Review of Kerry Bolton’s “Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey”

Kerry Bolton, Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey (Arktos, 2018)

What follows is my foreword to Kerry Bolton’s recently released book on Francis Parker Yockey.

This is the first time an exhaustive work on the prominent Euro-American Fascist activist and philosopher, Francis Parker Yockey, is being offered to a wide readership in the English-speaking world.  Naturally, for starters, a big question that comes to mind immediately is, “what’s the point of reading Bolton’s thick book and how relevant is Yockey’s anti-Communism and anti-Liberalism in dealing with the ongoing decay of the multicultural West, which is currently subject to an open invasion of non-European masses?” Since Bolton often uses the German word “Zeitgeist” in his description of the dominant political ideas of Yockey’s time, a neophyte might likewise wonder if and how Yockey’s political prognoses are being validated by the dominant political ideas of our time. For many nationalist old-timers, both in Europe and America, Yockey is a household name that is indispensable in studying the intellectual developments of cultural Fascism, yet, for many young identitarians today, regardless whether they sport the name Alt-Right, New Right or Traditionalists, the name Yockey, along with his magnum opus Imperium, may sound a bit outdated. However, several years ago, when Bolton started writing this book, he was already aware that Yockey, with all his literary baggage and world-wide acquaintances, would today become more relevant than when he was alive. This is despite the fact that Yockey’s Bolshevik archenemies with their iconography of the cosmopolitan and borderless proletariat have been replaced with a new Liberal imagery of mixed-raced and stateless pederasts accompanied by masses of non-European migrants. Yockey’s enemies are alive and well—even thriving, irrespective of their change in ideological color.

As far as the composition of the book is concerned, Bolton provides a wide historical-literary framework in which Yockey serves as a springboard, or better yet, as a framework for a better understanding of similar and like-minded authors and political protagonists of his time. Bolton first goes into the clarification of political concepts and their semantic distortions that have been orchestrated by the victorious Communist and Liberal elites over the last seventy years. While using Yockey as a guide, Bolton sheds additional light on the values of the modern system which keeps rewriting the intellectual history of the West as it best fits its mercantile and rootless agenda. “A System that once produced Shakespeare but now produces sitcom scriptwriters; that once birthed Beethoven and Mozart but now lauds Lady Gaga.”

This process of cultural degeneration did not, however, start with Lady Gaga or the recent welcoming calls to millions of non-White migrants. It has its roots in the eighteenth-century Enlightenment and its political offshoots in America and France. The then discovered secular religion of human rights gave birth subsequently to Communism and then to its modern ersatz version, multiculturalism. The following chapters also explain how the reception of Yockey’s work varied among different European and American identitarians, with some calling Yockey “anti-American” and with others praising him to the heavens.

Yockey’s criticism of “Americanism” and the “money-based Puritan culture of WASP America, where Jews … could buy their influence,” must have played a role after World War II in landing him on the FBI’s radar screen. His critical remarks about American Jews and their role in the media—the combination of which we call today in a coded language “fake news”—earned him a great deal of intellectual respect among prominent European nationalist scholars who had traditionally looked down upon America as a wayward, uncultured entity dominated by Jews. Yockey’s openly pro-German stance, especially when serving as a young attorney at the Wiesbaden show trials in 1946, must have been seen as an additional irritating detail for the American ruling class and several Jews on the bench. His openly pro-European, anti-Communist and anti-Liberal attitudes may be compared today to the views of some segments of the American Alt-Right, who without awareness, are walking in Yockey’s footsteps, realizing that petty nationalist inter-White squabbles, tribal infighting amidst traditionalists, racialists, right-wing Catholics, Protestants, and Pagans, are outdated and need to go away.

