Identity Politics and the Growing Cultural Rift in America

Identity politics combined with cultural and ethnic differences are causing a divide between rural and urban America.

The demographic change in the American electorate has many political consequences for how campaigns are run. Growing partisanship coupled with ideological radicalization of the parties is a result not only of the browning of America, but also a geographic and cultural schism in society. This essay will revisit the 2016 presidential election, dissecting the underlying war of cultures with a particular focus on the elements of identity politics relevant to Hillary’s defeat.

2016 Revisited

The 2016 election saw the first nomination of a woman for a major political party in the United States, reaching a historical landmark for cat-lady liberals who waited all their lives to see this moment. Meanwhile, the Republican Party nominated arguably the most controversial candidate in modern history. The result was a brutal cage match showdown between the personification of boomer cat-lady feminism and the embodiment of old school alpha-male masculinity. Underneath the spectacle, a larger metapolitical culture war was fought behind the scenes during this election.

Many were shocked when Hillary’s assumed grand slam in November turned out to be a victory for the underdog. An analysis of the underlying battle between cultures proves, however, that Trump’s victory was never as outlandish as the media portrayed it to be.

The Hubris of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and her team made the mistake of imitating Obama’s campaign too closely, resulting in Obama’s winning techniques coming off as forced and disingenuous for Hillary. Obama’s campaign energized millions of people to go out and vote for the first Black president, but Hillary’s team could not generate the same enthusiasm for women. According to exit polls, she underperformed across the board with several important Democratic voting groups, including women. It appears that Obama’s “coalition of the ascendant” was not universally transferable to any Democratic candidate. Who would have known that abandoning White working-class voters would have political consequences?

Meanwhile Trump took a gamble, aggressively pursuing rural, uneducated White voters. His strategy seemed preposterous—the GOP had just conducted an “autopsy” after the disastrous 2012 election and concluded they needed to cuck for core Democratic groups in order to secure electoral victories. However, the big picture is that the Trump strategy makes perfect mathematical sense: most people in the country do not have a college degree and most people in the country are White. The only thing Trump had to do was motivate and mobilize these voters, some of whom hadn’t voted in decades, if ever.

The disengaged White voters Trump appealed to are what Nixon referred to as “the silent majority.” The word “majority” is right there in the name, all the GOP has to do is drive White America out to the polls. Historical data shows that the party that wins the White working-class wins the presidency, and Republicans in particular win when more Whites turn out to vote. If 2016 taught the GOP anything, it should be that, whether they like it or not, their party has become the party of implicit White identity, and they should operate as such.

Messaging is Key,

Many pundits and journalists concluded this meant the electorate was sexist against Hillary Clinton. Shockingly, the mad pussy-grabber did about the same as Mitt Romney did with women, and even beat Clinton among White women. What Clinton gained in support from women, she lost with men. White men rejected her loud and clear, only 31% of them casting their ballots for her. From these data, it can be inferred that while Trump did not necessarily appeal to women voters, something about Hillary Clinton was particularly unappealing to men.

Hillary made severe missteps in her campaign messaging. For example, her slogan “I’m With Her” was intended to emphasize her potential as the first woman president, but the slogan unintentionally came off as self-centered. Trump called her out for this and introduced his own spin on the phrase—“I’m With You”— a great contrast with the self-centeredness of Hillary’s slogan. Even the eternal normie could infer that this campaign was just another chapter in the long story of Hillary’s pursuit for power.

One must also consider the problem that there was no rationale behind her campaign. One of the most important components of a political campaign is being able to answer the question “why are you running for office?” Hillary’s failure to answer this question resulted in a multitude of other problems, most significantly failure to inspire voters to get out to vote. This was painfully obvious on election day when many disaffected liberals stayed home or defected to third party candidates. Only one conclusion could be drawn: the liberal base was not enthusiastic for Hillary like they were for Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama.

Another demographic Hillary underperformed with was young voters. Throughout her campaign, she encountered difficulty attracting young voters, who overwhelmingly flocked to the idealistic Bernie Sanders. After Bernie dropped out and endorsed Hillary, a stubborn faction of his supporters refused to get on board, opting to not vote, vote third party, or even vote Trump. A number of studies estimate anywhere from 5% to 20% of Bernie voters defected for Trump, which should come as no surprise considering Trump and Sanders are merely two different sides to the same populist coin. Even Trump was able to make inroads with young voters, winning the White millennial vote. Ultimately, in their efforts to rally the youth vote, the Clinton campaign failed to appeal to the idealism of the socialist utopia promised by Sanders.

Narrow vs. Broad Appeal

Another central problem of the Clinton campaign was her attempt to mimic what worked for Obama, without taking into context any of the differences between their campaigns—such as the fact that Obama had a reliable “coalition of the ascendant” on his side. Hillary found out the hard way that this coalition may have been a phenomenon totally unique to Obama.

One particular centerpiece of the Obama campaign was data analytics, which Hillary struggled to copycat through an autistic reliance on voter micro-targeting. By trying to appeal to too many demographics, her message suffered, diluted to the point of disingenuousness by micro-targeting overkill. Instead of a broad and powerful message like that of both Obama and Trump, the campaign was an eclectic heap of Spanish tweets, celebrity endorsements, policies mired in wonkish detail, and melodramatic attacks on her opponent.

