The Art of Raising Children to Revere Their Race and Culture

People interested in the revival of Western Culture usually focus on the various political and cultural aspects of the problem, which are certainly vital and worthy. A different focus, one that White activists almost always overlook, consists of the actual material, the sine qua non, of the future: children. There are two basic problems connected with the biological perpetuation of the race and culture. The first is, how to motivate and enable men and women to form stable marriages and have children, and the second is, how to raise the children to become mature adults who will perpetuate the White race and Western Culture. In our circles (not to mention the wider culture) not much effort is devoted to either of these problems, especially the second. I have found, to my disgust and horror, that very few parents give much thought to the proper raising of children. To my way of thinking—the Germanic tendency that places everything under periodic reevaluation—that deficiency is appalling. Every badly trained child is a tragedy, a tragedy that ripples through the wider society and down the generations. Therefore, I would like to address the art of raising children.

I offer this advice because I was fortunate enough to snare a bride in my early middle age (finally!), and become father to six children. From the first, I have approached fatherhood with the utmost seriousness, knowing that I am responsible for six souls, and also from a sense of pride, desiring to show the world the mettle of my lineage. Mostly, however, I trained my children the best I could because I loved them and wanted them to have the best chance of success. I must say that all the principles I outline below are just that, principles; my wife and I strove to abide by them, but we were far from perfect in their observance. Stuff happens with six kids, believe me. However, we followed them well enough that adults who interact with our children literally rave about their maturity and competence. (I am not bragging about “my” great work as a parent; I know very well that the good reputation of my children comes partly from a low prevailing standard, and that my children are themselves partly responsible for the formation of their character. I also believe that the grace of God was a crucial element. The only credit I claim is being aware of the issues and doing my best.)

I will discuss the raising of children under three headings (interspersed with my own experiences). Children need moral, social, and political formation. The last of these really falls under the second, but the times call for me to develop it at greater length. I will not offer a comprehensive treatment under all headings, but only certain issues I think are most important.

Moral Training of Children

There are many areas in which children need moral training, but the foundation is obedience. It is absolutely essential that children learn to obey. From this flows much else: respect for others and self-control among the most important. Obedience is fundamental because precious little training can be done without a willing spirit of obedience in the subject.

The good news is that obedience is actually easy to teach. When our children began to crawl, they would reach for things we didn’t want them to touch. We did not “child-proof” our house; we “house-proofed” our children. We taught them the word “no.” When a child touched something we didn’t want him to, we taught him what “no” meant by repeating the word and lightly smacking his hand when he reached for the forbidden item. We repeated the process until he got the message. Trust me, your life as a parent will become radically easier with this method. Children being children, of course, the lesson will bear repeating, but parents must remain steadfast. Consistency is essential.

Obedience is a matter of the heart, not the lips. That means children must not mutter and complain while obeying. That is not true obedience, but defiance.

As for spankings, yes, they will be necessary (it must be said) because children will test the rules and defy lesser punishments. Spanking is highly effective; it commands the respect of the recalcitrant and puts an end to the episode, which other methods tend to drag out. It is the ultimate assertion of the parents’ authority. Spanking is far better than the ridiculous “timeouts” and counting to three that make parents look so pathetic. Naturally, they should not be frequent or harsh.

I sometimes see parents struggling with their children to make them obey. Repeatedly putting them back into a seat, pushing them to sit up straight, etc. This is ridiculous; it reduces the parent to the level of the child, annihilating at one stroke the parent’s dignity and authority. If once you engage in a physical tussle with a child, where will it end? If I desire something from a child, I tell him what I want, and expect the child to do it. If he does not, he swiftly learns a needed lesson. It’s very simple.

When punishing, repeat very clearly to the child the offense and the behavior expected. Never punish without explanation. Use it as a teaching tool, which is, of course, its purpose.

