“Let My People Stay!” The Jailing of London Forum’s Jez Turner

There are two great figures in British nationalism today. One is the most respected and oldest campaigner Richard Edmonds, known affectionately as ‘The Father of the House’ and ‘The greatest prime minister Britain never had.” Hear a speech by him below:
Without doubt the second is the younger and more radical James ‘Jez’ Bedford Turner, the founder of the London Forum, a distinguished assembly which has been addressed by some of the greatest nationalist thinkers and academic advocates of the White race of our time.
No British nationalist leader ever has spoken with the bravery, candour and disregard for the personal consequences to his own safety and liberty than Jez. His rousing speeches have been shared and banned repeatedly across YouTube, and he has often been the leading voice at demonstrations against Jewish power in Britain.
Turner’s humility in the cause is such that he does not present himself as a leader, and is only seen by the more perceptive as such. But a leader he is — a general in the making, a man who leads from the front and is ready to take the enemy full on without apology, reservation or fear of any kind.
Despite the Crown Prosecution Service’s hesitation to put on trial an intellectual, a truth teller, an upstanding citizen, a patriot, and a man who was prepared to lay down his life for his country in war, they were forced by the extra-judicial demands of the Sanhedrin to do so, and this modern Cheka managed to squeeze out of a reluctant court one year’s imprisonment for “incitement to racial hatred,” a Talmudic verdict forced on the British legal system by that very group who is insistent in Britain that they are not a race but a religion.
Jez Turner is a profound classical scholar who derives much from his education, something which, as one unschooled in that field, I am not fit to pay tribute to, nor explain here. But it is that grounding in the very roots of the thinking and philosophy of our civilisation, and of that group of tribes we call the White race, which gives him the intellectual strength of an oak and a parlance with the ancients which informs his message.
Jez Turner’s favourite book on British nationalism was never published in hard copy but released as an audiobook. It was banned from YouTube but is available on Bitchute and for those interested in an approximate outline of his political thinking it is worth a listen to:
The Coming Of The King Of The Britons by Simon of Kent.
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  1. Alexander Baron
    Alexander Baron says:

    Bedford-Turner is an idiot. In the first place, Jews don’t control everything; in the second place it is the JINOs not the Talmudic Jews who are the problem and always have been. The creep responsible for his incarceration, Gideon Falter, also persecuted Alison Chabloz. Nothing Talmudic about him.

    I made a short video which has been restricted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/sydbaron

    • TimeToBeHonest
      TimeToBeHonest says:

      Alexander Baron,

      “Jews don’t control everything” – I would beg to differ greatly on that overwhelmingly.

      “in the second place it is the JINOs not the Talmudic Jews who are the problem and always have been.” – I assume that you’ve not read Michael Hoffman’s ‘Judaism Discovered’ then?

      The problem IS and always HAS been Talmudism. More so, the very concept of Judaism IS Talmudism, where non Jews are falsely led to believe that Jews preach the Old Testament. They don’t. Just as Christ attacked the Pharisees for their following of the Tradition of the Elders, instead of the Laws of Moses, people are now waking up to just what Jewry is all about.

      Jews ARE NOT Isralites, far from it. They are of the line of Esau, the brother of Jacob, who moved to Idumea and took Canaanite wives. I’m actually beginning to realize that God was warning the non Jews to remove the Jews in the Old Testament. He sought to protect the Israelites, from the corruption of the Jews and their Traditions of the Elders which later became the Babylonian Talmud, a book that calls for the death of any non Jew who reads it.

      I’m quite frankly tired of people talking about _”It’s not the Talmudic Jews.”_ Our whole, corrupt, ‘legal’ system, creating legislation, here in the west, has NOTHING to do with God’s law, but everything to do with Jewish halacha law, a fake law of contract, for stealing off of the non Jews. And they trick people into consent with their language of legalese which twists words around.

      Everything is fitting into place from Babylonian Talmudism, to Zionism, to Protocols of the Elders, to communism and to western legal ‘law’ removing everyone’s freedoms, straight out of Orwell’s 1984, creating subjective nonsense over objective logic, that’s seeing people thrown into jail for simply having an opinion.

