Caste Masculinity: Sports and the War on White Manhood

The Greek orator and statesman Pericles has given us the following aphorism. “We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all.” This has been reduced many times in the wider vernacular, especially as, “While you may not have an interest in politics, politics has an interest in you.”

Regardless of how the principle is stated, it is obviously true. It is also certainly true for sports as much as for politics. There are certain elements on the dissident right that believe sports are merely a diversion that should be shunned, especially as a mass spectator event (except for Nascar and other implicitly-White sports). Others believe that there is something in the European soul that craves mock-combat that relies on a mixture of skill, aggression, and heart — activities like wrestling that celebrate and hone the martial virtues.

A people cannot pin their entire hopes on feats of athletic prowess (victory must be claimed inside and outside of the ring), but symbols are important and are certainly being used by our enemies to wage ceaseless cultural war against us. A recent egregious example was HBO’s promo of a Cinco de Mayo showdown between Mexican boxing phenom Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Julio Caesar Chavez Jr., in which the two fighters race toward each other, smashing a wall en route to their faceoff in Las Vegas. The ad is an obvious and-none-too-subtle dig at the border wall proposed by Donald Trump, and a variation on the progressive non-sequitur that the only way to enjoy other cultures is to obliterate the rule-of-law in America. Only this time instead of being lectured that we must forgo our vital interests in having plentiful Mexican cuisine, the message sent by HBO and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions is that we can’t watch a boxing match between two Mexican nationals without ceding our sovereignty in exchange for the night of entertainment.

Sports media, of course, is like the rest of the media complex: rife with Jews highly antagonistic toward White America and its prerogatives. Richard Schaefer may no longer be with Golden Boy, and while the Golden Boy himself, former world champion Oscar De La Hoya, may have even bragged about beating one of the biggest Jews to come out of Harvard, he still knows how to play the Shabbos goy game and must know that his “wall” ad warms the cockles of the hearts of all the right people.

A look at any “Power Fifty” or “Power One-Hundred” list should serve as ample confirmation of how deeply-rooted the Jewish nepotistic network runs in sports, from agents to chairmen, to important stakes in ownership (although even Jewish owners can be defenestrated if they say the wrong thing). Before he made a personal crusade to destroy the life and career of Mel Gibson, Ari Emanuel, son of Irgun-terrorist and brother of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, also left his mark on the sports world. Hockey has often been lampooned by Black comedians for its inherent Whiteness, but the commissioner isn’t White. Neither are David Levy, David Stern, Mark Lazarus, or Eric Shanks, who took Jamie Horowitz’s vacant spot at the Fox Sports empire. Other powerful Jewish players include Robert Kraft and Adam Silver.

Racially-conscious White sports enthusiasts do exist, however, and while not all of them acknowledge Jewish influence, they are at least curious and intelligent enough to wonder why values totally at odds with theirs are being constantly promoted in sports media, and why White athletes are seemingly frozen out of some positions in sports.

Caste Football is a website “that looks at the racial dynamics of football and of sports in general,” asserting “We have no sacred cows we worship, no taboo subjects we won’t discuss.” The anti-White biases (and sometimes outright animus) are so palpable that it’s surprising there aren’t more sites like Caste Football (Whites are heavily underrepresented in football and Blacks heavily overrepresented). It’s the sporting equivalent of Lee Kwan Yew’s oft-quoted statement about how people vote in multicultural societies. In a de facto White society where the majority isn’t under demographic threat, such explicit racial consciousness and pride aren’t necessary. In any other kind of society, they’re so inevitable that even some Black commentators forgo the Sharpton-esque histrionics and admit the obvious:

I certainly also understand the sense of pride that (white) New England Patriots halfback Danny Woodhead generated with his breakout game against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football. Likewise, I understand why (white) New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker fosters the same feeling. I’m sure that Woodhead and Welker are inspirations to every young (white) football player who is being conditioned to believe that certain positions at the major-college or NFL level are beyond his capabilities. (Deron Snyder, “Caste Football Takes Up the Cause of White Athletes,” The Root, Accessed 2 August 2017)

If Whites can’t take pride in the accomplishments of their fellow Europeans and are asked instead to only admire the accomplishments of men who at best have contempt for them and at worst seek to annihilate them culturally and demographically (certainly the subtext of HBO’s “Wall” ad), then the only other sane and healthy option is to exercise the dollar veto and stop watching games.