Exactly how important is a political slogan in the grand scheme of the campaign? Attempting to target many voter groups, the campaign appeared to be pandering to Democratic voting blocs without the universal inspiration that ultimately inspires people to get out to vote for a candidate. As corny as they can be, never underestimate the power of a good political slogan, which should be neither self-centered nor too narrow. Hillary’s “I’m With Her” slogan didn’t even mean anything. Voters were unsure what being “with her” entailed exactly. Obama’s message? Hope and Change. Trump’s message? Make America Great Again. Hillary’s message? “It’s all about me.”

A Cultural Rift in America

Despite outperforming Mitt Romney in the Hispanic and Black vote, Trump’s main accomplishment was that he overwhelmingly won White voters of all walks of life, finally demonstrating to cuckservatives in Washington that they don’t need based Black guys to win a presidential election. Meanwhile, Hillary won the non-White vote, which may have given her more total votes, but an electoral strategy based on sheer numbers rather than electoral college victory is like thinking you win a game of chess by capturing the most pieces.

Due to the electoral college, Hillary still needed support from the White working class of the Rust Belt, a region she thoroughly neglected during the campaign. Looking at the breakdown of the electoral map by county, geography is a near-perfect indicator for candidate support: people in urban centers voted for Hillary while those in rural and suburban areas voted for Trump. This geographic split is indicative of the growing cultural rift in America.

As major cities in America become inhabited by yuppie bugmen occupying loft apartments above the invading brown hordes, White flight to the suburbs dramatically hastens. The suburbs immediately outside cities grow beyond capacity, and White America is pushed further away from urban centers, residing in exurbs and bedroom communities spread into the surrounding countryside.

Democrats are transforming into the party of the diverse, educated, cosmopolitan class. Meanwhile, the Republican Party attracts all who reject this multi-culti bugman ethos. A line has been drawn between the traditional family and the childless urbanite, whose values and interests are diametrically opposed.

On one side is the heartland voter who values cohesive community, security, and individual responsibility, and relishes hard work and overcoming challenges. He feels a connection to his hometown and his people, and he exists to create a better future for his children. On the other side is the urban-dwelling voter who is hyper-focused on deracinated popular culture, atomized individualism, indulgent hedonism, getting rich, and avoidance of conflict and controversy. He feels no allegiance to his community; he exists solely to consume.

In the end, Hillary neglected Democratic voters who could not connect with her message (or lack thereof). A map of the voting results for northwestern Pennsylvania illustrates the consequences. The heart of the Rust Belt, this region is overwhelmingly rural, uneducated, and White. In 2008, the counties in northwestern Pennsylvania voted for Obama—perhaps disaffected with the neocon/Bush invade-the-world—invite-the-world presidency and hoping for the “change” preached by the inspiring, young community organizer. But in 2016 Trump flipped the entire state solidly red.

A similar phenomenon can be observed in the adjacent region of northeastern Ohio (nowhere is the downfall of American manufacturing more hauntingly apparent than rural Ohio), where working class Whites voted for Obama in droves, then in 2016 flipped to Trump. Are these downtrodden White workers—who voted for the first black President—the “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” deplorables Hillary was referring to?

Final Thoughts

The country is as divided as it has been in my lifetime. The culture of Middle America is under attack by the urban elite. Instead of trying to find common ground, anyone who disagrees with the values of dominant urbanite culture is ridiculed as a backwards relic of the past.

An unintended consequence of multicultural identity politics is that the White working-class American has been left behind and forgotten, while minorities are pandered to by the left. Instead of exploring solutions for rural America, Democrats have relentlessly attacked or ignored the American worker who used to be the foundation of their electorate. Things as fundamental to the American spirit as owning a gun, going to church every Sunday, or working in a coal mine are ridiculed as archaic or “deplorable” by Democrats like Obama and Hillary, who have no understanding of Middle American culture.

The election of Donald Trump was due to fatigue by people in flyover states over educated urbanites smugly looking down their noses at them. Trump’s appeals to the racial sensibilities of White America indicate the desire among true Americans for a president who won’t look down on them for “clinging to guns and religion,” when in reality their communities are falling apart while state and federal governments turn a blind eye to them.

While the bugman enjoys a comfortable urban lifestyle, life is not so easy in rural America, where work is scarce, drugs run rampant, and advancement in life is an uphill climb. As the sociological disparities between Americans grow, White America will gradually begin to wake up to this knock-out game which is multiculturalism and soon more will join our ranks.

When the left began playing the identity politics game, they did not anticipate White people playing identity politics back. Rapidly, Whites are gaining racial consciousness—Donald Trump was merely the beginning, and it won’t be long before Whites start politically organizing for their interests.

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  1. JRM
    JRM says:

    Good analysis. I do think over-simplification enters the picture in this passage:

    “On the other side is the urban-dwelling voter who is hyper-focused on deracinated popular culture, atomized individualism, indulgent hedonism, getting rich, and avoidance of conflict and controversy. He feels no allegiance to his community; he exists solely to consume.”

    While there is a great deal of truth in this characterization, the people being described would object, claiming they do possess values that transcend selfishness, such as “tolerance” and sympathy for “victims of Colonialism”. Rather than seeking to avoid conflict, many of these folks loathe rural and “unevolved” Whites, and some are even willing to get into the streets to fight for their Globalist faith. Admittedly, the latter are a minority, the less-moneyed of the Leftist breed.

    But again, a very good article and analysis overall.

