Sam Dickson: Why Won’t Whites Defend Themselves

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  1. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 To descend to the bottom of pettiness for a moment. Dickson was wrong in stating, that Communist countries did not show ” Sesame Street “. The GDR bought a US franchise of it, to prevent its youngsters from seeking out West-Berlin channels to watch it, and, more consequentially, additional programs. RADIO IN THE AMERICAN SECTOR [ RIAS ] was the radio equivalent with its Uncle Tobias show aimed at the young of both sides.

    02 Teachers were obligated to lure their pupils into disclosing what their parents allowed them to watch; as well as what the parents themselves were watching. Passed onto the STASI, of course.

    03 At times the GDR jammed certain West-Berlin/German TV and radio frequencies; and at other times briefly rendered their sets technically incapable of receiving western signals at all. At least until their sales plummeted, threatening the collapse of the entire industry. Berlin was the tiny seed and laboratory of the now global culture war.

    04 I am entirely opposed to setting up White enclaves. The easier to grind into the dust, given the countless local and regional interconnected utilities, transportation, finances, trade, jurisprudence, etc.
    When the final votes were cast in Quebec, to separate, or remain part of Canada, I was glued to the radio. The vote jumped around violently, often in favor of separation. In the end one vote decided for the continued Union.

    Had the Separatists won, Quebec would have divided the Country into THREE separate regions: the West – Quebec – the Maritime provinces. Radicalized Separatists could/would have given Canada its very own Polish Corridor.

    Its northerly Indian tribes felt safer under Ottawa than they would under independent Quebec, and confided in a then high-profile friend, that they would sabotage Hydro Quebec electricity supplies, much of it very profitably to the NE States, by shooting arrows with attached, non conductive fishing lines over the high voltage line between the towers, then pull a heavier copper cable across them, causing them to short circuit. Also by severing two of the four feet of these tall towers with explosives.

    05 We don’t need a Koenigsberg, East Prussia, with its vital Polish Corridor to keep it economically viable, with a 50,000 Reichsmark fee for each train, in North America. Nor a Danzig. Nor falsified and Versailles Treaty contravening so-called plebiscites.

    Fifty years ago a friend was approached by an abject bum hippie, soliciting for a Greyhound bus fare. My friend gave him twice the sum solicited, with the advice to take his best friend along with him !

    Instead of fleeing into unviable enclaves, let’s offer THEM the option to take a hike and take a kike with them !

  2. L. Smith
    L. Smith says:

    For Sam and Jared: Just watched your video Why White People Won’t Defend Themselves and it was informative and interesting. Got a real giggle out of Sam calling the so called elites in our country “jumped up white trash.” Too funny and that’s exactly what most of them are. However, you both are still operating on the basis of 19th and 20th Century social constructs. You are calling out the wrongs of the society and suggesting practical measures to improve matters, but neither of you realizes that while you were debating these worthy topics, the entire structure of reality has changed. The ENTIRE structure. You are both very, very behind the curve, so much so that what you are talking about is at this time largely irrelevant. I was shocked when I heard you talking about going to the moon. Come on! You still believe that? Do you also still believe the 19 men with boxcutters story? I’m going to say something here in just a very few words because there’s no way I can convey to you the entire scope or corpus of what you need to know.
    These are some of the topics you need to get up to speed on:
    The universe is a simulation. Not whistling Dixie here.
    CERN – is breaking through to other dimensions. They’ve already done this to a certain extent and it has many implications.
    Transhumanism – The PTB wants to convert everyone to a transhuman entity. This is one of many reasons for promoting vaccines so intensely. Vaccines cause autism and autism creates a blank slate or empty shell that can be electronically programmed.
    5-G – This is not the place for a detailed discussion of 5-G, but it is being rolled out now, it has “many” dangerous and deadly consequences, and you absolutely owe it to yourself if you call yourself a student of the truth to inquire into 5-G thoroughly. And not through any officially approved source.
    The PTB intend to eliminate the entire male sex. Again, not kidding. Have you head about the shut up, step forward movement? Men are to meekly do as they are told by nasty women who despise them.
    The two of you are still clinging to an old reality that has been ripped out from under your feet. If you don’t want to be two irrelevant anachronisms, you desperately need to get up to speed. And keep in mind there is a huge difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts. These are huge subjects and you’re going to have to do some serious reading. Get busy.

  3. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    1) Wrong question.

    “What has made Whites in Europe finally start defending themselves by starting to vote National Socialist Populist in numbers approaching majorities?”
    or, as in America
    “What has made the majority of Whites in America finally start defending themselves by voting for Populist Trump by a landslide majority?”

    2) Blah blah blah…,

    Next Question:

    “How can two so called White Advocates blither on for hours without mentioning the word ‘Jew’ once?”

    3) Third Question:

    “Why, when listening to these guys speak, do I feel like they are two steps from the grave and so pathetically boring that I can not even finish putting up with their droning, wheezing and stale back scratching?”

    4) Has anyone ever asked them what they think about the simple statement:

    “…IT’S THE JEWS STUPID ! ” ?

  4. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    After delving into many of the innumerable videos on conferences, debates, lectures and press conferences by Taylor and Dickson, both jointly and separately, I feel, that none of the comments here did them justice [ including my own, though I remain unprepared to cede an inch of ground ].

    Their age brings experience and I don’t find them behind the curve – rather ahead of it; with proven, long-haul commitment paid for with the usual pound of flesh. Both are refined, yet no-nonsense, superbly informed gentlemen who probably rightly think, that you can lure worthwhile fence-sitters off their perch with reason better than with crass comments.

    A closer examination of their entire canvas, including the much-missed J-word on several occasions on top of unmistakable numerous allusions to [[[ them ]]], rather than this single essay, would be a good start. A mere five commenters, at time of submission, on this vital subject and two of its pillars is itself inexcusable.

    Commenter Smith’s guttersnipe admonition ” Get Busy ” to these erudite gentlemen may be suitable for passing teenagers to pick up their discarded McDonald containers, but is misplaced here: hopefully not for greater purpose. Additionally, it residually negated anything of potential value in his comment, for me: well beyond the moon.

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