Croatia Under Siege: Migrants vs. Mad Germans

WhiteSlave Jean J.A Lecomte du Nouy (“The White Slave”, 1888, oil)

The article below is the slightly abridged English translation of the Croatian original published in 7Dnevno.

The Afro-Asian and Middle Eastern mass migration to Europe, falsely labeled by the mainstream media as the “refugee crisis,” is being examined from all angles. Why use the word ‘refugee’ if the majority of migrants passing through Croatia are men between 20 and 40 years of age? Unlike the present where hordes of non-Whites are welcomed with open arms, genuine refugees at the end of World War II had no luck of finding a welcoming culture despite being White. Let’s start with the alphabetical “K” letter in the description of the topography of death. Real refugees were German civilians in early 1945 who were fleeing the Bolshevik troops and Tito’s commissars south of Königsberg (Kaliningrad) and east of Constant; and then west of Karlovac; and then further west to their mass execution fields at Kočevski Rog. For hundreds of thousands of Croatian refugees, at their first station of the cross in Klagenfurt, in May 1945,  the English troops did not wait with “Golden ale,” nor were there American women like those in Salzburg or in Linz with boxes of Hershey’s chocolate. They were quickly dispatched by those liberal Anglo-American democrats into the jaws of Communism.

Just as every terrorist describes himself for the public eye as a freedom fighter, so every current African and Middle Eastern migrant squatting on Croatian roads or trekking through the mud in Slovenia likes to present himself as a martyr fleeing persecution. And what kind of a terrible persecution do these “refugees” flee? None of those Arab or African migrants gives the slightest thought to requesting asylum in wealthy and neighboring Israel, let alone demand the emirs or sheiks for a magic carpet ride into rich Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. All migrants, without exception, want to go Germany, a country still branded by many as the world source of primeval cosmic evils.

Most migrants love the welcome by the progeny of their former White masters — the children and grandchildren of fascist and racist settlers and all the demons conjured up by the antifascist demonology. Not a single migrant wishes to build his political paradise at home with his colored masters.

This raises an educational question: are people from Africa and the Middle East really capable of building a functional state? If they were, they would stay at home and would not go to Europe. And if they are not, instead of taking up residence in white gardens of their new White masters, why not invite again the White masters to their dark vilayets?  Despite numerous theories of anti-colonialism that have been spinning around in Western universities for decades, and despite the fact that the continent of Africa has been depleted by now of its English and French Whites, most migrants keep dreaming of going to the allegedly callous and definitely racist White West only. A classic example is today’s South Africa which in 1992 rid itself of its alleged White villains, only to face shortly thereafter the highest crime rate in the world. Another classic example is the neighboring Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, once the breadbasket of Africa, and supposedly a free country today, which, after turning into a basket case of bankruptcy, needs to import food today The most classic example is the state of Haiti, near the island of Cuba, which as far back as 1804 was first to free itself from slavery by killing all of its White French masters. Today, despite its proximity to the richest country in the world, Haiti ranks among the poorest countries in the world. Much closer to Europe, in 1962, Algeria ethnically cleansed 1.2 million Christian white French, with a little help of their non-aligned communist Yugoslav friends. Today however, every young Algerian dreams of moving to France. Once upon a time Algeria was the granary of France; today, in spite of huge sources of oil, Algeria imports food and exports the highest percentage of ISIL terrorists.

Croatian multicultural media pontiffs pontificate with faked altruistic effusions in order to draw self-serving logical conclusions. Many Croatian politicians, both left and right, along with Croatian media stars, are trying to outbid each other with signs of compassion for migrants by using the buzzword “humanitarian catastrophe,” as if Croatia is supposed to become the major Good Samaritan hub for all would-be world migrants. Well, if the Croatian politicians are that eager to show their badges of charity and moral righteousness, then they should first consider accommodating thousands of Croatian homeless, or provide free transportation to tens of thousands of Croatian high school students. They should also grant citizenship and compensation to the families of 200,000 Croatian-German refugees whose villas, apartments and farms were taken over by Croatian and Serbian communists and their secret service UDBA  snitches in 1945.

There are various theories in Croatia on the migrant onslaught on Europe. The Croatian government is being blamed for letting the migrants trespass into the country.  Yet the Croatian government is only following the rules set by the Commissars of the European Union. Croatia had craved being part of the EU in its long campaign for membership from 2000 to 2013. However, it does not seem to have occurred to any government of Croatia — past or present — that the year 1992 was in fact the year of the creation of yet another multinational counterfeit entity which, like ex-Yugoslavia, will sooner or later also end up in a war of all against all. The migration chaos today, especially in regard to the fictitious easternmost Schengen borders, which officially run across the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, is just an additional sign that the whole of the EU construct, right from its inception, has been an artificial entity with no political will and with no ability of independent decision making. Given its membership in the EU, even under ideal circumstances, Croatia as a White enclave could not withstand the pressure of tens of millions of non-European migrants already residing in Europe.

Seen from the daily political, technical and logistic perspective, the guilty party for the uncontrolled migrant waves across the Balkans into Croatia is the Schengen Agreement. Greece lets migrants pass through its territory around the clock. With its 1.2 million foreigners residing, working, or loafing in the country, Greece had already experienced all the charms of a thousand and one nights of Afro-Oriental diversity. Why should a financially comatose Greece feed an additional half a million Afro-Asian migrants? And tomorrow an extra million?

