The Jewish Ethnic Nexus of Bill Browder’ Financial Operations

A tweetstorm consisting of quotes from Israel Shamir’s excellent article on Bill Browder showing how he operated in an entirely Jewish milieu. Jewish ethnic networking is alive and well in the twenty-first century.

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  1. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    Alien/plutocratic control of the government is the strongest argument there is for reducing the scope and power of government.

    NO ONE is as stupid as ALL of us.

  2. Brent G
    Brent G says:

    Sadly simpletons don’t understand that this is how (((they))) control country.

    Bowder’s dad was a commie.

    • Right man for the job
      Right man for the job says:

      Browder’s grandfather was commie Earl Browder who married a Russian Jewess. One of their three children was Felix who also married a Jewess; their child was Bill Browder who is married to a probable ethnic Russian, Elena Molokova. Billy boy was born in the US but gave up his citizenship so he didn’t have to pay US taxes. Putin wants him for not paying taxes in Russia.
      Can’t find genetic origin of Magnitsky….but he was born in Odessa. QED

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    The German Brothers Grimm could not concoct a more amusing children’s tale than Jewish talent Browder.

    And then, my dear aged and professionally wisely gullible Senator Grassley and ageless Senator Feinstein, consistently funded by us, 25 members of the Russian Ministry of the Interior broke into my St. Petersburg offices and stole the seal, stamps and incorporation certificate of my company.

    They then used these things to file a fraudulent tax refund in my name, based on revised accounting, to defraud the Russian Treasury of 230 million dollars, which were laundered through Cyprus and partly into the US.

    They also fraudulently declared two of my companies bankrupt in backwoods Kalmykia, with unpaid taxes, where I had registered them for its favorable tax regime, which required hiring veterans and handicapped employees, with less than elementary education, as financial analysts.

    Without coming near Maddow’s 60 billions, his nose nevertheless came off my pc screen and filled my entire apartment.

    The last source on him, at Wikipedia, [63?] is a multi hundred page Manhattan South Federal Court transcript of his deposition filed for by a defendant against an information brought by this world-class liar.

    I ran out of time after the initial 213 pages of said Court-certified transcript, in which he admitted ca. five times, THAT MAGNITSKY HAD NO LAW DEGREE AND WAS NO LAWYER !!!, merely a talented accountant. Dozens of times his answers under oath were tantamount to my dog ate my homework.

    Yet Browder asserted in the Senate and on EVERY other occasion, with his inimitable Jewish charm and other necessary talent, that Magnitsky was a lawyer, assisting him in [[[ altruistically exposing widespread Russian government corruption and in the interest of Human Rights ]]]. [ Mom and apple pie ].

    And he, Browder, now undertakes, in his Talmudic mitzvah, to revenge Magnitsky’s murder by eight jailers who beat him to death with rubber truncheons, in a cell of insufficient size to hold nine people.

    Nekrasov, a Russian film maker, was acquainted with and initially well-disposed towards Browder, but found first one, then more and more discrepancies in his ensuing magnificent examination, and finally made a documentary about this pre-eminent world prevaricator, which I will look for tomorrow, to post a link to it here.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Please do post a live link, Charles, if you can find one. Both links to Nekrasov’s film given in Philip Giraldi’s Unz Review article of July 24 are now dead.

      It’s merely giving the devil his due to point out that despite Browder’s being an apostatized citizen and the grandson of a notorious subversive, much of the US public thinks he is a public-spirited humanitarian and a victim of monstrous malefactors. If nothing else, this state of affairs demonstrates that with sufficient cash outlay, there is no lie too big for the Congressional scum and the (((media))) to proclaim as God’s own truth—or sadly, for our brainwashed white brothers and sisters to swallow whole.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        @ PIERRE, et al:

        Since the original of this article by KM has already gone down the archive chute, let me reply via KM’s current article so as to benefit those who have not grasped the peripheral importance of the matter: Mod permitting.

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