From Christian humanitarian and Royal Naval officer to venomous anti-White Terrorist: The Transformation of the Social Justice Warrior

It goes without saying, the odiously ignoble troupe of societal misfits turned Marxist activists, commonly referred to as Social Justice Warriors (SJW), care naught about redressing the balance of an unfair world.

If SJWs genuinely empathized with the impoverished working and impecunious lower classes, whose wages have been catastrophically depressed by decades of unfettered and unskilled mass immigration into Western Europe and the United States, they’d rush to defend the British electorate’s  decision to vacate the European Union as well as support America’s departure from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

If feminists were sincerely interested in defending women’s rights, they’d take to the streets of Rotherham and Malmö to pledge solidarity with the thousands of pre-teen and teenaged girls victimized by Islamic grooming gangs currently wreaking havoc on Northern Europe, instead of aligning themselves with the cultures that have been become synonymous with the sexual abuse of young women.

If Progressives genuinely cared about children and families, they’d fight to reunite embattled fathers with their estranged children, unfairly separated by a grievously unjust family court system that is hell-bent on eliminating the father figure from the home. Instead they no-platform brave filmmakers like Cassie Jaye for daring to suggest that men too have rights that need protecting, children need their fathers and challenging the hateful ethos of modern feminism.

But the Left have never been about doing right by their fellow man, fighting against genuine injustice or for a better world. The Left by nature are about destroying all that is righteous and decent through subversion and revolution. They thrive by sowing the seeds of societal discord, in the hope the disaffected they reach with their toxic message will eventually take up arms in their name in order to facilitate the transfer of power and lust for blood and societal carnage they crave.

Instead of helping those in genuine need the Neo-Marxist Left, and its instrument of terror — the Social Justice Warrior — exploit the misery and tragedy their policies result in to suck more lost souls into their demonic movement. In fact it’s often the people they’ve harmed most with their maddening activism that become their base and eventually their most fervid proponents.

Muslims and leftists make strange bedfellows

In Western Europe this has been achieved by attacking the indigenous majority through the empowerment of the unassimilable economic migrant and black and Hispanic minorities, whom they then recruit to block highways and attack statues.


But things weren’t always so….

Social activism prior to the rise of the intolerant left

The behaviors and odious belief systems infecting today’s SJW lie in stark contrast to the behaviors exhibited and ideals embraced by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century justice and equality activists.

Domestically, humanitarians from centuries past — the vast majority of whom were White Anglo Saxon and Protestant — battled the injustices of child labor that arose as a direct result of mass industrialization and the shift from agrarian to manufacturing based economies. They did so by setting up homes for exploited British children and orphanages to protect young people from the industries exploiting them.

Others worked to see that women trafficked into cities to service workers were given equal protection under the law, and that brothels that spread debilitating sexually transmitted infections and exploited desperately destitute women were closed and women were encouraged to quit the sex industry and join reform institutions.

Evangelicals preferred to select their own candidates for admission more directly and often recruited prostitutes through street work, midnight meetings or brothel visiting. The London Female Mission to the Fallen employed eight missionaries, each of whom was responsible for a particular area of London: one missionary was solely responsible for the bridges of London. Late night meetings were held in towns and cities across England….Ellice Hopkins and her supporters were critical of midnight meetings, because the prostitutes who attended were generally drunk or disagreeable, so they went (missionaries) went straight to the brothels during the daytime to recruit.”1

Activists operating during the Edwardian and Victorian periods also campaigned to see slavery abolished globally. After relentless parliamentary lobbying from both Christian and secular abolitionists, and within a year of Westminster passing the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in 1807, Britain’s Royal Navy took to the high seas separating the New and Old Worlds to eradicate the Transatlantic Slave trade, establishing the West Africa Squadron.

The Squadron was tasked with suppressing the Transatlantic Slave Trade along the coast of West Africa, where it targeted predominantly French and Spanish ships. Even Portugal, Britain’s longest standing ally, was not afforded immunity.

The endeavor commenced with just two small frigates which were vastly outmanned and overpowered by the slave ships they chased, however by the 1840’s the West Africa Squadron employed almost one quarter of the Royal Navy’s fleet and was a formidable force. By 1860, the West Africa Squadron had successfully captured 1,600 slave ships and freed nearly 200,000 Africans — something omitted from the anti-English orthodox historiography British children are force-fed.

Details of British sailors chasing slave ships across the Atlantic and freeing those on board have emerged in a 200-year-old log book from a British slave-hunter. The fascinating journal was kept by Henry Downe, the Commanding Officer of HMS Black Joke, a Brazillian slave ship, that was captured by the British Navy and turned into a slave-hunter.

One entry in Downe’s log describes how the Baltimore Clipper turned slave-hunter pursued a Spanish slave ship, the El Almirante, across the high seas for 31 hours in early 1829 before the seizing the vessel and freeing several hundred slaves.

Despite being half its size and having but two cannons compared to the enemy’s fourteen, the British Navy vanquished the Spanish brig in under an hour and a half.


Actual page in Commanding Officer Henry Downe’s log

Although Western Europe’s involvement in the slave trade ended well before the turn of the nineteenth century, to this day slavery and human trafficking is alive and well in Africa, the Mideast, across Central and South America, and Asia, and can sadly still be found in parts of Eastern Europe.

Israel, the ethnic homeland of many of those at the forefront of the SJW movement terrorizing the wider Western world has a particularly booming slave industry. Tens of thousands of Eastern European women are held against their will in the Jewish ethnostate, lured into the country with promises of modeling and dance contracts, only to be forced into prostitution. According to a study conducted by the Australian Walk Free Foundation Israel scores worse than many Mid East and North African nations including Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt.

Britain’s Christian missionaries, despite of the lies the Left incessantly peddle about the Christian heart and soul, also spent much of their efforts championing the rights of women, both at home and abroad.

Unlike today’s SJWs who invent non-existent misogynistic micro-aggressions to combat any opposition, the nineteenth-century social justice activist defended women against the sorts of barbaric practices and religious laws our SJWs demand we import into our midst today. Were they alive today these nineteenth-century justice advocates would not be campaigning to import the barbaric Islamic practice of Female Genital Mutilation into Britain, but fighting to see it banished from the face of the earth, as they did the vile Hindu practice of Sati in India.

While today’s Black Lives Matter activists incinerate the inner city while inciting racial hatred against White Americans, nineteenth-century justice advocates would have entrenched themselves in the Black community, actively trying to change the culture and behaviors responsible for the violence.

The nineteenth-century social justice activist would not have deliberately ignored the fact that 93 per cent of Black victims of homicides are killed by other Blacks. They would have jumped on that statistic and done their best to change it.

And of those activists fighting for a better world, a large percentage were women. Pious, Protestant Christian women who’d dedicated their lives — often times risking all for the wellbeing of others and the betterment of society — were at the forefront of the nineteenth-century social advocacy movement.

Unlike today’s SJWs who require safe spaces to feel secure, nineteenth-century social justice activists faced genuine danger. I’m not talking about a Starbucks coffee served a few degrees too hot or a trigger-attack from knowing Richard Spencer is somewhere in their city. These women travelled to deepest, darkest Africa where the risk of being raped and killed was immense.

They worked tirelessly in the slums of Liverpool and Manchester where life-threatening tuberculosis, consumption and Irish Fever were rife. Places where there were no safe spaces, stuffed animals, Playdoh, therapeutic puppies or counsellors on hand to mollycoddle them. Apart from the brave men they fought alongside to hold their hands when things got rough, these women were completely on their own.

One such missionary, who sacrificed the convenience of her upper class upbringing to better the lives of others, was founding member of the British Society for Promoting Female Education in China, India and the East, Mary Ann Aldersey.

In 1844, less than three years after the British-Chinese Nanjing Treaty, which granted British Protestant missionaries access to the Chinese mainland, Aldersey travelled on a steamship from Britain to the Orient to found the very first girls’ school in China.2

And she was not alone. During the nineteenth century thousands of female missionaries dedicated their lives to helping others, at home and abroad. In fact, female missionaries vastly outnumbered their male counterparts by the turn of the twentieth century. In Britain, hospitals, shelters and poor houses were run by churches and their predominantly female volunteers and were often funded by aristocrats.

Another major difference between today’s SJW and the nineteenth-century social justice activist was the latter’s belief in the cultural and moral superiority of classical Western culture, Great Britain and Christianity.

British Anglican missionaries believed that only through British leadership and Anglicanism could Africans be saved. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries thousands of missionaries, travelled to Africa to build schools, develop irrigation systems and construct hospitals and orphanages, all for the benefit of British subjects. Although modern nationalist sensibilities instruct us that their efforts were misguided, perhaps even in vain, the fact remains Christian activists did a world of selfless good in Africa without remuneration of any kind.

And, in spite of the lies spewed by Left wing academics, the legacy of those early British Protestant missionaries has proven extraordinarily beneficial for the natives.

“One of the major agents of social transformation in much of Africa was Christianity, which in many ways has been a force for good socially, by curbing such evil practices as killing twins, and rescuing those thrown into the evil forest. They [Christian missionaries] also contributed to provision of quality healthcare, building hospitals, advocating for justice and equality, reconciling peoples, and preaching peace and mutual coexistence in the light of the Gospel message of love. Most importantly, they are involved in education, building schools and other institutions of learning. …The Christian missionaries adopted A. The provision of medical services B. The redemption and rehabilitation of slaves, social outcasts and the helpless C. Education in literary and vocational training.”3

It should come as no surprise that this passage was taken from a book extolling the virtues of Anglican missionaries, penned by Black Nigerian academics, and not anti-White Western liberals.

Anglican missionaries, who were granted land by local tribal councils and colonial decree, used the properties allotted to them, not to exploit resources to ship back to Britain, but to build clinics and schools where local tribal children were educated. The native population, who accepted the Christian ideals of the British missionaries and subsequently sent their children to the schools, tended to become educated as preachers and teachers. Societies that embraced Christianity and welcomed the missionaries into their communities tended to be more progressive (genuinely progressive), had access to Western medicine, clean water and ultimately lived longer lives. That South African Blacks continue to live decades longer than Blacks in any other nation with a majority Bantu population can be attributed to centuries of White rule.

Conversely, communities that choose to adopt Marxist or left-wing values regress back to the African norm, as can be seen in places like Johannesburg, Detroit, Baltimore and South London.

Detroit’s once glorious Mark Twain Public Library.

Another striking difference, illustrated by the photo atop this article, is the obvious physical contrariety between today’s SJWs and activists from centuries past. While Marxism has historically attracted society’s very worst to its cause, missionary work attracted its very best. Demure English women of high moral standard have been replaced with painfully unattractive societal misfits — the obese, degenerates and outcasts. Pious Christian family people have been replaced by genderless sexual deviants, and the educated upper-class WASP with Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

Note the photo of Karl Marx on the beta male’s nightstand

Whether misguided in their actions or not, nineteenth-century social justice activists were undeniably driven by an altruism that’s innate to the European spirit, while contemporary SJWs are driven by malice — a hatred born in the souls of the people corrupted by Talmudism and behind Bolshevism. An ideology that’s slowly but surely crept its way into each and every last one of our institutions and into the hearts and minds of millions of people inhabiting Western lands.