    • Alphonsus Jr.
      Alphonsus Jr. says:

      Suicidally xenophilic white ethnomasochists burning with unquenchable lust to be eternally and publicly gang raped by PacoJamal&Abdul as the ultimate form of virtue signaling are surely the most pitiful creatures on earth.

      • Chet
        Chet says:

        I wish you could continue for many more lines. I read your sentence several times to savor the lyrical, even poetic quality of it. Surely that sentence belongs in a key position in a great work intoning the depraved pathos of our degrading Western swan song.

  2. joe six pack
    joe six pack says:

    Anyone who advocates for Whites in any form is a ‘Supremacist’ unlike other ethnic groups whose advocates are all ‘activists.’
    This conforms with the ceaseless conflation in the media of the pejorative ‘supremacist’ with ‘nationalist’ only when it comes to Whites. The accusation ‘Racist!!!’ ran out of juice(verbal entropy) so now the anti-YT media is transitioning to ‘Supremacist!!!’ Any ‘White nationalist’ meeting is immediately demeaned in the press as a ‘White supremacist’ meeting.
    This seems to indicate a double standard ongoing in the Age of Identity Politics.
    We have high standards here in America only they are high double standards.
    When Blacks or Browns or Asians organize, then the participants are all ‘activists’; it is only Whites who are ‘supremacists.’
    If Whites nationwide voted like Whites in the deep South this article probably would not have been written. Whites in the deep South routinely vote like the other ethnicities in the USA.
    In 2014, Democrats lost the white vote in the Deep South by about 65 percentage points, 81 percent to 17 percent.
    In this Age of get-out-the-vote Identity Politics, there is one standard for POC and another for the People w/o color. The media’s tacit Constitutional Amendment is “There shall be no organizing of the White People monster.”
    There are two Americas and one is being unfairly treated to the media abuse of a cultural double standard!!!

    White vote in the south

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Maybe it is a good thing if populations are starting to separate into different geographical areas according to politcal outlook. Then we can choose to live either in a ‘racist’ white-run society, or move to the area that wishes to invite over the third world and share what they have with them. As long as there is a big wall to separate, surely this is a good thing?

  3. steve e
    steve e says:

    Good article except that the “rural whites elected Trump” meme needs to be retired. Rurals make up about 3% of US these days–about 11 million people out of 328 million. Many rurals are black or Mexican, probably 30% or more. Trump was elected by suburban Whites, not by the Amish.

    • The AntiLoser
      The AntiLoser says:

      I agree that ‘rural’ does not describe a lot of voters nowadays, but ‘suburban’ doesn’t really capture the Trump voter. Vermont and Maine are pretty white states but Trump lost them, while he won Ohio and Pennsylvania, which have some big cities and minorities. You might say he won the ‘middle-American’ or ‘less cosmopolitan’ vote. He won voters who were less ‘urbane’ in addition to being less urban.

  4. GeorgeKocan
    GeorgeKocan says:

    The Democrats came to believe their own media and assumed that Trump would not win. Hillary lost because the Democrats failed to cheat enough. This is a mistake they will not repeat.

  5. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    An interesting analysis for sure. The reference to the mulatto Obama as a “community organizer” is, of course, ultimately a kosher joke of unbridled ridiculousness.

    The U. S. is indeed coming unglued, and unless Trump is a “civic patriot” decoy (of the deep state oligarchs), he had better get his rear end in gear and start cleaning house soon. His Jewish “friends”, (and enemies) are adamant about taking him down, and time is not on his, or our side. The voting patterns prove that time is literally running out for Whites of every persuasion.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      And now Trump stupidly appoints the neocon John Bolton as his national security ”adviser”! This will likely lead to war, unfortunately. I believe that Mike R.’s comments below pretty well sums up the White Plight situation vis a vis Trump and the so-called GOP.

      • The AntiLoser
        The AntiLoser says:

        Trump is being so conciliatory that I wouldn’t be surprised if the liberals drop the “impeach Trump” bit in order to thank him for his cooperation. After all, if impeached he could return to being a nasty nationalist/populist. Until 2015 Trump had positioned himself as a centrist and probably would like to have broad support. As for Bolton, he is limited by what China and Russia are willing to do. I don’t think Trump or Bolton has a stomach for a serious war with either, and if Kim responds to force by attacking South Korea, both world and national opinion will likely be very critical. I only wish Trump’s base were capable of even the slightest show of political organizing. They (we) are mostly first-rate couch potatoes who deserve what we get.

        • Sam J.
          Sam J. says:

          “…They (we) are mostly first-rate couch potatoes who deserve what we get…”

          This is not true. We are up against all the media, all the Corporations and the people who run the FED who can print unlimited, practically speaking, cash to fund their side.

  6. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    This is why a civil war in America is both likely and likely to kill on the order of 100 million in the urban areas. The physical infrastructure built by those being dispossessed is so efficient and reliable that those who built it are taken for granted if not resented as a potential creditor by the invaders dispossessing them. However, that reliability is not due to the resilience of the infrastructure. Short-sighted economic forces have so optimized the infrastructure that “resilience” is an empty buzzword of the left reflecting the impotence of its intellectual leadership.

    Take the guns from the rural “hicks” and you’ve just guaranteed other weapons will be deployed — vastly more destructive ones involving small highly motivated groups of insurgents taking out key railway bridges, power grids, aqueducts, etc. It is going to get _very_ ugly. That’s why I’m preparing young men locally to take up the burden of guaranteeing property rights, the liquid value of which backs local currency.

