Dr. Virginia Abernethy on immigration and fertility

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  1. Mary Minshall
    Mary Minshall says:

    I have to agree with the person, Bill Johnson, I think, who advocated for marriage and families. Children should grow up in stable homes with mothers AND fathers who provide for the family so that the mother can stay home with the kids. Also, I strongly object to the idea of mixing sperm which is OK if you run a dairy herd and want to be sure all of your cows freshen in the spring, but for people, NO! Lets say a couple of men mix their sperm and donate to a woman who has a beautiful, healthy child. There is a real possibility that, unless one is certain of the identity of the sperm that fertilized the egg that produced the child, there could be marriage between very close relatives such as half-brothers and half-sisters.

  2. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    She’s wrong saying the cost of immigration to the US ($300 Bn a year) is paid by the taxpayer. In fact it’s added to government loans, to be repaid over maybe centuries. It’s a scam for Jews and needs to be factored in. Otherwise people will think things are OK – aren’t we paying out of annual taxes?

  3. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    I tried listening to this feminist idiot of a women advocate that white men should cuck so white women can continue to destroy our race. Basically, she proposed that whites start behaving like blacks. I could not sit through her garbage and am shocked that she is even mentioned in pro-white circles. I suspect that but for the white knight tendencies of pro-white boomers, she would not be. Feminists have zero place among pro-whites.

  4. Walter Lewkowski
    Walter Lewkowski says:

    Dr. Virginia Abernethy is thinking like a woman when she proposes cuckoldry pooling sperm.
    First thing any intelligent man will do is get the DNA of the offspring and if it’s not his he will not be foolish enough to waste his precious resources on some other’s guy’s genes.
    After all promoting the interests of your race is derived from the fundamental drive of promoting your own genetic interests.
    White people are high parental investment people, and sex bonds a man and woman and that bond is necessary in the high parental investment of Western man.

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