The nineteenth century social justice activist’s ambition was a product of their belief in God, love for their fellow man and the lessons they learned in their church. Today’s SJW conversely, hates all that is decent and righteous, and shoots up churches.­­

Jack Sen graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Colonial History, and is the cofounder of Resistance Radio (


1.     Paula Bartley, Prostitution: Prevention and Reform in England, 1860-1914 (London, Routledge Publishing, 1999 ), p.35.

2.     E. Aldersey White, A Woman Pioneer in China: The Life of Mary Ann Aldersey, (London, The Livingstone Press, 1932).

3.     Cyril Orji & Joseph Ogbonnaya, Christianity and Culture Collision: Particularities and Trends from a Global South (Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016), p.101.

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  1. m
    m says:

    What drove the Christian missionary? Was it, as Sen writes, ” a product of their belief in God, love for their fellow man and the lessons they learned in their church”? OK. But let’s break down this film a little more. What lessons did they “learn in church?

    The Christian notion is that each person has an immortal soul, created by God; one that can be “saved” from eternal damnation (however that word’s meaning is taken) if the actor accepts Jesus as savior. It’s a pretty simple thing, and easy to work out. Not like the Vedic and Far Eastern stuff, which requires some actual hard work, discipline, and tough-it-out commitment.

    The implicit understanding here is that each immortal soul is similar, if not the same, for every person, regardless of racial or ethnic origin. Once you accept this as a metaphysical principle, all manner of equalitarian social theory can be argued. And has.

    Traditionally, there was always the recognition that the metaphysical plane was fundamentally different than the temporal. Because of this, early Christianity posited a return to paradise in the “afterlife” (again, however that word is taken). Thus, there was no strict moral imperative to “remake” the world as a Heaven on Earth.

    Alternately, Jewish sentiment has always wanted to create “the new Jerusalem” here on Earth, in local time, to be run by rabbis.

    It seems that this is now a Christian missionary ideal, also. At least in its immediate and practical manifestation. Christians have become Jews in their missionary quest to “do good.” However, it is not enough for them to “save” the heathen. Now, the heathen must be brought into the Christian’s house…to be fed, clothed, given work (or not), and educated (or not).

    Today’s SJW is simply an aberration of all this, coupled with very muddy and superficial thinking, a general social anomie, plus a lot of youthful anger. They are a mass of emotion, obviously having hatred as the key motivator. And they’ve been at the Jewish controlled universities. I doubt many of them have really thought it through… the fact that they are now acting as the stormtroopers of the Jewish-Liberal establishment is the irony of it all.

    If they took the time to think it through, and follow the plan to its logical consequences, the SJW White male would immediately commit suicide, leaving a note of apology to all non-Whites. White SJW women, for their part, would immediately offer up their bodies and wombs for the pleasure of all non-White males, as an act of absolution. Obviously women, as usual, have it easier, and are more likely to follow the plan. It is why Joan Baez was willing to have sex with Martin L. King, but her fellow male White folk and rock singers just sang about racism and discrimination…although they possibly felt some guilt cashing their royalty checks. It’s hard to say.

    • T
      T says:

      M posted…

      If they took the time to think it through, and follow the plan to its logical consequences, the SJW White male would immediately commit suicide, leaving a note of apology to all non-Whites. White SJW women, for their part, would immediately offer up their bodies and wombs for the pleasure of all non-White males, as an act of absolution.

      They’ve been conditioned to see no other alternative but self destruction regarding past perceived errors, ie colonization, chattel slavery, etc, and have internalized or embraced this conditioning. Of course, the healthy response to a sense of having committed wrong is to stop committing the error and to do ones best to repair the harm done, all while continuing to live on. It’s certainly not to destroy one’s self or one’s people. While the male sjw isn’t committing personal suicide (yet!) they are in a sense doing it in a slow roundabout way by attacking physically and otherwise their own people as a group. As for the female sjw ‘offering up their bodies and wombs’ we have the example of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother.

  2. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Why are Whites the only demographic that does not DEMAND that all criticism of them is silenced and only flattering lies are told about them like blacks, jews and homosexuals do with their LIES and MYTHS?

  3. John Horton
    John Horton says:

    The Third World invasion of the West is all based on envy. The beggars from the Third World do not want to improve their own countries but would rather beg in Western countries. It is statistically impossible for the West which is 10% of the world population to babysit the 90% of the population located in the Third World by moving the Third World population to Europe and North America.

    Kick the dirty illegals and other foreigners out of Europe and North America because they stink especially if they are on welfare. 99% of fake refugees placed in the USA are Muslim because the United Nations High Commission for Refugees is 80% staffed by Muslims and the Commission is a propaganda and Muslim population invasion agency of the Islamic Caliphate. In other words, it’s a deceptive racket or con-job.

    Bibliography (mostly books) on illegal immigration, “Islamic immigration jihad / hegira,” fake refugees and the Islamic Invasion Army conquest of Europe and North America:

    [All 40+ links deleted]


    (Mod. Note: “John”, a link or two is OK to append to a comment. A huge list of dozens is not OK. Don’t do that.)

  4. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read an article by Jack Sen. He cuts through the chaff, delivering truths.

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    You may have noticed that the European Commission triggered Article 7 against Poland [
    ] because the Poles would not import
    illegal immigrants from the Third World. This is ethnic fouling, which leads to population replacement or genocide.
    The UN Convention [ ] defines it in Article II:
    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group:
    by inter alia
    deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    There is a case here for the International Criminal Court [ which according to the Wiki is:
    an…… international tribunal that sits in The Hague in the Netherlands. The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.
    This makes Jean-Claude Juncker a prime candidate for prosecution. It is not far from Brussels to The Hague.

    • Lucy
      Lucy says:

      @Mike. Sad to say, but behind Poland’s rhetoric against Muslim immigration is something else than the world-wide spread fantasy about the politrucks of Poland respecting the will of the people. The vassal state of Poland simply has been designed another task within the globalist agenda than, say, Sweden or Germany. I started suspecting this as Poland’s authorities in their “dialogue” with the comrades in the European Union on the subject of taking in freeloaders from MENA, refrained from bringing up the fact that Poland already has been enriched by 2,5 million people from Ukraine. As Ukrainians are white and have nothing against working to support themselves, this mass immigration naturally doesn’t count. One actually needs to follow Poland’s truly alternative media (although a droplet in the ocean) in order to realise that Poland is not a democracy. The anti-NATO activist, Mateusz Piskorski is still in prison; he was arrested in May 2016 for “spying”;;…/zmiana-leader-mateusz-piskorski-will-soon-face-kafkaes…

      By the way, Mrs Beata Szydlo was recently replaced with Mr Mateusz Morawiecki, an ex banker:; › World News › Europe.

      • T
        T says:

        @ Lucy…I tend to agree with you about certain countries and peoples being assigned often unwitting roles in these things. I’ve sometimes wondered about Japan and the apparent nationalism they are allowed to have for the time being, ie not tolerating mass immigration into their country. I think that is allowed for now as my guess is Japan, the ‘Britain of the Pacific’, as a client state of the US/UK bloc are going to be in the front line in the coming planned WWIII. With Russia, China, and N Korea, all close by there may well be a period of conventional fighting involved, and it would be useful that the Japanese still have some fighting spirit left in them as a people. This conventional fighting may not last long as it could all quickly go nucleur. Of course, after its all said and done and Japan has likely experienced huge losses, they will be solemnly lectured that their ‘strident nationalism’ has done this to them, and that to atone they must accept this thing called ‘mass immigration’ into their country.

        It might be a similar thing with Poland and the other east European states as what I’ve described is possibly going on with Japan. Poland and the other east European countries are on the front line with Russia and Turkey. For the moment the EU may be going a bit easy on some of those countries regarding their ‘quota of immigrants’ so that they’ll have some fighting spirit when the time comes that they may be needed to fight.

        As for Poland being ‘enriched’ by the 2.5 million Ukranians and their being white, I do wonder if the Polish people, as a matter of principle, were asked first about it? The reason I ask that is it seems that the same strategy is being used in Europe as has been done in the US, the latter being the model for the world. They start off with peoples that are close and similar, such as the German ‘immigrants’ were to the Anglo-Saxon in the US and build from there (by diktat) until finally you end up with their goal as the London Times once gently put of a people that is ‘more mixed’, ‘more docile’, and ‘which submits to a master’. And that’s something no people should have to experience.

        • Lucy
          Lucy says:

          Dear T. Thanks for your kind comment.

          The Polish people were, of course, not informed about the mass immigration from Ukraine. Furthermore, the authorities and the media keep stating that only a few hundred thousands Ukrainians live in Poland, even though so many more work white, i.e. have a permit to work (1,3 million), not to mention those who work without any kind of permit.

          As you nowadays in Poland everywhere run into all those people speaking what in Polish ears sounds as a Russian dialect, Poles are forced to realise that the real number of Ukrainians is much bigger than the politrucks continue to claim.
          Even though the Ukrainians are white and rather easy to communicate with, as the language is not very distant, anyway when it comes to uncomplicated matters, the mass immigration definitely is negative for Poles for two obvious reasons.
          Firstly, a company that employs a foreigner gets a tax cut of 25 %; secondly many Ukrainians come from so poor circumstances that they are eager to work for half of the already very low Polish wages. This means that it is nowadays even harder for Poles to find a job – and out of the question to get a job for all those Poles who would like to return home from UK or Germany, where they perform unqualified jobs. Since I’ve retired three years ago, I often visit Poland and I find find it difficult to register any change do the better for ordinary people. Despite my new homeland since 1974, Sweden, is crowded with illiterats from MENA (at least one million) and Poland has only 28000, I have discarded my plans to return to Poland, simply because the authorities in Poland hold the rule of law in a lower esteem than their Swedish comrads do. The significant difference between the two countries is that Sweden still has less corruption than Poland. What I mean is that both countries are thoroughly corrupt when it comes to the top, but Sweden still has a considerable number of honest people (native Swedes) on the lower levels in the society. In Poland you hardly can find many such in the RC church. But I might soon feel forced to reconsider the matter once again, as Sweden has not stopped its rapid replacing of native Swedes with “enrichers”.

          • T
            T says:

            Posted by Lucy…the mass immigration definitely is negative for Poles for two obvious reasons.
            Firstly, a company that employs a foreigner gets a tax cut of 25 %; secondly many Ukrainians come from so poor circumstances that they are eager to work for half of the already very low Polish wages. This means that it is nowadays even harder for Poles to find a job…

            I’m sorry to hear that’s the case, Lucy. Divide and conquer, divide and rule, seems to be the strategy, with Poland and most everywhere else besides.

