A Breakthrough Year

2015 will go down in the history of the American Racial Right as a banner year: we finally began making good on the advice Alex Kurtagic articulated so well for our movement in his 2011 NPI speech, “Masters of the Universe.” His core message was that status, power and emotion matter more to our success or failure than do facts and reason.

Sure, much of the breakthrough this year has been due to Donald Trump, a man and a force that is implicitly White, not explicitly so. However, it’s vital to understand that very positive signs were developing in 2014 and early 2015 from within our movement, well before Trump’s campaign announcement this June. And even in regard to Trump, to quote a commenter at Chateau Heartiste, “Trump isn’t Trump. He’s Ron Paul too. The truth is trying to come out like a rat gnawing its way out of a snake that tried to eat it, gnawing its way to the light.”

In fact, though the discussion provokes controversy on our side, especially among our Old Guard, the increasing political radicalization of some Game websites like Chateau Heartiste was one of those signs of youthful optimism in the air back in 2014. This New Right intersection on sex-and-race has only begun to receive the extensive examination it deserves, but here I will just note that we are not a movement originating in slave morality, comforting the meek with notions that everyone’s sexual value and potential are equal. In any case, the most powerful message in Game is not fatalistic at all — rather, it’s that any man can improve himself and his relationships by using Game to become less meek. In the recent past, our movement has been absolutely desperate for confident men. To me, it’s a measure of how extreme that desperation became, how stuck we were in our own echo chamber, that spokesmen as radical as the Chateau proprietors are on race, and as inspiring as they are to our bolder young men, should be seen by many as tainted.

Another youth-oriented site that changed its radical focus during 2014 was Red Ice Creations, a very professionally organized podcaster with a major interest in conspiracy and related topics. For the inquisitive young minds behind Red Ice, it became impossible to follow a myriad small conspiracies without seeing the big one that’s hidden right out in plain sight where the largest secrets always are. This is, of course, the open conspiracy in which the most powerful ethnic group in our world today successfully portrays itself as the most unfairly victimized ethnic group in history. Among a thousand other absurdities, this allows the tone-deaf ADL to threaten ruin for any Whites with a little prominence, who dare to “stereotype” Jews as wealthy or conniving. In other words, if you dare hint at Jewish power, they’ll destroy you with Jewish power. This changing focus has made Red Ice an important presence in our media in 2015, with many interesting and intelligent guests featured in penetrating interviews.

One of coolest websites to come of age recently has been The Right Stuff. August of 2014 saw the first episode of their successful podcast, The Daily Shoah. As much as the radicalization of Chateau Heartiste grew from the recognition that feminist lies are but part of racial lies, and that of Red Ice from lies about GMO’s and climate change being ultimately the same, The Right Stuff grew out of a recognition that libertarians are racial dupes as well. To paraphrase Mike Enoch, one of The Right Stuff founders, “they won’t have any of their fiscal responsibility, free speech and right to bear arms when the race that developed these concepts is a small minority.”

From these beginnings, The Daily Shoah, modeled on the relaxed and popular talk radio format of Opie and Anthony, has grown a listenership of young followers who played a major role in outing and mocking the cuckservatives this summer, generating many of the jokes and memes that constituted the first truly cool and attractive appeal the Racial Right has held in America since World War II. At this point, they have inspired further podcasts from America, from Britain and from Scandinavia, all hosted at therightstuff.biz. The short-term goal is to have at least one new podcast available per day, starting some time in 2016.

All of this groundwork was in place when Donald Trump formally announced six months ago. Since then, both Trump and our movement have gone from strength to strength. True, the two are far from being identical. Our movement is based on the explicit recognition of the racial nature of political reality — the specific threat of elimination Whites face if we persist in egalitarian delusions about Jewish power, mass immigration, and the “value” of non-White diversity to White society. In contrast, Trump represents the implicit mass impulse that the founding American stock, the people who are ultimately paying for these delusions, feels in its collective heart, whether it knows the exact reasons or not. Many of these people, especially the most rebellious and vigorous, have had enough.

The explicit/implicit dichotomy all comes back to what Alex said about the importance of status, power and emotion. But behind that emotion, one of our roles is to use reason to keep the critical issue of race in the foreground where it belongs. It’s not that Donald Trump, or anyone important in his political organization, is reading our stuff, though some may well be (and you can be sure they are at least aware of the significance of Marine Le Pen and the French Front National). It’s that right now, before even the first GOP cuckus, Donald Trump is poised to win the nomination and the MSM knows it. That is the message behind the shifting media focus, for instance in the Twitter wars, from Trump-versus-cuckservatives to Trump-versus-Clinton. What the MSM does not understand yet is that Donald Trump can wipe the floor with Hilary Clinton.

Take but one example from the tide of feminist mythology that has swept Western politics for decades: the idea that a male politician should be ultra-cautious in debating a female politician because he must be seen neither as bullying nor as weak. How many times have we heard that in the last twenty years? But can anyone think Donald Trump will give a schtup about “rules” that have specifically evolved to benefit women and handicap men through denying us our very strength? No: Trump is going to rhetorically schlong Hilary so hard she’ll be as dazed and secretly worshipful the next morning as a lug who was chaste yet cool through college, but was at last seduced by that masterful alpha who left her in the wee hours. And the traditional American nation will love it.

Our role must be to push the envelope, to ensure no enemies to the right, and to continue mocking and squeezing the soft-bellied center that so richly deserves it. Then, when the time is right and the Leftist legacy is exposed through Clinton for the suicidal impulse it is, we must extend that mockery to the real degenerates. Do that, and if the Trump presidency begins a year from now, we can be quite sure there’ll be some rising young stars in his group who will most definitely and explicitly be aware of our message and our media.

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