Europa ad Rubiconem – Europe awake!

The images of terror which we saw after the heavy attacks in the French capital are absolutely shocking indeed – but the events that took place were not at all a surprise! Nor was it a surprise that in the aftermath of the attacks it was discovered that most of the terrorists were French and Belgian citizens – born and raised in Europe. The existence of a fifth column is – and has been for a long time – ignored by the ruthless kind of politicians who hold power in most European countries, with the notable exception of Hungary. One need not be a prophet to foresee other terrorist attacks which will be quite similar to those of Paris.

At the same time we are shocked by other images: images of hundreds and thousands of so called “refugees” pouring into Germany and into Europe as a whole. A large number of the illegal immigrants don’t even try to lie about why they are here and for how long they are willing to stay: forever! Who would have predicted the terrific speed all this is happening with ten years ago – who would have even five years ago? Everywhere in Germany the indigenous population is peu à peu being replaced by people from the Middle East and Africa right now; everywhere in Germany? Yes, everywhere! That Western German cities such as Bochum, Mannheim, Cologne or Pforzheim had already been half lost to the unarmed invaders called immigrants. It was all obvious for any person not walking blindfolded through the streets. But now we are doomed to witness the conquering and sacking of regions which are so far still mostly populated with Germans: Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern just to name three. Our elites don’t even want us to have reservations in which we can preserve our cultural and biological heritage in peace and security!

After Marjan Parvand, an employee of media company Ard-aktuell, and left-wing Jewish activist, Anette Kahane, the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, had claimed that there was a “White problem” and had blustered about the unfortunately still too numerous “bio-German” men in Eastern Germany not too long ago, they are probably having multiple orgasms at this time since their dream of a multi-coloured Eastern Germany is about to come true. On August 24, 2015 the newspaper “Die Welt” (The World) headlined: “Refugees should be sent especially to the German East – In the depopulating East more, not fewer migrants should settle.” Here Anetta Kahane, one of the hate mongers mentioned above, shall be cited on the final solution of the German question: She said that in the East of the country there were yet less than 1% visible minorities and one could therefore state that this part of the country has remained White. “Not just ‘free of foreigners’ but white. Until today it is strenuous, difficult, hard and sometimes impossible to convince the local authorities that this condition is a problem they ought to tackle.”

All-White areas are a “problem” to be solved. I repeat myself: One does not want us to have enclaves exclusively for our own people and culture! This sort of anti-white attitude of mind is racism par excellence!

When about four and a half years ago aboard a container vessel I wrote the dystopian novel “Das Kreuz des Südens – Exodus aus Europa” (Southern Cross – Exodus out of Europe) describing how Europe is facing a catastrophe due to massive immigration of non-Europeans. However, in my novel, in 2033 New Zealand’s new government welcomes all Whites who are willing to settle and make a contribution to the country. When writing the novel, I had by no means predicted such a dramatic speed at such an early time. And whenever I watch the news or see pictures and headlines of mainstream newspapers I get the feeling that all the world’s a stage and men and women merely players (Shakespeare) in a drama quite like Jean Raspail’s novel The Camp of the Saints. The only thing that has in fact changed is that we are not worried about one million Indians arriving in Southern France (like in Raspail’s novel) but we have to instead cope with many millions of Africans and Arabs. The German mainstream magazine “Der Spiegel” (The Mirror) stated that from September 5 to October 15, 2015 alone, 409,000 new migrants have been registered — in one and a half months. And those were only the “refugees” that had been registered! These ruthless politicians didn’t even try to trick the people nor did the immigrants have to build a wooden horse in order to get in or anything of the kind. Angela Merkel just invited them – and they came … There’s a Russian saying as follows: Wherever the devil doesn’t want to go himself he sends a priest or a woman. With our Federal President Joachim Gauck (pastor) and Chancellor Angela Merkel the devil is hedging his bets to play it safe!

Unfortunately there are a high percentage of German academics who tend to ignore the ugly facts about immigration of non-Europeans. It is more than just ignorance though. In many cases it is a special mind-set which includes a vicious form of self-hatred. They don’t care whether their grandchildren will live in a White neighborhood in which they will be able to communicate among each other in their native language. This self-hatred is for a large proportion rooted in the commemorative culture of the holocaust. Dr. Eduard Peter Koch hit the nail right on the head when he called this phenomenon a psychological autoimmune disease — a disease that infects academics more often infected than it does hard working people who left school at the age of seventeen and got started with an occupation that had nothing to do with Yad Vashem.

The narrative of Auschwitz had and has an enormous influence on Germans to the effect that it weakens and silences them immediately whenever it is mentioned – and even if it is not! A very similar phenomenon is observable in most White European countries inside and outside of Europe: For instance in France and Great Britain the process of coming to terms with the past regarding colonialism has a very negative impact on their will to survive, whereas in America teachers, professors, and the media bloviate about Black slavery and killing the Native Americans with the same effect. If only these guilt-inducing narratives didn’t exist. But of course these narratives don’t simply come out of nowhere. They are weapons utilized against us by our hostile elites. They are deployed against us intentionally; they are integral to enabling the dispossession of Europeans.