One name that repeatedly springs up in Bolton’s pages is Oswald Spengler. Indeed, the whole of Yockey’s work must be seen as a sequel to Spengler’s The Decline of the West, where Yockey radically rejects the money-obsessed capitalist West and its beacon, America. It is to the merit of Bolton who doesn’t just drop the names of dozens of American and European authors, scholars, and activists, some of whom were close friends and acquaintances of Yockey, but instead, he tries to explain the context or background behind each person, organization and political concept under consideration. This is important insofar as in Bolton’s text the reader comes across numerous terms such “ethical socialism” or “Prussian socialism,” with which Yockey is often associated, whose historical meaning, however, needs to be further explained to younger Yockey readers.  Bolton’s pages are literally teeming with quotes and citations, particularly in the realm of modern historiography and legal studies and in the chapters where Bolton examines the myth of the so-called freedom-loving West. The post-World War II mass shootings of thousands of German POWs and mass rapes of German women were not just part of a well-recorded folklore among Soviet soldiers in vanquished Germany, but also a customary, albeit well-hidden, escapade of many British and American soldiers “showing the extent of the torture regime against Germans after the war.”

Nowadays, we may all fake concern for victims of mass purges and Communist killing fields in Eastern Europe in late 1945. However, one does not need to speculate much about those who served as role models to East European Communists. Following World War II, Communist prosecutors and henchmen in Eastern Europe were only copying in a more brutal way the same techniques of their former war allies. Well, the chickens have finally come home to roost. The new Brussels–guided liberal governance in Eastern Europe is largely staffed by former Communist apparatchiks, or to put it more precisely, by the rebranded progeny of former Communist cut-throats—with the full blessing of the “free West.”

Yockey was a multilayered and complex character bursting with intellectual curiosity, as indicated by Bolton’s descriptions dealing with Yockey’s numerous peregrinations across Europe and his contacts with prominent post-fascist literati and aspiring nationalist leaders—at least those who had managed to evade the Allied rope.  Ironically, the Western and American Liberal world-improvers, at the beginning of the Cold War, were willy-nilly obliged to tap into the expertise of their former foes. As Bolton chronicles, Yockey was on good terms with numerous post-Fascist figures, such as Giorgio Almirante, once a high-ranking politician in the late Mussolini government, who at the beginning of the Cold War played an important role in regrouping Italian nationalists. Also, Yockey nurtured ties with Sir Oswald Mosley, the former leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), as well as with the short-lived post-World War II political party, the Socialist Reich Party of Germany (SRP), which had regrouped a large number of former National-Socialist members and former SS officers.

Again, we need to revisit the famed notion of the “Zeitgeist,” i.e., the spirit of the times, which, back when Yockey was alive, was very diffuse and liquid on all fronts. On the one hand, staged trials and constant surveillance of former Nazi “killers” were running full steam in the Eastern and Western jurisprudence. On the other, the Western occupying forces, headed by the American world-improvers, were getting ready for a full-scale military conflict against their former ally, the Communist Soviet Union. Hence, the reason they needed to rely on the expertise of their former Fascist foes. It is often forgotten that at the start of the Cold War, the occupying American authorities in Germany were reliant upon former German SS operatives, just as the build-up of the early Bundeswehr would have been nearly impossible without the prior consent of some former Wehrmacht officers.

One may raise an additional philosophical question which certainly crossed Yockey’s mind when he had landed in prison in 1960, “what would have happened if the Soviets and the Americans had entered into the military conflict by the early 1950s?” It is not hard to guess that Yockey himself would have likely played an additional historical role in America and Europe and that his book Imperium would have likely shaped a new form of the Zeitgeist in students’ curriculum.

Bolton’s pages read like a lengthy, detailed police report on hundreds of unknown or forgotten individuals who nevertheless played an important role in determining Yockey’s fate, and who themselves had an enormous impact on future political developments in Europe and America.  Also, Bolton tackles the unavoidable theme of American Jews who were portrayed by Yockey and his fellow travelers as far more dangerous than Soviet Jews.  Besides having archival value, this book is an important tool in studying the ongoing practice of criminalizing and pathologizing political opponents by the false use of the worn-out word “fascism.” This word, which has by now totally lost its original meaning, has become a word meant to silence political opponents and prevent serious scholarly inquiry. If the liberal-minded President of the United States, Donald Trump, or the liberal German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, are denounced by their detractors as “fascists,” then one must also give full credit to Yockey for trying to restore the true and original meaning of this word.