    • Hammerheart
      Hammerheart says:

      I’m surprised this comment was allowed. Normally TOO gets severe jitters when the “civil war” thing, “gets ugly” gets mentioned. Someone once wrote a series of novels about the coming “civil war” but you usually get banned for mentioning them & him.
      Kudos, James Bowery!
      (Mod. Note: Hammerheart, during rather “non-normal” times, and on a rather “non-normal” blog like TOO, why be surprised?)

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        Notice I said “take up the burden of guaranteeing property rights” not than “take up arms” — although arms will be necessary to protect property rights and, in the event, both arms and their manufacturing infrastructure will be property rights with very high liquid value. The prediction of civil war isn’t its advocacy. If I wanted civil war to break out, I wouldn’t have supported Trump.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Hear Hear! Wholeheartedly agree about the censure of the verboten “CW” discussion. It’s one that is totally kept under wraps even on white nationalist sites. It’s as if by not discussing this inevitability will prevent it from happening.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Look at S.Africa for an idea of how whites will react when they are under attack as a group and their wealth and land and jobs are being taken from them. This is the scenario we can expect to be repeated in other countries, eg Sweden. Basically, (1) whites in the rest of the world are not interested in their plight, and their MSM are too busy making even more documentaries about St Nelson Mandela to report it. Boers are not even allowed to return to Holland. And the Dutch voters keep voting for such traitors, (2) the whites in S.Africa just submit and redouble their efforts not to be racist while under attack from racist black tribes. They would prefer to die and their children to be murdered rather than be called racist – and their own children would certainly call them racist if they wanted a whites-only area.
        (3) In S.Africa the wealthy white elite does not help the rest of the group – eg by making large donations to organisations that are objecting to white genocide. The wealthy white elite know that when it kicks off it will not affect them personally as they can use their wealth to relocate to another Western country. Andrew Joyce has spoken about this in a historical context – in the past the survival of the ruling class depended on the survival of their kingdom, but this is no longer the case as the elite can take their money and flee.

        But this only applies when there are still plenty of safe places for these white elites to flee to, where their money and land will be honoured. But their money is only numbers in digital form on some computer, and when Western economies start to collapse as they embrace third world practices, then the wealth of the elite will go too, and the only wealthy ones left will be the ones like the Russian mafia types – ie ruthless and good at defending their money, not like Zuckerberg or the types running Paypal and Google.

        In other words, when the elite find there is nowhere else to flee to they might start thinking differently about the preservation of civilised societies, instead of as at present doing nothing.

    • PaleoAtlantid
      PaleoAtlantid says:

      The reliability of the physical infrastructure once its estimated working life is reached is largely dependent on the skill and responsibility of the routine maintenance crews. These crews are conscientious blue-collar White guys. Every rail, weld, cable, and fastener is checked by these men and without them the system really would grind to a halt. The elites think they can dispense with us and get Pedro/Jemal etc. to do this work. Well, good luck with that!
      If a large scale civil disturbances do erupt, which I very much doubt, we can expect the strategic choke points such as pipelines, bridges, and electrical switch yards to be well guarded. No doubt some of our people are already thinking ways around that possibility.

    • Hipster Racist
      Hipster Racist says:

      Civil war is not at all “inevitable” and in fact is extremely unlikely. It’s simply fantasy fiction created by the right who have been predicting it for longer than most of us have been alive. The right also tends to create wild fantasies about “total economic collapse.”

      Both fantasies are based on ignorance of the military industrial complex in America and economics. How many times are these people going to wrongly predict civil war and economic collapse before people start ignoring them?

      It’s a peculiar feature of American Christian/post-Christian culture, essentially, a secular version of Armageddon and the Rapture. It’s also a psychological excuse to avoid the actual, daily, long term struggle for White survival.

      We’d be better off without these fantasies and instead stick to reality.

        • Hipster Racist
          Hipster Racist says:

          @James Bowery

          That isn’t an argument. Do you have any examples of “technology” that indicates civil war and total economic collapse are on the horizon?

          The US military war-games social unrest on a regular basis, and in fact writes about it. I have yet to read any rightist who has taken current military doctrine into account – all their fantasies are based on comical fiction like the Turner Diaries.

 did an excellent series of articles about just such topics in the last year, based on demographic data – and current military reality – to show why “civil war” is simply not in the cards.

          But writing civil war fantasy and doomer porn are certainly good ways to sell fiction to right wingesr.

          • James Bowery
            James Bowery says:

            The fact that you argue from a standpoint that there aren’t any credible “rightists” on military theory reeks of “German Science”. Let me put it to you like this:

            How many “rightists” do you know with a resume remotely resembling someone who developed the first virtual reality, predicted in the early ’80s the Trump phenomenon as a result of computer networking, worked on Gary Hart’s platform when he co-wrote “America Can Win” with Lind, was one of about a dozen guys called in by SAIC to pull the Joint Chiefs’ asses out of the fire in the Persian Gulf when oil supply was being cut off by WW II vintage mines, played a major role in getting SpaceX and Blue Origin off the ground, repeatedly warned of a “Pan western fascist Reichstag” circa 2000 to mobilize Americans to go fight for Israel, originated the idea for what is increasingly regarded as the replacement for the Turing Test and has been following John Robb’s work very closely since he first published “Brave New War”?

