John McAfee, Richard Lynn, and Libertarian Shame


During his concession speech, former Libertarian Party candidate for president, John McAfee, noted that we should be ashamed of the fact that well over 90% of libertarians are white.

Libertarians are so zealous to see the spread of liberty and the reduction of state power, and to place the blame at our feet is, frankly, ignorant. Our counter argument must go beyond this, however – there are definite socio-biological factors which gave rise to the unique manifestation of libertarian principles in Western civilization and which continue to sway people of European origiroun toward a more individualistic perspective.

The reason McAfee is ignorant is because academe has been dismissing socio-biological explanations for cultural variations for decades. To understand this better, I spoke with Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, a giant in academic discourse about race, intelligence and personality.

‘Political correctness is the root of the explanation of this problem,’ Lynn tells me. ‘People differ genetically and if you say, for example, that some people are more intelligent than others, this is going to hurt the feelings of the less intelligent. This is the reason there is such resistance to accepting the truth.’

Not wanting to hurt any ‘feelies’ has not just caused academic institutions to provide their students safe-spaces filled with posters of puppies, sheltering them from the real world; they’ve been safe-spacing us all from the facts! For example, it is now vogue to deny the existence of different races (not just genders), and to dismiss IQ as our best determiner of future success. In fact, it is a career-killer to discuss genes as determining almost anything, except for homosexuality of course. But, I don’t want to live in a John McAfee bubble, I want the facts. What makes Europeans different?

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