      • dziad polski
        dziad polski says:

        “realise that Poland is not a democracy”. Please, stop that nonsense, for one it is off topic and two Poland is no less democratic than Russia, Sweden or USA. Your personal frustrations are beyond the scope of this forum as you have full choice of reformed churches in Poland as well where gay marriages are NOT conducted unlike the affluent Sweden

  6. JRM
    JRM says:

    A good and worthwhile article, which contains much truth.

    This, however: “Whether misguided in their actions or not, nineteenth-century social justice activists were undeniably driven by an altruism that’s innate to the European spirit, while contemporary SJWs are driven by malice…”

    Although the focus of the article is on Europe and Africa, permit me to sound a slightly dissenting note focused on America.

    To simplify: the Northern “Puritan” hated the Southern “Cavalier” with a true hatred. The Southerners distrusted the Northerners. I believe a good deal of the “Emancipation” movement was fuelled, not by altruism or Biblical righteousness, but rather by envy and hatred.

    The Northern Emancipation advocate- the more fanatical undoubtedly – were motivated by almost all the same hatreds the modern SJW harbors: anger at “privilege”, jealousy of wealth, fury at commercial success, the focus of “love” on an idealized victim class as a cover for an attack on fellow White people.

    The only point I really want to make is that – even in the Nineteenth Century – there were sometimes questionable motives in the hearts of “reformers”. I am not familiar enough with the subtle social dynamics of the Emancipation Movement in Britain to qualifiedly opine about it- I’d like to know if that movement had more idealism than envy.

    p.s. I’m not defending slavery, btw. I regret that institution ever being established in North America.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      I regret that institution ever being established in North America.

      You mean the Internal Revenue Service [a (((Puerto Rican Corporation)))]?

      Or do you mean the socialist “public school” monopoly?

      Or do you mean the (((Federal Reserve System)))?

      (Mod. Note: T.J., did you forget the echo parentheses around the “public school” monopoly? Shame on you.)

      • T. J.
        T. J. says:

        Everything is under (((their))) control to-day.

        But the public schools were not jewish in origin. They were actually copied from the Prussian system. A latter day pusher of these “schools” wrote the Pledge of Allegiance-Francis Bellamy. A Christian Socialist, saying “the schools are our church.”

    • T
      T says:

      Posted by JRM…

      The Northern Emancipation advocate- the more fanatical undoubtedly – were motivated by almost all the same hatreds the modern SJW harbors…

      The Radical Republicans of the US Civil War era would have fit right in with many of today’s sjw’s. Massachusetts was a major power center of these largely Anglo-Saxon ‘Radicals’. It was not coincidentally also historically a primary center of Puritanism, the slave trade in British North America, and reflective of that long dysfunctional relationship that has existed between the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish people, a primary power center of the Jewish people as well, all intertwined. So you had people that were used to not only owning slaves themselves, but of merchandising them as well. As the descendants of these slaves will often freely tell you themselves, they are quite different from those Anglo-Saxon and Jewish ancestried that brought them in. So you had persons who were quite used to owning slaves and merchandising these very different from their own people, all this being done within the context of most of the population not owning slaves, or dealing them, and having to suffer grievously with this practice, quite correctly historically referred to as ‘a scourge upon humanity’. So when chattel slavery and its trade was monetized in the latter 18th and early 19th century with the cheap labor/mass immigration system we have today, the very economic basis of the ideology of multiculturalism, people being creatures of habit continued just as they had before in the northeast where the cheap labor system was first introduced. The former would be slave owners continued to prey upon defeated and broken peoples, often quite different from themselves, now rather than them being African (though in time that would come) as before, they might initially be Irish or French Quebec. The former would be slave dealers too would continue on as before, ie with a callous disregard towards their fellow man. As the British Empire and the US slowly but surely moved towards the complete adoption of the cheap labor/mass immigration system the slave dealers seamlessly moved in with their old slave ships to transport the now paying wage slaves (yes, they quite literally did at times simply use the former slavers). Just as with chattel slavery the wage slavery system retained its genocidal effects on both those preyed upon as a source and those by diktat whom are on the receiving end. And just as before with chattel slavery, the largely Anglo-Saxon population of the US would experience the genocidal effects of this wage slavery scourge, now much accelerated, and fail to separate themselves from these slavery addicted elites and hangers on. At first because the country was largely agricultural with family owned farms, and little industry, this wasn’t felt so much at first. However, even before industrialisation of the 1820’s and 1830’s took effect, this process of the physical displacement of the Anglo-Saxon general public and work force was taking place with the wage slavery system.

      As described below regarding the construction of the Erie Canal the local Anglo-Saxon work force was quickly displaced by imported Irish.

      The first diggers were [Anglo-Saxon] Americans…By 1818 Irishmen arrived to work on the canal and soon became the majority element in the workforce.

      The construction of the great Erie Canal began on July 4, 1817.

      The first diggers were Americans, hut it soon became apparent that the enormous project could not be accomplished with local farmers and farm workers who also needed to tend their fields.

      By 1818 Irishmen arrived to work on the canal and soon became the majority element in the workforce. They remained so for the next seven years of construction until the longest canal in the world (363 miles) was completed in the fall of 1825.

      Going on past the US Civil War which was quite literally the result of the clash between the chattel and wage slavery systems of the US south and north respectively, I’ll mention here something I read just recently. It involved the Borden family of Fall River, Massachusetts, ie the same family of the infamous Lizzie Borden. This family in 1893 was in today’s dollars worth multi-millions and was quite well off. A little over a hundred years or so before this Anglo-Saxon family would of been the same type or sort to either own chattel slaves or be involved with the slave trade, possibly both, in callous disregard to their own Anglo-Saxon people and the African slave’s people as well. Whether or not the Borden family owned slaves in the 18th century they were continuing the tradition of all too many of their class with just the little bit I read. The family had an Irish ‘immigrant’ maid, and a worker who briefly stopped by their house, was also an ‘immigrant’ from Portugal who worked IIRC in a textile plant that the Borden family had investments in.

      Not coincidentally regarding this slave history Mass has been historically the center of US liberalism. Just as when in the past they would ostentatiously at times ‘dote’ upon their chattel slaves with the occasional small gift, not caring enough about the slaves nor their own to free them or stop the practice mind you, they still dote upon their wage slave immigrants with no regard for the other whom they exploit or their own. Now though instead of using their own funds for these gifts they use your money instead. And of course just as with their chattel slaves, they ‘care’ about their wage slave immigrants to the extent they can systematically steal the value of their labor. Which all explains the cynical development of the ‘sanctuary city’ and now entire state with California, to attract as many wage slaves as possible to those places.

      Getting back to Massachusetts this largely Puritan colony was the initial home of Stanley Ann Dunham’s family on her father’s side in the 17th century. Ann Dunham is Barack Obama’s mother of course. The family in time would move to Indiana, and then Kansas in the 1800’s, where Ann was born. Kansas was it will be recalled the preliminary to the US Civil War in the latter 1850’s where advocates of wage and chattel slavery from the US north and south respectively would fight it out. Whether Ann Dunham’s northern family was a part of that I don’t know, but if they were it would certainly fit the pattern. Ann Dunham would then go on to be raised in liberal Washington state, bearing in mind those Puritan minded (now often liberal minded) of the northeast tended to go straight west when they migrated and very often ended up in the northwest. Ann Dunham then went to college in Hawaii, met a certain person from Africa, and the rest is history.

      Lastly, I came across a website linked below regarding chattel slavery in the north. The creator of the site couldn’t understand why so few knew chattel slavery had existed in the US north, and not just the south. Indeed at the start of the US Civil War in 1861 there were legally owned chattel slaves in the north, ie New Jersey. I’ll submit a reason as to why this historical denial exist, particularly in regards to New England as to the existance of chattel slavery in the north. I think they could deal with elements among them having owned slaves and that all too many of these slave owners were slave dealers as well, if that was it, if that was all. Hey, mistakes happen even with the best of people. But that’s just it, that was not all there was to it, as I think that despite their denial that deep in their hearts they realize that chattel slavery and its trade was simply monetized with the wage slavery system (ie ‘cheap labor’ so called) and that they still are heavily involved in this genocidal and destructive business. Chattel slavery was abolished, but slavery itself continues on stronger and more virulent than ever in the much more efficient and profitable wage slavery system with its required perpetual ‘mass immigration.’ It certainly bothers them a great deal that people once hearing that the north had chattel slaves might notice what appeared roughly coinciding with its fading away, the a historical phenomena known as ‘mass immigration’. And that a person could then connect the dots and realize that ‘the immigrant’ in the multi-cultural society, whether unskilled or not and while working below what would be the prevailing local cost of the labor without the said ‘immigration’, indeed the whole point of the ‘immigrant’ being imported in, performs exactly the same role and function that the chattel slave did, whether unskilled or skilled. What’s worse though, if they were not in denial about it, they would have to look into their own hearts, and that apparently terrifies them. Rather than do the healthy thing and face it squarely, and deal with it head on, correcting past errors as best as possible, and decide to live on, apparently they instead to choose to hate themselves while simultaneously projecting this hatred upon others, and commit a type of suicide. It’s bad enough they do that but the sjw types, like the person who commits a murder suicide, wants to take others with them. Is that what Ann Dunham did, having internalized this self destructive behaviour, though her own family (like most) may well not have engaged in any way in the chattel or wage slave systems, when she willfully chose to get impregnated as she did in and give birth to Barack Obama?

      When the minutemen marched off to face the redcoats at Lexington [Mass] in 1775, the wives, boys and old men they left behind in Framingham took up axes, clubs, and pitchforks and barred themselves in their homes because of a widespread, and widely credited, rumor that the local slaves planned to rise up and massacre the white inhabitants while the militia was away.[2]

      In Connecticut in the 1950s, when I was growing up, the only slavery discussed in my history textbook was southern; New Englanders had marched south to end slavery. It was in Rhode Island, where I lived after 1964, that I first stumbled across an obscure reference to local slavery, but almost no one I asked knew anything about it…

  7. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Take note as White Lands circle the bowl and are destroyed by illegal invasions of third world crud that you never run in to a Homeless or Poor Impoverished Jew.

  8. Clare
    Clare says:

    This is a very in-depth, newsworthy article. It is also ideal as a refresher course in English History which many of today’s schoolkids would benefit from. This online publication, the Occidental Observer, is an excellent source for true facts and these same schoolkids would do well to subscribe. This is the subject matter that our liberal teachers would shy away from teaching. It does not fit in with their agenda and they are hardly likely to give any credit to those ‘racist’ missionaries. It also sheds light on the valiant actions of our Navy who actually raided French, Spanish and Portuguese ships and removed the African slaves and returned them to their own countries. Guess British Colonial power was not as bad as the Left makes out.
    The author makes excellent use of reference to illustrate his point and it is written in a lively journalistic style.