      Babylonian Talmudism IS THE PROBLEM. It ALWAYS has been and ALWAYS will be, that is until it’s destroyed and never implemented into any society, as a form of authority.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Bedford-Turner is an idiot

      Jews don’t control everything

      That’s your considered opinion, is it ?

      Please clarify: What exactly are you doing on this website – replete as it is with many hundreds of heavily-researched, learned, in-depth, cross-referenced, coldly-academic essays and articles filled to the brim with hard evidence to the contrary ?

      Perhaps you’re an idiot.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        If they controlled everything they would not get such negative MSM coverage of their war with Palestine. The MSM takes the side of the Palestinian muslims, and the Jews do not have enough influence to stop this.

        Also, they have not yet closed down this site. Or removed youtube videos that criticise them (although many are removed and possibly soon more will be).

        It is wrong to over-emphasise their influence as this results in not paying attention to our own 15% (or whatever it is of indigenous enemy within). For examples – see social media. These people clearly loathe their own race for being superior with an intense passion that is nothing to do with Jews, and is a consequence of their genes that programs them with this sort of behaviour.

        The reason they are so successful with the H industry is not a reflection or measure of their power, as in this industry they have an ally with the left – both groups want to demonise white Western societies. So they share aims with the left here.

        But in the Israel/Palestinian conflict the left are not allies with the Jews as the left sides with the inferior over the superior, and when you look at both sides in this conflict, you have to admit the Jews are the ‘better team’. You also have to admit that a white person can travel to Israel and stay in a hotel there and not be murdered or kidnapped, which would not apply if he went to stay in Palestine, even if he had spent his entire life supporting the Palestinians. So they are more civlised in behaviour, and the Palestinians are less civilised, which is why the left feels on the side of the muslims here. They are more civilised in some ways, eg they do not fill our prisons like the muslims do, but they are not civilised in other ways eg having your life’s aim to bring down the host country that gives you everything, this shows a lack of empathy and a lack of qualities of good character, which are other aspects of being civilised, which many of them lack)

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          You also have to admit that a white person can travel to Israel and stay in a hotel there and not be murdered or kidnapped

          If you’re a clergyman, they will spit on you. Oh, well, at least you won’t be murdered! Thank God.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Alexander, or should I address you by your other name, Syd, which rhymes better with words other than Alexander ?

      01 Your linked videos are everything but news or display novel insight. The Murder Ballads at best a bore, including the rest of that ‘ Club’s ‘ membership and topics.

      02 I am entirely uninterested in REGISTERING to see your THE JEWS video, featuring Bibi. If I want the ADL to list my access to that video, I will sell it to them personally rather than going through Google ” fuer a bissel Kommisssion “.

      03 Particularly since an astute self-critical Israeli journalist like Gideon Levi could not possibly be added to; certainly not by you. Levi’s opinion, prognosis and Likud-dismissive attitude is more than amply displayed on a video immediately following that of Dr. Scheuer, as featured on this front page. [ Without Registration ].

      04 I agree with all of the superb criticisms of your comment.

      05 It must be forty years ago, since I read a modern rendition of a Jew, how their Spanish Diaspora was obliged to disavow the Talmud. Apparently, since the original Babylonian, there have been three major versions: however, in case of dispute among these wise, all-knowing and inventively-adding Rabbis, vitally examining monthly female emissions, the Babylonian original holds sway. Much as with the US Supreme Court, which consults the Federalist Papers when in doubt of the Founders’ INTENT while drafting the Constitution.

      06 Activists activate. You sabotage !

      • Henry
        Henry says:

        Alexander Baron, loyal apologist for Talmudism, can always be counted on to speak for the Jew and his Law.

        Let’s see what another Jew, Heinrich Graetz, had to say about Jews and their Talmud as quoted by Werner Sombart in his Jews and Modern Capitalism….