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  1. Nick Dean
    Nick Dean says:

    Do we suffer from a lack of anti-nationalist writers who do not believe in race – and infact make attempts to undermine the very idea of race with talk of ‘spiritual races’ and other claptrap?

    If not, do we need Yockey and his fangirls?

    • puritans are great
      puritans are great says:

      and you haven’t said the half of it.
      I have come to view it all as an inspiration.
      “…..if people were paid for writing rot such as I read in some of those magazines, that I could write stories just as rotten.”
      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    • the beer seats loves puritans
      the beer seats loves puritans says:

      Across the spectrum of these various related websites – their articles, subtexts, imagery, contradictions within even sentences and mis-definitions,
      the imagery chosen, subject matter, etc.

      also, this article and others display very nicely with the G7 -1 occurring now.

      they are not what they say. why though???? why do it?

    • the beer seats loves puritans
      the beer seats loves puritans says:

      They aren’t stupid because they have PHDs. So that just leaves being deliberate.

      It’s one of the reasons why little people like me don’t trust authorities and experts the way they used to. It’s sad. I used to trust everyone.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Since you have obviously found this site which will have removed the cataracts from your eyes, you should not continue to refer to yourself as little people.

        Continue with your own PhD program here and comment. There are no formal admission tests to this program, in which case many of us here would not have been accepted, given our prior ignorance.

        • the beer seats loves puritans
          the beer seats loves puritans says:

          Thank you Mr. Frey,
          but I don’t go in for all this anti- American stuff. Had enough for several lifetimes.

          • Curmudgeon
            Curmudgeon says:

            My kids used to accuse me of being anti-American, to which I would reply “I’m not opposed to Americans, I’m opposed to the US Government policies, some of which hurt Americans. Until they met some of my American cousins and heard their diverse political views, it didn’t make sense to them.
            I suggest that most of the authors and posters here fit into that category. The “anti-Americanism” here is anti-corrupt American political class, but vert pro America.

          • the beer seats loves puritans
            the beer seats loves puritans says:

            …..for several lifetimes. foreign and domestic.
            i’ve read you guys for many years.

            it’s better for me to stop trying to fight or change the old and build something new. or shutty.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Failure to realize that the US government has, for at least 115 years, been the greatest threat to the freedom and well-being of Americans and the most pernicious force undermining everybody else’s hopes for peace in their lifetime is, alas, the hallmark of true anti-Americanism, whether of the conscious or the unconscious variety.

            The fact must be faced that we Americans are the subjects of a (((hostile regime))), not the citizens of a polity whose rulers (1) aim at ameliorating the conditions of our passage through this life and (2), at the very least, don’t hinder our chances to provide a desirable habitat for ourselves in the next.

            Put in simpler terms, anyone not anti-American with reference to the (((government))) is not pro-American in every way that truly matters.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            I understand Curmudgeon’s overall statement and completely concur with his last sentence. Excuse my banality, but any resolution requires a preceding merciless analysis, without putting one’s thumb on one’s own side of the scale.

            I was merely seventeen when I came to a Georgia military school. Even then I was perplexed, that a substantial part of the world yelled ” Yankee go home ! ”

            All the Yankees [ well, close enough ] that I encountered were wonderful, helpful, kind and accepting people. My English teacher, the cultivated Miss Ora-Lee Howard [ I’m not taking poetic license with her name ] made herself my surrogate mother and advised on whom to date.

            How could this nation be so disliked ? I decided, at 17, that something awful must be happening in the translation between their nature and values, and their foreign policy as determined in Washington. Information on lobbies and their effect on Feinstein’s very recent remarks on the ” sacrosanct ” American election process, lay several years down the road.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:


      Kerry Bolton is a man. A damn bright one, too, and withal an Antipodean.

