“Hispanics are natural conservatives” — The Dangerous Myth

The left has their evil platitudes — “diversity is our greatest strength” and “we are a nation of immigrants,” among others. Those in the so-called conservative movement have their own goofy and fictitious one-liners as well — “Israel is our greatest ally” and “Hispanics are natural conservatives.” All of these are nothing but globalist propaganda narratives aimed at convincing us to give away our homelands to hostile foreigners. With the exploding Hispanic population in the United States, it is important to lay this lie to rest.

One of the central tenants of civic nationalism, which I wrote about here, is that Hispanic demographic replacement should be of no concern, as they are really “just like us.” The left of course, knows this could not be further from the truth, in fact, they are betting on it. Incredibly telling exposés such as Adam Winkler’s The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable, reveals their strategy. Winkler writes, “Support for, and opposition to, gun control is closely associated with several demographic characteristics, including race, level of education and whether one lives in a city. Nearly all are trending forcefully against the NRA.” Winkler cites the overwhelming support for gun control by blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, along with their growing shares of the U.S. population and notes that these shifts are “a boon for gun control.”[1]

The “conservative” camp, has been very slow to catch on. Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation writes, “There’s no reason that Hispanics shouldn’t give this movement [conservatism] a closer look. For starters, conservatism is consistent with many of the values of the Hispanic American community. Specifically, conservatism emphasizes the concepts of hard work, entrepreneurship and prosperity.”[2]

Politico discusses how “crucial” Hispanic outreach is to the GOP,[3] the RNC has launched a Hispanic outreach campaign,[4] and the GOP website has an entire section dedicated to Hispanics.[5]

But let us take a look at just how “naturally” conservative Hispanics are as a group. At no point in the history of presidential races has the Hispanic population voted majority Republican, with the trending party affiliation becoming increasingly Democrat over the years.[6] In 1960, the U.S. Hispanic population was 6.3 million, and has risen to over 56 million as of 2015. By the year 2065, the Hispanic population is projected to be nearly 110 million if trends continue. In 1960, Hispanics accounted for 3.5% of the US population; as of 2015, they grew to 17.6%.[7] What this means for elections is clear: The Hispanic voting bloc is on track to be one of the most influential.

Party platforms will fall in line with the concerns of their constituency, and Hispanic views of free speech, gun control, and government are alarming. In a 2017 Cato Survey, 72% of Hispanics agreed with the phrase “hate speech is an act of violence,” and 62% agree that “people who don’t respect others don’t deserve the right to free speech.”[8] Clearly, the majority of Hispanics have no concept of “free speech.” How will that look as Hispanics become a majority in America? 75% of Hispanics believe that controlling gun ownership is more important in society than protecting the right of Americans to own guns.[9] When asked if they would prefer a smaller government with fewer services or a larger government with more services, only 19% of Hispanics favored the smaller government option.[10]

We can see from their views of public policy that there is nothing naturally conservative about Hispanics. Perhaps their behavior in society will shed light on the civic nationalist idea that every Hispanic is a conservative that doesn’t yet understand the value of low taxes and free speech.
In terms of crime rate, Hispanics are three times more likely to be in prison compared to Whites.[11] Hispanic households use welfare at a rate of 54.1%, with Blacks at 54.6%, and Whites at 23.1%.[12]

Compared to 10 per 1,000 women for Whites, Hispanics nearly double the White abortion rate at 18.1 per 1,000 women, with Blacks at 27.1 per 1,000 women.[13] While 24% of White children are in single-parent homes, 42% of Hispanic children are raised by single parents — again, nearly double the rate of Whites.[14]

Hispanics vote left in a majority, even among those that are 3rd and 4th generation U.S. citizens, when is this “natural conservatism” supposed to kick in? They support hate speech laws. They support firearm restrictions. They support a bigger government with more welfare services. They use welfare at a rate nearly as much as Blacks, and over twice that of Whites. They have abortions and raise children in single-parent homes at a rate closer to that of Blacks than of Whites.

And they are a rapidly growing demographic.

Is this what conservatism looks like to some people? High crime, high abortions, high welfare use, support for a large government, more welfare programs, enacting hate speech laws, and gun control? Because if it is, we are in a whole lot of trouble. The assertion that “Hispanics are natural conservatives” — so hard working and valuing of prosperity — that raises the question, why are Hispanic nations so reliably corrupt, despondent, and left-wing? Surely a group of “naturally” conservative people would not build such societies.

And what if I’m wrong about Hispanics? Well, then I guess Mexicans will have to figure out how to be “naturally conservative in Mexico, and not in California, Arizona, or Texas. But what if they are wrong? Then the entire fate of our nation hinges upon a platitude belied by all of the available data, not a great public policy decision.

Instead of pandering to a group of people who reliably vote left, who turn left every city, county, and state they occupy, and show no signs of changing (even after generations of voting), why does the GOP not choose to consider “White outreach”? There are millions of Whites who vote left (welcoming their own demise), millions of Whites who simply do not vote, and a tremendous population of Whites in economically devastated parts of the nation who need outreach. Instead of pandering to a hostile tribe, why not make an explicitly pro-White party platform? It does not have to be exclusively pro-White, but at least as explicit as the GOP is with their Hispanic platform. Instead of promising immigration reform to hordes of ungrateful Hispanics, why not promise help to families in rural Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, the states the left contemptuously decries as “fly over country”?