    • Stan Burns
      Stan Burns says:

      What legal right did the Judeo-Norman English have to raid French and Spanish ships on the high seas?

      During the same century, what right did the Judeo-Norman English have to send a fleet to “open up Japan” by shelling her cities? And was this an act of a people who were full of “love” and “compassion” and “humanitarianism”?

    • Sawtelle
      Sawtelle says:

      France abolished slavery long before England did. So the English navy could not possibly have attacked French slave ships in the 1830s because there were no French slave ships in the 1830s.

      Americans should never forget that for the entire colonial period of 155 years the English brought African slaves to America

      America abolished the importation of slaves in 1808 when England was still bring African slaves to its Caribbean colonies.

      England, Netherlands and Portugal, not France and Spain were the biggest European slave traders.

      England’s belated 1830s campaign against the African slave trade, 300 after the English began to participate in it is nothing to brag about.

      I wonder what the real motivation behind the English anti slavery crusade was?

  9. T
    T says:

    Orwell’s 1984 was quite reflective in many ways of his personal experience in Marxists circles. The description he provides of Winston’s co-worker at the Ministry of Truth is all too accurate of today’s ‘social justice warrior’, whether that person be man or woman.

    ‘…one of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom, more even than on the Thought Police, the stability of the Party depended.’

    Parsons was Winston’s fellow-employee at the Ministry of Truth. He was a fattish but active man of paralysing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms — one of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom, more even than on the Thought Police, the stability of the Party depended. At thirty-five he had just been unwillingly evicted from the Youth League, and before graduating into the Youth League he had managed to stay on in the Spies for a year beyond the statutory age. At the Ministry he was employed in some subordinate post for which intelligence was not required, but on the other hand he was a leading figure on the Sports Committee and all the other committees engaged in organizing community hikes, spontaneous demonstrations, savings campaigns, and voluntary activities generally. He would inform you with quiet pride, between whiffs of his pipe, that he had put in an appearance at the Community Centre every evening for the past four years. An overpowering smell of sweat, a sort of unconscious testimony to the strenuousness of his life, followed him about wherever he went, and even remained behind him after he had gone.

  10. Muintir na hÉireann
    Muintir na hÉireann says:

    “Whether misguided in their actions or not, nineteenth-century social justice activists were undeniably driven by an altruism that’s innate to the European spirit.” I think that’s now the problem. Perhaps we need to go back to a more feudal time? I think that’s the way it’s going, with micro states and regionalism.

  11. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Anti-whites enjoy pointing the finger of blame for slavery on white folks.

    Fact is it was only white folks that fought wars to end slavery for other groups.
    The English Navy and the American civil war even though some tell us slavery was on the way out in the South.

    Jews owned many slave ships to name a couple.
    Name of ship, Abigail-owner Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
    Name of ship-Four Sisters, owner Moses Levy.

    If it wasn’t for white folks African blacks still would be selling black slaves to be put on Jewish owned slave ships.

    But don’t worry for your tomb stone will long decay before Hollywood shows a movie showing a Jewish owner of a slave Ship.

    Anti whites will continuously point the finger of blame at White Folks, but never look at the sins of others or give credit for the good whites have done for the world, like being the major force to help end slavery for other groups.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      “…the American civil war even though some tell us slavery was on the way out in the South. ”
      This statement is misleading, and, dare I say, contributes to the the anti-White narrative.
      First, there was no “civil war”. It was a war of cessation. The confederacy wanted no control over the Union, rather to be rid of it.
      Second, the statement lends credence to the lie that the cause of the war was slavery. It wasn’t, it was about tariffs. The excuse for the war was states’ rights, which fed into the right to own slaves. The fact that relatively few Southerners owned slaves, and that proportionately, the number of Black slave owners were at similar rates as Whites.
      Third, completely missing in the entire narrative of slavery is that the first Blacks came as indentured servants just as many Whites did, and were freed at the end of their indenture and given land. It was freed Black slave owner, Anthony Johnson, who sued to decide the length of indenture which was normally 7 years, and won. Two of his three slaves were White, and therefore, two of the first three “slaves for life” were White.

      I include the above every opportunity I get. If it makes only 1 in 100 SJW stop and think, then some good may come of it.

      • Jesse
        Jesse says:

        Excellent post Curmudgeon!
        I find myself agreeing with your post.

        Personally I see the civil war more as a revolutionary war, similar to the American Revolutionary War for independence instead of a civil war.
        An argument can be made the South wanted to be independent.

        Leaving the so called civil war out of the question, I hope we can all agree white folks morality did a lot to help end slavery of all groups.
        Perhaps not end slavery for it is going on today but at least slow it down.

      • Jed Clampett
        Jed Clampett says:

        Excellent reminder. Keep up the fight. The way you feel about the civil war resembles the way I feel about race and ethnicity, in that I think that the most basic facts are misunderstood. All the issues we have with Muslims, blacks, Latinos, gays, feminists, etc. are the result of a Jewish elite using identity politics as a tool to undermine white Christian hegemony, or what remains of it. Time after time you will find some right-winger throwing a tantrum about some outrageous statement or article by a black, a Muslim, or a Mexican, only to find that the article was published by a Jewish-owned publication. And some of the most savagely anti-white rhetoric comes from Jews or whites writing for Jewish publications like Slate or Buzzfeed. Because Jews are scary, beta whites will attack Muslims, blacks, or white surrogates while ignoring the Jews who pay their salaries and require them to take a hostile stance toward white society. This is cowardly. Better to remain silent than to blame the lackeys and role-players.

      • aqoperel-9241
        aqoperel-9241 says:

        secession, not cessation – I think.
        Otherwise, agreed.
        btw if you’ve the source for Johnson and his two White slaves please post as I want to brandish it when circumstances merit.

        • Sawtelle
          Sawtelle says:

          Antoine Johnson colony of Virginia 1654 lawsuit brought against Antoine Johnson by his black indentured servant. The 7 years indenture was finished. Johnson informed the servant that he couldn’t leave and find another employer.

          It went to court. An English Judge appointed by the English government ruled in favor of Johnson and bingo!!!!

          All the indentured servants in Virginia became slaves.

          How in the world Clare can boast about the 1830’s English anti slavery crusade is impossible to understand

          And by the way Clare, English war ships attacking merchant ships is not valiant at all. It’s just plain piracy.

  12. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    I wonder how long it will be before viewing TOO is deemed to fall within the ambit of Amber Rudd’s anti-terrorism internet laws.

  13. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Not to impugn the integrity or sincerity of Sen’s article, but comparing rotten apples to later rotten apples seems rather banal. In reality, the White self abnegating Negrophiles of the Wilberforce Era were essentially very base, two faced hypocrites. Their supposed “concern” about Negro slavery stood strangely (and pathologically) at odds with their utter disregard for the contemporary Royal Navy press ganging of their own people. And, that is to say nothing about the widespread, abusive exploitation of the British White working class at the time. Right there, under their snobbish, conceited noses. Talk about phony White virtue signaling!

    Their sociopathic “concern” about far off Negroes was clearly at odds with their lack of efforts, or “concern” in helping to prevent the oppression and starvation of the (White) Irish, or the evil exploitation of White child labor during the contemporary industrialization period in Britain. The early Abolitionist S.J.W. crowd may not have been as outwardly repulsive as the current S.J.W. freak show, but, sorry to say, they had the same warped, self-destructive mind set.

    • aqoperel-9241
      aqoperel-9241 says:

      Excellent comment.

      Here is a modern day SJW… perhaps?

      ““We spend 135 dollars for every person who shows up here, compared to one dollar for every person that we help in their own region. Those staying home are often much weaker than the ones who have the resources to get to Europe,” Paul Collier explained at the conference, that was arranged by the Danish Social Democracy Party.”

      I assume this is the December 2017 speech referenced, unfortunately I can’t confirm the presence of the statement quoted as I fell asleep after a while:

      Working and living in agreeable buildings and with agreeable, intelligent but statistically unrepresentative people of different races seems to have blunted the professor’s racial… realism.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      The author’s view of the Nineteenth Century edifice of belief and faith of the Christian Religion is rather skewed. This is the same Christianity that RATIONALIZED so much sociopathy and Inhumanity. Child labor, the mandatory 12 hour, 6 day work week, the complete objectification of the laboring class-treating them as less than working animals on a farm. The extravagance and opulence of the Nouveau Riche in contrast to the those who barely slept, toiled in filthy, dangerous conditions were in stark contrast to the lofty sentiments of Christianity, i.e., universality of brotherhood (keeper), Christ’s supposed teachings, “That of God in every Man”, etc, etc, etc. Add on to the catastrophic effects of the empowerment due to the new concentration of wealth and power-destructive power. The Carrier Pidgeon was made extinct, the Buffalo almost followed, by shooting animals for “sport”, leaving large amounts of carcasses to rot.

      It must also be noted that many “theologians” worked out that the “Red Man” had no soul, in order to slaughter them outright like wild game. I will not entertain or tolerate any nonsense that Indians were more savage than Whites.
      The early Spanish Padres in the missions of Texas throughout the Southwest to California had no problem with interpreting canon law and Catheter Churnsh doctrine to allow enslavement of the native Indians. After all, without belief in Cheeses, they were bound for Perdition, anyway; might as well get some work out of them.

      If I am correct, the Chewish Slave Ships were owned and operated by Chews who lived primarily in Europe and England. How did that happen when such virtuousness and the milk of human kindness were the hallmarks of that Victorian and Edwardian era? Huh?

      Here’s a brief whiff of Nineteenth Centurion missionary and humanitarian work:

      The Butcher of Congo: King Leopold II of Belgium.

      “King Leopold II of Belgium was responsible for the deaths and mutilation of 10 million Congolese Africans during the late 1800’s. The spoils of modern day Belgium owes much to the people of the Congo River Basin.
      In a testament to the hideous brutality of the European colonial era and imperialism in its finest form, during the 1880s, when Europe was busy dividing up the continent of Africa like a vast chocolate cake, King Leopold II of Belgium laid personal claim to the largely uncharted Congo Free State. The 905,000 square miles (76 times larger than Belgium) of African rainforest held a vast fortune in rubber plantations, a commodity in high demand in late 19th century industrial Europe.

      In 1876, Leopold formed the philanthropic organisation “Association Internationale Africaine“ (International African Association) and became its single shareholder. Under the guise of missionary work and westernisation of African peoples, Leopold II used the International African Association to further his ambitions of empire building in the hope if bringing international prestige to relatively small Belgium. In reality, the International African Association was a vehicle to enslave the people of the Congo River Basin and enrich Leopold II.”

      Wuz Leapbold Catholick or Protest-ant? Does it matter? Why do we allow standards and core beliefs to slip, deteriorate and decline? If Christi-inanity were what is touted, it would be timeless, incorruptible, and its CORE, SALIENT, and SEMINAL beliefs inviolable and constant. Evangelicals, e.g., Southern Baptists were cucked out by the salacious and patently manipulative sexual allegations against Roy Moore, ONE OF THEIR OWN KIND. Spurned him.