      • Nick Dean
        Nick Dean says:

        There is something unmanly about all these people who faced with a question say, “Well, this would be Heidegger’s response … and Schopenhauer would say … and it reminds me of a passage in Imperium …”

        Men have their own ideas and can speak for themselves.

        And men are nationalists because the primary role of men is to defend their tribe. These non-nationalists cheerleading for anti-nationalists possibly, arguably could do better.

        • the beer seats loves puritans
          the beer seats loves puritans says:

          Ralph Waldo Emerson in “Self Reliance” said:
          “Familiar as the voice of the mind is to each, the highest merit we
          ascribe to Moses, Plato, and Milton is, that they set at naught books and
          traditions, and spoke not what men but what they thought. A man should
          learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind
          from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet
          he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. In every work of
          genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a
          certain alienated majesty.”

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            This is Emerson at his hot-airiest—and that’s the kindest thing that can be said for the quoted passage. Initially, Plato spoke what Socrates thought and taught before expanding Socratic doctrine and finally discarding and betraying it. As for Moses and Milton, only those who actively wish to be deceived will long be suckered by the notion that they “set at naught books and traditions.” The entirety of their (rather different) activities was founded on doing precisely the opposite of what Emerson claims.

            There’s also the fact that Emerson was a man with an outsize ego whose sole real distinction in the New England circles in which he moved was a remarkably glib tongue. Lacking the intellectual firepower of Orestes Brownson, the poetic insight of Thoreau, or the sheer, addictive nuttiness of many of the Alcotts, Emerson decided to make a career as a purveyor of Wise Sayings. There’s no doubt that he had successes in this line of work, but posterity has, perhaps overgenerously, shown him more favor than his contemporaries did.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Everyone, not excluding thee and me, can do better. But that’s hardly the point, is it, Nick?

          As this is a site that discusses the problems faced by white people—including the great many of whom you evidently dislike or dismiss—and formally disavows the planning or encouragement of violence, it’s hard to see what “manly” end is furthered by silly sneers about those you deem failures at defending their tribe. What next? Throwing rocks through Kerry Bolton’s kitchen window for failing to hunt and kill the food he prepares and eats?

          Also apropos manly behavior, the Fred Flintstone aspect of Stone Age manliness redivivus hardly sits comfortably in an environment where the pay-to-play bottom line is a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

          No one here, present company included, can claim that his mind-set has emerged ex nihilo from some void or that no one and nothing except his own wits and senses has contrived to put words in his mouth.

          • Nick Dean
            Nick Dean says:

            PdC, you seem to assume Bolton is working to defend his people. In fact he worked hard to race-replace himself thru mixed race marriage and mixed race offspring (Jew and Maori), or was that his pleasure?

            The cranky satanist, aristo and aracial aristo-Fascist stuff is his adoption of a subculture developed by the CIA in the 1960s for bright White misfits who might otherwise find the legit cause – ie., mere nationalism – and be a problem for the CIA’s bosses. Think Charles Manson, Lavey / the Schrecks, Boyd Rice, P-Orridge and other weirdos promoted by marketeers of ‘West Coast White Nationalism.’ The cartoonist A Wyatt Mann, a friend of the Schrecks and Rice was another fake pro-White larper if you want proof of concept. Poison – all of them.

  2. T
    T says:

    This word [Fascist], which has by now totally lost its original meaning, has become a word meant to silence political opponents and prevent serious scholarly inquiry.

    According to Orwell in an essay he wrote entitled ‘What is Fascism’ the term by 1944 had already lost much of any meaning it had due to its abuse.

    It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless.

    What is Fascism?

    Of all the unanswered questions of our time, perhaps the most important is: ‘What is Fascism?’

    One of the social survey organizations in America recently asked this question of a hundred different people, and got answers ranging from ‘pure democracy’ to ‘pure diabolism’. In this country if you ask the average thinking person to define Fascism, he usually answers by pointing to the German and Italian régimes. But this is very unsatisfactory, because even the major Fascist states differ from one another a good deal in structure and ideology.