After obedience comes duty. Children must learn that work is an inescapable part of life, and parents may as well start early. There are two principles here: first, it is fitting that everyone in the family pitch in with chores. Parents should give small children small tasks and carefully teach them how to do them. My children are excellent helpers who lessen my wife’s burden (without taxing them too much; children are not servants). The second principle is that children should do everything for themselves that lies within their capacity. A parent should not be dressing an eight-year-old, for instance, or cleaning the room of a twelve-year-old. My wife and I have extended this practice to earning money. Our children are moving into their teenage years, and we have solicited paying jobs for them. The boys mow lawns, and the girls babysit and provide domestic help. They earn a good deal of money for their ages, and now they can pay for summer camp and other items themselves.

Finally, we attend church and steep our children in the ancient Faith. The practice of religion is associated with a wide range of social and individual benefits. We send our youngsters to a private Catholic school and they naturally study religion there. I view discussions in the home about moral and religious issues as extremely important, and we engage in them frequently. The idea is to build the intellectual framework alongside the active habit of virtue, to build tough, mature, and resilient personalities.

Avoiding Modern Pitfalls

Let’s turn to more contemporary issues. We do not have a TV in the house. To allow our children to watch TV—which essentially portrays little more than the coarse, immoral, and sickening outlook on life promoted by our media elites—would be criminal as well as hypocritical. Television is also a frightful waste of time. Did you know that over the course of a 75-year life, the average American will spend thirteen years watching television? We are not Puritans, however; we occasionally allow our children to watch older movies (basically pre-1970) and documentaries (nature and science, not history) on a computer.

We don’t listen to rock music, something I grew up on. We listen to classical, old folk, and old country. I can’t prevent them from listening to modern “music” when they grow up, but I don’t want to spoil their young ears for the higher forms of music. I hope that this will make rock and rap alien to their ears.

We will not have video games, either. Our kids read a great deal, ride bikes, explore the woods, and play with legos. They talk, argue, write letters, and draw. They live life, in other words.

We allow our children some internet time, but strictly limit it. There is one laptop in the living room, and they can request to play a YouTube playlist of music or look at clothes or other approved items on Amazon. The boys look at videos on Rubik’s Cube or chess. At all times, we know what sites they are visiting and what they are doing.

What about smart phones? Social media? These are non-starters. Smart phones have internet; social media is almost entirely frivolous. They can make those choices for themselves when they reach adulthood, armed with a good moral foundation.

I put a high value on quiet. There’s nothing like a house that hums with hushed activity, everyone doing a chore or engaged in a hobby. Leave off the constant music and the buzz of the TV, and see how peaceful it is. A person can think.

Social Training of Children

Under this heading come well-known concepts of behavior, such as treating others with charity and respect, how to cultivate friendships, and social responsibility. I don’t wish to elaborate on these as they are pretty generic and obvious. Some may base this on the vague American quasi-religion called “Being a Good Person”; we base it on Christianity.

There is another topic that is almost wholly forgotten—family honor and loyalty. I try to inculcate in my children the idea that they belong to a family, a living entity extending both backwards and forwards in time. I try to foster the idea that they must strive to uphold the good reputation of the family. A good sense of family pride, I believe, raises the stakes for everyone, impelling good behavior and keener efforts. I think this also promotes a subtle strengthening of the concept of family identity, of pride in the components of our heritage. Who are we? An exploration of identity opens many windows of meaning; it is a fundamental question with its roots in the deepest reaches of human life. I tell my children we are Catholic, American, German, and White. The powerful but unspoken idea is, let us keep it that way. If we have pride in our identity we would not desire to change any of its elements. One aim (among others) is to make the prospect of an interracial marriage seem quite foreign, even unthinkable. If it is legitimate to desire Christian and American grandchildren, why is it illegitimate to also desire White ones?

Political Training of Children

How are we to educate children about the more controversial realities of modern political life, including race and the Jewish question, without inducing them to overreact? The task calls for great care; children have a tendency to latch on to the most radical idea and forget the nuances. It would be disastrous for a family to have a child in school declaiming how bad the Jews or Blacks are. Yet the fact is we cannot send youngsters into the world ignorant of these matters if they are to help defend their nation, culture and race.