Someone has noticed that this is in fact happening in football — that there may be a direct correlation between the sanctimonious virtue signaling of Colin Kaepernick (who makes a point of taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem) and a decline in viewership among Whites, especially White males. For those who find professional sports to be a corrosive influence on Whites (especially Blacker sports like football, and the even more so NBA), the numbers are heartening: “Younger generations of Whites don’t seem as enthralled by the mostly-black league. Only 20 percent of NFL fans are in the 18–34 age bracket. That number slips to 9 percent for viewers 17 and younger” (Bradley).

If Whites are stampeding away from the NFL and still searching for alternative sports to watch, that begs the question: where are the young Whites going, and what (and who) are they watching? If Caste Football provides any kind of bellwether (and I think it does), it appears that a White boxing fandom long in dormancy has awakened from its hibernation. A significant cohort of young White males is finding itself drawn to boxing. At last count, discussion of boxing on the forums of Caste Football eclipsed Mixed Martial Arts at 1,364 to 795. There were roughly 34,000 messages about boxing as compared to approximately 10,500 for MMA.

What accounts for this uptick in White interest in boxing? In large part, the newfound love for the sport is apparently driven by the emergence of several bona fide stars from Central and Eastern Europe. Someone posting on Caste Football as Charles Martel (not a bad man to admire) started a thread about the Ukrainian superstar boxer and multi-division champion Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko. Lomachenko is a two-time Olympic gold medalist who has broken one world record and equaled another. Many consider him to be not only the best pound-for-pound boxer on the planet, but the greatest amateur fighter of all-time (his pedigree is demonstrated by an amateur record of 395 wins and 1 loss, with his only loss twice avenged).

Hi-Tech credits his phenomenal skillset to the dedicated tutelage of his father and to his time spent studying Ukrainian traditional folk dance (touring with national troops and companies), which has given him an edge in footwork that tends to confuse his opponents with balletic adjustments that recall prime Willy Pep.

Other Europeans celebrated on the Caste Football site include heavyweight force Alexander Povetkin (seen here with Russian president Vladimir Putin), a practicing Rodnovery (a Slavic neo-Pagan faith). White men don’t come much less “cucked” (as the kids say), which makes them so easy to like for the young American White males who follow their careers with interest (there are more than 50,000 views for the Povetkin thread). This is also probably what makes the powers-that-be nervous and eager to see boxing’s White share of the market relegated to a niche (both in terms of fans and regarding actual in-ring competitors). The current lineal heavyweight champion is a White man who has spoken publicly about the degeneration of morals and the death of loyalty, and he places the blame squarely on a deleterious Jewish influence. Dissident right vlogger Ramzpaul even made a video about Tyson Fury’s Christianity, incurring the wrath of the English Jewish community

If you can name a bugbear of our current hostile elite, from Christianity to pro-nationalist sentiment to “toxic” masculinity (any masculinity displayed by White males is probably toxic for large swaths of the left), so many of the Europeans bursting onto the scene serve as living repudiations of the prog’s ideal White male athlete, a deracinated, literally emasculated creature like “Caitlyn” Jenner. Vasyl Lomachenko is only the best of the Ukrainian crop, but watch footage of Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Sergiy Derevianchenko, or Oleksandr Usyk and it becomes clear that these men (many times adorned with crucifixes or religious iconography before or after fights) serve as living instantiations of everything that the left Blackguards. It also reminds us that the progressive and neoconservative obsession with Russia and the Crimea is as much about a fear of cultural purity as it is about territorial or economic imperatives.