The reality is that there is simply no evidence that supports the assertion that Hispanics value “hard work, entrepreneurship and prosperity.” Quite the opposite, if anything, it seems Hispanics value welfare, big government, and social dysfunction. What we have is a group of foreign interlopers that overwhelmingly support erosions to our First and Second Amendments — and they’ll get it, too.

Americans have been pacified in many ways; there is a consensus among “patriots” that some of our most basic values, such as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, are somehow set in stone. They are anything but. Within a few decades — maybe more, maybe less — Whites will be a demographic minority in the U.S. Those first two amendments are just that, amendments. A quick civics reminder: It will only take two-thirds of Congress and 38 states to eviscerate either (or both) of our most cherished rights.

The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. A year before that, the Naturalization Act was passed, limiting U.S. citizenship to free White persons. Limiting who could become an American came before the U.S. ratified the rights we take for granted, and we should not forget this lesson in chronology. A White nation is a predicate to such expansive freedoms. To deny this, and to believe that we should not be concerned with the fact that the Mexican border moves ever northward, is to play a very dangerous game. A game where we find ourselves betting the future of our civilization on the misguided hope that we can convince an alien race to somehow become “just like us.”

Timothy William Walters argues in the Los Angeles Times that we need a 28th Amendment to repeal the Second Amendment. David S. Cohen argues for repealing the Second Amendment in Rolling Stone, as does Bret Stephens in The New York Times. The left has made it abundantly clear that their goal is to disarm us; when they have enough brown lemmings, they will do just that. The enemies of our civilization know that armed White men are the vanguard against their ability to level further atrocities upon us. With Whites disarmed, there will be no opposition, no chance at survival. They are frothing at the mouth to destroy this vestige of White America, and the dangerous myth that “Hispanics are natural conservatives” is but one of their many tools of manipulation.

[1] Winkler, Adam. “The NRA Will Fall. It’s Inevitable.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 19 Oct. 2015, www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/10/19/the-nra-will-fall-its-inevitable/?utm_term=.e890ea0a5ee2.

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  1. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    The Left’s predictable response to the plethora of unflattering stats about Hispanics is to claim that “every first generation or two of immigrants has these problems and that they decline with time”. But, not true: the fourth generation Hispanic drop out rate is actually higher that the first generation’s. Add to this their relatively low average IQ (90), and its heritability, no change should be expected.

    As far as getting an explicitly White political platform going, the problem is there are no powerful monied interests to support it. If there were such interests the platform would get many votes and other races would be on notice that Whites had shifted to the offense.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      *The Left’s predictable response to the plethora of unflattering stats about Hispanics is to claim that “every first generation or two of immigrants has these problems and that they decline with time”.*

      That’s also the Right’s response to invasion disquiet.

      I say invasion where you say immigration, because the distinction between the two is the consent and support of the native people. Americans have always been opposed to more immigration, but their wishes were ignored. Thus invasion.

      These two points matter. We are not a right vs left movement, because right vs left divides only Whites; and it’s invasion not immigration, because we are not lying leftists or rightists, just honest.

      • MountainMan
        MountainMan says:

        Well said, Nick, especially “right vs left divides only Whites.” That is, I believe part of the propagandist’s strategy to sow discord among whites.

        Whites’ wishes to curb immigration have indeed been ignored. I’m always fascinated especially with exactly who is behind all this. Care to comment?

      • HK Wills
        HK Wills says:

        I said the “Left” with the belief that it is the primary vehicle for Jewish ethnic aggression and with a certainty that all who make the hypothetical argument I posited would not be Jewish e.g. white liberals. Hence the inclusive “Left”. Also “immigration” is in quotation marks.

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          It is the right and left tendencies and the right/left divide among Whites, authored by Jews, that is their primary method of denying us what we seek thru democratic means. As you wisely point out, Whites will rise above such trivia if they are offered a vote that stands for much more.

          Other *ideas as such* substitutes for *politics as such* divide us yet further: religion, class politics, metapolitical vs practical, idealist vs materialist, and on and on. And no subset of Whites is more divided by extraneous ideas for ideas’ sake strife than pro-Whites. And no wonder, since the main reason many of these ideas even exist or are given so much importance by the Jewish authors of culture is to divide Whites. It’s critical that pro-Whites put aside their adolescent-adopted ideologies and cliques, and just push WHITE.

          This altogether is the product – along with funny money, hooky science, lying media and thermo-nuclear blackmail – of Jews Jewing (following Tanstaafl’s coinage). No doubt different forms of Jewing are their primary vehicle of ethnic aggression at any one time.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      The OP writes as if we are a conservative audience seeking right-wing solutions.

      But in fact Hispanics obviously rank above Whites in any number of conventionally ascribed ‘conservative’ or ‘right wing’ identifiers. They are more ethnocentric; more macho; more concerned with family and extended family; more hostile to other racial groups; more socially and politically aggressive and demanding; more religious; more loyal to cultural tradition; more motivated to attract economic resources to their own group and keep them there; while also being less supportive of genuinely liberal ideas such as tolerance of homos; equality with Blacks; open borders; feminism; equality before the law; truth. Etc ….

      It is a really quite obvious fact that Whites are generally liberal, and non-Whites generally aren’t. It is therefore astonishing that pro-Whites keep on being maneuvered into adopting for themselves a ‘far-right’ label just because the media says that’s who we are. There is a reason they make it more difficult for us to ‘become who we are’ – to adopt a phrase from the mainstream media.

      • Irene
        Irene says:

        The churches, temples in Latin America are overflowing with the faithful. Then you have those sincretic christian-african religions like Santerism which is practised e.g. by 90% of Cubans.
        In Sao Paulo, Brownzil one evangelical church built a huge, luxurious ‘Temple of Solomon’ which has become a tourist attraction.

