Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi: Ideological Father of the EU

This article describes a mixed-race political figure, basically a professional activist, who projected a benevolent exterior, yet brought destruction in his wake.  Count Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi is today an obscure political figure, though in his time he was kind of a minor celebrity, and began the concept leading to the European Union.

His father descended from Byzantine nobility, and also with ancestry from lineages all over Europe.  This citizen of the world was a diplomat and married a Japanese woman whose parents were quite displeased, throwing her out of the family.  Richard was born in 1894, the second of seven children.  In his infancy, they moved from Tokyo to a small town near the present-day Czech-German border.

When Richard was twenty years old, his father died, leaving him wealth of which the vast majority can only dream and freeing him to pursue his hobby full-time.  Much like Karl Marx, Richard wrote a lot but never had a real job in his life.  The major difference was that he was a scion of landed gentry, while Marx was basically a bum plotting worldwide revolution while swilling beer at London pubs.

Implementing meddlesome aspirations is all about having connections

Original flag of the International Paneuropean Union

Richard’s cause was globalism.  In 1923, he founded the International Pan-European Union, which he would head until his death.   Its flag was oddly similar to the Japanese imperial flag. This was the outfit that first got the ball rolling, beginning the ideological impetus eventually leading to the leviathan of the European Union.

His inherited wealth and privileged status allowed him to associate with many world leaders, enjoying access unknown to their own common citizens.  He even tried to hit up Mussolini for support, but Il Duce didn’t buy it.  Richard also associated with ultra-wealthy, anti-nationalist bankers who took quite an interest, such as Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild and Max Warburg.  The latter donated heavily to his early efforts and served as a liaison to Wall Street whiz kid Bernard Baruch.

On a side note, this must run in the family.  Max was the brother of Paul M. Warburg, considered the father of the Federal Reserve.  Paul’s son was James Warbug, who was FDR’s financial adviser, a Council on Foreign Relations member, and a proponent of the Morgenthau Plan.  He even had the supreme audacity to tell the Senate:

We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

Richard had some interesting ideas for how the world should work, such as making English the global official language.  Further, he wanted to collapse all the world’s countries into just five:   the USSR, East Asia dominated by Japan and China, the British Empire, the United States of Europe (including the rest of Africa), and the Pan-American Union (all of North and South America, basically NAFTA on steroids).  At least it’s two more superstates than in Orwell’s 1984, though it’s not clear why he didn’t go full monte like John Lennon imagining no nations.

This great patriot of Europe had some even more interesting aspirations.  From his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism) came the concept now commonly called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.  There’s a good bit of snobby babble about nobility; just what you’d expect from an elitist like this.  The book is full of revealing quotes, but I’ll keep it brief, providing my translation:

Destroying diversity in the name of diversity

Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen und Kasten werden der zunehmen-den Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen. Die eurasisch-negroide Zukunftsrasse, äußerlich der altägyptischen ähnlich, wird die Vielfalt der Völker durch eine Vielfalt der Persönlichkeiten ersetzen.

The man of the far future will be mixed race. Today’s races and castes will fall victim to the increasing overcoming of space, time, and prejudice.  The Eurasian-Negroid future race, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

After that, so the argument goes, races won’t exist but their spirit will live on, and everybody will be really, really diverse, which is a good thing because, as we all know, diversity is our greatest strength.  As for the world’s rich cultural tapestry, it would be reduced to least common denominator items, such as television, hamburgers, and shopping.

Destroying distinct cultures and genetic uniqueness, and replacing them with atomized, deracinated individuals — for some odd reason, that sounds rather like the agenda today’s social engineers have in mind.  Back in 1925, before the influence of Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, and Trofim Lysenko had gotten very far with spreading the “race is only a social construct” meme, that was a pretty bold proposal.

In fact, Richard might have been tarred and feathered back then if his wealth, connections, and celebrity status didn’t make him untouchable.  That may have gone over with high society airheads, but it didn’t fly with real people.  Today, of course, only the very brave dare to speak against any of these ideas in public.

He went further yet to describe how wonderful the future would be after the multicultural pressure cooker turned everyone into monocultural mush.  Still, Richard was dead wrong about this being inevitable.  Countries that want to protect themselves from mass migration are quite able to do so. For just one example, China is still Chinese after thousands of years, and Israel is determined to remain a Jewish state.

Richard’s fevered dream is possible only if a country opens its borders to everyone, oblivious of how they’ll fit in (or not) with the native population, and with even less concern for the will of the people already living there — in other words, exactly the situation throughout the West.  Finally, if a pan-gaeic melting pot is supposedly inevitable and good, why is there so much propaganda trying to make people believe this?  Why rush it?  Now that’s an evocative question.

Finally, he was wrong about the ancient Egyptians.  They were not a mishmash but a distinct people, part of the Semitic family of nations, thus related to the Arabians, Babylonians, Israelites, Phoenicians, and so forth.  It’s a minor quibble, but distorting history to suit an agenda is rather disingenuous.

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that this man without racial identity wanted to soothe his feelings of rootlessness by trying to remake the world in his image.  And in thinking about who should be in charge of the Brave New World Order, he naturally chose another group that did not identify with the peoples and cultures of Europe.

