Dr. Tom Sunic: A Sheep Can Easily Find a Wolf to Eat Him


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  1. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Thank you for your very perspicacious characterisations of communist-speak, and for their parallels that you point out in our contemporary fake-words (multiculturalism, holocaust denial, neo-nazi, etc.). I do wonder, though, how many Anglo members of your distinguished audience actually grasped your point.

    You referred to the American academics who ‘decorate’ themselves with the fake words you cited. Are they doing exactly what the apparatchiks did – that is, drumming into the public what branding (fascist, white supremacist, etc.) everyone must fear? They probably are. But something is missing from their audience: It is the backlash of the scathing joke that the apparatchik’s language provoked among the communist public. The Anglo public just does not seem to see scope for joking about the fake-words-using professors. This betrays a very different attitude to the didactic fake words than did the jokes that exploded in communist countries. Here is one joke I recall my parents enjoying. It arose in Yugoslavia as early as the 1950s:

    One Easter Sunday morning, an old lady on her way to church and a young man are about to pass each other on the footpath. Being a well-bred lad, he slows his pace, steps off the footpath politely, and greets her:

    – Smrt fašizmu! [Death to fascism!]

    The old lay smiles at him affectionately:

    – I tebe sinko. [And to you, little son.]

    There is no joke of its kind, the political joke, in the States or the UK, is there? Is that somehow telling?

    • Tomislav Tom Sunic, PhD
      Tomislav Tom Sunic, PhD says:

      Good point, I am glad you brought this up. Many of our friends in the US ad EU– even some top notch experts on Communism– view it as a set of belief, i.e as an ideology only. Communism is first and foremost an anthropology — as illustrated by the pun of the joke you quote. “Homo sovieticus”- is a result of a negative socio-biological selection. It is an egalitarian pathology dearest and nearest to the masses despite horrible consequences it eventually inflicts on its very promoters. BTW. Black Lives Matter or Antifas now waging war on US colleges, is of great concern to me. Just a rerun what I saw in E Europe back in the 70s. Must be stopped by all means.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Tom Sunic above as I understand it from the word ‘anthropology’ is explaining that communism is not primarily an ideology for most of the followers, ie not a set of ideals or principles, ie nothing that appeals to their intellect or is even something to which they have ever applied their own intellect, rather they have identified that it is a tool by which some humans can subscribe to it and then as a consequence gain an advantage over others. This arises from the animal behaviour side of the human animal, not the intellectual or academic side. In the same way as a monkey in its social group will try and gain the favour of the dominant male. The monkey is acting on its behaviour instincts, and so is the human who subscribes to communism.

        This is confirmed by the following observation:

        There was a TV documentary about the Bolshoi ballet touring the West in the 70s (?). The documentary was made decades after the tour. One of the ballet dancers was asked ‘Was the KGB spying on you and keeping close tabs?’ (words to that effect) and the reply was ‘No, there was no need, everyone was spying on each other’ (words to that effect).

        So consider person X making a phone call to the KGB to tell tales on person Y who was secretly preparing to defect – what was the motive for reporting your fellow-countryman? Was it:

        (a) A love of the Soviet Union and a desire that the ballet should bring honour to the communist system
        (b) Petty jealousy that wants to stop someone else fleeing to the West and ending up with a better life than they had – ie jealousy and spite and a desire to take others down and therefore *nothing to do with the teachings of Marx at all*

        I think we all know it was ‘b’ and therefore nothing to do with a love of a politcal ideology called communism.

        As with the caste system in India, communism offers one set of people in the society a means of having power over


        The power within the social group for the followers of communism is not the kind of power that can be called ‘positive’ in the sense that the follower rises up and ends up with riches – as the aristocrats did, where the end result was huge estates that provided jobs for workers so they too could rise up and end up richer.

        The power within a social group that practices communism is negative not positive. The aim in the end is not to rise up and perhaps take others up. It is negative only – this power is the power to stop anyone getting ahead. So it is based on the urge to spite others, on the urge to act on jealousies and a desire to stop anyone ‘better’ from benefiting by being better. The aim is not to make society more positive, it is to make your rivals more miserable than you are.

        “despite horrible consequences it eventually inflicts on its very promoters.” – the followers know the life it gives them is miserable but it does not stop them supporting it. It reminds me of a family I know where they spend their time forming sub-groups to gossip about each other to stir up conflict, when they could, if they wanted to, just live in peace and harmony. They get satisfaction in their lives from inflicting the negative on each other rather than valuing the positive.

  2. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    I really enjoy listening to Dr. Sunic, & not just because I am a quarter Croatian (others parts Ukrainian and Polish). He has an excellent knowledge of history & speaks truthfully without lacking integrity & decorum & nobody can accuse his words of being “hate speech”.
    How refreshing to hear him call certain peoples flooding Western Europe what in most cases they truly are – invaders. There is nothing wrong with this word & it fits. It is certainly more gracious of a word then what Bibi Netanyahu chooses to call the African asylum seekers in Israel – “infiltrators” – you know, the Africans that are in some cases being held in ‘detention centers’ (prisons) & being offered one way tickets back to Sudan or Eritrea.

  3. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    I can’t make out the word Dr. Sunic is saying at 41:09, though I have listened about 6 times now. It sounds like he is saying “sun-censorship but I know that does not make sense. Would like to know what word he uses here and if this is an official word being used in Europe. Thanks to anyone who may know this and can share with me.

  4. Tomislav Tom Sunic, PhD
    Tomislav Tom Sunic, PhD says:

    @daniella. I guess it is “self-censorship.” BTW. Standard contemporary trait among all social science profs and white politicians. Nobody wants to rock the boat. Tenure and good pension plan ueber alles!

  5. bruno
    bruno says:

    Tom is just a magnificent human being. One has to realize that he’s not the only an individual with unique World experiences. Tom can function in French, German, English and his own Croatian language. I have always admired him. We are very lucky that we are able to read is very versatile mind.

    Tom is a champion of our people. If EuroMan had politicians with his abilities, experiences, morality and concerns four hours peoplehood, Western civilization would not be in her a present survival mode.


    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      The people are not ready to listen. When they are ready (when their safety & comforts are gone) leaders will arise. I am just listening to Willian Luther Pierce ‘Men of Valor’ who says: ‘we will see leadership more and more from personal strength rather than institutional sanction.’
      At present the wealth and comfort in the West has led to a certain type of leader arising (leaders from institutional sanction). Different conditions will provide different leaders.

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