  2. Irene
    Irene says:

    There are at least 10 mio. Latin Americans over here in Europe. Many of them come here with portuguese, spanish, italian passports. One more reason the satanic EU must be go!

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      If you’re religious I don’t want to even engage you about your beliefs, but you know, the ‘Satan’ thing matters regardless of any of our religion.

      Satan for Westerners can only sensibly be defined via the bible where he’s said to be the arch enemy of the Jews. So the arch enemy of the Jews is doing all this to us – not the Jews? One of these propositions is much more evidenced than the other.

      We may have a case here where a catch-all, blame-for-all phrase was deliberately popularized for shift-blaming purposes. Just maybe …

      • JoeFour
        JoeFour says:

        “Satan for Westerners can only sensibly be defined via the bible where he’s said to be the arch enemy of the Jews.”

        Really?? Here’s what Christ said about the Jews of his day:

        John 8:44-45 King James Version (KJV)
        44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

        45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          Christians use Satan and devil interchangeably, but for Jews ‘Satan’ the singular personality was what we might call a ‘hostile elite,’ constantly trying to manipulate Jews into acting in ways not good for Jews. And from him, there came the abstracted concept of satanic power, tempting Jews into disloyalty to their traditional culture. So two different things, the devil and Satan/satanic.

          If we want to say something is the work of the Devil, diabolical would be the correct adjective. And it’s a word everyone knows and that has no alternative interpretation. So you see it’s quite odd that our culture generally uses the other, incorrect and morally confusing term. But if, say, Jews were behind the plots that Christian culture witlessly labels ‘satanic,’ then the misdirection would just help things along a little.

      • Irene
        Irene says:

        Dear Karen: Some Slavs are good people and white, most are not. There are millions of them where I live and believe me, there is nothing more irritating than to hear someone speaking russian – it sounds so primitive! I’d rather listen to Blacks, even marry one, than a Russian.

  3. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Non-violent territorial conflict boils down to womb warfare. The current womb war is compounded with political fraud, most egregiously exemplified by The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and the subsequent decades of pretense that the US government is in any reasonable sense “legitimate.”

    Those who believe there is a political solution to this must admit that without mounting a womb war counter-offensive to overwhelm the adversary, they are merely a counsel of despair. If they wish to escape this categorization, the burden of proof is on them make specific proposals to achieve this counter-offensive.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      Alarming events here in Aztlan [SoCal]. The mex lady across the street came out last year wearing a T-shirt lettered I MAKE BABIES- in English.

      Since last summer I noticed a pattern- I go to front yard, and strange sounds would emanate from their house. Sounded like deliberate irritation. It happened as soon as I went outdoors- it seems they have somebody surveilling my abode [almost said adobe] and alerting the others to begin the harassment.

      Last week the noise became a feigned argument- the lady and one or two others. Then the female ejaculated- AMERICAN! They knew I was watching. . .

      Why would these beaners, I mean folks, have a [daytime] lookout? Why the effort and urgency? I asked a relative-she said, probably scared of something.
      Likely so. Last summer the house right behind theirs had a loud party- I went out to see what I could see. I took a flashlight and walked around the front house and up a driveway to near the back house. I had never seen the back house close up. Turned around and came back down.

      The strange noises began soon after. I surmise that they saw me leave the house, flashlight in hand, and move across the street in their direction. And then I went AROUND their house. WTF is that American neighbor doing? Ah- maybe he is coming over here to hurt us! Then imagination goes into overtime.

      Is there a word for defensive measures that people take to neutralize demons?
      Do they “think” that, when I go outside, I’m just about to cross the street and. . .

      Maybe they “know” my views and think I am the enemy. Well they called me American. I have no idea what they know, or what they have been told. Well, now I have some idea. She could have said GRINGO- “American” has political overtones.

      I think I will get a T-shirt with advertising for a mexican beer. If they still make the noise I will wave and ejaculate “Buenos Tardes!”

      Isn’t life a magnificent adventure?


      Another thought- maybe they are illegal and are afraid of being repatriated.
      Maybe I work for “La Migra.” Maybe I do and don’t know it. Duh. . .

      btw the benefits for mexes are amazing. HUD [Housing and Urban Development] has a car plan- expensive cars for mexes, not for Whites. Neighbors next door had a Cadillac Escalade [SUV].

    • xenonman
      xenonman says:

      Hispanics are “just like us”?

      Sure, we all desire money, jobs, water, food, and sex. However, I’ve got bad news: There ain’t enough of any of that to go around.

      Claiming that these aliens merely want what everyone does, proves NOTHING! The US is already populated well beyond the optimal level, and this naivete about everyone being alike will assure an exacerbation of the already dangerous situation!

      • MountainMan
        MountainMan says:

        Those things you mentioned, “money, jobs, water, food, and sex,” are things universally pursued by all humans.

        I think “just like us” refers to averages in genetic characteristics. That is quite another matter, and that has huge implications for a society. Those characteristics are what confer IQ upon a culture, what give it its taste and tang, its signature, its crime rates, its general sense of order and hygiene, its tolerance for noise, the amount of trash it generates and what it does with it, etc.

        Anyone who has traveled in Mexico or visited a Mexican-dominated neighborhood sees and senses the differences from the Anglo-Saxon type. There is just a whole different genetic dynamic at work which is too obvious to ignore.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      James Bowery,

      “without mounting a womb war counter-offensive”

      After 60 million abortions we have our work cut out for us! A first step would be to motivate European and European American males to confront the hipsters, hennetasters and thralls.