You Know Who

Der Kampf zwischen Kapitalismus und Kommunismus um das Erbe des besiegten Blutadels ist ein Bruderkrieg des siegreichen Hirnadels, ein Kampf zwischen individualistischem und sozialistischem, egoistischem und altruistischem, heidnischem und christlichem Geist. Der Generalstab beider Parteien rekrutiert sich aus der geistigen Führerrasse Europas: dem Judentum.

The struggle between capitalism and Communism about the inheritance of the defeated hereditary nobility is a brother’s war of the victorious intellectual nobility, a struggle between individualistic and socialistic, egoistic and altruistic, heathenry and Christian spirit.  The general staff of both parties recruits itself from the spiritual leader-race of Europe:  Jews.

Today, one must be careful about talking that way in German-speaking countries!  Basically, Richard said that capitalism versus Communism was a Jewish family quarrel.  (If so, it’s been quite a proxy war for the rest of us!)  In any event, describing capitalism versus Communism as a good cop/bad cop strategy might be taking it too far, but there were (and are) some pretty prominent figures on both sides.  As you may have guessed, he wasn’t too unhappy that the “spiritual leader-race of Europe” was manning the general staff.

Richard dishes out yet more lavish praise, including describing the murderous Leon Trotsky as the pinnacle of modern politics (!!).  Then it gets more interesting yet:

Nicht: das Judentum ist der neue Adel; sondern: das Judentum ist der Schoß, aus dem ein neuer, geistiger Adel Europas hervorgeht; der Kern, um den sich ein neuer, geistiger Adel gruppiert. Eine geistig-urbane Herrenrasse ist in Bildung: Idealisten, geistvoll und feinnervig, gerecht und überzeugungstreu, tapfer wie der Feudaladel in seinen besten Tagen, die Tod und Verfolgung, Haß und Verachtung freudig auf sich nehmen, um die Menschheit sittlicher, geistiger, glücklicher zu machen.

It’s not that Jews are the new nobility; rather, Jews are the womb from which emerges a new, spiritual nobility of Europe; the kernel from which a new spiritual nobility gathers.  A spiritual-urban master race is being educated:  idealistic, spirited, and sensitive; brave as the feudal nobility in their best days; joyfully taking death and persecution, hate and contempt in order to make humanity more ethical, spiritual, and happy.

That’s quite heart-warming.  But there’s more:

Als Volk erlebt das Judentum den ewigen Kampf der Quantität gegen die Qualität, minderwertiger Gruppen gegen höherrvertige Individuen, minderwertiger Majoritäten gegen höherwertige Minoritäten.

As a people, Jews experience the eternal struggle of quantity against quality; inferior groups against superior individuals; inferior majorities against superior minorities.

How’s that for laying it on thick?  As a non-Jewish Eurasian, he includes himself in the “inferior” category. In any case, this particular hobbyhorse of Richard’s might explain why the Eurocrat regime turned out the way it did.

What was he thinking?

What are we to make of that, along with the document’s frequent Führerrasse and Herrenrasse blather, as well as the rhetoric about wiping out distinct nations?  This means that Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, like Hitler, believed in a master race which, although labeled a “spiritual master race,” must be considered to be something more than that given the ethnic reality of Judaism. Actually, Hitler did have some pointed words about the Pan-European movement.  For example, his little-known Zweites Buch has a scorching criticism of the pacifism and warm, fuzzy internationalism, in which the former German chancellor calls Richard the “bastard of all the world.”

Like his father, this rootless cosmopolitan had a complicated thought process about the Jewish community:  first disliking them, then coming to embrace them.  In Richard’s case, two Jewish wives (the first and third) apparently made the difference.

It’s not about all Jews

Lest there be misunderstanding, most in the Jewish community don’t have the inclination or the power to promote this destruction.  The organized Jewish community and individual wealthy and powerful Jews have played a significant role in opposing European nationalism and in promoting displacement-level immigration into Western countries, but the common people among them are not at fault.  Some Jews, in fact, are horrified by the madness.  Much better relations between our respective communities would be very desirable.  Restoring good will can’t be just a one way street, though.  Handling these problems within their community would be an ideal solution, if that could come about.

Ultimately, this isn’t really about Jews versus non-Jewish people of European descent, but rather unaccountable globalist elites versus the public.  Those to blame (be they of any background) are would-be social engineers scheming to impose their will on the public, corrupt politicians selling out their countries, and overreaching plutocrats.  Those types would be well-advised that their hubris does not win hearts and minds.

In summary

A nation’s first duty is to protect its citizens.  If you’ve noticed all the riots and chaos, and wonder why the EU doesn’t stop the flow of “refugees” and immigrants incompatible with their native populations — and send the ones already there back to where they came from — it’s because the Eurocrats have other priorities.  The dysfunctional system is working as designed.  The politicians don’t serve the people, but rather their ultra-wealthy globalist cronies.  This is exactly what Richard, the grandfather of all this, wanted.  If Hell exists, he’s smirking about it even while enduring the tortures of the damned.

In 1950, for his efforts which eventually led to today’s Eurocrat regime, Richard himself was the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize.  He shares this dubious distinction with Bill Clinton in 2000, and Angela Merkel (bless her heart) in 2008.  It’s a strange world where there’s a medal for treachery.

Beau Albrecht blogs at Return of Kings.

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