        …[in Eastern Europe] where the study of the Talmud and the casuistry it engendered were universal. The effect it had on the commerce of the Jew has been described by Graetz, surely no prejudiced witness. “To twist a phrase out of its meaning, to use all the tricks of the clever advocate, to play upon words, and to condemn what they did not know. . . such were the characteristics of the Polish Jew. . . Honesty and right thinking he lost as completely as simplicity and truthfulness. He made himself master of all the gymnastics of the Schools and applied them to obtain advantage over any one less cunning than himself. He took a delight in cheating and overreaching, which gave him a sort of joy of victory. But his own people he could not treat in this way: they were as knowing as he. It was the non-Jew who, to his loss, felt the consequences of the Talmudically trained mind of the Polish Jew”



        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          54 pages into your link, I have read only of the Jews’ unequalled leadership and entrepreneurship in innovations, in the financial transactions field, technology, trade, inventions, manufacture, essential financial Court Jew activities, the establishment of vast sugar cane plantations in Latin America and the concomitant maritime links shipping industry, as well as reliable and LOYAL purveyors of arms through the ages, the importation of luxury goods like silk, silver, precious stones and spices in order to avert their countries’ insolvency problems. As if that were done for the common good !

          Sombart lectured at the U of Breslau, capital of the Prussian Province of Silesia; as did a distant blood relative of mine. The little I understood of their topics of conversation, after the War, in Berlin, during family gatherings, the Jews were exclusively described by them in concert with the Jew Graetz’ self-description.

          Either Sombart really believed what he wrote, after years of academic observations, or he throws that in so he can then quote Graetz out front, in the interest of Academic Balance, to convey his own real assessment of their character.

          Thank God: according to Sombart, without them we would still be picking berries and mushrooms in the Teuteburger Forest; encumbered by loin cloths: but only on colder days.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Charles: I have long wondered whether this Alexander Baron is the grandson or perhaps a collateral descendant of Alexander Baron (1917–1999), born (((Barnet Bernstein))), toiler in the notoriously Christian-dominated* vineyards of the BBC and the British film industry. By all Establishment accounts one of history’s greatest literary geniuses and a man who would be as highly esteemed as Shakespeare were it not for virulent anti-Semitism, the elder Baron was, at the hands of the Guardian, the recipient of one of the most sycophantic death notices I have ever seen.

        Whether that Baron and our Baron have or don’t have a kindred connection, it is, I suspect, hardly a coincidence that whenever the latter appears in these precincts, he comes to play the role of concern troll.

        • Alexander Baron
          Alexander Baron says:

          No relation whatsoever. And no Jew either. That Alexander Baron was a good dramatist but he was no Shakespeare. And I am no troll. People who claim Jews control the world are idiots. That doesn’t mean Organised Jewry doesn’t exert a pernicious and malign influence, it does, but they are actually in decline at the moment, and some of them clearly realise this politically correct madness has gone too far, especially in the Middle East.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Glad to hear it! Still, I see no reason to think that what you call politically correct madness is in anything but its nascent stage. Nor do I see the Middle East as moving in any direction save one of ever more Jew-instigated bloodshed, even if it turns out that Trump is less eager than he usually appears to get American Christians killing and bleeding and dying over there.

  2. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Jez Turner’s extreme statements and behavior do nothing to win over the average Briton, in what is essentially a battle for hearts and minds. They reinforce the System’s caricature of nationalists as dangerous and unhinged. The self-discipline one would expect from an ex-military man, graduate of the London School of Economics is nowhere in evidence.

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      ‘Jez Turner’s extreme statements and behavior do nothing to win over the average Briton’

      Tosh. If this were even remotely true, then the CAA would not have bothered to fall over itself to see him prosecuted.

      • TimeToBeHonest
        TimeToBeHonest says:

        Sophie Johnson,

        Very correct!
        They are going down the exact same route with Gilad Atzmon, who has been educating the world on Jewish power for some time now. It’s become quite apparent that if there’s anyone whom you should be listening to, it’s those on the C.A.A’s hit list.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      extreme statements and behavior

      caricature of nationalists as dangerous and unhinged

      Yes, of course. Because a sane, sober, healthy, dignified, clean-cut White Englishman in dapper, respectable civilian clothing and with a highly-educated, quietly-spoken personal manner WOULD look “dangerous and unhinged” – and horribly frightening – to a poor helpless Jew “victim”, wouldn’t he ?