    It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Thanks for this, T.
      I have been called a Fascist (and many other things as well). My reply has been “You wouldn’t know what a Fascist is, if one bit you in the arse.” Fascism, like racism, xenophobe, Islamophobe, and many other labels used by our enemies are now meaningless, but I have often wondered if it is not by design.

      The new flavour of the month, Jordan Peterson, has correctly stated that words have meaning and people need to be careful of the words they choose. All of that makes sense in a normal world, because those who understand the true meaning of words see through the BS continually pumped out by the new owners.
      However, we no longer live in a normal world, because the true meaning of words have been intentionally warped or inverted. Just as homosexuality is now “gay”, and transgenderism is “normal”, the political meanings of words such as “left”, “centre”, and “right” have also become warped or inverted and, therefore meaningless.
      When people are unable to communicate, due to the volume of meaningless words, controlled anarchy, along with bread and circuses become the method to distract people from what is really happening.

      • T
        T says:

        Curmudgeon writes: The new flavour of the month, Jordan Peterson, has correctly stated that words have meaning and people need to be careful of the words they choose.

        That’s true. Words have power and people should be quite careful about what they say and write. You’re also right about there seeming to be an effort to corrupt and degrade the language…along with much else.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Even partly-literate persons know the meaning of sacrosanct.
          This didn’t prevent that Dem-wit Feinstein, who is a yearly attendant at the AIPAC [ US FOREIGN- ] ” POLICY ” Conference, from calling the American election process
          ‘ sacrosanct ‘, with a 2% straight face, on CNN’s GPS this morning.

          In addition to the correct use of words, a certain modicum of adherence to elementary logic should not be too much to demand.

          None of us has to stretch their memory to its limits to recall, a few years ago, that the entire formal, so-called professional Educational Establishment thought it harmful to molest the minds of our youngest students with the importance of spelling. That could come later ! Sometime after mandatory holocaust courses, the better to ” understand ” them ?

          A thousand pardons for regurgitating the obvious: language, followed by logic, is the most important tool to develop the mind and a hopefully commensurate understanding of the world.

          Their logic, therefore, is to destroy language with a flame-thrower and to invert its ashes meaning.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        @Curdmudgeon- “The flavor of the month, Jordan Petersen…”. Isn’t this typical of White Preservationists and Survivalists? We tear down and disparage our own members and supporters, due to minor and elastic differences. Jews and other successful competitors for resources do not. They rise above pettiness and egoism and keep the big prize and goal in mind.

        Moving beyond the perpetual description of the corrosive effects of (((Salt Water))) on the equipment, what we could really by of benefit are proposals and plans of WHAT TO DO AND ACTIONS TO TAKE.

        I have been enlightened by the efforts of Dr. McDonald and his writers and commenters, and hope that exposition continues. But we need actionable proposals and prognosis/analysis of our chances of survival, and ways and means.

        • Curmudgeon
          Curmudgeon says:

          Actually, I have defended Peterson. Although he appears to be unconcerned about mass immigration and other important issues to nationalists, he has on several occasions, one of which I have related above, made very accurate comments about the state in which we find ourselves.

          Peterson, like many others who become “instant” celebrities, need to be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism. The only reason “instant” works in this context is due to our owners seeing an opportunity.

          • Poupon Marx
            Poupon Marx says:

            All I care about is whether he and others can get people off the fence and start thinking-which leads to action-just as all other races do: our Indo-European interests come before any others.

            “Half a loaf is better than no loaf”.

  3. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    Actually, this is not the first exhaustive work on Francis Yockey. Kevin Coogan’s Dreamer of the Day was, at 622 pages pretty exhaustive.

    • Carl R Hassell
      Carl R Hassell says:

      Read “Dreamer of the Day” a couple years ago. Enjoyed it as I never heard of Yokey before. Found the chapter titled “New York Nutzis” of great interest, as it talks of the 1950s escapades Mana Truhill/Immanuel Trujillo who later went on to form The Peyote way Church of God in 1977,which still operates today, taking people away from their family, culture and religion.