            Sure the military games things like the superempowered individual — and well they might. But they simply don’t have what it takes to suss out the future, and neither do the more visible “rightists”. If visibility is your criterion, then I suggest you consult with the Kardashians.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Sorry, but this is most unlikely. I read CIVIL WAR 2 back in the 90s. Interesting extrapolations from an already bad situation back then. As I recall, the actual date for CW2 was to be May 5, 2020. Perhaps it shall be. But what intelligent White preservationists (perhaps esp intelligent ones) always seem to overlook is that most persons are NOT systematic thinkers, and thus do not carry their prejudices and incoherent ideological intuitions to their logical conclusions. People are not nearly as one dimensional as ideologues suppose. Not every black is a criminal. Not every “Dreamer” is an agent of intentional Mexican ‘reconquista’. And while White liberalism is obviously the ideological rationalization of Western suicide, not every White liberal makes excuses for criminals, or would automatically side with violent nonwhites (who would probably be the ones to trigger a CW2).

      All trends suggest an ever more fragmented future nation, but for CW to break out, there must be an enormous portion of society with no stake in system preservation. My point is that it is not only White conservatives who wish to maintain basic social stability, or who see more to lose than gain from system disruption.

      I believe America has many decades of decline ahead of it. Or as Adam Smith reputedly said, “There is much ruin in a [great] nation.”

      • Patrick Henry
        Patrick Henry says:

        When they are hungry,armed militant groups roaming the land, martial law as the norm,money worthless, savings gone,family members arrested or dead for speaking out,whole urban areas burned out, then you will have civil war.

  7. Gus
    Gus says:

    “aggressively pursuing rural, uneducated White voters.” So, those with “just a high school diploma” have become “uneducated white voters” to this patronizing author.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Today you are “uneducated” if you “only” finished high school. But I am “educated” enough to know that voting is futile.

      Those of you who still vote, please tell me why Trump is better than Hillary. Not that Hillary is anything but wicked. Just why Trump was a better deal – why you folks with advanced degrees, or any kind of degrees, believed one word of what that backstabbing, duplicitous, rancid skunk told you. I did not. Are any of you celebrating the appointment of John Bolton as national security advisor?

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Bolton is to provide the left with a panacea in order to complete Clinton’s design on disabling the USA through an extremely bloody WWIII with Russia, China and Iran. A final war that will allow the Juden to rein supreme over the ruins of Earth. If it happens I hope the Earth is burned to a crisp. A literal Hell on Earth because that is the only type of world that the Juden are deserving of ruling over.

  8. Irene
    Irene says:

    The West is undergoing a process of russification: A despotic elite on top, a peasantry at the botton being fed egalitarian platitutes by the controled marxist media.
    Obama was the messiah, anything he touched turned into gold. The same applies to the former KGB boss Putin, the new godlike tsar.

  9. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    It all comes down to Humanoids are told to be more interested in Mark Zuckerberg’s integrity has been damaged by the Goyish than the Oceans are dying, the land is dying, the planet is overpopulated with mouth breathing useless eaters.

        • T
          T says:

          A mixed race guy (a Mullato) pointed out to me that those movies had some deeper messages about race than the more obvious one in the clip of Charlton Heston, ie the almost now standard inference re ‘the evil white man’. He commented about the films’ color code and castes, the darkest being the brutal and dumb gorillas, then chimps, not quite so dark, whom were more intelligent, and finally the most intelligent of the bunch, the very yellowish orangutangs, like Dr Zaius, whom dominate ape society, and which amongst blacks corresponds with what they sometimes refer to as ‘high yellows’, having the most white admixture.

          Whites (ie the future humans) are shown in a post nucleur apocolypse world as dumbed down, unable to even speak except in grunts, and wholly at the mercy of apes whom now dominate the planet, and murder the humans at will for sport.

          Supposedly many blacks in the US in the late 60’s and early 70’s readily saw themselves as being represented as apes in those films and celebrated it.

          What I don’t understand is why blacks in particular, and others as well, weren’t protesting those movies and boycotting them upon their release.

          The reason I can only suppose being that few of any race apparently observed the films from the angle of the almost certainly self described progressives whom created them. It was the progressives direct spiritual and political forebears of the US northeast whom not only owned chattel slaves themselves but ‘ran the show’ as to the African slaves being bought and sold in British North America. Generally, when something’s bad, such as drugs, or slaves, it’s the dealers whom are considered the worst by far of any involved. It shouldn’t in that light then be surprising that the film’s progressive producers would represent blacks as primitive animals, whites in general hardly being presented any better, if not much worse in the context of the films, as these progressives do indeed see blacks and others that way, ie as beast of the field to be preyed upon and exploited. They might on occasion ‘dote’ upon their fellow man just as they did their chattel slaves, but actually really true care about them and their fate…just about never.

          As chattel slavery and its trade was simply monetized rather than abolished with the 19th century introduction of the cheap labor/mass immigration system into the Anglosphere these slave owner/merchandisers did not therefore do the hard work of reforming themselves.

          The victors, in this case the US north in the Civil War, write the history books, and hence a dirth of information surrounding that terrible event…and why people in general weren’t refusing to see those films.