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        In the womb war, legal abortion affects different races differently. Among blacks, for example, it definitely reduces their numbers relative to whites.

        Note, I’m not here advocating for legalized abortion — I’m simply pointing out that outlawing abortion should not be viewed as part of a white counter-offensive in the womb-wars. If you want to outlaw abortion, find some other argument.

        • Michael Adkins
          Michael Adkins says:

          I am interested in how liberalized abortion has effected European populations beginning in the 1960’s. Who benefited?

          Again, motivate European and European American males to confront the hipsters, hennetasters and thralls.

          My argument, “get rid of the passive European male wherever he exists.”

  4. xenonman
    xenonman says:

    Don’t forget that, with the possible exception of Costa Rica, there is little concept of civic engagement in Latin American countries.
    The work ethic and individual enterprise, as we understand these, are also alien concepts south of the border.

  5. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    Even if these Hispanics were natural conservatives, they are still replacing us demographically. Nothing to look forward to. There might be Hispanics who view our history and form of government favorably, but they will be a minority in a wave of brown immigration. Politicians are allowed to pander to every group except whites.

  6. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    One can only laugh, when one reads in your bibliography, about the Heritage Foundation’s Israel Ortega’s Disney Edition of ” 35 Years of Achievements “. From his side of the desk, for sure.

    Decades back, I spoke with Adolph Coors, one of the two beer-brewing brothers, after their product was nationally boycotted, because they had fired a gay line-worker.

    He told me, that the two of them had donated 4.5 million to purchase the Heritage Foundation’s handsome abode in DC.

    Now, an Israel Ortega propagandizes from there, with a title implying 35 years of straight Achievements, as opposed to its de facto hijacking,

    Also, an LA Times columnist opined a few years back,
    that Jewish Hispanic immigration support is in [[[ their ]]] STRATEGIC INTEREST. In your face ! Stating the obvious is free speech: repeating it is anti- Semitic.

    You ” civics lesson ” is well taken. It descends on us like the hour hand on our clock.

  7. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    It will not require two-thirds of Congress and 38 states to eviscerate the first and second amendments. All it requires is five supreme court justices to interpret (or reinterpret) them in a way that strips away their protections and guarantees. Those interpretations have already been developed (and to some extent applied) in academia and are just waiting for the day when there are five justices ready and willing to impose them.

    • Walter Lewkowski
      Walter Lewkowski says:

      The only inalienable rights guaranteed by the U S Constitution are the right of women to have an abortion and the right to discriminate against White males.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        They love to love on the Black man because the Talmudvision tells them that the Black Man is gentle and loving (as he beats the tar out of her because she won’t let go of the money). Dating/Marrying a White man will only lead to domination and control because the white man is a RAY-SIS!!

        • Karen T
          Karen T says:

          According to the latest statistics from Pew Research, 10% of White women marry outside of their race, 36% of Asian women and 12% of White men, thus more than 24% of Asian woman marry Blacks or Hispanics. As more White women have become pro White in the past couple of years, attempts to demonize them have accelerated. Divide and conquer.

          • Charlie
            Charlie says:

            That’s only the White women that MARRY outside of their race. Negros don’t marry their women and have many and many bastard negro children. 78% of negro chillins are born out of wedlock. Only a White man and White woman can produce a White Child

  8. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Most AmeriKwans approve of the influx of Hispanic debris because they like tacos and anyone that could give them something as delicious as tacos are a good people.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Making tacos at home, in your own kitchen, is some kind of high tech skill that White Amerikwans cannot master for themselves?

      I am willing to agree that tacos – and most other Mexican types of meals – are delicious. But, I do not need to surrender control of, and my White majority dominance over, the nation that my 100 percent White ancestors bequeathed to me and their other White descendants so I can have Mestizos making my tacos for me.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        “Making tacos at home, in your own kitchen, is some kind of high tech skill that White Amerikwans cannot master for themselves?”

        Yes. Anything involving their hands or mind is High Tech work to an AmeriKwan. AmeriKwans are a slave class.

    • Thorgrun
      Thorgrun says:

      Murikans like to have Juan and his brother Jose work for half of the wage of a White man, as Juan and his brother and families share a house, get paid in cash, and the Establishment looks the other way when license or permits are evaded. Sure it looks like they are hard working and of course they are, however, they undercut, flout the laws calling for workmen’s compensation, licensing, income taxes, etc. Btw, this has along with Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down” BS, helped destroy the construction tradesmen that until his Regime, was an all White Man’s domain.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Cheap work and Quality work can not be used in the same sentence. Juan and his crew of 12 work fast but do sloppy work. I’ve seen it time and time again. They all live in a crew cab truck and scramble anytime they see a cop. AmeriKwans are only lowering their own standard of living by allowing Juan and Co. to be exploited.

  9. Johnny Rottenborough
    Johnny Rottenborough says:

    The enemies of our civilization know that armed White men are the vanguard against their ability to level further atrocities upon us

    Armed civilians are no deterrent to an enemy, the political class, which has under its command sufficient firepower to destroy a good chunk of the planet. More’s the pity because, as one of your wiser presidents said, ‘When the government fears the people, there is liberty.’

  10. JimB
    JimB says:

    Thank you for this informative article. I for one already highly suspected as much, but it’s nice to see it printed for potentially millions to read. Civic-minded Whites desperately need to get their heads out of their ***es on a number of issues, this being of course one of them.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      I think the absolute numbers are relatively insignificant. More significantly, evangelist churches are making big inroads in Latin America at the Catholic church’s expense, and most of these are Zionist.

