Lauren Southern’s “Farmlands”: The Disaster of White South Africa

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  1. J West
    J West says:

    This was a wonderful documentary from Lauren Southern. My emotions ran the gamut while viewing it; from horror while hearing the ranting of the rep from Black First Land First, to hope from the coverage of Orania, the all-white enclave. Pretty killer doc.

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Lauren goes from Alex “the Jew apologist” Jones’ at Infowars to her own Canadian based news production company.

    While watching her S. African “…Soft-Docu-Drama…”,
    I checked out her webpage where she linked up with the likes of Holocaust Liar and Uber Zionist Jew, Levant’s, Rebel Media and partner in Jew apology, Stefan Molyneux.
    If you want an honest approach to the ongoing S. African White Mass Murder by Blacks, one MUST understand that Jews were almost completely responsible for everything.
    The Rothschild affiliated Oppenheimer Diamond Family funded and organized the entire situation that is presently ongoing in South Africa. Just as the Jews are funding the ongoing White Genocide in Canada…, the one that Lauren is so happy to return to.
    What do you think the Jew funded and organized Minorities will do to the pacifist Mennonite Farmers in Southern Ontario once they have Majority status in Canada and have encircled the White Farmers?
    What does she think is happening RIGHT NOW in the Jane and Finch Corridor of Toronto?
    Who controls Canada?
    Who commits most of the Dirty Crimes of murder, theft, rape, etc…, and what (((legal force))) does she think is helping these low life Blacks and other minorities get off Scot Free?
    Lauren’s History of South Africa completely skips over the Jewish role played in every aspect of what has lead to the present situation.

    IMO, her side-show, Docudrama rings more like a combination of a White Racial post-mortem and a pitiful portrayal of how to be a White with Broken Spirit.

    My advice: Stick with Red Ice TV.

    At least Red Ice gives the Jewish angle a generous share of its programming,
    even though underrepresented considering how much destruction Jews are responsible for,

    Moreover, Lana at Red Ice is working hard to give women in the White Nationalist Movement a higher profile.
    This is a critical aspect if Whites are to survive as a group.
    Able bodied White Nationalist men must have a chance at decent woman if they are to prosper and looking for a way out or a way to escape the country is not an option anymore for Whites.
    Whites must be seen defending their land with blood to embolden other Whites to do the same.
    Better yet, Whites must be seen counter attacking Jews in high places with even greater malevolence than (((they))) are showing Whites.

    • J West
      J West says:

      And what happened the last time whites defended what was theirs with blood? Seems to me that lefty, anti-white historians are having a party these days as they construct DEVASTATING arguments against us. Whatever we do today, we must not do things which will be a GIFT to the arguments of future leftist, anti-white historians.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        if it is him and his Party that you are inferring to,
        made too many mistakes…,
        hence the blood loss and unconditional surrender of the Aryan Nation of Germany.

        His first mistake was in not picking up on the single best and most original idea a Jew has ever had…, namely:
        “…The Holocaust of the Jews by the Germans in World War One !!…”
        Hitler was after all sentient during that first battle and must have been aware of the attempts to use the Holyhoax during that first confrontation as well.

        Had Hitler picked up on this Holocaust Lie when the Jews used it the first time during WW1 and actually implemented before WW2 began…,
        instead of letting the bulk of (((them))) flee to neighbouring countries and continue the war against Germany unabated from their new Host Nations,
        then Germany and the rest of the West would largely be Jew free today.

        Q: If we do nothing do you actually think the Jews will stop trying to kill us?

        Q: If we die while trying to resist Jewish attacks against us,
        in this information age,
        do we not have a chance at waking up other people who may abandon the Jews and join us in our struggle?

        In case you have been sleeping, Our numbers are growing world wide and Jewish support is crumbling at every corner.
        Your argument is about 10 years out of date, but quite understandably so given the accelerated pace of change that the world is undergoing regarding the JQ.

        No one can blame you for being stuck in the past.

    • White Nation
      White Nation says:

      Jews are simply exploiting White weakness and division. White Europeans are constantly fighting among themselves, so they are ruled by Jews.

      United We stand, divided we fall.

      If it weren’t the Jews, some other cohesive, determined group would enslave White Europeans. Chinese and Punjabis now rule Canada. Punjabis rule England from London.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        As a German Lay-revisionist with relatives who worked at the Presidential Level in West Germany and someone who has been studying the Jewish Problem for over 50 years from so many angles it would make the average head spin, I can tell you that European
        “..Aristocracy..” (degenracy) and NOT ALL Whites are weak…, they are just too trusting.
        Jews have been successful at infiltrating White Societies and destroying them because they are mongrels who disguise themselves as White and then using White stolen money, work to change the laws that change the Racial Make-up of White countries in order to further camouflage Jewish dirty activities.
        Chinese and Punjabis rule almost nothing…, most of their leadership class are nothing more than Jews who have mongrelized Chinese and Punjabi DNA and when it comes to banking, media, resource, and control of other bureaucratic bottle-necks, let me assure you that Jews are pulling most of the strings.

  3. N. Joseph Potts
    N. Joseph Potts says:

    Why is the car in the picture on the RIGHT side of the road? That’s not how they drive in South Africa.

  4. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    I haven’t (yet) read this info regarding Dugin.

    So normally I wouldn’t post it, but the sources (Russia Insider & Brandon Martinez at Alt-Right) make it likely to be of interest here & now:

    “Dugin in 1997: Unleash ‘Afro-American Racists’ on White America”
    (by Brandon Martinez; June 27, 2018)
    — [ ]
    “Martinez & Charlemagne – The Folly of Duginism & Russia Cucking”
    (by Brandon Martinez; June 25, 2018)
    — [ ]

  5. Anthony Havens
    Anthony Havens says:

    Anyone who knows the history of S.Africa will find this to be very disappointingly inaccurate on so many levels. Why did she not have her script fact-checked? I could only watch the first 7/8 minutes it was so embarrassingly bad. I wouldn’t even know where to begin listing the inaccuracies, even her pronunciation of Khoisan and Boer was wrong. And, as someone else pointed-out, a car driving on the wrong side of the road. Leftists will laugh at her sheer unprofessionalism. Wow, what a sadly wasted opportunity.

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