This is not an easy project. I started too early and too strongly with my kids and had to backtrack a bit.

It is best if the father knows his stuff in this sphere and is able to discuss it rationally and calmly. No wild conspiracy theories, just good conversations touching on history, culture, and politics. If done in the right manner, the story itself will reveal the grandeur of White culture (emphasize the positive!) and the nature of the threats that besiege us. The particular topics we White advocates wish to broach need not be—should not be—dwelt upon dramatically, in conspiratorial tones, but simply as a matter of course.

If the parents don’t know much history, well, start reading! Yet much can be done even with this handicap. These topics needn’t be covered in great detail; broad strokes covering the main points will do. Kids don’t need to be told everything. Good books can cover a lot of gaps and spark lifelong interest. Youngsters should read enough to become familiar with the overall sweep of history, with the history of their own country, and the lives of the great men. Conversations can then proceed based on their reading. My kids read voraciously and they love to talk history and politics with me.

I have made a start with my children on the main themes: the achievements and uniqueness of Western Culture; the fact that Whites created the West; that non-White cultures around the world have significant-to-great differences from White culture; that human races are clearly different in many ways, but that no race is superior or inferior to others in all things (I fudge a bit here in favor of non-Whites in the interests of charity; later they will get more details; I do leave them with no doubt that I think the White race is the greatest); that the Jews rejected their own Messiah and are now “adversaries to all men” with their own agenda that often conflicts with ours. I also talk about the present-day situation a bit, geared to younger minds, of course.

The subjects of Jews and race can be pretty thorny. For young minds, a distinction must be made between groups and individuals. The tendencies and actions of a group as a whole don’t necessarily say anything at all about an individual member of the group. Awareness and self-defense against such a group is legitimate, but stormy emotions like resentment or hatred just lead to error and fanaticism. The aim is to prepare the next generation spiritually and philosophically for action against the enemies of Western Culture, not to foster hatred or contempt. A war is best fought coolly. Towards our own, we can have overflowing emotion: love, primarily. Towards a threat, we need a clear head, devoid of turbulence.

My principle is this: for groups that are hostile to our culture and people, we may exercise aversion, but towards individuals, charity.


It is heartbreaking to think of all the Whites—third-generation victims of the 1960s social revolution—who cannot find a mate, or who have already run through several, and left behind poor, lost, children amidst the wreckage of their failure, who will never have a sustaining pride in their family, race, and culture, let alone a normal existence. Will these abandoned children then pursue no other course but to replicate the tragedy? I have seen so many White lives wasted; so many blank-eyed, dirty White children. Where did the cycle begin? And where will it end?

This cycle of tragedy can end only with the multiplication of good, strong, dutiful families, headed by real men. If we cannot form such families, no amount of political or cultural work will have an effect, for there will be no one to respond to the call. Let us get to work with renewed energy, keeping in mind that what White men have done in the past, we can do in the future.

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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    Overall, a very good article. However, there was no mention of how each White child who is old enough to attend public schools will enter into the clutches of the virulently anti-White Cultural Marxists – and then be relentlessly bombarded with Cultural Marxist propaganda that will contradict the racially healthy value system that their parents have worked so hard to instill within them. Outside of home schooling your children, which not all working parents can afford to do – how is it possible to shield your kids from the poison they will be fed at these public schools?

    • Alphonsus Jr.
      Alphonsus Jr. says:

      It isn’t. They simply must be either home schooled or in a private school filled with the like-minded. And even then fheir minds may still be poisoned. Such is the all-pervasiveness of today’s rot.

    • James
      James says:

      I raise my kids with
      Christian Identity values. Something which i couldn’t disprove after six years. Will this comment pass TOO censorship?

  2. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    A great article. I particularly like the emphasis on constancy, a hallmark of good animal husbandry. (And civil relations of any type).

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    This is one of the most valuable articles I have ever read on TOO.

    We were able to raise two fine boys following what the author suggests. And, yes, getting rid of the TV in the ’70s was one of the best decisions we ever made, along with homeschooling (both boys now have college degrees).