      On the other hand, Buddhism founded by Siddhartha Gotama 500 years B.C., and with 300 million adherents today, has never had colonization, human enslavement, proselytizing done in its name with its imprimatur explicit or implicit. Buddhism is an inward journey, not a marketing and merchandising compendium of external exigencies, rewards and punishments. Christianity is primitive and base by comparison, in my humble opinion.

      Under 19th Century Catholicism and Protestantism, the Chewish Colossus metastasized:

      THE question to ask is: “What would Western Civilization have been WITHOUT Christianity? And how would the Western Indo-European fared, right up to the present?

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          @Karen T: Would you consider expanding on that, Karen T? Are you able to, at this time? Acceptance of what? Reality, direct evidence, verifiable observation? Supernatural constructs? Manipulated history by a sociopathic (((Elite Amoral Blood Suckers)))?

          “Radio London reminds you, go to the Church of your choice”.

          >>The Buddha replied: “He who deserves punishment must be punished, and he who is worthy of favor must be favored. Yet at the same time he teaches to do no injury to any living being but to be full of love and kindness. These injunctions are not contradictory, for whosoever must be punished for the crimes which he has committed, suffers his injury not through the ill-will of the judge but on account of his evildoing. His own acts have brought upon him the injury that the executer of the law inflicts. When a magistrate punishes, let him not harbor hatred in his breast, yet a murderer, when put to death, should consider that this is the fruit of his own act. As soon as he will understand that the punishment will purify his soul, he will no longer lament his fate but rejoice at it.”

          The Blessed One continued: “The Tathagata teaches that all warfare in which man tries to slay his brother is lamentable, but he does not teach that those who go to war in a righteous cause after having exhausted all means to preserve the peace are blameworthy. He must be blamed who is the cause of war. The Tathagata teaches a complete surrender of self, but he does not teach a surrender of anything to those powers that are evil, be they men or gods or the elements of nature. Struggle must be, for all life is a struggle of some kind. But he that struggles should look to it lest he struggle in the interest of self against truth and righteousness. – Buddha, The Gospel 52

          >>Enlightenment for Gautama [the Buddha] felt as though a prison which had confined him for thousands of lifetimes had broken open. Ignorance had been the jailkeeper. Because of ignorance, his mind had been obscured, just like the moon and stars hidden by the storm clouds. Clouded by endless waves of deluded thoughts, the mind had falsely divided reality into subject and object, self and others, existence and non-existence, birth and death, and from these discriminations arose wrong views—the prisons of feelings, craving, grasping, and becoming. The suffering of birth, old age, sickness, and death only made the prison walls thicker. The only thing to do was to seize the jailkeeper and see his true face. The jailkeeper was ignorance. . . . Once the jailkeeper was gone, the jail would disappear and never be rebuilt again.
          Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddha’s Enlightenment

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          @ T. J.-I believe that, had this been so, some fusion and exchange between East and West would have occurred, to benefit the Occident.

      • Karl Nemmersdorf
        Karl Nemmersdorf says:

        “It must also be noted that many “theologians” worked out that the “Red Man” had no soul, in order to slaughter them outright like wild game.”

        Could you name a theologian who decided the Indians had no souls? And your assertion that the theologians did this so that they, the theologians could “slaughter” them is absurd. Presumably your pronoun has another antecedent. When the Spaniards first encountered the Red Men the Catholic theologians debated whether the Indians were humans with souls (which is arguably, understandable), and soon decided they were. And the Church forbade their enslavement, an injunction unfortunately ignored by the rough Conquistadors.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          @Karl Nemmesdorf

          Throughout the course, coarse, curse, and curves of Human History there has perpetually existed a desire to avoid, deny, suppress (internally and externally) the acknowledgement and operation of ideas and actions that do not conform to a prescribed, desired, or idealized view or set of values. This is due to personal investment, dependency on the institution and its core beliefs, upon which the individual(s) rely. In others words: weak mindedness.

          To use a travel analogy, postulate the traveler who relies on road signs and a paved, linear surface to orient himself at once and to a future point. Having no other inputs of information, explicit or intuitive, he is lost without these external guides “telling him what to do”. Outside of these, there is nothing, perceived by him as actual and/or imaginary. The Inductive Thinking person, confident internally, can be dropped into an unknown territory, evaluate objectively what are assets and liabilities, threats and aids. He can develop new clues, guides, and useful elements to be used in navigation and salvation.

          Despite All the institutional churches being at the Shabbos executors of Chewish destructive actions, the insecure schizoid maintains his unwavering faith in a system of rules, beliefs, that are literally killing him. Conceive of the the fool who adopts a baby alligator or python as a baby, and one day finds out he is chomping on his leg or squeezing the life out of his infant. This is unjustified continued faith and expectancy, known generally as ignorance but further refined into denial, volitional blindness, and magical thinking. So widespread is the breakdown of intellect and reason, that it is not fallacious to place such institutions in the “hostile, belligerent, and morbid/mortal harm classification. (It is well known that ALL major religions take US Government money to resettle (secretly) illegal aliens throughs the Jewessay in various communities-which many times are not aware of this transgression and implantation). These are not renegades, but are rationalized as mainline actions derived from Christian “principles and teachings”, very often attributed to Jeez-us? himself. “Christ would have done “this and that”. “Our Christian faith commands us to….” (kill our own race). “Look at all those Baby Jesuses”-Nancy Pelosi.

          I could post here links for 40 days and 40 nights of contemporary Christian leaders issuing death warrants for you and me, but the Moderator would be displeased, as he has indicated.

          World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space

          Cathedral marks Epiphany with Koran reading

          Though they are officially “non-profit” organizations, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and several other Christian organizations are profiting from lucrative contracts with the federal government to resettle refugees in the United States.

          “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel,” the Pope told journalists who asked his opinion on Trump’s proposals to halt illegal immigration.

          I could go on and on, but I get nauseous and my blood pressure climbs inexorably. But this is prelude to your assertion that the Chattelic Churnsh did not sanction-explicitly or implicitly, specifically slavery, the involuntary impressing and detention of humans to work and be absolutely controlled by another. I paste the following. Please do not embarrass yourself by protesting that this is a “Chewish” source. Professor McDonald has already addressed this in his displeasure at readers response to a Chewish author’s essay he posted on this website, the main contention that he as ipso facto Chewish, and only this fact alone was adequate for condemnation:

          Slavery in the Spanish New World colonies

          The Catholick indifference to principle and ethical/moral standard is analogous to mold and mildew rot in the pillars underpinning the institutional edifice.

          See things as they are, and you will Be, instead of Becoming.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            I could go on and on …

            Could? What else have you been doing save “go on and on,” Siddhartha?

            On the other hand, as the quoted six words (unlike the rest of what seems to be your audition script for Free Republic or the Stormer) do not include even a single term that employs your ever more aggressively “creative” misspellings, perhaps I’m guilty of ingratitude. Seen through this lens, they constitute a solitary ray of sunshine cutting through your cloud bank.

      • Protestant
        Protestant says:

        Your glowing flower child description of Buddhism leaves out some awkward facts. Every Tibetan family is required to give one child to the Buddhist monastery at the age of three, if they are too poor to pay the “fee”. This child slave becomes the personal property of one monk or nun, who sleeps with it, disciplines and “trains” it to serve the monastery the rest of its life. Tibetan Buddhists also worship Cannibal Kali the Moon Goddess of Death, Palden Lamo Kalideva, who is depicted as a giant blue spider riding a horse over a lake of blood, using the flayed skin of her own son as a saddle blanket. The monks go to this lake to “ask” her to choose the next Dalai Lama. That’s right, folks, the Dalai Blinking Lama, chosen by a Giant Spider.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          I do not believe you are purveying facts and accuracy regarding Buddhism. Specifically, the statement that every family must give one child to the Buddhist monastery in Tibet. References, please.

          Nor can you advance the Fallacy that an unspecified PORTION of the whole in any way represents the essence or salient characteristic of the whole. Can any organization of scale pretend that all its ideal practices and members completely adhere to their code of ethics? You did not provide any detail or specification. Two reports, in my brief research turned up to be written by a Blavatsky and another by a Goldstein. Both we accusatory, poor written drivel that is consistent with the Chews’ collective endeavor of the destruction of everything that is not integral to their camp. Jerry Springer, after his “show” that featured poor, low IQ Whites engaging in degrading and masochistic behavior: “Well, that’s another culture I destroyed”.

          A quality imputed or posited is useless without quantity. I have provided quantitative evidence and facts on not just failings but putative and surrogate Chewish genocidal policies and actions SPECIFICALLY CARRIED OUT WITH GUSTO AND GLEE BY “OUR PEOPLE”. On a massive scale. Not an anomaly, a blip, an aberration. Chewish assaults and their Shabbos Christian surrogates are indistinguishable and inextinguishable from each other. There are two hands on the knife that is plunging into Euro-derived Man.

          The rest of your screed is essentially without merit, e.g., reference to a Cannibal Goddess, et. al. What does it mean? Is it didactic, pure symbolism? You don’t know, I will assert. This omission as implication denotes your dishonesty.

          Your clumsy invective included Kali, WHO IS A HINDU GODDESS. Tsk, tsk. You are becoming more diminutive by the minute.

          I have quoted and summarized the teachings of The Buddha, DIRECTLY, NOT OFF SHOOT SCHOOLS, SECTS, BRANCHES. Please take not of this when your somnambulistic repose in the Arms of Morpheus ends.

          • Protestant
            Protestant says:

            1) It’s easy enough to look up “Palden Lhamo KALI-deva”, one of Cannibal Kali’s many names, since Kali is worshipped by Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs & Pagan Voodoo Idiots around the world.

            2) There was a BBC documentary many years ago following the life of a 3-year-old Tibetan boy given to the monastery because his parents were too poor to pay a “redemption fee”.

            3) There have also been many stories of cannibalism in tunnels beneath the monasteries.

            4) “Tibetan monks have worked out a system of mutual masturbation, that Heinrich Harrer first reported on, but since then, others have as well, including a former gelug monk in the first edition of “The Book of Tibetan Elders”. Monks also jump over the monastery walls at night to see sex workers. Sexual abuse of child novices is reportedly widespread in Sri Lanka and Tibetan monasteries, and occurs in Taiwan as well, where occasionally court cases result.

            Gananath Obeyesekere, a Sri Lankan professor at Harvard has published a number of articles on this issue in his country. He’s pushing to limit entry into the monastic life to those who are past high-school age:
   On the situation in Tibetan monasteries: and recently, this:

            (from a comment on

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Thank you for this eye-opener of a comment, Protestant.

          May I add that if even half of what you say is true, it’s no wonder that the Establishment’s “Free Tibet” mob is even more generous with empty emotive generalities than our resident apologist for this “harmless” and “inspiring” non-religion religion.