      Are you serious ?

      They are “frightened” -and therefore murderously hate-filled – NOT by how he looks or behaves, but purely and simply by the hard, fearless truths he tells about JEWISH behaviour and goals – and how White people will fare as a result. If you cannot say anything intelligent about one of our most careful, single-minded, well-read, valuable and completely fearless anti-Jew advocates at such a critical time, I suggest you should consider saying nothing.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        I see nothing careful about his performance. Rather, the histrionics diverted attention away from the Shomrim question, which could indeed have been exposed as a racket. John Cleese musing over the foreignness of London is the sort of stuff that a majority will agree with. This gentleman’s lack of discipline is a failing, not a virtue as a leader.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Thank God, that the self-discipline one would expect from a left-liberal graduate of the left-liberal, some claim Trotskyist, London School of Economics is nowhere in evidence.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Heil Gate is a good example of how self-indulgent lack of discipline can damage a nascent movement. Truth alone is not enough when the media is not ours and Normies are not easily reached. Tone and context count too.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          I knew nothing of Jez Turner three days ago. Everything I have learnt of him in the interim supports your analysis and estimation.

        • Maple Curtain
          Maple Curtain says:

          Short of societal collapse, normies will not be reached, period.

          Bread and circuses, football, and toys to play with, recreational drugs, and totty.

          “My society is collapsing? I didn’t notice in my self-indulgence.”

          “My belly is empty and the barbarians are breaking down the door. [Redacted] this [Redacted]. Help us, Mr. Bedford.”

          [Redacted] on the normie, and [Redacted] off anyone who is waiting for the normie to awake.

          • Trenchant
            Trenchant says:

            A successful “popular” resistance movement, by definition, requires the sympathy or tolerance of the “normie”. They’re the ones who house, feed, and protect the dissident, or who refuse to collaborate with his enemies.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @Maple. Societal collapse is certainly to be hoped for. Yes, I know, I know, me and mine will suffer, too. If not perish outright.

            @Trenchant. A successful “popular” resistance movement, by definition, requires the sympathy or tolerance of the “normie”.

            Maybe. But the vast majority of what passes for humanity (at least in this part of the world) is so warped, debased, weakened and helpless that it can’t be depended on to give housing, food or protection to anyone, including itself. “The power’s down! I can’t see the ending of the big basketball game! Call 9-1-1!” “There’s a skunk in the yard! Call the County office!” (This has happened where I live.)

            Might be too late for any popular resistance. Normally, during grave challenges, most people would at least see that things look bad and do some serious praying. But they’re too dumb even for that now.

  3. White Race IQ
    White Race IQ says:

    “Incitement to racial hatred” phrase actually stems from the Marxist USSR.

    I’ll quote Stanford University’s Hoover Institute here:
    “..the Soviet Union was adamant that incitement to violence was insufficient, and sought a broader prohibition against “incitement to hatred.”
    Hoover Institute, Policy Review, December 2011 & january 2012, Jacob Mchangama.

  4. Troy
    Troy says:

    To call Richard Edmonds the ‘greatest prime minister Britain never had’ reveals adolescent ignorance. Richard Edmonds is a mediocrity and a pathological attention seeker who has used a non-existent ‘movement’ as a social club.

    And tell me, why has there always been a John Tyndall Annual Event, but not an Oswald Mosley or William Joyce one? Tyndall was another mediocrity, but certainly more knowledgeable than Edmonds, but Mosley and Joyce were men of another breed altogether.

    These two men mentioned in this article are examples of the impotence and ignorance in Britain among those who should know better. Britain MUST SEGREGATE, and ANY ‘revolutionary’ action by racially-inclined white men in Britain must understand that, or else they are just dealing in emotionalised romanticism and sentimentalist nonsense, none of it based on what is actually happening! The aforementioned two fools have their heads in the early 1960s.

  5. WhiteAcademic
    WhiteAcademic says:

    A scholarly examination of ‘incitement to hatred” is found to come from the Soviet Union.