    As has been said, ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Thank you very much. I’m very happy to hear of your success, especially with casting off the TV. You and I are among the “one tenth of one percent,” the very few who realize that real family life cannot possibly thrive with TV casting its malevolent aura throughout the home.

      • J Smith
        J Smith says:

        Great article Karl. I’m a mother of four late teenage children, we had a tv, and playstations, but managed to inculcate them with very much the same ideals as you have. regardless. The eldest is at university, the others high achievers at school.
        My point being that a sensible, balanced home can provide a balm against all the SJW nonsense a child and young adult comes up against, even if home schooling wasn’t possible. Eventually they all leave and see for themselves what a tide of degeneracy lies in wait.

  4. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    Tragically, white ethnomasochism abounds even here in the panhandle of Idaho. I hear whites listening to ghetto music all the time. For example, just yesterday there was a group of six 12-15 year old boys in front of me while hiking. Their ridiculous boombox was blasting the feculent music of the ghetto (“rap”). Such impoverishment. And I hear whites vandalizing their souls with this trash all the time. Yes, even here in North Idaho. What will one most likely hear blasting from boats on the lake? Stinking ghetto music.

    Pitiful. Is there anything more ridiculous than whites listening to jungle music? And I suspect that even the children of my fellow traditional Catholics here have developed a taste for ghetto gutter music. Just pitiful.

    • Alphonsus Jr.
      Alphonsus Jr. says:

      Related, this vandalism of souls with ghetto music tracks the vandalism of white skin with tattoos. Tattoos are to be seen everywhere on white skin even here in North Idaho. This tattoo phenomenon is now universal. Truly pitiful.

      Just think of it. Millions upon millions of people branding themselves, like stinking cows, with tattoos. Got tattoos? Say MOOOO…. You’re branded as a total conformist. Cattle at least have to be forced to be branded. But these tattooed herdlings–herds of “individuals” everywhere today!–brand themselves willingly. Just plain pitiful.

      • Karl Nemmersdorf
        Karl Nemmersdorf says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I was repulsed when tattoos began to be more popular, I think in the Nineties. Now they are ubiquitous. Around the same time, black (male) voices and beat began to appear in virtually all otherwise white pop music, especially with female singers. As far as traditional Catholics, I think the original generation who took the pains to find the old Mass in the 1980s and 1990s were solid, but I’m not very impressed with the next generation. The parents didn’t keep a tight enough leash on them!

        • Alphonsus Jr.
          Alphonsus Jr. says:

          Just think of the catastrophic failure of parents who allow their children’s souls to be (de)formed by ghetto music.

          On the other hand, ghetto music is now so ubiquitous that even the best parents can’t fully insulate their children from this rot.

          Such is today’s reigning diabolical disorientation.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          “…but I’m not very impressed with the next generation. The parents didn’t keep a tight enough leash on them!”

          Not everything is the parents’ doing (for good or bad). You can keep the tightest leash you like, but stuff happens. Most of the time, the way our kids “turn out” is not all that much our doing. That does not mean to raise them in a stupid, careless manner. It means this: there are no guarantees; children are born with a personality/an unfolding soul that is ultimately not ours to control and we can do only so much to alter it. Let us not fool ourselves by having too much faith in techniques.

          Humans are not cars or lawnmowers where you just insert the correct fuel and all will be well. I know of uber-liberals/peaceniks whose boys rejected it all and joined the marines. I am not making this up. And the opposite is even more prevalent, i.e., conservative Christians into freaks of every kind.

          My progeny? I never preached anything, neither did my husband. If we had, I’d probably be sorrowing over social justice warriors. To this day, I know that neither they nor I are ever out of the woods.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I have been extremely critical of a lot of web radio shows and podcasts that are claiming to be ‘pro-White’, but who will use God-awful black (or white) rap music for their intros to their shows, or for their breaks during the show. This infuriates me to the point that I will bail out of any pro-White radio show immediately whenever I hear this disgusting ghetto garbage, and scratch the podcast off my list of material to download and listen to.

