Last Call for the 2015 NPI Conference


The October 31 National Policy Institute conference is fast approaching. All the indications thus far are for an excellent turnout, but it would be great to maximize our impact by having the largest attendance possible. It will be a great chance to meet and talk with people who are on the same page in thinking about White identities and interests. People who attend will be energized and more committed than ever to the cause and ideas that bring us together.

But public gatherings like this have implications far beyond stimulating conference attendees. The left has long been aware of the power of public meetings and demonstrations — larger events naturally bring out more press coverage. There is definitely an upsurge recently in interest in White identity movements. More of our people are being quoted in mainstream publications, and the fact that the NPI conference is taking place in the political media center of the US is a definite plus. We are aiming at creating an environment where ideas related to White identity and interests are a normal part of public conversation—as they inevitably will become given the current immigration onslaught against our people.

Information on registration can be accessed at the NPI events page.

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