While the most critical and vicious elements of the left see the roots of fascism in the family, Vasily Lomachenko carries his father’s face literally inscribed in his skin. This is to honor the man who schooled him not only in how to use his fists, but imparted a deeper knowledge of his people’s folkways. This schooling has allowed him to dance circles around White children who have been indoctrinated by progressives to worship non-Whites as their athletic superiors and the beau ideal/paragon of all the higher virtues. Someone like Vasyl Lomachenko is a powerful symbol and maybe also something more than mere inspiration, a force that could transcend sport. Before the reader dismisses that as hyperbole, pause to consider who is mayor of Kiev, Ukraine.

There’s an anecdote told about when Muhammad Ali went to fight Joe Frazier in his rubber match in the Philippines and was greeted by President Ferdinand Marcos. As Marcos shook Ali’s hands and the crowd roared (for the American boxer), Marcos gave Ali a bracing smile and remarked, “You know, if you were Filipino, I would have had to kill you by now.” Another boxer is also currently serving as senator in the Philippines.

The line between symbolic and greater victories is permeable, and one can lead to the other. For those who believe sports are only a way for Whites to live vicariously through the on-field antics of loathsome criminals, I can only caution you to widen your view globally (preferably eastward) and recognize that if this helps some young White men stop playing videogames and get some of their balls back (to paraphrase the pithy Mark Steyn), we should recognize this is as a good thing.

The Jewish investment in the emasculation of the White athlete and lionization of the Black is obvious, and is underpinned by fears and loathing that are age-old, but tend to crop up predictably when a White man is pitted against a Black man in combat and there happen to be Jews watching the proceedings in the wings. Watching Roc Nation’s President Michael Yormark’s repeated and unhinged attacks on light-heavyweight boxer Sergey Kovalev in the run-up to the Russian’s fight with Black American champ Andre Ward, one can’t help but sense the fear mixed with animus. It’s hard not to get the sense that Yormark perceives the Black man as his personal Golem sent to defend the Jew from the pogrom-prone Russian, treated in the run-up to the Kovalev-Ward showdown in a comical, nigh-on Ivan Drago-esque manner.

This hostility of Jews toward Whites via Black proxies has its apotheosis in what is undoubtedly the most important athletic event of the twentieth century, the rematch between Joe “the Brown Bomber” Louis and Max “Der Schwarzer Uhlan” Schmeling. Recently revisiting HBO’s documentary on the fight, Joe Louis: America’s Hero Betrayed, it’s clear  Ross Greenberg, Joe Lavine, Rick Bernstein, and Ouisie Shapiro put a lot of effort into a project whose goal, at heart, is fostering White guilt and Black moral and physical superiority. The filmmakers interview Rabbi Joshua Haberman who makes it clear that he viewed Joe Louis as a symbol of American values and Max Schmeling as Hitler’s personal Aryan flunky. A Jew named Paul Schulder is a bit more candid when he admits that most of his neighborhood in Brooklyn was Jewish and they wanted to see Louis “kick the shit out of” Schmeling. That Max Schmeling was no fan of Hitler and even had a Jewish manager counts for nothing with these people being interviewed or with the makers of the film. Nor does it matter that Max Schmeling quietly helped Joe Louis out financially later in his life, or that Hitler had in fact given Schmeling the most dangerous of assignments — as a paratrooper. His mission was so perilous that after parachuting near Heraklion, Crete, Schmeling was reported dead for a time. For the Jews who made the documentary about Joe Louis and for the Jews interviewed about the fight, Schmeling was a German soldier and therefore a Nazi.

The basic facts about Max Schmeling are easy enough to find. What has been retconned, however, and is probably known only by a small corpus of fight historians, is that Max Schmeling probably should have made his own bit of history in becoming the first man to lose and then regain the world heavyweight boxing title. He had defeated Joe Louis after being installed as a fifteen-to-one underdog and getting laughed at in the run-up to the fight. He was thus in line for a shot at James “Cinderella Man” Braddock. The powers-that-be, however, specifically Mike Jacobs, did not like the idea of Hitler’s supposed prized pugilist being considered the strongest man on the planet when he was perceived as a Nazi. Schmeling, after proving his mettle and his intelligence with repeated upset victories, was denied his crack at Braddock, who was instead offered a piece of all of Joe Louis’s future earnings in return for ducking der Schwarzer Uhlan.