      I suggest we all do likewise.

      • Alphonsus Jr.
        Alphonsus Jr. says:

        You’re not alone. Vandalizing anything with ghetto music music bad enough, but such a show as you describe? Ridiculous!

  5. Nadir Martello
    Nadir Martello says:

    I found this article of Karl Nemmersdorf not just interesting and well written, but also one of the best of this kind. However, Karl Nemmersdorf seems oblivious in regard to the Catholic Church (Novus Ordo) position, nowadays.
    Thank you anyway and keep up the good work

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Thanks. Now let’s hope, that it will be translated into at least half as many languages as that Diary.

      Let’s also hope, that a native Russian speaker, adept at English, will check the translation at those passages where S is most critical of their [[[ togethers ]]].

      I say that, because I’m reminded by Israel Shahak’s devastating expose on the Talmud, in his hailed and equally disparaged book JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION: THREETHOUSAND YEARS OF [ BURDEN ? ]

      Unlike Anne, who was recently reported as having been murdered at Belsen, by some half-educated, yet high-profile MSM talking head, Shahak went from Belsen to future Israel in 45 and became an academic.

      His fluent Hebrew allowed him to dissect the Talmud and to undertake some corrections in its translation into English; particularly those sections discussing sex and same sex with minors, and between parents and offspring, always willfully mistranslated for the not already initiated.

      He is not sparing in his description of the extreme animus over the millennia towards the goyim and describes parts of the Talmud, where the Jews take sole credit for crucifying Christ, quite independently of the Romans. Contributing to the Vatican II victimology farce. Passages referring to Christ boiling eternally in semen and excrement add to their overall projected refinement and healing of the world.

      A serious and somewhat detailed review of this book written by an Orthodox opponent and deeply informed critic of his own tribe, would help to corroborate our thinking and opinions and be of devastating results for them. Incomparably more relevant for our future than another essay on some Greek’s bathroom habits.

      To see whether you agree, consult the book’s reader reviews on Amazon.

      Then gleefully envision the hysteria at ADL upon reading it here. As they do.

  6. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    It would be interesting to learn more about the backtracking on inculcating racial awareness in children to which Mr. Nemmersdorf refers.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      I gave them some information before they were mature enough to handle it. Before they go out into the world, they will know everything they need to know. I did not backtrack permanently on anything vital.

  7. silviosilver
    silviosilver says:

    This strikes me as far too severe. Such severity probably only appeals to a small portion of whites – basically, those who are already active in the pro-white scene. For outsiders looking in, it only makes pro-white politics look even more unappealing.

    Furthermore, the author is far too sure of himself. Do exactly this, and you will get exactly the race-revering children you desire. In reality, there are never any guarantees when it comes to parenting.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      On the contrary, Mr. Nemmersdorf is neither too severe nor “far too sure of himself.” Yes, he and his wife are responding individually to the most individuated situation that human existence offers: rearing the children they created in cooperation with their Creator. Yet their response is formed, not by novelty, but by a well-tested and time-honored template that would be recognizable in its essentials to the West’s founding peoples.

      While the template that the Nemmersdorfs are employing in their task might not align with the preferences of (((present-day savants))), it has a historical success rate extending back over seventy-five or eighty generations. Surely that’s a better way to bet than placing all your dough on reinvention of the parental wheel!

      For outsiders looking in, it only makes pro-white politics look even more unappealing.

      Does it really? Rather the opposite, I’d suspect, certainly for the sort of white parents whose interest in their offspring extends to retaining the latter’s respect and affection once the most pressing and immediate ties of dependency are severed in nature’s due course. Save for those who have been entirely brainwashed/corrupted by the Judeo-Marxist Establishment and statist propaganda, parenthood remains a school of heroism. None but the brave need apply, and experience shows that the brave will draw others in their train.

