British clampdown on free speech accelerates

The long anticipated British government Counter-Extremism Strategy document has been unveiled — and it looks to aimed at unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, movement and association.  New Orwellian-sounding government organisations are being launched to target speech and behaviour online and off.  There will be the Extremism Analysis Unit which will exchange data on “extremists” with other governments. The Disclosure and Barring Service will be set up to help employers bar “extremists” and this will include not only convictions but civil orders.  The new Extremism Community Trigger will oblige police to take action possibly issuing orders restricting movement. The new National Citizen Service will allow diligent, publicly-minded teenagers to train up in British values — and sniff out extremism.

The Counter Extremism strategy document was nominally inspired by the upsurge of Muslim militancy from the “Trojan Horse” Islamic takeover of state schools to the fear of returning Jihadists, but somewhere along the line it seems to have been decided that it is the threat of White violence that also needs to be talked up.

It hardly needs to be said that there is no equivalence at all.  No Whites have ever carried out suicide bomb attacks on underground railway stations or airports nor have they hacked servicemen to death on the streets, nor do their menfolk engage in ethnically-motivated mass rapes against vulnerable female children.

The authors of this document have only been able to dredge up two examples of “White” violence in the UK.  The only fatal one was in 2013 by a Ukrainian who turns out to have been an immigrant who had been in the country for three days.

Nevertheless it is in the interests of the government, and the organised Jewish community in particular, to pretend that this non-existent threat is real. The Jewish community goes to great lengths to obscure the fact that the overwhelming majority of so-called “antisemitic incidents” are by Muslims. For them, the smearing of Whites as potentially violent, overrides all other considerations.

The hidden ethnic agendas at play in this document are revealed in the first few pages. The first is the re-statement and strengthening of the special protections from free speech that the Jewish community enjoys and the second is the heightened need to demonize the White community as congenitally a source of ethnic hatred in British society.

Helpfully that allows us to pinpoint the first big fat lie of omission that sits there wriggling in clear sight on page 12 when it names the Community Security Trust as a trusted source of anti-Semitism statistics. The CST has already boasted of its behind-the-scenes role in the drawing up of this document.

Readers of TOO have come across this shady vigilante organisation before.  It is chaired by convicted criminal Gerald Ronson and was a favourite cause of the former president of Board of Jewish Deputies, Greville Janner, before he was beset by his current legal difficulties.

The document then lists the TellMama organisation as a source of its figures on Islamophobic incidents.  This organisation  — Mama stands for ‘Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks’ — styles itself as Britain’s foremost anti-Muslim hate organisation and has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from the government to “monitor and combat hate crimes” against Muslims.

But what is nowhere revealed here is that the CST effectively took over TellMama in an attempt to corner the ethnic victimhood market. Britain’s foremost Islamophobia organisation is Jewish-run! Indeed the former chief executive of CST took over much the same function with TellMama and at a meeting with government ministers, insisted that anti-Muslim attacks have the same status as anti-Semitic attacks in being logged separately by police.

The Home Secretary has now duly complied. And now anti-Muslim allegations are to join anti-Semitism incidents in being the only hate crime categories nationally recorded by British police. And are anti-White hate crimes such as the murders of Alan Cartwright and Lee Rigby to be separately logged? Not at all, for in the hierarchy of group interests, Whites in Britain do not exist.

And that is a striking feature of this document. The total absence of the thought that the White, indigenous people of these islands have any right to any legitimate form of group self-expression. The word “neo-Nazi” appears sixteen times as a proxy for White advocacy while the word White appears only in negative connotations.

It is the assault on internet free speech that is the most sinister and serious aspect of the coming clampdown. As an example of unacceptable content the report mentions one YouTube video which features an unidentified “extreme right-wing speaker” who argues that Jews were behind a “a conspiracy to alter the ethnic make-up of Britain. A conspiracy committing genocide against the White people. A conspiracy to exterminate the White people.”

Just as in Germany last month when Angela Merkel demanded that Mark Zuckerburg shut down Facebook protests over Germany’s mass influx of Syrian refugees, so a repeat push is taking place in Britain.

The document reveals that government and internet industry co-operation has increased sharply from 2010. “Removals at the request of the police have increased from around 60 items a month in 2010, when the unit responsible was first established, to over 4,000 a month in 2015, taking the total to 110,000 pieces of propaganda removed.”

The document promises a further clamp down on free speech. It says the government will “work with social media and communications providers to ensure extremists do not have open access to their platforms.”

Money is also going to be pumped into training an army of sock puppets who will patrol the online space, or as the documents puts it, will “empower internet users to report extremist content” and encourage “a wide range of civil society groups to help them build and maintain a compelling online presence,”  So as social entrepreneurs have, no doubt, not been slow to notice, the push against free speech is to be hugely incentivised.

On every front the screw on the internet is being tightened. More effective filtering technology is being developed, industry terms and conditions are being strengthened. “to ensure fewer pieces of extremist material appear online, and that any such material is taken down quickly.”

And there is more to come. As the Prime Minister Cameron said earlier this year

We need to put out of action the key extremist influencers who are careful to operate just inside the law, but who clearly detest British society and everything we stand for. … we are going to introduce new narrowly targeted powers to enable us to deal with these facilitators and cult leaders, and stop them peddling their hatred.

It is not as if the British government have not been busy this year already. In February  the Government introduced the new statutory Prevent duty, so that all local authorities, schools, universities and colleges and other public bodies must inform the police of any ‘extremist’ activity they come across. Item #38 of the document states:

we must go further. We must counter the ideology of non-violent and violent extremists alike. We must continue our efforts to tackle neo-Nazi as well as Islamist extremism and respond better to the growing problems of hate crime in our communities.

Of particular worry, apparently, is the forum Stormfront and its popularity in Britain.

Neo-Nazi and extreme right-wing groups have also proved adept at using the internet and social media to spread their ideology and seek recruits. For example, Stormfront is often described as the first website dedicated to racial hatred, providing an online forum for the discussion of white nationalism and white supremacy. Whilst based in the US, Stormfront’s UK sub-forum is larger than that in any other region, with close to one million posts.

And it looks as though that even before this document was published, the clampdown had started.  Last week Jez Turner, the organiser of the nationalist London Forum reported to a police station where, in the company of his solicitor, he was interviewed over his participation in the anti-Shomrim demonstration of several months ago. The police operation investigating this demonstration is so large it has been given the name of “Operation Saurus” and the police officers openly admitted that it was being carried out at the behest of the Jewish CST group. A report is being submitted to prosecutors before it is decided whether he will be charged or not.

And 22-year-old non-violent nationalist Joshua Bonehill is spending his fifth month behind bars. He was initially detained in June over alleged “racial incitement” Tweets before an anti-Shomrim protest. His trial on racial incitement charges is due to take place on December 14.

The mask of liberal democracy is slipping away. As anger rises over mass immigration to the West, so the authorities will be resorting to ever more desperate methods to stifle dissent. The greatest consciousness-raising resource of the last twenty years may be lost to us.

We need to be thinking hard about an awful possibility —  a future without the internet and without outlets like the Occidental Observer. We desperately need to be looking at other ways of linking up with each other and if this pushes us away from our keyboards and out onto the streets it may be no bad thing.

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