Runners and Fire-setters

Neither has neighboring Turkey, further to the east, forgotten its golden Ottoman times, when over the period of three hundred years it played the role of the main mover and shaker of refugees—from Budapest to Thessaloniki, and all along the entire Mediterranean. Why should Turkey feed now in its camps 2 million migrants when sending them to the EU can earn it handsome money from Germany and provide it with an additional springboard for the return of its failed imperial dreams? The Turks have not forgotten their humiliating defeat at the gates of Vienna 1683, nor the escape from Budapest in 1686, nor their forced eviction from Belgrade in 1717. Hardly can the Turkish politicians forget the heavy-handed Catholic slap in their face administered by Prince Eugene of Savoy in 1697 in a besieged and Islamized town of Sarajevo.  For their old Oriental rampages, stretching from the Croat region of Lika and further north to the nearby Austrian Tyrol and Carinthia, the Turks once hired domestic goons, Albanian mercenaries and gipsy scavengers. In the Austrian Carinthia they are still remembered as dreaded “runners and fire setters” (Renner und Brenner), just as their future communist successors in May of 1945. Today, however, the Turks can reach more elegantly the Austrian borders by schlepping millions of weeping “refugees.” And finally, why is the supposedly Croatian and Serbian word for robbery (pljačka) of Albanian origin?

Seen from the ideological and historical point of view, the largest share of the blame for the migrant chaos must be borne by the German government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her statements reflect the deep-seated German political neurosis, as well as the German historical psychodrama going back to 1945, i.e., the year when the Allies leveled Germany to the ground. However, with its tributary message on the need for “welcoming non-European refugees,” the German government is sending to the world the image of a Germany being just one great Oktoberfest hall with striking Bavarian women in colorful dirndls perched on the border crossings with their legs spread wide awaiting African and Asian migrants. Little matters what really Merkel and her leftist sidekick, the Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (once married to a Turkish woman) privately think of multiculturalism. What counts is that they are both destroying Germany, along with the rest of Europe, with the naive faith of do-gooders. Long ago the anti-liberal and anticommunist thinker, economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto wrote that “Whoever decides to become a lamb, will find a wolf to eat him.”  The German political sheep really thinks that the world will morally exonerate Germany if it only continues spraying itself with antifascist ashes. Pareto also noted, more than a century ago, that when liberal society is in disarray, its politicians are more concerned with racial purity of their dogs than with their own racial purity. The German government, along with the large number of luminaries from EU member states, cannot grasp the kind of images the migrants turn in their heads. And these images are different from their own.

White World Hospice

If the German government and possibly tomorrow the Croatian government are so keen to turn Europe into a humanitarian hospice for all the misery of the world, then it would be more humane, and of course cheaper, to have Germany send ships and airplanes to the Eastern Mediterranean and pick up right on the spot the migrants encamped in Turkey and have them housed afterwards in Germany, or in hotels along the Dubrovnik Riviera. This would save Germany and other member states a lot of money and unnecessary infighting. German and European multiculturalists would then learn the real truth behind the story that “migrants will generate pensions for the departing European geriatric cases, while culturally enriching the whole of Europe.” In the ocean of its redemptive illusions, the German political class continues to extend invitations to African and Asian migrants, causing thus additional mutual inter-ethnic frictions and further destabilizing the whole of Europe.

In an additional national-masochistic stunt, Germany has recently passed the law stipulating the deportation of “fake asylum seekers “ — a code word designating mostly the Kosovars, Albanians and gypsies from Serbia. And how on earth would Germany do that? The decision to ship back the so-called fake “economic” migrants by loading them on the planes would require the German police to strap them first with iron chains to the airline seats, put iron muzzles on their faces lest they start biting the aircraft crew, and have the well-armed German special forces escort them to their country of origin. Wishful thinking about false refugees in Germany voluntarily departing back to their homes, even if cajoled with hefty German alms, mirrors extreme political credulity or, in the case of Germany, reflects the standard postwar paranoid and self-censoring mind. Here we go again with Germany, a land becoming tomorrow the world’s cesspool for thousands of terrorists with genuine European migrants asking themselves in turn: “Krauts are turning us back while taking Negros and Muzzies in.” The new German law will further strengthen the terrorist temptation, regardless whether it appears under the name of Wahhabism or Salafism. In addition, the new German legal decision will enhance interethnic envy and hatred among migrants themselves and will inevitably spill over on the peoples in the Balkans, setting the stage for a new, large racial, ethnic and religious conflict all over Europe. One is not born a terrorist; one becomes a terrorist.

Today’s Europe, and particularly its panic-stricken Germany with its historical burden of World War II, exited history long time ago, rejecting any notion of the political, in the belief that it will  be henceforth respected by friend and foe alike.  German repentance does not mean, however, that the friend and the foe would honor the German philanthropic move. Exactly the opposite will happen. More and more people, both White Europeans and non-Europeans have started hating Germany. Germany’s surreal gesture of kindness to the “Other” does not mean that the Other will respond in kind. The Other always thinks differently. No need also to speculate about the bright future for Croatia. The new, the old, the former, or the present Croatian governments will have to behave in accordance with the decrees of the American proconsuls and the EU Commissioners and shout in unison that “there is no alternative to the EU, no alternative to NATO,” just as their biological and ideological predecessors hollered until 1990 that “there is no alternative to Yugoslavia.”

A long time ago Germany, just like all EU countries, set the precedent for the mass arrival of millions of non-EU migrants. In fact the precedent had been broken by the mid 70’s of the preceding century with the adoption of the legislation on the migrants’  “family reunion.” Housing one million migrants from Africa and Asia this year in Europe implies the mandatory accommodation for 50 million more Afro-Asians waiting for their turn to enter Europe. This is just the beginning.

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