  8. Olaf
    Olaf says:

    “As for spankings, yes, they will be necessary (it must be said) because children will test the rules and defy lesser punishments. Spanking is highly effective; it commands the respect of the recalcitrant and puts an end to the episode, which other methods tend to drag out.”

    I doubt they really are necessary. With some children, perhaps, but not with all. I certainly did learn to obey and act dutifully, but not once during my childhood did i ever receive a spanking. My upbringing was still a good preparation for my military service as a sergeant. In my experience it was achieved by the deployment of controlled aggression, through sufficiently hard voice and expression, and by a certain hard grip of the hand when being “house-proofed”. In several European countries spanking is, by the way, prohibited by law, so would either way not be advisable.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      I agree. Over the years I have trained Schutzhund and CDX titled dogs, and never once have I ever struck one.

  9. Johnny Rottenborough
    Johnny Rottenborough says:

    ‘I tell my children we are Catholic, American, German, and White’

    The enthusiasm of the Roman Catholic Church for Third World immigration and Islamization marks it out as anti-American, anti-German, anti-white and anti-Christian. Why does the author aid and abet the enemy?

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Your last sentence is a most questionable and slightly insulting inference.

      Karl, like Pierre and others here, adhere to the conservative, pre V II view of Catholicism, fighting the real enemy.

      Far from being a new development, we witnessed that during the mid 1700s when the official Russian Orthodox Church introduced liberalization, engendering the
      ” Schism ” in that Church. This comparatively minor liberalization was rejected by what came to be known as Old Believers, many of whom went into voluntary exile, but now are coming back home under the cultural climate created by Putin: much like Russia’s new immigrants, the hunted Whites from South Africa, and region, for the same reason.

      • Johnny Rottenborough
        Johnny Rottenborough says:

        Charles Frey—I submitted my comment before Mr Nemmersdorf’s clarification, to Nadir Martello, appeared on the thread. However, I do indeed see today’s Catholic Church, and all Western denominations, as the enemy. I judge the churches not by how they should be but by how they are.

    • Hatecrime Hotline
      Hatecrime Hotline says:

      I am curious to know how the author and his wife manage to square for their children the inherent universalism of Catholicism (which I assume children of PCS’s learn there) with the circle of racial segregation and exceptionalism that all decent, healthy white people desire in themselves and their progeny?

      • Johnny Rottenborough
        Johnny Rottenborough says:

        Hatecrime Hotline—I suppose it was around the middle of the last century that all Western denominations decided to betray their flocks, their countries and Christianity itself by endorsing Third World immigration and Islamization. Picking up on a comment of Mr Nemmersdorf’s, perhaps the Roman Catholic Church made its decision in Latin.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        In the temporal sphere in which all here present live, move, and have their comments posted, “the inherent universalism of Catholicism” is the null set. Save when one is speaking in moral terms, the expression is a falsehood. That is to say, Catholicism is inherently universalist solely and precisely to the same extent that biological experience—birth, growth, death—is common to all creatures.

        Certainly this common biological experience has consequences. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that all religion, philosophy, sociology, and psychology and most statecraft are concerned with exploring the obvious-to-all consequences of the collision of biological commonality with the myriad absences of commonality virtually everywhere else in this plane of life

        As for the nineteen hundred years of Christian history, whether in the West or elsewhere, it is pretty easily verifiable that, in practice, Catholic and (by and large) other Christian societies have been the most prudent, the most circumspect, in generalizing from the particular to the universal. Surely, too, no habitué of this website or reader of KM’s books and articles can fail to be aware that every recorded “universalist” tendency, trend, or movement in the ever more secular West since the soi-disant Enlightenment has been fabricated of tendentious rhetoric: at bottom, the universalism offered invariably turns out to entail the universal subservience of all to the (((Master Race))).

        • Karl Nemmersdorf
          Karl Nemmersdorf says:

          ” . . . it is pretty easily verifiable that, in practice, Catholic and (by and large) other Christian societies have been the most prudent, the most circumspect, in generalizing from the particular to the universal.”