  4. Bill Baillie
    Bill Baillie says:

    We are still suffering the consequences of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, with the wars in the Middle East, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the partition of Ukraine. It takes time for history to catch up with reality. FP Yockey identified the ‘Culture Destroyers’ on both sides of the Atlantic and he was right. But it’s still too early for most people to heed his warnings.

  5. Carl R Hassell
    Carl R Hassell says:

    I recently read Bolton’s ” Zionism, Islam and the West.” And have recommended it to friends. Am looking forward to reading his take on Yokey with this new “A Fascist Odyssey”

    • K R Bolton
      K R Bolton says:

      Thanks for the positive comments, Mr Hasell, among all the simmering pile of shit by those who haven’t read the book. That’s their option of course, but I wonder if they have ever done squat other than give banal quips on the internet?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Be fair, Mr. Bolton. Only one commenter has actually slagged you off, though I admit he’s gotten one or two lamely sympathetic responses. But you’ve also been defended and praised, both directly by Mr. Hassell and indirectly by the redoubtable Karen T and others.

        I’m sure, too, that I’m not alone in noting that Karen, Mr. Hassell, and Bill Baillie appear to be the only commenters on this thread exempt from the charge of knowing bugger all about Yockey. So in the spirit of Hamlet’s counsel to the players, perhaps you should take heart at having been applauded by the judicious, however raucously the inevitably more numerous unskillful may have laughed.

        As for the rest of us … well, a good rule of thumb is that 90 percent of comments on a given thread will be attaboys or their negative equivalent (i.e., “drop dead, jerk”). Here, unsurprisingly, for the 90 percenters the filament of relevance to the matter at hand is Fascism, a vehicle of which seemingly everyone considers himself an above-average driver (oy!). Still, the 10 percent that say something worth the saying all seem to be either strongly or weakly pro-Bolton.

        I can’t speak for you, of course, but all in all, that’s a half-full glass I’d be glad to take a pull from any day.

      • Nick Dean
        Nick Dean says:

        Everyone here lives largely offline and beyond banal quips, even you KB who just came online and made, well, you get the idea there …

        But why not offer some advice among the insults: What should we be DOING? Not reading, but doing. We know you want us to read your books about what other people thought about what some other people thought. But what should we be doing, that you attack us for not doing?

  6. curri
    curri says:

    I read the Coogan book. It was mostly gossipy light entertainment. This book sounds a lot more serious.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      Historical minutiae of a movement spanning four decades and four continents being misinterpreted as ‘gossip’ sadly shows how low we have fallen.

  7. the beer seats loves puritans
    the beer seats loves puritans says:

    “That’s true. Words have power and people should be quite careful about what they say and write.”
    Why do some people get to say anything they want no matter how inflammatory or twisted while others have to be quite careful what they say and write?

    Is there some registry somewhere? Where “these” official people get to say and do almost anything while those who aren’t on it can get hounded every day for years to their near suicide for saying the same things or much milder?

    • T
      T says:

      Why do some people get to say anything they want no matter how inflammatory or twisted while others have to be quite careful what they say and write?

      Doesn’t seem fair. It can be that the individual or the group he or she is a part of has the power to override society’s current conventions…or, what I think is often the case, the said person or people are allowed to get away with it for the time being as its useful at the moment to the powers that be. In time, when the latter types are no longer useful, I suspect they’ll be shut down or supressed much to their surprise.

      Is there some registry somewhere? Where “these” official people get to say and do almost anything while those who aren’t on it can get hounded every day for years to their near suicide for saying the same things or much milder?

      I wouldn’t know. If there is one though it would be nice to locate this list and surreptitiously add a bunch of additional names to it.

