The Sun in Your Garden: A Message of Hope and Renewal for the New Year

Ivan Lackovic - Baka s potocnicama

It’s already winter,

And the sun has gone from your garden

Or perhaps it is hidden in its own shadow,

Away from the sight of those

Whose memory do not reach up to

Celestial world, and stars

Do not fill the people’s souls any more.

And so they wander forgotten and lonely

On silver dust paths, where pristine silence prevails,

Filled with deep stellar memories

In pulsating rhythm of time,

I. Rabuzin

Ivan Rabuzin

Till one day a rare butterfly

Born out of golden sun’s threads

Will wake up the dozed off sun,

When winter shatters its cold frost

And the birds’ song fills

The bosom of the sleeping forest,

While the new star is being born,

In endless creations of

Miraculous cosmic cycles,

And your garden will bathe again

In warm summer’s rays,

And the sweet smell

Of sky blue, sun-eyed forget-me nots.

By Xenia Sunic, on Winter Solstice Day, 2015, Zagreb, Croatia

Ivan Rabuzin: Paesaggio

Ivan Rabuzin

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