Intellectual Dissidents Need to Place Their Assets in a Living Trust Rather Than in a Will

A mutual friend has posted the following email to a confidential chat site where People Like Us can talk:

I have just been talking to a New Jersey wills and trusts lawyer. A decedent made a bequest to a nationalist group in Georgia and the distribution has been very slow in coming. It turns out that New Jersey requires that any bequest to a charitable organization be reviewed and, apparently, approved by the Attorney General of New Jersey.The present Attorney General of New Jersey is Gurbir Grewal, the first Sikh to hold that office.

What is the requirement for approval? The attorney did not know. But it takes very little imagination to conjure the SPLC argument that charities are approved by the State and must serve the public interests.

It would appear wise for any people residing in New Jersey desiring to make a bequest to a charity consult with an attorney and consider a trust. Please spread this information around. The SPLC intervened in a Canadian will dispute and successfully blocked a bequest.

This idea — that State Attorneys General can block testamentary charitable bequests— is something new but it shouldn’t surprise us.

As our country becomes ever more Stalinistic and genuine dissent is virtually being criminalized, we can expect to see more and more states adopt policies that will allow the System to intervene and block testamentary bequests to causes the System does not like.

Even if the Courts uphold the bequests in the face of vetoes by State Attorneys General, the legal expenses of fighting out the issue to conclusion in the law system in most cases will exceed the amount of the bequest or at the very least substantially erode it. 

The law in America does not allow you to recover your attorney’s fees against the State.

Here is the LESSON which I have preached many times to people who — as we heard in Church — seem to fit under the remarks “…ears have they but they hear not, eyes have they but they see not”:




2. TO NAME A SYMPATHETIC EXECUTOR WHO, IF NECESSARY, CAN PROBATE THE WILL SO AS TO ESTABLISH HIMSELF AS THE PERSON LEGALLY EMPOWERED TO CHALLENGE THE TRUST. This is so the disgruntled heirs (egged on by the SPLC and its ilk) cannot go to the Probate Court and qualify as the representatives of the estate and file their court challenge in that capacity instead of just as what they are — disinherited heirs.

Trusts do not have to be probated.  They are PRIVATE.  The assets are distributed privately and confidentially by the Trustee.  There is no public filing in a probate court where a minority or leftist  employee or a nosy “investigator” from the SPLC can discover that money is being left to a disfavored cause.

To recipients who are much more “normal” than I am (sometimes referred to as being more of the nature of “normies” or “goody-goodies”): If you think your cause is not disfavored, think again.  The System is painting with a wider and wider brush.  

Even things like religiously based opposition to homosexuality now falls under the rubric of laws such as the hate crimes statutes.  If a religiously motivated picketer gets into a pushing match at an LBGTQx event, a mere “simple assault” like pushing away the person shouting in your face becomes a hate crime felony in the hands of a politically motivated prosecutor.


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  1. Loren R.
    Loren R. says:

    Great information. Thanks for posting. I continue to hope and pray that they will wake up and realize that it is their behavior that causes people to fight against them. That if they wake up and stop forcing us into communism that we can all work together to make America Great Again.
    But yea, I know that they won’t. It is in their DNA to destroy their hosts. Sad for them.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Sad for us. The only thing that will put a stop to this is if we organize and fight back. If they are successful in squashing that as well then you’ll see people start to imitate their tactics, especially the tactics of their Semitic brothers in the Muslim community. You know what I’m talking about. Why wouldn’t they expect those that they’re driving to desperation to do that?
      Actually, we can be pretty sure that that is exactly wha tthey’re counting on. Very well. In that case, that’s what they’ll get.

  2. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “There is no public filing in a probate court where a minority or leftist employee or a nosy “investigator” from the SPLC can discover that money is being left to a disfavored cause.”

    This contradicts what you have said so far. Did you maybe mean “there is no public filing AS in a probate court”?

    Sorry if I am wrong and misinterpreted things.

    I recall hearing about a rich Dr. wanting to leave some $$$ for white students going to college, etc., which bequest was overturned.

