The Puritan Intellectual Tradition in America: A Proneness to Utopianism, but Change is Possible

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  1. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Culture is destiny because culture is artificial selection. Race is the result. The artificial selection regime creating whites clearly no longer obtains, which is the real reason for the decline of whiteness. Non-whiteness is being cultured.

    The only real question facing whites is this:

    “What were the cultural norms that selected phenotypes we most essential to what we value about whites?”

    Answer that question in moral terms and you’ll have the basis for uniting all who embody “whiteness” — in at least a moral sense even if they are of other races — imposing an artificial selection regime that reverses the present trend.

    While I posit an answer to this question in terms of what is “fair”, and do so in terms that many would see as “Puritan” if not “Quaker” (I do have Quaker heritage), I’ve yet to see anyone else step up to answer this question in the operational terms necessary for praxis — for Holy War. Those who offer mere “critiques” of the culture I posit are — well — a culture of critique. Step up. Stick your heads above the parapets so our discourse — our mutual “critiques” — may be conducted on a “fair” basis.

    And may the best win!

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    ” Hostile Elite, Transcendentalism, [and so many other labels] ” all seem misplaced.
    On numerous occasions I’ve misunderstood or been unable to fathom how anyone could apply them the way they have.

    Moreover, who is to say that the concepts embodied in one label can not coexist with another?
    For example, Christianity can,
    and even by Biblical accounts does,
    coexist with Darwinism [although not named as such].

    Hostile yes, but Elite?…,
    I think not…,
    at least not in terms of what Whites would consider to be elite.

    Transcendentalism, to me, implies moving from one form to another, yet maintaining sentience.
    For example, the Spirit of man transcends the flesh and blood body to a purely Spiritual form.

    Just as the Jew uses its ability to mix ” truths “…,
    that have become largely self-evident to the masses,
    with subtle ” lies ” that the masses are still not unanimously clear on…,
    in (((its))) quest to paralyze us through confusion and doubt;-
    so too must White Nationalists be able to separate the
    “clay from the iron” in our quest to help “…the deceived…” see clearly.

    The main thing that we can and IMO should all agree upon is that the Jew is them main driving force behind confusion and misery in the world today.

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