          • T
            T says:

            Today’s progressives see their wage slaves (ie ‘cheap laborers’ so called) just as they saw their chattel slaves, as expendable objects, merchandise, barely human if at all, which they keep close track of along with their grain, gasoline, and bluefin tuna stocks. They call this ever growing multitude of humanity by the term ‘migrant stocks’.

            Now, now, don’t resist being turned into one of these ‘migrant stocks’, after all, isn’t just about everyone ultimately a rootless and homeless immigrant…err migrant?

            They didn’t reform.


            the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution:
            “the store has a very low turnover of stock”

            merchandise, goods, wares, items/articles for sale, inventory


          • Charlie
            Charlie says:

            “Today’s progressives see their wage slaves (ie ‘cheap laborers’ so called) just as they saw their chattel slaves, as expendable objects, ”

            “Who’s going to pick your lettuce!” The liberal cries!! et. al. The “undocumented worker”.

            If you sneak in to a movie theater or a publicly subsidized jewish owned corporate sports franchise event are you treated as an “undocumented fan”?

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            “why blacks in particular, and others as well, weren’t protesting those movies”
            The apes are presented as the goodies, and that is why they like them. Even more so in the recent films. Also, note that many blacks deliberately walk in a swaying manner, so these ones are actually trying to mimic the apes.

  10. Mike R.
    Mike R. says:

    Fair retelling of the recent election, but the issue of the moment is how much of the white vote saw any benefit from their Trump ballot. With the dems effectively skating on massive corruption, treason, and felony charges and immigration cuts being torpedoed by the GOP, much of the next election cycle will pivot on how whites see the results of their will.

    At this point I think it is fair to say most whites are disappointed yet still fearful of the dems. If Trump were to make any more significant concessions; however, they would likely chock up the vote to futility again and let the mandarins have their way. Whatever sort of populism exists is still largely free agent, embraced by neither party. The GOP still gets the most of the white vote by default but they don’t have anything resembling an electoral map if they continue to dither on critical issues, particularly immigration.

    H1B expansions and a mini-wall rider on the latest spending bill could easily become the death knell of legitimate white politics. After a 2020 upset the GOP would cease to be a viable national party.

    • T
      T says:

      “Who’s going to pick your lettuce!” The liberal cries!! et. al. The “undocumented worker”.

      All the while hoping no one points out that the US did plenty fine between the early 1920’s and 1965 when there was almost zero immigration. They also don’t want anyone looking too closely at Japan, or the labor history of many other countries, which have managed quite well without the phenomena known as ‘mass immigration’.

      Those at best very naive ‘liberals’ had their parallel in the chattel slave holding societies when no doubt on occasion (someone recalling the Spartacus slave revolt perhaps) the idea was brought up that maybe it’s not such a good idea to be importing all these chattel slaves, and they would respond by attempting to shout them down with ‘Who’s going to pick the cotton? Who’s going to harvest the tobacco crop? The really ‘radical’ (though healthy and proper) idea of doing the work your self or hiring your own probably not even likely getting a proper hearing.

      I’ve never particularly bought into the idea that the English colonists couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do the work. That would be exactly the thing someone would say, then and now, whom driven by short sighted and self centered financial interest (ie greed) didn’t want to pay the real time local labor cost to employ one of their own. And if it was that bad that only chattel slaves could do certain of the jobs, ie heat, disease, etc, those jobs weren’t worth being done. Nothing is worth the genocidal effects of slavery, whether it be chattel or its monetization, wage slavery.

      Unfortunately, there are always all too many whom attempt to enable evil.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “those jobs weren’t worth being done.”
        Or, they can be done in a way that does not damage the health. This means costing more. So we pay more for some things. Eg crop-pickers work fewer hours, but there are more of them to share to share the task, and design ‘cool-suits’ for them to wear.
        Some of the worst jobs were white mining labourers who descended into dangerous and hot and polluted holes to work all day.

  11. Anthony Clifton
    Anthony Clifton says:

    and still as of today…23 March 2018….

    there are no “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament

    not that historical truths should be considered as a reliable option
    for re-segregation….[Isaiah 13:14]

    economic justice, requires forensic accounting
    who owned the slave ships, who owned the insurance companies
    who prints the currency, who owns the media
    what ugly mugs have a “JEWISH” state for… {{{PROSELYTES}}}
    “JEWS” only…

    just sayin’

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

  12. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    I noticed that a lot of my Faceberg “friends” despised Trump but were not enthusiastic about Clinton. I hope we’re not underestimating the liberal backlash that Trump has created. Then against who can the Democrats really run in 2020 against Trump? We need to clean house with the Republican Party getting rid of the country club cucks who just care about lowering their taxes or snagging that next DoD contract. A rising tide lifts all boats, except when your boat is sinking.

    Ann Coulter makes a good point in her Adios America! book that there are more Hispanics in Texas than California, yet Texas is a red state. The reason being that California whites vote liberal.

    Don’t get me started on the Bugman. They are pretentious over-educated liberal Hipsters. They indulge in their tech gizmos, work at some generic IT tech start-up company and drink craft beer that no one cares about.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      The delegitimizing of transgender toileting was a HUGE blow to liberals. They still cry themselves to sleep every night over it.