    “Rather, the introduction of hate-speech prohibitions into international law was championed in its heyday by the Soviet Union and allies. Their motive was readily apparent. The communist countries sought to exploit such laws to limit free speech.” https://www.hoover.org/research/sordid-origin-hate-speech-laws

    Stanford University, Hoover Institute
    December 2011 & January 2012
    The Sordid Origin of Hate-Speech Laws
    by Jacob Mchangama

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Thank you for this first-rate foundational information from a first-rate Institute. A long and super-concentrated slog, but indispensable to understanding the entire plumbing system ultimately leading to the sceptic-tank of today.

      A heartening and refreshing antidote to all the nonsense-“of-record”, emitted by the East Coast dailies, then as now.

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Hello, Fredrick!

      Normally, I would agree with you. But in this case, I am more than ready to assume that there is very good reason for anonymity here. This writer’s sterling remarks deserve that concession. My favourite among his many excellent remarks is this one:

      ‘But a leader he is — a general in the making, a man who leads from the front and is ready to take the enemy full on without apology, reservation or fear of any kind.’

      So perfectly spot on!

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Just like articles understandably written under a nom de plume, to guarantee food on the large family’s table and a roof over their head — right ?

      BS reasoning: charitably speaking !

  6. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Anonymous writes a perfect characterisation of Jez Turner. Jez is indeed a very fine man, and without a doubt the most respect-commanding nationalist leader yet. (Anonymous: He is ‘Jeremy’, not ‘James’.) That is why Talmudic/commie organisations like the CAA think him dangerous.

    ‘… they [the CPS] were forced by the extra-judicial demands of the Sanhedrin to do so, and this modern Cheka managed to squeeze out of a reluctant court one year’s imprisonment for “incitement to racial hatred”…’

    That is possibly true, but not without doubt. The actual situation might be much more seedy: The CAA, deservedly deemed ‘this modern Cheka’, obtained permission to seek a High Court Judicial Review of article 17 of the ECHR. It hoped that the Review will establish that the CPS is bound to prosecute under article 17. The Judicial Review process had not yet begun when DPP Alison Saunders and the CPS Representative rapidly agreed that they must prosecute as the CAA says.

    So: the laws of England and Wales did not admit a possibility of prosecuting Jez as the CAA wanted. So the DPP and the CPS helped out by activating article 17 in this jurisdiction. That is the step that needs close examination.

    Also: the CAA is a registered charity. Yet it is not a charity; it is headed up to be the persecutor of everyone who is not good for the Jews, according to the CAA. This coming Friday, 25 May, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court will bring down its verdict on Mrs Alison Chabloz, a brilliant woman of excellent wit and a very highly accomplished musician, both academically and as a performer.

    This Cheka/fake charity/CAA knows exactly what it is doing: It is disabling Jez and Alison, unequivocally the glamour figures of Nationalism/Revisionism in Britain in an unprecedented way. But why is the Charity Commission allowing this seedy collection of ruthless Jews to remain a registered charity?

    My point: the seedy element in this scenario is not only the Jewish CAA. The CPS and the Charity Commission also qualify.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      That disgusting, left-wing Crown Prosecution Service knowingly dallied for twenty-three years with that despicable pedophile Lord Greville Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone, Labour MP and Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, under its President, Edgar Bronfman, who left Canada for NYC, owing some 800 million dollars in taxes. From where he leaned, with all his moral imperative, on the Swiss banks. [ Financial Times ].

      The Baron conveniently died just before his trial, which, in Hebrew, means the trial was scheduled just after his estimated date of death; with merely a fake trial of the issues having been conducted after his death, just to demonstrate, PRO FORMA, that high-profile Jews were not above the law. At least not until after their safe demise.

      That Blair-appointed criminal was survived by his daughter Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi of ” Reform ” Judaism.

      Think of the dozens of abused kids: one mentally retarded.

      Really a fine House you keep there, my British friends. And a news flash: on Saturday last, you irreversibly lost World War II.