          If everything you write is true, however, please, for safety’s sake, be sure to continue keeping a low profile—and watch your back.

          Finally, two marginal musings: (1) Is P. Marx channeling Richard Gere? Or is he Richard Gere? (2) Could it be that Heinrich Harrer was unaware of this stuff about Tibetan Buddhism when he wrote Seven Years in Tibet?

    • Jack Sen
      Jack Sen says:

      Thanks for your comment Junghans. I think you’re mistakenly applying today’s sensibilities to people who’d scoff at the notion of virtue signalling. This is something contemporary academics on both the Left and establishment Right tend to do.
      And in doing so you’re dismissing the genuine work Britain’s Christian missionaries performed in Britain’s industrialised north. Missionaries were based all over the North of England. There were literally thousands of Christian women serving the poor, aiding prostitutes, campaigning against poor houses and debtors prisons, setting up hospitals, building orphanages as well as serving food on the front lines, tending to injured soldiers etc.
      There were Catholic missionaries directly serving Irish immigrants, treating Irish fever and taking in orphaned children. In fact I’d say it is fair to say that about the only people who cared about Britain’s poor were the Christian social activists.
      Today it’s British churches (predominantly Anglican) that still run all the food banks in white communities. There are two food banks in my community run by two privately funded churches. They hand out thousands of pounds of food a month. These people were and are certainly not rotten apples.
      And let’s not forget Florence Nightingale and the tireless efforts she put in serving her people, nor where her inspiration and love originated. To refer to the thousands of people that dedicated their lives to serving Britain’s poor while its government did little but add to the misery is unfair. Thanks though for your thoughts.
      From Florence Nightingale’s bio from an Orthodox historical website. Note the reference to “god-given”. Ms Nightingale was just one of thousands of like-hearted men and women. – “Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy, on May 12, 1820. Part of a wealthy family, Nightingale defied the expectations of the time and pursued what she saw as her God-given calling of nursing. During the Crimean War, she and a team of nurses improved the unsanitary conditions at a British base hospital, greatly reducing the death count. Her writings sparked worldwide health care reform, and in 1860 she established St. Thomas’ Hospital and the Nightingale Training School for Nurses. A revered hero of her time, she died on August 13, 1910, in London.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        @Jack Sen-I would not deny the sentiments and motivation for altruistic work to alleviate suffering. However, perhaps you could answer this vexing question: Why did not these “looking for someone to save” activists apply the same energy, dedication, and assiduous effort toward THEIR FAMILY NETWORK? This would include the entire range of the Family Tree. If there is still energy left over, then why not apply that to their local, i.e., township, county, region? Why go halfway across the World? There seems to be a traces of abnegation, self loathing for one’s own kind, a dissatisfaction that God has favored their kin over another. Do you not agree that this exposes a degree of vainglory, desperation to PROVE and exposit one’s superior virtue? And could we posit that there is an element of suppressed, free-floating anger at SOMETHING NON SPECIFIC, a form of desperation to view oneself favorably?

        In most of these cases, I see their actions as misplaced mothering instincts. You CANNOT DO IT ALL in one lifetime. First family, immediate and extended. Then, Other.

        • Sawtelle
          Sawtelle says:

          Unfortunately the Christian missionaries who helped the starving English working class did not advocate the only solution to the problem of malnourished workers.
          Living wages and healthy working conditions

          • Trenchant
            Trenchant says:

            Living wages? That doesn’t even make sense. Why work if the caloric expenditure of working exceeds the caloric benefit obtainable from wages?

        • Jack Sen
          Jack Sen says:

          That’s a good point Poupon M. Often people who dedicate their lives to other’s ignore the needs of their own families. Charity should always begin at home. An old adage but a wise one

          • Poupon Marx
            Poupon Marx says:

            Thank you, Jack. A consistent and strong effort at family and community building will have benefit for those external and extant. Good and capable people do good things that benefit those in concentric circles. They build businesses, they provide examples of virtue and consistency an fidelity. The World does need heroes and role models of a solid and veritable quality.

            With regard to the helping of the “Other”. I would rather gather the small group of exceptional (in every way) of a particular needy and suffering group, and teach/show him the ways, methods, and channels to success and escape from cyclical doom and gloom. Then send said person back to his people and, as one of them, show and tell the better ways and corrections.

            This was what the “Exchange Student” plans were designed to do-in ancient times. Times that were more efficacious and rational.

          • Jack Sen
            Jack Sen says:

            You’re very welcome Poupon M. Having an exchange student, or adopting a needy child of European origin (perhaps even one from ones own extended family) is definitely worthy charity that extends beyond the family unit.

            I meant others in my previous comment – sorry about that. Thanks again for your comment.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      Mr Sen (who’s not white) is trying to tell us that Christianity’s miraculous power was transforming Africans into civilized beings, who would be just like us. Also factors like race, IQ are totally irrelevant to Mr Sen – I wonder why.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        What’s to wonder about, Irene? Mr. Sen’s concerns and analysis are what they are because, unlike you, he is neither a Jew nor a paid bootlicker of international Jewry.

        On an unrelated matter, I look forward to the public announcement of your engagement to Poupon Marx. How great it would be if you and he could arrange for the ashram equivalent of a double-ring ceremony alongside Prince Harry and the Merkle broad!

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Neither Merkle nor Merkel, actually. It’s (Rachel) Meghan Markle, divorced from one Trevor Engelson.

            Apropos the divorced bit, eat your heart out, Wallis Warfield Simpson.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          @Pierre de Craon- Very interestink comment. I reply with sympathy and concern:

          >>Schizophrenia Research Study

          We are now enrolling participants for a research study to understand the significance of real-world cognitive and functional problems in adults diagnosed with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder.
          Participants will receive compensation for their time. Sessions will take place at the University of Miami for approximately 4 hours.

          To see if you or someone you know qualifies, call Dr. Philip Harvey, University of Miami 305-243-5840.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            @Poupon Siddhartha: So Buddhists believe in (((schizophrenia)))?! Who’d ‘a’ thunk it!

    • Sawtelle
      Sawtelle says:

      I always felt the Wilberforce crusade was just envy of the fabously wealthy sugar producers in the Carribean.
      And not long after, the English were blocking any effort by other countries from bringing food to Ireland during the famine.

      There is also the fact that the English hero Oliver Cromwell captured and sold about 250,000 Irish Catholics into slavery in the Carribean and the American colonies.

      Another thing the English should acknowledge is exactly why working class English poured into America, even if they had to sell themselves into indentured servitude to get out of England.

      Why did the English working class do this while the Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese working class were content to stay home?

      Why after 250 years of the industrial revolution was the average height of the working class man 5 inches shorter than the average middle class Englishman?

      Even with the periodic famines, the Irish didn’t shrink due to malnutrition as the English working class did. Of course doing 6 hours of farm work a day rather than 16 hours of hard work a day had something to do with the shrinking of the English working class while the Irish were able to maintain normal height and weight despite the periodic famines.

      I don’t want to sound like a socialist, but the English need to be reminded of what they did to their own CofE native English people instead of crusading against everyone else’ treatment of their under class.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        While at college, I infrequently accompanied my Presbyterian room-mate and his visiting parents and sister to Sunday Services. At 5 11, I saw the altar just fine.

        Not so when I accompanied my Episcopalian girl-friend and her parents from Chicago, where her father’s last promotion was noted in the WSJ.

        A course in Social Mobility explained, what later could be discerned merely by keeping one’s eyes open.

        Among the most causal explanation was 1 genes; 2 leisure and sports; 3 greater per capita living area 4 planned and adequate diet, and 5 eating off silver utensils for that essential colloidal silver intake. Not necessarily in that order.

        25 ? years ago, one of the Departments at the University of Michigan built a large, square, four-storeyed cage, with interconnecting ladders.

        They introduced a great number of individually widely qualitatively differing rats of the same species. A day later, the upper story was settled by a few superior specimen, the third storey, less so. Until the lowest level resembled Grand Central Station at Friday afternoon rush-hour.

        Also reflecting their social interactions.

  14. Jason
    Jason says:


    This is a great article, and I agree with it overall. We have to keep pointing out the insanity of the left, and the SJW, most of whom are under Jewish control.

    Judaist SJW Time Wise once said that he wished white hearts would stop beating. I am still waiting for him to carry out his wish on the heart closest to him–his own.

  15. Earl
    Earl says:

    kenfrombayside Truthseeker 6 days ago
    We, the voiceless American, have to raise our voice in an effort to stop all third world immigration:
    Our fight didn’t end on election night. On the contrary, it’s only beginning. The wall will be built and the turd world invasion will stop when more people say enough. Being a keyboard warrior won’t cut it; you have to become a resistence fighter:
    The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don’t vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem.

  16. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Honestly, the fact that do-gooder European missionaries went to Africa to begin with is a huge part of the problem we face today. The dumbest thing whites have ever done is let these brown races know we exist. Now, we’ve got a steady stream of them addicted to the freebie gravy train and honing in on it like zombies on brains, coming from all corners of the world to swamp us.

    We still have all these Christian orgs actively assisting the immigration of these people into our nations, thinking they’re doing, “God’s work”. Hundreds of thousands of them a year in some countries.

    And we’ve introduced a standard of living to Africa that its people cannot possibly create or maintain for themselves, but which they have been taught to crave endlessly. Our medicines and food aid have not improved life in Africa, but have allowed enough of them to survive to reproduce at levels that threaten to swamp the entire world with their sheer mass of frothing, desperate humanity.

    This is exactly why you leave well enough alone. Pandora’s box doesn’t need to be opened, and just because a thing can be done doesn’t always mean it should be.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      The Christian orgs are receiving MASSIVE amounts of taxpayer money. Simply put- they are whores.

      One of the managers of LSS [Lutheran Social Services] in the Great Lakes area pulls down $400,000 [per year].

      They are not “breaking in”- the whole of (((Fedgov))) rolled out the Red Carpet.

      • William
        William says:

        The work of “Annonymous Conservative” which applies r/K reproductive strategy theory to politics is of interest here. It’s become easier to to be a parasite in western societies than a worker. The $400,000 chariot CEO is as much a parasite as any client he professes to help and has an interest in finding oppressors.

      • Protestant
        Protestant says:

        Both you and Fenria are correct that Catholic and Lutheran churches in the US are guilty of massively assisting the Third World Invasion, as documented by Ann Corcoran of “Refugee Resettlement Watch”, especially of Muslims dedicated to destroying Christianity. All I can say in their defence is that they have been brainwashed and infiltrated by Tribemen, as even Henry Kissinger once boasted of all Christian denominations.

        • T. J.
          T. J. says:

          It bears re-emphasizing that the funds are not from the collection plate, that is, are not voluntary. Tax money to religious groups means State blending into Church. Religion is supposed to based only on God-given free-will.

    • Lucy
      Lucy says:

      @Fenria. You hit the nail right on the head by stating that
      “Our medicines and food aid have not improved life in Africa, but have allowed enough of them to survive to reproduce at levels that threaten to swamp the entire world with their sheer mass of frothing, desperate humanity.”