    If you are old, really old, not in great health and with one foot on a banana peel, I say, just give it away now to any disfavored organizations or individuals. In cash, too. If you then try writing a check to someone “bad”, banks might refuse to cash it. At which point, when you ask for big sums in cold hard cash (to give to some evil party) they will simply refuse to give you such cash. They will say there’s a limit of $1,000 or whatever. And, let’s not forget, there are rumblings about a cashless system comin’ down the pike.

    Also, in trying to write a check you are alerting various parties as to your predilections, shall we say, and find a way to punish you or your descendents.

    Maybe it’s better to be pisse poor.

    • Ozark Recluse
      Ozark Recluse says:

      Universally valued, hard assets, such as silver and gold bullion coins, that can be stored and privately traded outside the reach of the banking system and that are, leastwise for now, redeemable in fiat are even better IMHO.

  3. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    I hear a lot about how our society is being Stalinized, but little, if nothing, about what the informer, speaker, or writer proposes to do about it. It seems to me that such complaints, or , rather, comments, should provoke some sort of remonstrance to one’s Congressman at minimum.

  4. Larry Petersen
    Larry Petersen says:

    In 2004, a Canadian Robert McCorkell passed , bequeathing his assets to an American White Nationalist group. Southern Poverty Law Center and other “anti – racists” got involved and had the entire will overturned as not in the public interest , or words to that effect. Canadian courts ruled against McCorkill’s final will.
    This is quite the precedent in a so – called law abiding country, just waiting to leap the border.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Larry, presiding Justice Grant, of the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench, its parallel to a State Supreme Court, left the Trustee in place, but equally divided the net assets of McCorkell between his brother and somewhat estranged sister; the latter of whom commenced the action. In all probability egged on by the three Interveners, Potok of the SPLC, IN ADDITION TO B’nai Brith Canada and the Center for Jewish and Israel Affairs; formerly the Canadian Jewish Congress.
      The latter two, not surprisingly, ” assisted ” in drafting the relevant legislation.

      Grant awarded a nominal 3,000 each in costs to the three separate Jewish Interveners, [ none to ” unsuccessful ” Paul Fromm of CAFE ] since ” their greater purposes had been satisfied “. Given the provisions of all provincial and national laws, in addition to international conventions, as well as meager precedents, and weighed against the overwhelming evidence, Grant could not have decided otherwise, without being overturned.

      All of which should benefit us all as a cautionary tale when making bequests, as recommended by Thornbourn. A case that should be forwarded by McCrinn to Perdu to hand to the mysterious founder/financier of that NC think tank.

      Much of this is on the net under Robert McCorkill as well as McCorkell. The synopsis under the Reasons for Judgment by Justice Grant really suffice for a detailed understanding. Those interested in using their magnifying glass may want to search under CanLII, for every cough.

      Thanks Larry, for enabling us through your particulars, to further look behind the curtain of this relevant production.