          Wow, Pierre! Very nice answer. The above quote really lays bare the kernel of the matter. In spare moments I have been wondering how to describe how limited and misconstrued Catholic “universalism” really is, but didn’t get very far. And yes, emphatically, the “universalism” that has been used to forward all manner of sinister projects does not originate from Christianity.

    • Alphonsus Jr.
      Alphonsus Jr. says:

      See The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism by John Zmirak for actual Catholic teaching on immigration; that is, teaching untainted by the Judas Council (Vatican II). Also search for Zmirak’s articles online.

      Also see ch. 10, entitled “The Myth of Equality,” of Fr. James Wathen’s book entitled Who Shall Ascend?

      “Any inequality today is a horror. For the Catholic Church [the actual Catholic Church, not the post Second Vatican Council abomination represented by the perfidious likes of Pope Francis], it’s not at all a horror. God has designed everything unequal, practically everything: the flowers, the animals, the plants, the mountains, the nations, the peoples, the races, the sexes, the individuals, everything in God’s creation is unequal. What God plans is a great variety, and an order in the variety, with some things higher and some things lower. And St. Paul says in the Epistle to the Romans, ‘Don’t start questioning God on why he put this lower and put that higher.’ It’s like a building, that stone is lower than that stone and that stone is higher…. Compare blacks with whites, broadly speaking, blacks will be superior in some things and whites will be superior in others. But generally speaking, the blacks are lower down on the wall and the whites are meant to be higher up on the wall. That’s just the way it is. That’s the reality. When the whites stopped doing what they should be doing, which is leading the blacks, then….”

      -Bp. Richard Williamson (2008 lecture on The Sillon, No. 3 in the Stockholm Conferences 2008 audio series at the St. Marcel Initiative website)

  10. Later
    Later says:

    [redacted] the western world , all they continue to do today is – bully , bomb , invade and destroy other nations.

    I can’t even think about looking up to western values – they are a bad example to humanity.


    (Mod. Note: let this one through, just for “fun”. Also to let you know what we mods get to deal with.)

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    I believe that your article is a correct answer to this misery of the Jewish-Communist Frankfurt School, which is responsible for our cultural decline. I do not agree with all points, but I think it is the only way to protect his children from irreparable damage. Your article reminds me of a song by Loggins and Messina “When I was a Child” and a passage “But Time has no mercy with the growing young soul, it leaves us with memories, while it takes us grow old.”

  12. Joe
    Joe says:

    Thanks for the poignant article, Karl. I’m in my early 50s and have an 11 and 9 year old whom my wife and I homeschool. Yet, I, too, suffer the same dilemma of subjecting my children to the eternal “question” while they are still at an innocent and tender age. Right now, they are learning the 3 “Rs” in their education. I personally believe that the subject of history is one for a more mature age. This is only because such material requires a deeper understanding of cause and effect which most young minds cannot fully comprehend. History is basically a culmination of “who, what, where, when and why” of the human experience. When the time comes, my children will be taught all of the most crucial “whys”… for THAT is the most important of the five. Without an understanding of the “whys”, history is a meaningless exercise.
    90% of your piece I could have written myself. It is encouraging to know that there are other concerned people out there who are not only bypassing the poisonous trappings of our current overlords, but formulating techniques to bring about true change with the coming generation. Optimist that I am, I always say that from the rotten compost will always rise a new and healthy garden. It is up to us to weed and tend that garden so that its yield benefits all.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am gratified that my experiences harmonize with yours. Yes, the lessons on history and present-day reality need to come in later teen years, after they can assimilate such information, and have the knowledge to do so. As well you, I hope the “compost” of these times can produce something for the future. We are both working for that; we will see in the end who joins us. Good luck and God bless you and your family.

  13. Hatecrime Hotline
    Hatecrime Hotline says:

    “Every badly trained child is a tragedy, a tragedy that ripples through the wider society and down the generations.” So undeniably true. We see the results of mass low-investment parenting all around, and it clearly affects every class of white.