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        @ Lucy and Others of the same opinion: A most important point, for many reasons. The birth rate of Africants is exploding at the highest rate of any race or ethnicity. This is directly due to the interventions of the West exclusively to reduce mortality and morbidity rates, over the last two centuries. Furthermore, many billions-into the trillion range-have left us with what in Africa? I see nothing in essence or accomplishment that compares with the Post Colonial Period of the 1950s and 60s, when, the removal of colonial rule and control was to result in an explosion of wealth creation, advancement, and improvement, once the blood sucking Europeans relinquished power. I was in Mozambique one year after the decampment of the Portugues. It was NOT as Bob Zimmerman sang in “”Mozambique,” a song written by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy that was originally released on Dylan’s 1976 album Desire. It was also released as a single and reached #54 on the Billboard Hot 100.

        “And when it’s time for leaving Mozambique
        To say goodbye to sand and sea,
        You turn around to take a final peek
        And you see why it’s so unique to be
        Among the lovely people living free
        Upon the beach of sunny Mozambique.”

        The country plunged itself into unlimited depravity, barbarity, savagery, and cannibalism. I remember the Swedish ambassador at the South African hotel in Lorenzo Marques receiving the new Bleck Leaders and making deals to exchange minerals for machinery and arms. His wife, a pretty blond was banging a wide range of males, Bleck and White. Her husband was a complete Beta Cuck that made Pee Wee Herman look like a testosterone overproducer. Swedes are an advanced Nordic peeple, ya know.

        An African Planet? – American Renaissance

        Africa’s Population Boom Fuels ‘Unstoppable’ Migration to Europe …
        ttps://…/africas-population-boom-fuels-unstoppable- migration-to-europe/

  17. Lynda
    Lynda says:

    Historical facts, evidence and a true historical account of the Americas is very important in our day and time.

    We should start with the Smithsonian Institute and the US Supreme Court ruling that has forced them to release classified documents dating from the 1900s proving the organisation has been involved in a major historical cover-up of evidence for giant human remains, tens of thousands of skeletons and fragments recovered all across America, and ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators in order to protect the official Jew narrative of evolution.

    They were giants. They were White. And their civilisation pre-dated the Asian migration of the peoples who became the Pre-Columbian indigenous peoples. Their remnants like Sacsayhuaman could not be build with today’s technology

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Sorry to have to tell you this, but you were had. That website posts this at the bottom: “World News Daily Report assumes all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any person, living, dead or undead, is purely a miracle.”

  18. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    The problem always circles to a question of when white males will stand up to the hipsters, hennetasters and thralls.

  19. Protestant
    Protestant says:

    Brilliant, powerful truth from Jack Sen! It’s rare to read anything in defence of Christianity on here, especially in defence of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.
    May I just add that it was Protestant missionaries who rescued child sex slave prostitutes from Hindu temples in India by “buying” their freedom, and even today are using their own church funds to “buy” the freedom of the Christian Slave Caste of Pakistan, especially from the Muslim-owned brick kilns, where every brick in Pakistan is made by a Christian slave. Pakistani Christians are still being beaten, raped and murdered for things like refusing to clean a Muslim’s toilet on a Sunday, and this slave system is all planned for the West, unbeknownst to the Jewish-infiltrated churches, both Catholic & Protestant, who feebly welcome the Muslim Invaders bent on their destruction.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      I personally don’t give a damn if christian Pakistani or christian Africans or christian Mexicans are being enslaved or starved.

      • Protestant
        Protestant says:

        You are missing the point. We only have to look at how Christians are treated in Muslim countries to see how they intend to treat you and your family, Christian or not, once their numbers in the West are sufficiently high.

  20. Sebastian Brandt
    Sebastian Brandt says:

    I agree with this article totally. You are right. We can see in whole europe and in the western world that there is some kind of evil agenda against only white countries and white people. It seems so ridicolous that only the white people of the world should not have any right to exist or to have their own opinion and the rith to decide their own fate. More and more people are understanding nowadays that there truly is some sort of plan against white people.
    Im always glad to see your articles Jack, you are doing a great job and im happy to have you as a friend. We from the german group Nordadler (north eagle) are working on a future for our german people. I think its very important that all white people, white communities and activists work together so that we can have a bigger impact on the world situation.
    We can see a very good example in these islamic networks and communities all around the globe how effective this can be. And im not talking about the terrorists, im simply pointing towards how they stick together, help each other and grow by number and influence simply everywhere in the western world. White people on the other hand live like in a prison for their mind. Most of us live isolated from each other, many dont even know who their neighbours are and we are not feeling well and safe in our own cities anymore. We need to change that. And we from Nordadler are working on such a change in germany. Simply by creating a safe haven for white german families and also single people. Thank you Jack, always a pleasure to see your work.

    Greetings from germany,
    Sebastian Brandt,

  21. T
    T says:

    Posted by JRM…

    I believe a good deal of the “Emancipation” movement was fuelled, not by altruism or Biblical righteousness, but rather by envy and hatred.

    The Northern Emancipation advocate- the more fanatical undoubtedly – were motivated by almost all the same hatreds the modern SJW harbors: anger at “privilege”, jealousy of wealth, fury at commercial success, the focus of “love” on an idealized victim class as a cover for an attack on fellow White people.

    The only point I really want to make is that – even in the Nineteenth Century – there were sometimes questionable motives in the hearts of “reformers”…

    That’s a great point JRM. While I’m less certain about the ‘envy’ part, perhaps you could elaborate on that, I would have to add simple greed into the equation. In the latter 18th and early 19th century chattel slavery and its trade was simply monetized with the introduction of the cheap labor/mass immigration system we have today. This was lead by the British Empire acting in conjunction with the US north-eastern states and its Northwestern Territory. Bear in mind that the north had slaves as well, albeit fewer than the south due to climate, but more importantly, that the northeastern states, in particular Massachusetts, more or less ‘ran the show’ as to the marketing and distribution of the slaves, ie they were the slave dealers in British North America. Ships have to be built, insurance provided for said ships and slave cargo, fees paid for the slave’s sale, etc. Generally when there’s a product that’s bad, such as drugs or slaves, it’s the dealer that’s considered worse as compared to the consumer. The north won the war, and the victors write the history books, so you don’t read or hear about these aspects. Had the southern states won, we’d probably hear the slaves just about wanted to be in their condition of servitude and it was a grand thing for all, white and black, though that’s certainly not the case and ultimately had the south won the war I think it would have resulted in the same situation we have today. As for the person who owns slaves, driven by self-centered and short sighted monetary interest, and a callous disregard towards both the slave and towards their own (slave owner’s) people, there is a refusal to pay the local cost of labor to one of their own. You have the exact same phenomena when the former would be slave owner/dealer ‘imports’ a cheap laborer, ie ‘the immigrant’ rather than employ one of their own. They are getting no doubt less of a ‘hit’ of unpaid labor with the ‘imported’ immigrant, ie maybe fifty percent or twenty-five percent below what was or would be the prevailing local labor cost (without the ‘mass immigration’) to pay one of their own, compared to say seventy or eighty percent below local labor cost with a chattel slave, but they no longer have to pay the ‘overhead’ costs such as housing, clothing, care of the slave in their unproductive old age, etc, all of which was no doubt a great trouble to the slave owner. With the wage slave cheap laborer, they also no longer have to worry about the occasional worrisome slave revolt on their property, that, as with the old age cost of care of the chattel slave, is now ‘outsourced’ to (ie dumped upon) the non-exploiting general public to deal with in sporadic rioting and looting in the cities and greatly increased charity and public welfare expenses. Concerns about family bloodlines of slave owners getting ‘mixed’ with the chattel slaves whom were housed in relative close proximity was also alleviated with the wage slave (ie cheap labor) system, that concern too now having been outsourced to the general public to deal with. It’s true that in time the wages of the cheap laborer may well go up and that he or she moves on, but that’s no problem, as the former would be slave owner simply hires a replacement wage slave, and hence the deliberately uncontrolled borders and lax immigration policies which provide a nearly continuos flow of ‘immigrants’. This would explain why a huge number of unskilled jobs in the US start out and often remain at a nearly unliveable ten dollars an hour range. Lastly, but quite importantly to the morale of the would be slave owner/dealer of the past, with the cheap labor/mass immigration system they now get to play act that they are the good guys, all while still getting their ‘hit’ of unpaid labor with the ‘immigrant’. With the cheap labor/mass immigration system they have outsourced most of the negatives of chattel slavery, including its genocidal aspects, to the general non-exploiting public and have with the sjw largely conditioned this public with the cult ideology of multi-culturalism that this is all good for them and to embrace it. They’ve even outsourced the blame for chattel slavery on that historically generally non-slave owning public, of whom both the chattel and now wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor’ so called) systems have been imposed by diktat. From their vantage point, the former would be slave owners/dealers get to have their cake and eat it too.

    • T
      T says:

      On occasion it happens in times of war and great crises that things which are normally hidden from view come out in the open. Most everyone can recall the WWII era photograph of Joseph Stalin flanked by both Churchill and Roosevelt, the reality being that of a Communist flanked by his two Capitalist masters. Then there was the poster of the war time Soviet soldier with the caption ‘This man is your friend’ aimed at the US soldier. While no doubt the forces of international capitalism do see communism as a ‘friend’ of theirs its highly doubtful as to whether it’s a friend to most everyday individuals, man or woman.

      Almost a hundred years prior to WWII there was another great cataclysm, ie the Irish Famine of the years 1845-1850. Due to the potato blight and the heavy reliance on the potato crop for sustenance in Ireland, along with the application of almost pure laisez faire free market capitalism to the affair by the British Empire, the result was a famine which cost the lives of an estimated one million Irish. Another one million Irish during this same approximate period were lost due to the enmasse predation of the Irish population recruited as wage slaves (ie ‘cheap laborers’ so called) to the United States and far flung places of the British Empire. Most of these Irish would never see Ireland again, that is the ones that survived the trip overseas as a great many didn’t. Ireland proper therefore during these years lost two million people, fully a quarter of its population, due to the famine and the described enmasse predation. Ireland looked just about ‘done for’.