  5. Ed
    Ed says:

    Folks, I’ll throw in my two cents here. The author and the guy suggesting to give your money before you die are both on the mark.
    I live in Texas but spent most of my life in Illinois.
    I do lots of legal work in state and federal courts all the way up the ladder.
    Let me assure you, our court system is NO DIFFERENT than Stalinist russia when you oppose the state. Y’all ever read any history about any supreme Court judges anywhere on earth taking a stand for justice against obama, Stalin, hitler, Mao, etc ? No. Lawyers(with or without their black judges whore dresses) are the WORST(as in most entrenched and recalcitrant) defenders of whoever and whatever is in power, and the judges are the creme de le creme of the lawyers for being scum. There is a VERY LIMITED exception to this as there have been great lawyers like patrick henry and Sam Adams, etc, however, you will see great judges even more rarely. A just announced decision of the scotus(unanimous) was to not hear a case where the trial judge redid the official court record to change what he said in open court and then discarded the audio tape while the case was on appeal. HE HAD EVEN DONE THIS ONCE PREVIOUSLY. so the scotus said they had to go with the NEW court record as the official one so that they could not accept the case on appeal. If YOU destroyed evidence once it was in possession of the system you would rot in jail, but a judge has the scotus DO NOTHING, not even penalize the judge, SO HE WILL DO THE SAME THING NEXT TIME AND SO WILL MANY OTHER JUDGES SINCE THET KNOW THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. theres literally basically zero proactive enforcement of any laws against judges or prosecutors. They TRAMPLE the laws and supreme court rules etc WITH IMPUNITY.
    The judicial system in our nation is a complete fraud.
    even when the state or federal supreme Court’s make a good decision, the trial and appellate judges just do whatever they want and then you have to appeal it and the supreme Court’s simply dont have time to hear EVERYBODIES case, so 99.999% of the time the bad ILLEGAL decisions of the trial and appellate courts remain and YOU get fucked.
    The supreme courts COULD SANCTION JUDGES OR HAVE THEM ARRESTED, AND THE POLICE COULD ALSO ARREST CROOKED PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES, BUT THEY WONT 99.999% of the time because they(cumulatively) ARE the state and they ALL stick together. It’s a GIGANTIC BUDDY SYSTEM.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Judges get the transcripts of the completed proceedings before them, in order to
      ” release ” them to appellants, as they innocuously term their opportunity to falsify the transcripts. One such crime occurred with a female judge in Barrie, Ontario and made it into the press. A verbal reprimand was all from the Canadian Judicial Council overlooking the federally appointed judges. Another such idiot, immaterially improved on his Reasons for Judgment to sound more erudite than he was.

      That happened to me at the then Supreme Court of Ontario, before The Honourable Mr. Justice Montgomery. Systemic quackery and blatant obstruction of justice finally obliged me to sue my own lawyer unrepresented.

      Peter V. MacDonald was the author of the bestseller ” The Court Jesters “, the son of a Nova Scotia Justice of Appeal who also lectured at Canada’s first Law School, Dalhousie, established by Harvard Law. Also a ” Queen’s Council “, a Conservative Party favor like a children’s party hat, and of course a prized member of the Conservative Party because he shared his alma mater with PM Mulroney.

      Defended on behalf of the Law Society of Upper Canada insurance scheme by
      ” special counsel ” Moldaver [yes], nephew of Justice Moldaver of the then SCO, Court of Appeal, now on the SCC, hailing from Vlad the Impaler and Dracula’s Moldova. All in Canada’s largest court room # 9, at 361 University Avenue, for five days, to make me feel as insignificant as I really was.

      By virtue of being a lawyer, Peter was also an ” Officer of the Court ” under permanent oath to tell the truth, as well as being sworn in separately before I personally questioned him. He lied outright on an important issue. I reminded him of his double oath, but he chose to lie again. I had the proof before me.

      I finally received my transcript after months, since Montgomery had to ” release it “. This gangster, who was voted 54th out of 54 then Justices in the Trial Division, by 400 senior Greater Toronto, experienced lawyers, canvassed by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine for its lead article : ” Judging the Judges: the Good, the Bad and the Marginal “, had deleted MacDonald’s perjured, warned-of reply.

      Requesting a copy of the original transcript, I was curtly told by yet another of these goddamned ” Princes of Justice “, to apply for a Court Order. I threw in the towel but later filed for a motion for an extension of time, almost 14 months later, which was granted. But the fix was in and I lost the Appeal. However, my motion to extend made new law, establishing four requisites, now used throughout the Commonwealth. Think I’m fibbing ? Google Frey v MacDonald.

      The rest of the justice owing to me will come with my book ” Ritual Murder Masquerading as Justice, Ontario’s Three-tiered Justice System : for the Rich, the Poor and the Insiders “.

      This, as they say, is only the good part of the story. But I perceive the Moderator’s eyes glazing over.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      B, you have far more than nothing to speak of, despite your lengthy commute to work in West Texas, in order to raise two youngsters; if memory serves. Look up the recently published photo of that poor little pitiable 7 year old Yemeni girl who starved to death: an irreplaceable victim of that surrogate war.

      Then look in the mirror and reward yourself with a smile and a pat on the back, for comparatively doin’ alright within the everywhere circumscribed sphere of your personal control !

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