  13. Niker
    Niker says:

    Both french and bolshevik revolutions were of urban character. Oswald Spengler thought urban society is degenerate, while the rural is what gives civilizations a boost. So I’m not surprised at rural/urban divide. Big cities are spawning pools for all sorts of wicked mentality, immorality and decadence which kill nations

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      “Big cities are spawning pools for all sorts of wicked mentality, immorality and decadence which kill nations”

      To parrot Deep North: And it’s swallowed down with craft beer no one cares about and legal and illegal drugs of all kinds to knock back any sort of conscience that might emerge in these mouth breathers.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      @Niker. Big cities may be spawning pools, but only because they are so large and more likely to contain degenerates. Believe me, kind friend, there is also serious human ugliness to be found in the rural, seemingly halcyon, countryside. Whether these qualities just evolved there, or whether they were transferred there by city folks, I don’t know. It’s hard to say.

      Personally, I doubt, if the human population were evenly spread out, with every family living on 20 acres, that decadence would be reduced. It is a fallen world and everyone is affected. Now, if Earth were to experience a total collapse, a Station Eleven-type global one, the few humans left to pick up the pieces and restart, would likely be ones of wisdom. They would be carrying an understanding that we don’t yet have.

      • Niker
        Niker says:

        I fully agree that rural societies have their flaws without a doubt. Murders, rapes, promiscuity, pedophilia, domestic violence happen in the countryside as well

        But those are caused by animalistic impulses, while in cities, because of its wealth and entertainment, people can experiment with decadent behaviour, even create academic theories which will depict it as virtue. Immorality can be practiced because of ideological reasons, it becomes aestheticized and monetized. In cities people search for vain originality. The immorality of cities gets different traits than that in the countryside

        • GeorgeKocan
          GeorgeKocan says:

          I have formed the impression after many years of experiencing popular culture, that rural communities, especially those in the South, have been in the cross-hairs of talking classes for many years. E. Michael Jones discussed this in his book on Jewish revolutionaries. Apparently, it all started with the Leo Frank’s, a Jewish factory owner, murder of a young girl who worked in his pencil factory. The State of Georgia convicted him, but a bunch of Jewish lawyers from NY interfered and managed to pardoned by the governor. This did not sit well with the local, so they found a way to seize him and lynched him. Since then, Hollywood has made small towns into stereotypes of ignorant and vicious peasants.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Earth is beyond the tipping point. Asians are half the world’s population, India is a S*hole, Africa is a S*hole, Mexico is a S*hole, many part of South America are a S*hole. If some cataclysmic event occurred the corporate infrastructure left behind such as landfills, refineries, power plants, chemical refractories….. would continue poisoning the earth for 1000’s of years maybe more. Everything has been scraped off the top of the soil and now humans have to go miles deep below the crust to get metals and other minerals. There would be no picking up the pieces and continuing on. This was a one shot deal. A moonshot that failed. The planet is doomed and it’s all because Earth experienced a massive parasitic invasion from a species called humans.

        • James Bowery
          James Bowery says:

          Charlie, if you’re serious about understanding the relationship between “humans” and the biosphere, might I suggest you take a chill pill and watch E. O. Wilson’s Long Now Foundation talk on “The Social Conquest of Earth” and notice that he’s, in effect, blaming group selection’s evolution of eusociality in the primate line as extremely manifest in homosapiens. Now, try to remain calm so you can carefully reflect on these 2 question:

          What might a culture of individual selection look like in humans?

          Has there ever been any human culture that resembled that?

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            If you would take an anti- supercilious pill you would realize that the problem is very simply too many people. White men developed medicine, technology, and foreign aid which enabled the populations of the African and Asian continents to explode. The White mans genius and altruism has opened Pandoras Box.

          • James Bowery
            James Bowery says:

            Karen, whites exponentially reproduce even, and in fact, especially, when other races aren’t around. The problem comes down to culture as artificial selection. You simply have to favor some blood lines over others. People keep treating eugenics as an afterthought to white preservation. This is understandable given the present existential threat, but it it misses The Big Question:

            What constitutes “fair evolution”?

            Confront and answer that question, and you’ll have a basis for waging moral war.

        • Sam J.
          Sam J. says:

          Charlie we’re not doomed at all. Not even close. I suggest you look at the resident James Bowery stupendously excellent article on vortex islands. James I reread this all the time. It’s one of my favorite articles. Also many asteroids are very close and the minerals in them dwarfs anything we’ve dug up in our whole history. Even more we are just now learning how to chealy make super strong materials out of carbon and common elements that are far better than steel and what we’ve been using. Graphene, ceramics and advanced plastics.

          For these Islands I wonder if Whites couldn’t band together and build their own” These are things that when the infrastructure is built thy keep building more of them. Have you ever heard of the phrase,”If Whites had their own country it wouldn’t be like this”? Well there’s at least one billion Whites on Earth. If each one gave two dollars in return for a apartment could $2 billion dollars be enough to kick off a new White country? At $200 a piece you would only need 100 million. I think this could be done. In return you get an apartment in a building unfinished and citizenship on the collective vortex powered country. I do have reservations about depending on just the vortex. We could have lots of backup massive flywheels burners of some sort to power the vortex or maybe some nuclear power plants. Some Islands could be sold to non-Whites for revenue.

          • Charlie
            Charlie says:

            Sam J: Starships and Star Colonies are utopian drivel. No one gets off this rock alive. There are no cosmic star engines that can or will exist. Instead of spending any money on getting to another planet before this one blows up is better spent on making peace with this one.