  11. Smack MacDougal
    Smack MacDougal says:

    Houck delivers another stellar work. However, deep down, Houck does not get it.

    Anglo-Protestants founded both British Colonial America and the USA. They did so upon their Anglo-Protestant ethics. They and their sons (descendants) are the ones who made the USA great.

    A great horde of European immigrants, almost all from southern and eastern Europe, almost all who were Catholics and Jews kicked off the destruction of the USA. And their sons accelerated the destruction, especially since 1965. They have worked feverishly to replace Anglo-Protestant ethics with liberal, progressive Catholic-Jew ethics.

    All races are not the same. Race isn’t about color. Race is about people of common descent.

    The sons of the emancipated black races and the current mestizo races are the latest races to join the sons of southern and eastern Euro Catholics and Slav Jews in the effort to destroy the USA and the Anglo-Protestant ethics upon which it arose.

    But the real destruction began after 1910, after the great horde of inferior European immigrants invaded the USA between 1870 and 1910.

    On a side note, in truth, Hispanics do not exist. There are mestizos races, many which speak the language of the ancestors conquerors, the Spaniards. However, there are no Hispanic races. These various mestizo races are not fighting each other currently. They have allied themselves in effort to swipe power from the various white races, the sons of Englishman and the sons of Germans mostly.

    Houck’s work The Folly of Civic Nationalism | The Occidental Observer – White Identity, Interests, and Culture is a worthy read, even if it is highly disorganized.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      MacDougal makes some good points but it’s obvious to me, at least, that prior to 1965 the “Catholic” immigrants to America had been entirely Anglicized in terms of the norms of free enterprise and rugged individualism. However, after the cultural revolution of the 60s and thereafter into the 70s, all I saw at university campuses was the charge for multiculturalism, diversity, and socialism being led by the descendants of the original founding people of this country – along with the intellectual representatives of an influential and affluent minority. This is true even today though the numbers of Yankee and nativist liberals are slowly dwindling. Add to this the current Northern European obsession with demographic suicide and I’m not sure MacDougal’s points can stand in today’s context. It’s entirely possible that two European wars removed the most vigorous members of European manhood and tilted the natural selection process in a dysgenic direction.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        “It’s entirely possible that two European wars removed the most vigorous members of European manhood”

        And both those European wars were engineered by those very Anglo-Protestants that ‘founded both British Colonial America and the USA, and made it great.’ So here again, we are our own enemy.

        • T. J.
          T. J. says:

          A logical fallacy here. (a)Those engineering two wars were AP [Anglo Protestant]. (b)APs as a group engineered those wars. Therefore “we” did it. . .there is something wrong with us. . .

          (a) and (b) are two entirely different statements

          Say a barrel has bad apples. Was the entire barrel behind the wars, or only the bad apples? Bad Anglos have bad traits, therefore all Anglos have those traits. A major faux pas. “We” did not do it- the bad Anglos did.

          Hunter Wallace keeps making a similar error, even after being corrected. X% of violent crimes are committed by negroes. The desired stat is- what % of negroes commit violent crime? These are two entirely different numbers. . .

          What % of [those] wars involved Anglos? Maybe 100%. What % of Anglos were involved in orchestrating these wars? Less than !%, I presume.

          We are [I am] looking at probabilities within groups [races]. Just two- the chance of inventing something, and the chance of being involved in serious crime [violent or white collar]. What % of each race does good things, and bad things?
          That will produce two numbers. The ratio can be calculated giving an index number- the goodness/badness index [oh my goodness!]

          For Whites- lots of invention, low crime. The index strongly favors goodness.

          For blacks- zero invention, off the scale crime. Index strongly favors badness.

          For jews- zero or near zero invention, off the scale white collar crime. Index strongly favors badness

          For mexicans – zero or near zero invention, high violent crime. Index favors badness.

          Northern Asians- low invention, low crime, index is neutral.


          You better watch out, you better not cry
          You better not pout, I’m telling you why
          Santa Claus is comin’ to town, gather around
          He’s making a list and checking it twice
          He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice

          Santa Claus is comin’ to town

          He sees you when you’re sleepin’
          He knows when you’re awake
          He knows if you’ve been bad or good
          So be good for goodness sake

          You better watch out, you better not cry
          You better not pout, I’m telling you why
          Santa Claus is comin’ to town

          That helped clear my mind. I notice how seldom joo white collar crime is mentioned [by our side]. . .

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            TJ – I have talked about Jews plenty … and for a long time now. Very likely longer than you’ve been talking about them. (I started in 1997). I don’t avoid Jews.

            But I am pretty tired of those who mention ‘joos’ for every problem we have and stop there – it’s just too easy. Plus you’re not willing to do anything about it but talk.

            It is true that we Europeans hurt ourselves very badly with these two major, disastrous ‘cousin wars’, and it’s true some portion of the British elite were responsible for the scheming and those who were opposed were too weak to stop it. Why were they too weak? Maybe because the ruling classes had already allowed the Jews to get too powerful (i.e. run the media), and also because those opposed were not as firm in their convictions.

            In the second big disaster, the British public again did not support the peace makers, who had probably started too late. The public has to take responsibility for so easily falling into “Hate the Hun” propaganda put out in all the newspapers. We can say the public are simply victims, but I’d like to remind you that no one after the war excused the German public for following Hitler, who was portrayed as a madman. The German people were blamed – that was part of the plan to make Germany non-competitive for the foreseeable future. I don’t think the average Briton was completely unaware of that but he allowed it. And remember, in both wars Britain declared war on Germany, both times for very weak, trumped-up reasons. Britons can’t claim innocence for what their country did in these wars, and there are only a handful who don’t, who take responsibility. In this 2nd war, America was in on it from the beginning, it was an Anglo-American production.