    In this crass materialist live-now-devil-take-tomorrow attitude shell of a civilization, parents have not understood the primacy of child care. Many are incapable due to the alarming epidemic of crippling low self-confidence among parents and the definite proliferation of specimens that would most certainly have been candidates for sterilization in a previous age. But of course, the opiate of TV has, over the decades, fundamentally minimised the importance of parenthood (and thus, high-investment parenting) in favour of live-now-devil-take-tomorrow. Parenthood, being entirely at deviance with that attitude, is therefore barely put on any platform at all – it’s relegated to just another chore that no one gets ‘paid’ for.

    And I entirely agree with the author that it is in actuality the number 1 issue that our race must deal with: how to, as sovereign parents, make sure our children are given the best possible opportunity to fulfil their potential and how to adequately grasp what that actually means. Both of those factors require very detailed elucidation based on a few immovable facts of nature, all of which are of course, not ‘en vogue’.

  14. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    Any concerns about what is SAID to children to educate them on matters of importance for defending our race, it is perhaps more instructive, when possible, to merely drive through black neighborhoods, read blogs and internet media ( e.g., ) , visit an inner-city school, walk through Civil War battle sites, watch a rabbi ( go to 7:30) who has conned Christian dupes into feeding Jews in Russia, watch any evening urban city newscast, examine books at large bookstores, drive through urban housing projects and so forth.
    BTW, Eckstein’s group is a real moneymaker. His salary is $624,244/yr ( ), quite a sum to give Christian dollars to Russian Jews. When he donated a pitiful 5K to the COGIC, I remembered the wise warning of Revilo Oliver; “When God’s Chosen Pirates invade a nation, they, with the instinct that makes wolves hamstring the caribou they intend to devour, immediately infiltrate and capture the Aryan institutions and organizations that might enable their destined victims to resist them, and even after they own all the channels of communication in the doomed nation, they remain vigilant and police their Aryan subjects. You could not organize a national pinochle club and enlist a substantial membership without having some Jew, perhaps disguised as a White man or woman, exhibit great zeal for pinochle and aid you with prudent advice and, of course, a stack of the dirtied paper that the Jews have now taught the boobs to use in place of money. And you would eventually discover that you had become just a dispensable ornament, a supernumerary in the club you had organized.”

    • Alphonsus Jr.
      Alphonsus Jr. says:

      Excellent advice. Such an inductive approach is probably far more effective on young minds. I’ll never forget when my grandfather took me, when I was 12 years old and on the road to delinquency, down to the filthy Skid Row in downtown L.A. and said, “Continue on the path you’re on and this is where you’ll end up.”

      • Right man for the job
        Right man for the job says:

        What a coincidence! When I was age ten my grandfather was a Chicago detective and he frequently took my brother and I in a squad to make the ’rounds’ of areas like your Main Street in LA, etc. It was really exciting, a wonderful opportunity to see and to touch places in the city which had significance in the criminal history of Chicago. He was an officer who had been called to the site of the St. Valentine’s Massacre.
        My grandpa’s local parish was St. Alphonsus on the northside of the city! It was uniquely a German-Polish-Irish community locale; currently it is HIspanic.
        Weren’t we lucky to have had grandfathers who showed us the real world?

  15. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    Right man for the job,

    “just a dispensable ornament”

    Less than an ornament, “who benefited (and continues to do so) from the concept of making the conceived subhuman?”

  16. mobiledeelight
    mobiledeelight says:

    This is an excellent article. I come from a background of childrearing being the most important thing we do with our lives. I live in a world of quiet, and appreciate steering our children away from the loud clutter of life. I do see that many of the suggestions are unrealistic for the average family working hard to put food on the table and merely making ends meet, in spite of a college education and a good solid work ethic. Most parents don’t have the time or means to homeschool their children. I think helping children get a better start in life is a worthy goal, but what happens when they join the real world: Cultural shock at the best and totally being overwhelmed at worst. I think a healthy balance between insular building the child to be the best he can be, while allowing him to delve into life and develop coping skills would be a more realistic approach in today’s hectic world.

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