(Mod Note): For the end of the Current Year …

Just a quick thank you to all the commentariat, the authors, and of course the “Boss” Dr. MacDonald.

This moderator, the guy who writes “Mod Notes” has been on the job for about a year, the Current Year, and it has been a fun ride.  I have learned so much from the intelligent and erudite commenters here at TOO.  I was a reader of TOO since inception of this blog, and of course have read nearly everything Dr. MacDonald has written regarding White Interests and the Jewish Question.

I thought I’d “seen it all”, but by moderating at TOO I’ve had to pay much closer attention; and have learned more.

I would especially like to thank those of you who have helped us catch typos in the published articles. I catch quite a few of the typos in your comments, and “fix” where appropriate.  I never take the liberty to change your comments in a way which might change the meaning.  While I’m not the copy editor for articles, I catch a few there too, and “fix” them; but often I just forward what appear to be problems to the Boss, and he deals with it.  Many of these problems have been brought to our attention by you commenters.  Again, thank you!  I know we all want to present the best face of TOO to the world.

In only a few days, the “Next Current Year” will begin (Yes, I too love those funny TRS guys!).  I’m looking forward to a heck of a ride.  The whole point of TOO is to help get that “ride” moving in a direction which is good for Whites.  I look forward to all you folks do in the comments sections at TOO.

Finally, keep in mind  the header banner of the site, and in the Mission Statement.  We are here to promote White Identity, Interests and Culture!

Be well all, and keep it coming!

The guy who writes (mod notes)

Editor’s note: And a hearty thanks to our moderators. I think that intelligent, responsible comments add greatly to the site, and I am very happy with the way things are going with them. This is due entirely to our moderators. This is an enormous, time-consuming and thankless task. We should all be grateful to them.

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