          • James Bowery
            James Bowery says:

            I’ve been putting off reworking the numbers in that article based to explicitly fix the chlorine problem with CPVC — not because it is hard to do, but simply because I’ve been waiting for Peter Thiel’s group (not the Seasteading Institute, but the one that funded the AVE development) to come back with some projections based on the early experiments. Also, there are other technologies coming along that look like they’ll obviate the AVE.

  14. The AntiLoser
    The AntiLoser says:

    It’s unclear whether white identity politics is gaining or losing strength. After Charlottesville anything looking like white nationalism has been shut down. Trump has abandoned it and the GOP never signed on in the first place. It’s crucial to bear in mind that Republicans (nearly) ALWAYS win the high-school graduate vote in national elections. The Dems rely on suburban hippies plus ethnic bloc-voters who could care less about gay rights, abortion rights, stamping out Christianity, gun control, or Israel. Our social policies and foreign policies are being made by a tiny elite that controls the GOP with donations and controls the Dems by its willingness to shower praise, sinecures, and handouts on minorities. For that reason, I doubt that white advocacy, which vindicates all these minority votes for the Dems, is a good strategy. Watsonian populism seems more natural. Mike Huckabee and the late Jack Kemp are the only politicians to have figured this out: Huckabee’s idea is to combine social conservatism with economic policies more friendly to minorities and the poor, driving a wedge between middle America and Wall Street money to the benefit of social conservatism. White advocates who have Jewish views on social issues won’t see the appeal, but for those who still dream of returning to the small-town 1950s, this seems the best chance.

    • James Bowery
      James Bowery says:

      It’s unclear whether white identity politics is gaining or losing strength.

      Has there ever been a time in history when white identity gained strength?

      My strongly — even religiously — held opinion is that “white identity” gains strength when it embodies the heritable sense of fairness that produced the Cambrian Period’s creative Explosion of life forms:

      May the best win.

      What “May the best win.” means to the individual is acceptance of death as a part of sexual select — of annihilation — for the higher purpose of Creation. This is the true spirit embodied by our people — a spirit that JudeoChristianity seduced with supernormal religious stimuli. We cannot escape this morality because it is the essence of Creation and the essence of our Creator.

      It makes me very sad that my people have been misled as to the nature of their greatness and, as a result, cannot receive its moral strength hence the morale to fight on our terms, rather than their adversaries’ manifestly pseudo-fair terms.

      Our “tradition” of morality is far deeper than the “pre-modern” era, far deeper than civilization, far deeper than the rest of humanity’s and, indeed, far deeper than even the nascent eusocial primate line leading to homo sapien. We need only accept our fate — not to take, but to recognize our place, already occupied, as the moral conscience of the world, hence our worthiness of defense.

  15. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Good analysis but the use of /pol/-tier buzzwords like “cuck” and “bugman” makes me question the quality of TOO editing and its seriousness.

    • Hipster Racist
      Hipster Racist says:


      Seconded. The otherwise excellent political analysis was marred by the cult-like jargon. It’s been hugely demoralizing watching the “Alt Right” – once such a promising movement that peaked at the 2015 NPI conference – devolve back into the subcultural fringe of the “1488” movement and its even worse child, the “/pol/” internet troll culture.

      There are plenty of websites for low-brow trolling, and few quality sites like TOO. We can’t afford to lose the few quality pro-White sites that still exist.

  16. Sixte
    Sixte says:

    Americans don’t recognize that they are the victims of a kind of occult psy ops and are so brainwashed that their thoughts are not their own. Why do we have Holocaust museums about Europeans killing Jews but no museum about American POWs murdered by the Japanese in WW II? Does Germany have memorials to American slaves who died on Southern plantations? Did Americans not go to war against Germany? Why are Jews more important than non-Jewish Americans? Why do American “Christians” think Jesus was a Jew? Would the son of God be a Jew or the son of God? Why do Christians think that the Jewish God who told the Jews to commit genocide and that they were the chosen people is the same as the God who gave us the peaceful and loving Jesus? Why do we call our tradition Judeo-Christian when Jesus said that the Jews who rejected him were liars and children of the devil? These might seem to be strange questions in this secular age, but religion is still a determining force in American society. America is Jewish! We Americans are caught between Jewish cultural Marxism and Jewish mercenary capitalism (two sides of the same Jewish coin) in the cities and Judaized Christianity in the countryside. Our identity is compromised right down to its core, and has been for a long, long time. Here’s a small but significant example. When whites attack white privilege or white supremacy, they are almost always Jews — but they don’t tell you that. Susan Sontag: “White people are the cancer of human history.” Noel Ignatiev: “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” These two Jews, rest assured, are not including white Jews in that condemnation. To extend this a bit further, what is a “liberal”? Answer: A Jew, or someone who has a Jewish world view. What is a neo-conservative? Answer: A Jew, or someone who has a Jewish world view. What is capitalism? A Jewish economic system. What is communism? A Jewish economic system? What do they have in common? Autocratic rule by a global elite. Which group is disproportionately represented by that elite? Jews. What is Christianity today? It’s mostly worship of the Jews. Liberation starts with knowing the truth, knowing the enemy, clearing the muck out of your mind. America isn’t even close to doing that, and even pro-white people are just getting started. We need to expose the alien presence and its hostility to our very existence. And this is not just a question of economics or politics, it is profoundly a question of morality. What I am talking about here is evil. It must be exposed. The demon must be cast out.

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