            In any case, we lost millions of our bravest, finest men. There IS something wrong with us when we cannot stop the invasion of our own lands by inferior, less developed people. In my opinion, the reason we can’t is because we can’t/won’t accept the truth of these wars and our 20th Century history, and that’s why we’re at the mercy of the Jews.
            (The historical truth is not even accepted by White Nationalism or by the so-called Alt-Right, or the so-called Visegrad countries – nor anywhere in Russia. There are very, very few of us who stand for a truly accurate historical record.)

    • Joseph Gulliver
      Joseph Gulliver says:

      I don’t think that one can blame all the Catholics and their descendants for the immigration mess that was created in 1965. The descendants of the Puritans, Episcopalians and Lutherans have done their fair share of promoting and enabling third world immigration and these people are Anglo/Germanic for the most part. Just blame it on the Jews and Liberals because that’s where it started.

      • Franks&Beans
        Franks&Beans says:

        @Joseph Gulliver, you are right. I have met so many whites WASPs that are descendants of the puritans and Mayflower that are so liberal, that you would think that they were foreigners/jews hell bent on destroying the US or western civilization. It is too bad that these WASP liberals are academics or people of influence in their communities and in cities. So liberalism is a problem. We had liberals even before the southern Europeans and jews came to the US. Thoreau and other writers and thinkers of the 19th century were flaming liberals.

    • Franks&Beans
      Franks&Beans says:

      @Smack MacDougal, I have met a lot of Italian and Polish Catholics that are against the Hispanics and negroes coming in and replacing whites. Some of them are more patriotic than the WASP Americans and more cultured. They are well mannered and very more intelligent than some of the southern WASP rednecks that talk slang and dress up trying to imitate the Smokey and The Bandit and Dukes of Hazard characters. So stop putting all southern and eastern Europeans in the same boat. You are not fully wrong. Of course the jews are our #1 enemy and they will use the Negroes, mestizos, Hindus and also Asians to destroy whites. I do agree that the Irish Ted Kennedy joined forces with the Jews to destroy WASP Boston and hence WASP America. I used to respect the Irish for their strong religious faith and ethnic ties, but nowadays they are ready to bed down with negroes and non whites and the same goes for Germans thanks to the Holocaust guilt put on them thanks to Jews rewriting history.So that needs to change. The Italians may act like wiggers, but in most cases they will marry whites and only in some cases will consort with negroes and Jews. They will consort with jews mostly than negroes.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Again the Faulty Logic of “The Vatican Conspiracy”

      The Irish were Catholics and the KKK was ginned up by Jewish Bankers and Southern Crackers to kill the Irish and prevent them and Catholics from getting established in North America. So your story falls apart over a century ago and is laughable.

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Hispanics are consummate socialists. Almost every one of their south and central American nations displays varying degrees of egalitarian, red socialism. There is nothing “conservative” about them save a die hard, slavish adherence to the most backwards, dogmatic aspects of Catholicism.

    In the meantime, what does conservatism mean anymore, anyway? When you get to the point where all your ideology represents is economic functions and wailing piously over abortion, where’s the meat that actually makes it a movement?

    Conservatism died when the vote hungry GOP excised the white advocacy from it in a failed attempt to appeal to everyone, and pleasing no one. Without an organic, whole, and all encompassing world view that goes beyond mere economic and legislative concerns, you have nothing. Conservatism is a sad, dead corpse of a horse, dragged out and ceremoniously beaten whenever the GOP wants to rally the boomer lemmings who never cared about anything other than shopping and sportsball anyway.

  13. Realist
    Realist says:

    “Hispanics are natural conservatives” — The Dangerous Myth

    This probably comes from the proposition that Hispanics are religious therefore conservative.
    Conflating religion and conservatism.

  14. tadzio308
    tadzio308 says:

    Practical politics often requires an Other. GOP strategists to the best of my knowledge have never appealed to the natural animosity between Blacks and Hispanics.

    A few election cycles ago there was a gang rape of a young Hispanic girl in Texas. It was notable for cellphone videos inviting more than two dozen to join in the fun. The MSM downplayed it. The judge issued unconstitutional black out orders. It was a great opportunity to divide and conquer two essential Democrat constituencies. The GOP did nothing.

    https://www.colorlines.com/articles/more-horrific-details-emerge-cleveland-texas-gang-rape will give the flavor of the crime and most of the details.

    Mr. Dooley noted long ago that “Politics ain’t beanbag”. It is a hard tackle sport. Events occur and should be ruthlessly taken advantage of. No matter which way it is played there is a significant electoral advantage in opportunistically promoting Black-Hispanic conflicts.

    Perhaps I am a cynic but for several decades I was engaged in street level local politics in Boston. It is not a pretty game, but divide-and-conquer works. The goal of political activism should not be to virtue signal, it should be to win. Fifty percent plus one washes away a multitude of sins.

  15. Bridger
    Bridger says:

    We should be encouraging high abortion rates among Latinos and blacks, not be bemoaning them. Conservatives are blockheads and are incapable of learning from their mistakes or reality. The NRA is more likely to recruit some Latino spokespeople to extol the virtue of firearms in Spanish than oppose mass third world immigration since they’re afraid to be called racist by the media.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      Americans should be proud of Planned Parenthood: Without Margareth Sanger and PP there would be 100 mio. Blacks instead of ‘only’ 50 mio. Bless PP!