And so it goes. And it continues to this day.

In the run-up to the mega-fight (at least in terms of the revenue it will generate) between boxing’s Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the “Notorious” Connor McGregor of MMA fame, Showtime Sports’ Stephen Espinoza entered McGregor’s crosshairs during a press junket. The Irishman accused Espinoza of cutting his microphone off during a speech and twice called the head of Showtime Sports a “f*cking weasel.” This shifting of attention from a fellow combatant to the proverbial man behind the curtain was not so much a faux pas as a rare and brilliant casting of light into the dark corners where agents and the media prefer to collect a portion of the proceeds generated by the fighters, without risking their own skin. My investigative efforts have revealed that Espinoza is “Mexican,” though “Espinoza” may be a variation on the very Sephardic Jewish Spinoza.

McGregor’s gambit has paid off, according to sports journalist Thomas Hauser, who notes in a Ring Magazine feature that, “One day after the promotional tour ended, a Google search for ‘weasel’ with the accompanying word ‘Espinoza’ yielded 147,000 results.” A recent check of Espinoza’s Wikipedia page reports that “Stephen Espinoza is the fookin (sic) weasel of Showtime Sports.” This virtual monkeywrenching on the crowdsourced site has been reversed, but it’s probably as accurate a summation as whatever boilerplate was previously on the Wikipedia page. Espinoza claims McGregor isn’t getting under his skin, but considering “that Showtime took the step of providing Espinoza with extra personal security when the media tour reached London,” the most parsimonious assumption must be that for Espinoza and other Jewish media figures, the Black golem can’t slay this White Irish interloper soon enough.

Jews should be careful who they use to do their dirty work, however. Even Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s monster can develop a mind of his own, as we saw in last election’s political cycle, and as Black athletes of past generations have proven. Max Schmeling is not the only athlete to be subjected to a patchy retroactive continuity job, after all. The powers-that-be did quite a number on the Black nationalist manqué Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Clay) whose actions and statements are totally at-odds with the sanitized version of him we were spoon-fed by Ali’s handlers and sycophants long after the boxer’s last lucid moments were drowned in a fog of pugilistic dementia.

Ali made himself quite clear before he was permanently damaged by a lifetime of sustaining blows from his era’s heaviest hitters. He advocated for the separation of the races and thought it was perfectly legitimate for Whites to express their objections to miscegenation, which he regarded as against God and nature.

At one point in his career when Ali was contacted by Maurice Rabb of the Louisville chapter of the NAACP and asked to donate money, Rabb reported that Ali “‘sneered at the fact that a Jew is the National President of the NAACP’” (Roberts 107). Ali was steeped in the mythology and ethos of the Nation of Islam, which, while rife with pseudoscientific lunacy, at least teaches baseline values such as abstention from drugs and alcohol, as well sexual restraint and pride in one’s race. This puts it far above the current progressive dispensation.

Elijah Muhammad (then the head of the NOI) followed the changing of the guard in the heavyweight division from the civil rights Negro Floyd Patterson to the darker, mafia-managed Charles “Sonny” Liston with only slight interest, but when finally pressed for his official opinion of the sport confessed that “boxing…was just another avenue for the exploitation of Black youths by white, mostly Jewish men” (21).

Looking at photos of Jewish promoters like Cedric Kushner or Bob Arum, it is hard to dispute Elijah Muhammad’s assertion (even though I also agree with John Derbyshire that the Black Muslims are mostly a gangster cult).

Still, if a Black man whose formal education ended in the third grade could figure out the “exploitation” was occurring at the hands of “white, mostly Jewish men,” others will inevitably draw similar conclusions about who is manipulating whom. This enlightenment is apt to occur regardless of who is controlling the official discourse via megaphone (or microphone) at Showtime, ESPN, HBO, or anywhere else in the sports-media complex. And the day the Black pawns start to understand that Jewish isn’t White (a day that is perhaps already dawning), certain Jews may find that the golem has grown beyond their control.


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