Jon Stewart on Trump: Progressive Hypocrisy and the Hostile Elite’s Plan for America

Jon Stewart (or, as  Donald Trump called him, Jonathan Leibowitz), former host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, in a recent interview while promoting his new book Oral History, tried his best to smooth over what he sees as a real setback in the recent election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency.

In doing so, however, he revealed the operational long-term objective of America’s elite and how it has completely rewritten the White Anglo-Saxon founding and history of America into the New Multi-cultural, Multi-ethnic Imperative.  This is notable because it is rare when a prominent member of America’s cultural elite such as Stewart so blatantly exposes its real agenda.

For those who want a succinct analysis, I’ll provide it below.  For those with the stomach to watch the short CBS interview, here it is:

Now for the rundown.


This fight [to fundamentally transform America] has never been easy…One of the things that struck me as odd about this election…nobody asked Donald Trump what makes America great.

The obvious answer to Stewart is post-1950s mass immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity.

What many would say is, what makes us great is America is an anomaly in the world…There are a lot of people — and I think [Trump’s] candidacy has animated that thought — that a multi-ethnic democracy, a multicultural democracy, is impossible. And that is what America, by its Founding and Constitution, is.

That last sentence is a truly breathtaking revision of U.S. history, to put it lightly.  America was founded as a White Anglo Saxon Protestant republic and there is no evidence whatsoever that a single one of its Founders believed in Stewart’s novel idea of universal democratic racial and LGBT equality. In fact, from the first immigration law of 1790 (which restricted citizenship to free Whites) until the 1965 immigration law ended national origins provisions, America was dedicated to remaining European and biased toward the traditional sources of immigration in northwest Europe.  And who can forget Sen. Ted Kennedy’s assurances that the 1965 immigration law would not change the ethnic balance of the nation.

The idea that America was designed by its founders so that the founding population would be displaced by non-White immigrants is ludicrous. Stewart is taking the post-1960s counter-cultural revolution and placing it back to the founding of the country. And it goes without saying that the founders had views on race that would not predispose them to multiculturalism.


I would rather have this conversation openly and honestly than in dog whistles. Somebody was saying, ”There might be an anti-Semite that’s working in the White House.”

Of course the last thing that Stewart and his fellow progressives, who want all views they disagree with to be illegal and prosecutable, are seeking is an open and honest debate.  They lose every time, for their cause is the complete cultural Marxist revolt against nature:

America is not natural.  Natural is tribal. We’re fighting against thousands of years of human behavior and history to create something that no one’s ever [done]. That’s what’s exceptional about America.  This ain’t easy, it’s an incredible thing.

Contrary to what Stewart claims, though, America’s founding was natural.  It’s Stewart’s cultural Marxism that is the aberration — a contemporary utopian dream of ethnic harmony and bliss whose proponents ignore the crime, the terrorism, the misogyny, the no-go zones throughout Europe, and the increasing White flight from diversity throughout the West.  And if this “thing” is so wonderful, why won’t Stewart use his fame, wealth, and influence to promote it to Israelis?  The fact that Stewart won’t even consider trying to pitch this endless “treasure” to Israelis speaks volumes.  Indeed, the fact that the question is now regarded as anti-Semitic per se (mostly to shut off debate and prevent American and European gentiles from seeing the double standard) speaks volumes as well.

It should also be noted that this perverse version of American exceptionalism outlined by Stewart is anything but exceptional.  White Germans have to be ethnically replaced in Germany because of the Holocaust.  White Britons have to be replaced in Britain because of colonialism and insufficient diversity.  White Swedes have to be replaced, according to Barbara Lerner Spectre, because Sweden (for some vague reason) won’t survive without their replacement.  It’s an odd definition of “diversity:” one where all non-Jews become uniformly brown.

Before the short and revealing interview ends, Stewart denounces his elite progressive friends who, while railing against prejudice and stereotyping, reduce all Trump supporters to a mass of dumb, myopic bigots.  Unfortunately, this brief and rare bright spot for Stewart does little to redeem him.  Being blind to his own many double standards leaves him on shaky ground in criticizing others for the same shortcoming.

Happy New Year!

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