      • Franks&Beans
        Franks&Beans says:

        @Irene, you are right. She wanted to get rid of the negro population in the US, but the stupid Catholics and religious Protestants tried to stop that.

  16. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Conservatism can mean Tribalism or doing what is good for the group.

    And Mexicans are certainly that.

    Btw, we need to get rid of this term Hispanic except for White Hispanics.

    Do we call blacks and American Indians ‘Anglos’ because they speak English?

    But anyone from Latin America is called ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’ simply because they speak Spanish or Portuguese(Brazil).

    Only white Hispanics should be called Hispanics… just like only white Anglos are called Anglo.

    Now, when it comes to white Hispanics, they are a**holes. Deep down inside, they are angry and envious that white Anglo America did so much more than Latin America. So, they pretend to be ‘people of color’ and hide behind browns to accuse white Americans of ‘racism’ when, in fact, Latin America is a caste society with White Latinos on top.

    As for non-white ‘Hispanics’, they should called… Meso-Americans or Indiginos? These people prefer to live under white Americans than under useless and corrupt Latin whites.
    But they are ashamed that they left their own nations to live under gringo, so they are filled with resentment for gringo.

    • Franks&Beans
      Franks&Beans says:

      @Andrea, you are right. The white hispanics do identify themselves as brown or hispanic to get all the freebies. They hate white Americans even though some are pure whites and not mestizos. I think Latinos are Italians. The Latinos at my church act so holy that I feel like I am a big sinner. They receive communion and pray so devoutly like one would feel ashamed to be in their presence. However, they are into all sorts of unwanted stuff like adultery, murder and they tend to vote for the democrats. One Puerto Rican woman prays so devoutly, she even puts on a big show. However, she was in league with a negro couple \from our church who are originally from NYC and they hate Trump. So much for Hispanics being conservative.

  17. Like you/Guilty Too
    Like you/Guilty Too says:

    I think the delusion that Latinos are natural conservatives comes from the distortion of US politics in which abortion and gay rights issues are grouped with the Democratic Party. Latinos tend to be strongly catholic and would poll republican on those issues, but the question is in the tug of war between competing interests, whether they vote theology or pocket book.

    The best way to analyze this topic I think would be to examine how the cast of Mexicans and Central Americans who are invading the US vote in their countries of origin, which would involve much greater understanding of those countries than I possess! That would give you your answer. Most Hispanic countries are small European elites ruling over large mestizo underclasses, with the exact “first worldness” of the civilization determined by the relative sizes of the European/indian/black proportions.

    No matter how criminal small groups of Latinos are compared with whites, what I fear is when Latinos are here in numbers to control the infrastructure. Mexico has one of the highest crime rates in the world, and the varieties of crime are more heinous. Mutilations and kidnappings. It’s the organized aspect of their criminality which is frightening. A friend had a Mexican girlfriend from an upper middle class family, her father is a doctor, and she said their is no one in her circle and class who has not had someone in their family kidnapped by the cartels! They just grab someone, gestimate what the family can pay, and you might see the victim again or you might not! There have already been a couple in the US I believe. I fear that when Latinos are here in numbers to control the infra structure, control the police departments, local government, then they will be equally susceptible to bribery by the cartels, and our civilization will deform to resemble that of Mexico. Oh, well.?

  18. Tom Smith
    Tom Smith says:

    Go ahead and keep hating the Poles, Russians, Italians, Irish, etc… while the globalists laugh at the different white ethnicities for fighting amongst each other. It wasn’t any of these people that sold the country out to the globalists. It was the freaking WASPs. Never forget it. The WASPs got in bed with the globalists going all the way to the late 1800s. There were lots of self hating WASPs even than. Lots and lots of primitive culture and negro worship. Go read about Wilson and Roosevelt whom got in bed with the globalists and Wall Street, than talk to me how its all the fault of the non-WASP whites. Do some reading about how the WASPs and Jews worked over time together during/after WW2 to push a progressive agenda that is in place today.

    Oh silly me it was those dam Roman Catholics and southern/eastern Europeans that did this. Ted Kennedy may have shepherded the 1965 Immigration Bill through Congress but the Jews wrote the act and the WASPs voted on it.

    As for those comments that you prefer blacks to Russians and Poles, you apparently have not had enough non-white diversity. I think you need to move into a black area, than let me know how much the Russian accent bothers you than.

    People need to get their head out of their rear end. If whites don’t come together there will be no more whites. Never forget it.

  19. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    We can translate many things from the situation in the USA into the situation in Germany:
    The Turks have many values which are similar to German or normal-German values: family, work, fatherland, the will to live.
    But of cause, their thoughts are centered around their own families, their own fatherland, their own well-being and the life and well-being of their own group.
    The same with us Germans:
    And of cause, our thoughts are centered around our own families, our own fatherland, our own well-being and the life and well-being of our own group.

    It is a matter of seconds to conclude that we Germans are not allowed to destroy our own land and give it as a present to foreigners, to millions of Turks, Arabs, negroes to come in and stay and have children by the tens of millions. To think, that would be a good thing, is crazy or evil.

    Indeed there is not the necessity to calculate at all: Mother nature has given all living things a tool inside, with which the living thing can decide what to do: It is called instinct, or pre-judgement or racism or love to your own familiy, love and trust towards your own group and folk.
    With that powerful tools, you can decide with one glance of the eye whether you want and like something or not.