    • the beer seats loves puritans
      the beer seats loves puritans says:

      did i say 4-5 years? it was 9. But very heavy under Obama. an international affair.
      very educational.
      It happens to thousand and thousands and thousands of people since at least the early 90s.. Los Angeles, New York and London are the three most active cities regarding this kind of thing.
      They are just regular people with regular problems.. no dirty stuff. They will publicize the most criminal of their targets to justify what they are doing. They don’t tell you about all the others. And they don’t tell you about the ones that kill themselves.. or others- or have their lives ruined because they went bonkers.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      With the Moderator’s kind suspension of his ” less is more “, let me attempt to respond to your question regarding a certain Registry.

      There is a subtly-understood non-Registry for those who do not rock the boat and/or are pro anything Jewish or Israeli.

      For all others the ADL is bragging/warning, that it has just established a high-tech subsidiary in Silicone Valley, in the front yard of Google/YouTube, from where it will be monitoring all hate speech; pursuant to its own definition and will see to it that they lose their accounts.

      Read it yourselves by googling ADL cooperates with Silicone Valley.

      At minimum the following members of Bibi’s own exceedingly racist, hateful government, will continue to spread their genocidal ideology and call for action, with applause, not censure; cited from the always reliable, responsible and balanced Palestinian-Interest ELECTRONIC INTIFADA:

      01 Posting a call for the murder of Palestinian mothers who give birth to ” little snakes ” has not put a damper on EU cooperation with ” JUSTICE ” Minister Ayelet Shaked. [ My emphasis ].

      02 Education Minister Naftali Bennett boasts about killing Arabs, but is still seen as a worthy partner by EU officials.

      03 On Tuesday, Israeli Army Radio tweeted the comments of Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, who stated, ” I do not rule out the possibility of conquering Gaza and destroying it once and for all “.

      Of course that slime-ball and former Moldavian disco-bouncer and Minister Lieberman speaks of Palestinian vermin and cockroaches.

      The tiniest fraction of these swinish utterances, particularly from an ever persecuted, respect-demanding minority, would afford you a minimum of five years in Germany if aimed at Jews.

      The privileged, propagandistically valuable non-Registry exists; as does the official, taboo-breaking Registry, announced by ADL under penalty.

      To say nothing of dozens, perhaps hundreds of additional more regional Registries and college surveillance.

      Goebbels, turn over, green with professional envy of the present state of the art.

  8. joe webb
    joe webb says:

    The whole fascist perseveration or obsession needs to be abandoned. The word is pure poison thanks to both Hitler and the jews/liberals. Just look at last year’s embarrassments in Charlottesville, a setback for White survival and White consciousness.

    Our folks who strike fascist poses have been undone by their egos.

    The Trump peasantry is where its at for the foreseeable future. Trump’s jewish connection is inevitable and will not change both because of his Amen Corner constituency, AND the Christian, mostly Protestants, teddy-bear/totem of OT jews. That is a fact of US political and religious life.
    You can do nothing but lose, electorally, if you do not luv the Jews.

    There is another factor here with regard to Israel. It is that its wars on the Arabs, and US complicity and hardware and money and troops, does serve our demographic interests in turning back the muslim tide, both in Europe and here. That is a fact. Get used to it. Israel will have to wait.

    The Dem Party’s luv of muzzies is Good for us. The Palestinians die for our sins. Cunning of history.

    The ultimate result of the White Counter-Revolution both in Europe and here will be something , arguably, close to a “Fascist” kind of reordering.

    But, White People invented elections, free speech, rule of law, and so on.
    It is in our genes…Greece, Rome, Germany, Scandinavia. We do not go for dictatorship. No other race invented these things. The other races are all collectivistic/oriental despotism.

    Liberalism, traditionally, represented White Fairness, a genetic condition. Dictators don’t cut it in the White psyche. Always, it will be elections, even if we fall into civil war. Talking and fighting at the same time.
    Joe Webb

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      @ Joe Webb> White People also invented apartheid, racial separation, and autonomous, autocephalous communities and nations. THIS is the only option for Us, NOT working in the milieu of current Western “Civilization”.

