repress discussion of Jewish power” (see here and scroll down to 8-19). One thing I appreciated about this day’s show was the fact that Duke offered sincere praise to Jones for having him on the show at all and giving him so much airtime. In the original appearance, Duke was slightly aggressive in his claims that Jones was cutting him off.

On Thursday Aug. 20, Duke’s show featured the following:

In his postmortem of his debate with Alex Jones he again expressed his appreciation for being invited on the show and recognized the important areas of agreement between himself and Mr. Jones, but also noted the weakness in Jones’ blindspot regarding Jewish tribal domination of our society, and by proxy of the world.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that Jones is mis-identifying who is dividing us. Listening to Jones one would think that “leftists” are dividing Jews from Gentiles. Jewish domination of the controlling heights of our society is obvious, and Dr. Slattery contended that Jewish tribalists get the “left” to implement their social agenda just as the Jewish Neocon-dominated “right” pushes Jewish foreign policy priorities, as the Republican debates make abundantly clear. (scroll down to 8-20)

On Aug. 21 Duke had an interesting guest, one Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer website. Anglin’s site is brash and not for the faint of heart. His goal, however, seems laudable: “Mr. Anglin explained how his goal was to counter the prevailing Jewish domination of culture by propagating ideas and images and memes that can replace the sick Jewish-imposed social norms (scroll down to 8-21).

Also on this show, Duke explained why he was so aggressive with Jones regarding time allotted for speaking. Explaining that Jones was known for cutting off speakers, Duke opted for a “preemptive strike” by giving Jones notice that he would demand time to make his points in full.

Last week’s events surrounding Duke’s appearance are perhaps the highlight of my summer podcast listening. I recommend that TOO readers see or listen for themselves, tell friends to do the same about parts that may help wake people up, and post to our comments section to tease out further insights regarding all this.

Frankly, I approached the August 18 interview viewing Jones and Duke as potential allies. Despite the occasional rancor during the interview, in some ways they were allies but it never came out that way.

How Jones has acted since the interview and how he will act from here on out may answer some questions about Jones’ motives. We should all be attentive to these developments.

[ youtube.com/user/RonGibsonCF/videos (all Jones commercial-free) ~A ]

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