  7. KRiess6234
    KRiess6234 says:




    “Sentencing Council Wants Tougher Sentences Against Opponents Of Political Correctness” – newly posted by English Democrats’ Robin Tilbrook (Solicitor).

    Maybe energy would be better spent reviewing that and posting comments there than swapping ad hominems here, since absent any appeal to a higher court, there’s nothing to be done about this particular fait accompli….?

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      TO: KRiess6234
      ‘since absent any appeal to a higher court …’

      There is of course appeal from the Crown Court to the Court of Appeals. But it would not have been a good idea to go that way. Now, our beloved Jez suffers. But no legal precedent has been set by the decision in his case. Had Jez appealed, and had the appeals judge been a High Court Judge (which is very likely), his decision could have brought down a nasty legal precedent if the judge was inclined to endorse the decision of the Crown Court judge. And that would have been very hard on Nationalists inclined to say what they think.

      • Maple Curtain
        Maple Curtain says:

        Ummm, the [redacted slang for “jews”] can’t have every outspoken Englishman put into gaol, so your logic is flawed. The more men (and women) that risk being in the dock for speaking out, the closer England gets to destroying the power of the [redacted slang for “jews”]. The [redacted slang for “jews”] in England are moving ever closer to their Ceaucescu moment. All it will take is more brave Englishmen speaking out, and a little bit of courage from the rest.

  8. Malc
    Malc says:

    . This is about prohibiting any criticism by legislation that is shortly to become even more protean than it already is , and these “reminders” are about to be extended to any dissenter of the anti-culture ideology known as “multiculturalism”. Now, the paid up anti-Whites of “Hope Not Hate” are trying to ruin the career of a member of GI. It’s an all war on empiricism and free speech.

    We have the Frankenstein monster of diversity eternally shuffling back and forth between its maladies, all the propaganda in the world, be it through royal weddings, multi racial footie teams, cultural Marxist ads ,movies etc etc, may well anaesthetise the masses for a bit longer, but it will never make their inherently divisive ideology anything but the abject failure it is. And don’t think they don’t know it.

  9. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    On the subject of the website itself and accessibility:
    I was using Chrome on XP for a long time and then suddenly no access was possible a few weeks ago. I tried Opera on XP and still the site is not accessible (But Opera is still a good browser as you can download youtube videos with Opera). But – Firefox works for this site with XP

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I too am still on XP. I agree with you about the Opera browser, but sadly, TOO is one of an ever-growing list of sites that the XP-compatible versions of Opera will no longer access.

      Have you heard of Pale Moon? I was tipped off to this stripped-down browser modeled on Firefox about eighteen months ago. It’s recommendable because it makes fewer and more meetable demands on the ever more geriatric XP operating system’s resources.

      Pale Moon also still allows me to access audio and video content on Amazon—something that neither Opera nor Firefox any longer do.

  10. Henry
    Henry says:

    Thank God: according to Sombart, without them we would still be picking berries and mushrooms in the Teuteburger Forest; encumbered by loin cloths: but only on colder days.

    Well they’re certainly the driving force behind our reversion to the primitive state. So maybe Sombart, who (it’s claimed) later endorsed the Nazis, had this in mind: (paraphrasing: Job 1:21 ) The JEW gave, and the JEW has taken away; blessed be the name of the Jew.

    However, I was quoting Graetz not Sombart.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Cute quip Henry: negated by your failure to differentiate the present German alignment, incrementally favoring the right daily.

      • Henry
        Henry says:

        Charles, the only ‘failure’ here is your misunderstanding that Graetz was the opinion used, not Sombart. The question as to why Sombart chose to quote Graetz is a tangent of your making, not mine. But, if Sombart is upsetting you then read Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. It might be more to your taste. Weber’s book was the reason for Sombart’s. Weber posited the Protestant ethic to be the dominant and prevailing force behind commerce and industry, ignoring the roll of the Jew, but as Napoleon said: the hand that gives is above the hand that takes and in a still Jewish dominated Germany, Sombart at least revealed that hidden hand to be Jewish, not Protestant. And so it remains, today. It may have been some time arriving but the wreckage we see all about us is testament to that fact.

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