    These tools work strong and effective, they are the basic groundstone for survival everywhere in nature. There is no need to put that in words, to defend it, to explain it. It is a powerful inner feeling, a very strong will.
    These tools make us feel “Ekel, Abscheu” (strong disgust) when we see the situation in German cities (=no or very few numbers of Germans there).

    Beside all logical or philosophical reasonings, the feeling of strong disgust is a strong input that encourages us to do the right things.

    • The AntiLoser
      The AntiLoser says:

      Historically, Germany has gotten along well with the Muslim world. The Ottoman Empire was Germany’s ally in WWI and a Bosnian Muslim unit fought for Hitler’s Wehrmacht — the Hanzar Division. They wore black fezzes with SS insignias. I don’t know why this relationship exists but it appears in several places. Maybe the Muslim antagonism with the Slavs is the basis of it.

  20. Hipster Racist
    Hipster Racist says:

    There are millions of Whites who vote left (welcoming their own demise),

    Republican Ronald Reagan gave us the first modern “amnesty” and George W. Bush tried hard, but failed, to pass an even bigger amnesty in the 2000s.

    What has voting “right” as opposed to “left” ever gotten White people? Bailouts for Jewish Wall Street criminals and endless wars in the Middle East for the Jewish state.

    Whites voting for Trump was a true act of at least implicit pro-Whiteness, but Trump’s actual administration, and his entire political network, are Israeli Likud. His Presidential campaign was started by three Jewish New York lawyers, all Democrats. His red meat to White Americans was a thin cover for the actual agenda of supporting Netanyahu and scrapping the Iran deal. Trump attacked Obama constantly for Obama’s very tepid rebellion against Netanyahu. Trump had no problem with Obama’s anti-whiteness, but Obama’s less than enthusiastic support for an “Israel First” policy send Trump into fits of rage as he spread comical Israeli “birther” disinformation about Obama’s birth certificate.

    Being “right wing” isn’t the same thing as being “pro-White.” If we’ve learned anything with the crash and burn of the “Alt Right” in the last two years it’s tying White interests to a moribund “right wing” and reactionary platform is a loser.

    It’s much the same with the “traditional Catholic” types bemoaning the Enlightenment. The Catholic church has a vested interest in importing millions of non-White Mexicans and Central and South Americans to keep the coffers full. How does it help White people to align with the institutionally anti-White “conservative” Catholic church?

    It’s time for Whites to declare independence from “the right” and “conservatism” and even “traditionalism.” After all, liberal societies are a White Privilege.

    • The AntiLoser
      The AntiLoser says:

      I don’t think Trump gives a damn about the Jews other than wanting his daughter to love him. He is doing his own version of what every Republican does, which is to support Israel slavishly in the hope Jews will tolerate his having policies on other issues that Jews are overwhelmingly against. The GOP depends on Jewish donors: Adelson, Singer, Mercer, Marcus, et al. Until the party gets populist enough to run on issues and get by without their donations, there will be no alternative to paying the piper.

  21. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Mr. Houck is to be congratulated for his excellent article. There have been some great, and very telling comments made by readers here as well. It is vitally important that we talk about it, and act upon it. The onrushing racial disaster befalling delusional White America was foreseen by the great naturalist and visionary Alexander von Humboldt, who, after his travels through North and South America in the early 1800’s reportedly remarked that “America will absorb Mexico and crumble to pieces.”

    There is plenty of blame to go around as far as how the dark invasion has come about, and who was, and is responsible. This ethnic struggle, which has been going on for a long time, is clearly Darwinian in nature, and is an evolutionary, and historical process being played out. We are now approaching the open conflict, or crisis stage, which has been (((egregiously compounded))) and is accelerating.
    The key question is, of course, can and will White political and ideological identity arise, and act in time.

  22. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    The main problem with Conservatism is that the White WASP sides with the Jew and causes infighting against the White Catholic. Whenever the WASP sides with the Jew all Whites lose and the WASP goes off and counts his 30 shekels for his service.

  23. The AntiLoser
    The AntiLoser says:

    In general I agree that Hispanic immigrants are not natural conservatives. There are nuances, however. Hispanics are all Catholics, at least nominally. It is likely that they are not natural boosters of gay rights or feminism or Israel. Nor, for that matter, are blacks. If you want to see sexism on parade just check out some blues songs. “Whup her when she need it, judge will not let you explain” complains “Sonny Boy” Williamson. “Back that thing up!” is a rapper’s advice to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Well, I exaggerate. If Hispanics and blacks are big on gun control they are also big on guns. Hispanics may not be hard-working but they don’t expect handouts either … I’ll tell you another thing, I find I am never nervous to find Hispanics walking behind me. Can’t say that for blacks. The problem is that the affluent part of the left, basically Jews and rich hippies, design the social agenda of the Democrat Party and get the “people of color” to vote for Democrats. This is called “the Rainbow Coalition.” You could break it up advantageously by offering the POC as good or better a package of social services as the Dems do. But moderate Republicans, neocons, and Alt-right neo-Nazis agree on one thing only: there are to be no freebies for poor people. Too bad. We could have such easy victories if we wedged the ethnics away from the Jewish mandarins. Won’t happen though. We won’t even discuss Jewish power in public, despite our conviction that Jewish orgs and donors are pushing policies out of self-interest that are harmful to the future of the country. It’s true that many of us have jobs and families to protect, but some of us are in a position to take some risk, and those individuals need to be more forthright in explaining how they see the problems and their solutions.

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