This Week on the Alt Right Interview

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  1. Doug Stilborn
    Doug Stilborn says:

    With all honesty, I wish I remained blissfully ignorant, but at one point in my life I lived in Hollywood and everything he says is true. it’s all too dark and disturbing. From their personal individual traits to group behavior. I’ve been reading The International Jew by Henry Ford and I couldn’t recommend it more.

  2. Doug Stilborn
    Doug Stilborn says:

    I made some public antisemitic remarks and I got locked out of my FB account and my Google account
    I’m just being sent through a loophole where they send me a verification code for my password on my yahoo account and then when i enter it they give me a reply that they can’t verify that it’s me. Any criticism on Israel and jews in general is far more dangerous than people think.

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