It’s seemingly a paradox that the high speed of this mass invasion could be an advantage for Europeans eventually. Although it is an urban legend that a frog tossed into a pot of boiling water will try to get out immediately, whereas a frog that was placed in the very same cooking device will happily boil to death if the temperature is being increased successively – this may indeed be true for people. Step-by-step changes in the environment have for the most part been ignored, sometimes not even noticed. Since mass immigration on today’s scale affects pretty much everyone who isn’t living out in the wilderness as a hermit like Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds this could – for a lot of people – be a clarion call for action. Not everyone is diseased with guilt in the manner described above. The ones who aren’t will revolt sooner or later – hopefully not too late! Majorities are not a necessity – a critical mass is. And a critical mass may be as low as five to ten percent, but that others will follow as the “storm breaks loose” (Theodor Körner)!

In a lot of countries majorities will soon be meaningless anyway: the indigenous people of Europe are already outnumbered in many cities by immigrants – holding the citizenship of their host countries or not, living in Europe for one, two or three generations. The next generation Britons will be a minority on their entire Island and the French and Dutch aren’t better off really. Also our transatlantic cousins in the US will be a minority in 2042 or earlier.

And let’s focus on Sweden for a second: In this small and pleasant country where robbery and theft amongst Swedes was nearly unknown, the rate of rapes has risen by 1400%! And yet again Sweden has “welcomed” more immigrants than any other country in Europe in relation to its population (9.6 million) since the crisis emerged. But it seems that now finally they have reached the limit of their capacities for hosting and coddling newcomers. The Social Democrats Magdalena Andersson and Morgan Johansson have both urgently appealed to refugees on their way to Scandinavia to stay wherever they are in Europe because the Swedes cannot guarantee that they would be able to provide shelter for them. The Prime Minister of Sweden called upon other countries in Europe to meet their responsibilities.

This sounds quite familiar. This is exactly what Angela Merkel who is leading the pack has been saying for quite some time – after she was the one who presented a motivation for millions of Arabs and Africans to leave their home countries. Obviously, these politicians are trying to make a disastrous and politically untenable situation manageable, as well as deflecting the responsibility (and guilt) onto European countries with a bit more common sense. Let’s hope Viktor Orban et al. stand their ground, and hope for a nationalist victory in France or elsewhere.

But the migrants keep coming. So long as there are richer and poorer countries in the world — which will be the case as long as there will be different peoples and races on this planet! — there will be mass immigration if the borders of wealthier countries are not being actively defended. If people can conquer and pillage at will without facing resistance, I wonder why soldiers still carry weapons! One could look at the so called refugee crisis in a rather biological way: in that case it would appear to be quite similar to osmosis, the movement of a solvent across a semi-permeable membrane toward a higher concentration of solute. It was first observed by Jean-Antoine Nollet, a French clergyman and physicist, in 1748. Hence unhindered immigration would last until the standards of living would be about the same in Afghanistan and Denmark! As we already know, this will never become the case as long as mainly Danish people still inhabit Jutland and Afghani tribes continue to inhabit Afghanistan. Arthur Kemp in his book March of the Titans imagines a scenario where Aborigines populate China as the Chinese population is simultaneously declining (which of course is very unlikely): “If all Chinese people on earth had to disappear tomorrow, then fairly obviously, Chinese civilization and culture would disappear with them. It is this startlingly obvious principle which determines the creation and dissolution of civilizations – once the people who create a certain society or civilization disappear, then that society or civilization will disappear with them. If the vanished population is replaced by different peoples, then a new society or culture is created which reflects the culture and civilization of the new inhabitants of that region.” 

It should have been quite obvious before reading Kemp’s book that neither Nigeria nor Afghanistan will reach the standard of living of Japan or New Zealand. Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance – Genes, Race and Human History hits the bull’s eye when he writes that the “forces of natural selection that work within a society have been equally significant [as between societies]. Agrarian economies have kept people striving at the edge of starvation for millennia, the condition in which Darwin perceived that natural selection would favour even the slightest survival advantage. Under these Malthusian conditions, the ratchet of wealth – the ability of the rich to raise more surviving children – slowly diffused the social behaviours required for modern prosperity into the wider society.” Disregarding these facts will inevitably lead the world into the sort of catastrophe we are so keen to prevent, not only in the interest of our children and grandchildren, but in the interest of every single race, tribe and people on this planet!

“Caesar ad Rubiconem” the Romans said when Julius Caesar stood at the River Rubicon which separated the Roman province Gallia cisalpina from the Italian heartland. By crossing it with troops on January 10, 49 BC, the prelude to the civil war with Pompey began. The historian Frances Titchener tells us – and it is obvious from the Roman comander’s Commentarii Belli Civilis – that Caesar didn’t take the river crossing lightly: “He knows that if he marches on Rome with his armies, then he is a public enemy, and that he will either have to win, or die” (Titchener, To Rule Mankind and Make the World Obey). As he is about to cross the river, he is said to have used a gambling metaphor to declare that the deed they were performing was of great moment. Suetonius quotes him with the words “iacta alea est” (the die has been cast). The horrors of mass immigration have brought upon us the constraint to either take a stand against this madness and insanity or to be doomed to perish in the long run! The question today is: will there be a downfall and decay of our race or a Reconquista and renaissance? Europeans must awake or submit to a long, slow genocide!

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