      In 1851 the London Times published an editorial regarding a tour of Ireland made by Abbott Lawrence, the US ambassador to the UK, which at the time included the whole of Ireland. Bear in mind that London Times editorials have long been seen as a mouthpiece of official British government thought regarding policy. While the famine had by then abated somewhat, the enmasse predation of the Irish was still continuing in very great number and looked as though it might continue on for many years. Lawrence was a Massachusetts textile factory magnate and as Ireland had become a primary source of wage slaves for his manufacturing plants his appointment as US ambassador to the UK was no doubt seen by him as a plum post. The Times editorial openly describes the Irish people being ‘known no more’ as a people, not due to the famine, but due to their enmasse predation as a source of wage slaves. The historic ‘immigrant’ Plantatation population of the north of Ireland is referred to in slave terms as being ‘more mixed’, ‘more docile’, and which much unlike the purely indigenous Irish, ‘submits to a master’. The editorial indicates that it is to be this ‘mixed’ population of the north of Ireland that is to be used to occupy the rest of Ireland where the original Irish had once been. The Irish which have gone to the US, ie to places such as Abbott Lawrence’s newly constructed industrial town of Lawrence, Mass, officially nicknamed ‘Immigrant City’ to this day, are to ‘mix with the Anglo-American’, and thus be ‘known no more’. The editorial adds, something that sjws would no doubt be in agreement with, that, ‘the great law of Providence which seems to reward and enjoin the mixing of races.’ It was not coincidental that the then still largely Anglo-Saxon United States would see the rise of the ‘Know Nothing’ movement only a few short years after this editorial was published. And what did the Irish themselves call this enmasse predation of their people as wage slaves which the London Times declared would soon enough result in the Irish people being ‘known no more’? As documented by the London Spectator in 1847 which is quoted from and linked below…they called it ‘extermination’.

      So, in one editorial you have open acknowledgements of the closely parallelling chattel and wage slavery (ie cheap labor) systems genocidal effects on both those people preyed upon as a source and those by diktat on the receiving end. There is the slave references to the historic ‘immigrant’ plantation population in the north of Ireland which indeed is the role of the immigrant as a wage slave in the multicultural society. And then that ‘Providence’ ‘rewards and enjoins’ this genocidal and quite unnatural ‘mixing’.

      One close parallel between the chattel and wage slavery systems that the editorial doesn’t describe directly is the loss of life that occurs. People might recall the scene in Amistad where, being chased by a ship of the West African squadron the slaver decides to jettison its load of chattel slaves into the ocean (with large rocks tied to their bodies so that they would sink and drown) so as to avoid their capture and prosecution. There is the exact parallel in the US and now unfortunately Europe where when the law gets too hot for some of these wage slave smugglers, they too do just as their slaver forebears did in the 18th century and jettison their human loads. They do this by simply abandoning the enclosed and sealed van trailers on the side of the road or in parking lots. I’ve linked two cases below, one in Europe where fifty ‘migrants’ were found dead and another in the US where approximately ten bodies were found inside of an abandoned trailer. Their blood, as well as the associated genocide and slavery that is occurring with the wage slavery system, is on the heads of the sjws who by their support and unbridled advocacy of uncontrolled mass immigration enable these tragedies to occur.

      Such is the conduct which the Irish incendiaries name “extermination.”

      The case of Mr. Ormsby Gore is very instructive. The Irish papers, alluding to his estate of Leganommer, had a terrific story of ” extermination in Leitrim,” full of direct falsehoods. Setting aside smaller matters, it appears that the tenants on the estate owed rent for several years, in some in- stances for as many as twelve or fourteen; one year’s rent was demanded, under pain of a .twelvemonth’s notice to quit : not a shilling of rent was offered, and the notice was enforced ; but the enforcement was accompanied with a declaration that those who could not retain their holdings would be aided by their landlord to emigrate to America. Such is the conduct which the Irish incendiaries name “extermination.”;cc=livn;rgn=full%20text;idno=livn0031-7;didno=livn0031-7;view=image;seq=296;node=livn0031-7%3A1;page=root;size=100

      • T
        T says:

        If you can’t get enough of the wage slaves to come to you, you go to the slaves. The below was published in The Spectator of London in 1850, about a year before the London Times editorial regarding the textile magnate/US ambassador Abbott Lawrence posted in this same thread. It outlines plans to move US manufacturing plants (ie textile mills) to Ireland. Note the context of these plans, an Ireland quite unhappily married to the British Empire and experiencing famine to boot. This same type of predation is exactly the same thing that goes on today when US corporations not wanting to pay twenty dollars an hour to workers here find they can pay a crushed by communism Chinese work force one dollar an hour there. Also note how the article openly speaks of the ‘cheap labor’ in slave terms referring to it as ‘this British substitute for slave labour’. This was at a time that chattel slavery was still practiced in the world and the general public from personal observation had a lot better understanding of the dynamics that drive it.

        I’m the primordial days of the multicult, during the mid 19th century they were a lot more open and plain spoken about these things in the media.

        this encouragement of low wages, this British substitute for “slave-labour”?


        A Protectionist Nemesis is prophesied in the form of the most singular invasion ever threatened. to Great Britain—an invasion of American manufacturers, who are to set up factories in the West of Ireland, to compete with the factories of Laneashire, and to secure a larger consumption of American cotton…But were it practicable and true, how is it that we find a Protectionist advocating the wholesale invasion of foreign enterprise, this competition with ” native industry,” this encouragement of low wages, this British substitute for ” slave-labour”? The oblivion of principles is as striking a part of the dream as any.

      • William
        William says:

        The Irish famine looks more like a genocide than even the Holdamoor (Ukranian Genocide). The Rothschild Bank loan ultimately looks like a land grab of a depopulated Ireland. The Historian Chris Fogarty in his book the “the perfect genocide” makes the case for a deliberate policy of genocide.

    • JRM
      JRM says:

      Hello, T. By envy, on the part of Northerners for the South, I mean both material inequities and issues of image. In 1850 two-thirds of America’s richest people lived along the River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. That bare fact should set War Between the States scholars to re-examining their preconceptions.

      But also, the elite Southerners had an image of being dashing men of action and romance, something which irked the Puritan Yankee. Add in the Catholicism prevalent in the South, and you have religious angst in the mix.

      Yes, the War *was* about tariffs. And foreign markets, esp. Great Britain. But the whole story also includes a lot of psycho-dynamics.

      • T
        T says:

        Thanks for the elaboration regarding envy JRM. That’s quite right regarding the south, ie the southern slave owning elites did see themselves as having recreated something like King Arthur’s England. Yes, as with many things the US Civil War and its causes seems to have been multifaceted. Regarding tarriffs, do you happen to have a good link expounding upon that, or, if you have a little time I’d be open to hearing out your explanation regarding the tarrif aspect.

  22. JRM
    JRM says:

    One area that might be ripe for exploration is the issue ofhow certain “causes” become celebrated in the first place. A commenter above points out that there were plenty of starving Irishmen, exploited children working in mines and factories, and degraded women living as prostitutes that all needed help, but the “glamorous” cause was the Black Slave.

    Why? Do all Whites simply get more fulfillment by championing other races? If so, we need to get that figured out asap. Or is it that certain people, like today’s Hollywood elite, encourage imitation by creating an opportunity for the quotidian populace to acquire some rubbed-off chic?

    Who were the pied pipers who championed the blacks first? Or is it just an unavoidable perversity of the White psyche to love “the other” to the point of self-abnegation?

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      “…Or is it just an unavoidable perversity of the White psyche to love “the other” to the point of self-abnegation..?”

      I think it is. In Christianity morality is almost exclusively defined as altruism, which is love for “the other”, and who is more “other” than the black man ? Hence the pathological love for Blacks you see in so many Whites. Feeding Blacks, housing them or even adopting their children is all an expression of this pathological love-for-the-other. Directing such altruism to other Whites would not do because other Whites are not “other” enough.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      The racial enigma reflected in the psyche of many gullible Northwestern Europeans is unfortunately innate. This self abnegating and destructive suit-of-traits is atavistic as well as delusional. This likely explains (the otherwise irrational affliction of) White Negrophilia, the lure of the primitive, the fascination with race-mixing, the White renegade factor, and altruistic ‘concern’ for the alien. These White mental aberrations have been enhanced since the Reformation by religious superstition, as well as having been excessively and grievously compounded in the last century by (((others))) with a very hostile agenda.

  23. T. J.
    T. J. says:

    So how many Marxists are hiding in the interstices of this site?

    Please identify yourselves. . .

    All those believing in the labor theory of value please raise your left hand. . .

    btw Pat Sajak’s earlier name was Sajdak. This is on the jewish surname list, and may account for his longevity on the telly.

    Vanna comes from the family Rosich, also on the jew surname list. . .

    It’s not what you know but. . .perhaps “Chosen” means chosen by nepotism- the most important ism to jews. . .

  24. Jed Clampett
    Jed Clampett says:

    Social reformers had more substantial issues to work with in previous centuries before the west got so rich. It’s next to impossible to starve in North America or Europe today. That’s one reason radicalism is turning to obscure stuff like LGBT rights. But there have been cruel and odious leftists for as long as there has been a ‘left’ i.e. since the French Revolution. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot had nothing on Robespierre. As for women’s rights Sen’s gushing praise of older reformers leaves me unmoved. I think we need to reduce their rights and move in the direction of premarital virginity and burkas.
    (I’m a reactionary.) While the inequality of present day society bothers me, I don’t worry about where my next meal is coming from or whether I will be treated if I fall ill. And I am below the poverty line. … I am so sick of so-called rightists b*tching about Muslims. We wouldn’t spend a single minute thinking about Muslims if it weren’t for Jews pressuring our government to eliminate every regime unfriendly to Israel. One thing leads to another and now we have 9/11, the WOT, NSA pan-surveillance, and the refugee immigration business. Mr. Sen is too young to remember a time when Arabs and Muslims were mainly raw material for costume parties and comedy writers. Remember “Ahab the Arab” anyone?

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      “One thing leads to another…”
      Undoubtedly, though the nexus between the events isn’t quite as linear.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      Let me tell you about Ahab the Arab
      The sheik of the burning sand
      He had emeralds and rubies just drippin’ off ‘a him
      And a ring on every finger of his hand… More

      3 years ago
      Politically incorrect and beautiful.

      View reply
      Mike Frett
      Mike Frett
      1 year ago
      We need more stuff like this. The more we can piss of the SJW and Politically Correct a-holes the better…

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      stan smith
      stan smith
      3 years ago
      Ray Stevens is hilarious, haven’t heard him in years. I don’t think he could get away with this song nowadays, I loved the days before political correctness.

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      Ken Jankowski
      Ken Jankowski
      1 year ago
      I love how politically incorrect this is lol

      [Original version from 1962] [this a later take]

    • William
      William says:

      I remember carefree days of easy check ins at airports and of a Lufthansa crew inviting me into the cockpit as a child for a look. Our children may never remember that freedom, ease and safety.

      I’m curious whether it might be possible that western populations have a. certain portion of radicals that are in search of a radical cause or rather a reason for plunder. Feminists, Refugees in search of state aid and sex else unattainable to them, beta males , aggrieved minorities all share a need for moralising plunder. They make a natural coalition. The Christian earned some bonus in heaven for being good on earth but at some level the work becomes genuine.

  25. Paul Rimmer
    Paul Rimmer says:

    Social justice once meant betterment & moral improvement,it now means warpedness & a broken dependency culture.SJWs are a pain, end of story. No redeeming qualities because no love in their hearts just feigned indignation.

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