      Our opportunity will come when widespread chaos, civil strife, and fomentation is happening. This is inevitable due to several convergences: racial displacement tolerance ends, electro-magnetic pulse destroys part or most of the electric grid and its control, destruction of large transformers and distribution stations simultaneously, and more large terrorist strike on the order of the World Trade Centers, among others.

      Many times extensive rebuilds and revisions of power plants require a cessation of function in order to carry out large repairs and replacements.
      We are, in the present circumstances-economic, cultural, social, and spiritual-caught in a fatal ever tightening vise with the (((“We gave you a religion and a Messiah))) in complete control. Only when the power plant is “down” will we be able to act and secede.

      • joe webb
        joe webb says:

        well maybe but …go to VDare and see the article on the “tipping point” of the Dem Party….that Whites are moving out of the Dem Party and toward the right…independents and the GOP. This is cuz of the rads who have taken over the party.

        It is psychologically understandable for we who have been tortured by the multi-racial state and Tel-Avivism jewish talking heads to think about Big Bangs arriving to destroy our enemies.

        The electoral process is coming along nicely…sort of. I talk to liberals where I live who are more and more realistic about Blacks and Mexicans. They still cannot stand Trump personally, who bears a lot of blame for his style and his sex scandals. With or without Trump, politics is moving in our direction…Europe and here.

        The main thing for us is not to fuck it up with adolescent posturing including nazi salutes, and the rest.

        We are the race of electing our leaders, the only race to do so.

        And this , psychologically, is not just a trait of being nice and fair. It is a trait which is coupled with out large capacity for violence…don’t tread on me. Ancient Greece and Rome and Germans had their weapons at hand. You hear me out or my sword comes out.. That is White. And I have read that 85% of the 300 million guns in the US are owned by whites.

        If and when the Left eliminates elections or the Second Amendment, the guns come out.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Poupon Marx, you seem to be undecided as to whether you want to be lounging far off in a nice comfy ashram somewhere or, closer to home, watching as other people get their heads bashed in “widespread chaos [and] civil strife” whilst you cheer them on from some ultrasafe sideline space.

        It’s been said before but it’s worth saying again: You and most of your fellow Christophobes don’t really want a return of the old dispossessed West or even its replacement by a new Gramscian West, where the categories and rubrics retain their former names but have different, “cooler” content. No, what you want is a clone of today’s Judaized consumerist world but scrubbed of its Jews.

        As if they will ever let that happen!

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Mr. P.deC.> I would change your last name to chiffon, the egg white air filled topping to a fruit pie. If you had but read my over 9300 comments on Disqus alone, with over 21000 up votes, I might take you seriously. And if you researched my comments here going back a while, I might post a rebuttal. A swing and a miss, spit and a piss.

          Giving me the moniker of Christophobe is disingenuous and affective on your part. As a Buddhist-if you knew any of the main teachings-you would know that The Buddha respected all religions and advised for his disciples to do likewise. Of course, the matter of degree is another factor.

          What “I want” is for you to think a bit more before you write, know some context and history, and be polite enough to ask me to elaborate and edify. I am not impressed by those who speak a lot and say little of substance. In fact substantive evidence, data, and facts are the tools from which I made a professional living.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            I didn’t know Buddhists had amateur psychologists who fretted about affect. Live and learn.

  9. Philip Roth
    Philip Roth says:

    This is somewhat off subject but why hasn’t Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions book been reviewed yet? It is after all the official book of the Alt-Right.

  10. George Wiles
    George Wiles says:

    It’s interesting to note how Yockey’s notion that the United States would be the vehicle that would become the chief enemy of Western civilization as opposed to the Soviet Union. He saw this as far back as the 1950’s or earlier. If he could be brought back to our present time and could observe the situation today looking at the mess that the west is today with its obsession with LGBT “rights” and “refugees” and “multiculturalism” and the present day Russia with its focus on nationalism, family and religion he would say, “I told you so.”

  11. the beer seats loves puritans
    the beer seats loves puritans says:

    A person develops nerves of steal after a while. and then they can watch the watchers and stalkers to see who is who and what is what.

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