Words Like Violence: The Left’s Total War on Freedom of Speech

Editor’s note: This a chapter of Richard Houck’s Liberalism Unmasked. Richard is an amazing young writer who doubtless has a great future on the dissident right. (Click here to see his other TOO articles.) It’s so great to see a recent college graduate who not only has his head screwed on right after all the propaganda he has been exposed to, but also has the courage and skill to write about it. As this chapter shows, his research is exhaustive and his arguments compelling.

Strongly recommended. And to be followed shortly by Andrew Joyce’s review. Stay tuned.

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About Richard, from the Arktos website:

Richard’s favorite films are over twenty years old, and all his favorite bands broke up in the 80s. Somewhat out of place in the modern world, much of his time is spent away from the city, on narrow forest paths. As a radical traditionalist, he admires the bygone virtues of perseverance, loyalty, courage, and honor.

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Liberalism Unmasked
Richard Houck
Arktos, 2018
Available at Arktos and Amazon (all 5-star reviews)

 HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” the purple-haired, cigarette-smoking, degenerate, screamed at me from the top of her tiny, black lungs at a campus protest. Her hands clenched in fists of rage in front of her “Fuck Trump” tank top, she snarled at me with the rabid expression of hatred on her face, feverishly awaiting my reply. 

And that’s where you’re wrong, darling. Hate speech, is the noblest form of free speech,” I calmly replied. As I sauntered down the brick walkway, on a cold autumn day, the wind blew my hair into a wild mane, my trench coat flowing eloquently behind me in some unintended, yet ornate display of regality.

Free speech is not, and has never been, a value of the oppressive Left.

And why would it be? In the face of really free speech, the false narratives of the Left, built upon half-truths and whole lies, would come crumbling down in a magnificent disaster, leaving them exposed as the charlatans they are.

Free speech in the United States is scarcely limited; the only restrictions are on speech which incites immediate violence. Nowhere else in the world is this liberty so protected.1 In fact, as we will see, even many of our fellow American citizens do not share this value.

In Germany, hate speech and criticism of heads of state can result in five years in prison. German people have had their homes raided for comments they have left on social media criticizing the migrant population or the immigration policies that have caused a rape and crime epidemic in their nation.2 I’m not talking about Germany during the Weimar Republic or Soviet-occupied East Germany; it happens frequently in the present day, under Angela Merkel – the German leader that Hillary Clinton said she most admired. This is worth reflecting on; this is how close we were to catastrophe in America. We were standing on the edge, looking into the abyss. There is no longer any time to mess around.

What is the justification for laws against certain kinds of speech? “Hate speech” might cause emotional turmoil for the “victim,” or it might incite hatred against a certain group. Which means that currently, a person can be fined or imprisoned in so-called developed nations all over the world merely for hurting somebody’s feelings.

The idea of fining or imprisoning somebody for speech is beyond barbaric. Considering how “progressive” the Left is, it is surprising that it has no issue instituting Draconian blasphemy laws of this kind. How ironic that the same group of people holding signs that read “No human being is illegal” seem to have no qualm making you illegal if you hold the wrong political views.

A man in Cambridge, UK, has been given four years in prison for making “hateful” comments online.3 An 88 year-old woman in Germany, Ursula Haverbeck, has been sentenced to prison for two years for daring question historical events dating back to seventy years ago; her crime is “Holocaust denial.”4 These two stories are by no means exceptional or extraordinary cases; they are the creeping norm in much of Europe today. In 2016 in the UK, over 3,300 people were arrested for offensive online comments. Let us repeat that. Per a communications act which makes it illegal to “cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another,” over 3,300 people have been terrorized by their own government. Generally, these are only white citizens, as people making anti-white comments online are typically left alone.5 European lawmakers now make a higher priority of jailing people for offensive comments, than stopping the massive sex trafficking rings and gang rapes that currently plague their nations.

Woe to whomever commits a Thought Crime; for that mistake, the Thought Police come knocking. Even tourists are now experiencing its tyrannical reach. Two Chinese men were arrested and fined for taking photos in front of the Reichstag building while making “illegal Hitler salutes.”6 Germany is no longer a serious country.

Here is a list to consider:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Australia, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom.

None of the citizens of these nations are free folk.

They all have laws outlawing what politicians arbitrarily deem to be “hate speech” – or more accurately, Crime Think, as Orwell foretold.

One in four countries across the globe outlaw blasphemy. Blasphemy laws are concentrated primarily in North Africa and the Middle East, places that have fallen under Islamic influence. However, blasphemy laws also exist in Europe and South America. Punishments range from fines and imprisonment to death.7

Thanks to the Left, many European countries claim that hate speech laws are an effort to stop fascism; in an effort to stop “authoritarianism,” they became totalitarians themselves. Brilliant play lads. It is not that the Left has any real objection to authoritarianism, so long as they are in control.

But I’m starting to realize more and more that countries with theocratic totalitarian regimes are not all that different from “progressive” Liberal nations. And why would they be? Liberalism itself is more of a mentally deranged dogmatic cult than a political philosophy. Hate speech is blasphemy, and hate speech laws are blasphemy laws. Viewed in this light, everything starts to come together.

The United Nations has issued a “warning” to the United States, urging us to abandon our value of free speech, so that our inalienable rights are not “misused” to promote “hate speech.”8 The largest political organization on Earth is now agitating for the abolition of our most fundamental right. In a bygone time, better men would have seen this as an act of total war against our people by a hostile elite.

It is useful for us to look at what is happening in Europe today; it gives us a glimpse into our own future, – what might have been our present, had the 2016 election gone differently. This book is more than a political treatise; it does not seek only to illuminate and dissect the destructive nature of modern Liberal policies and ideals. This book is a warning of what lies ahead if we are not vigilant today. Our eternal vigilance has always been the high price we must pay for our freedom.

University campuses all over the nation have already composed disturbing lists of banned words and phrases, side by side with acceptable phrases (Newspeak). College students with no moral convictions and weak characters have been calling for “safe spaces” and bans on hate speech for some time. Even US news organizations have urged a revision of our freedom of speech, modeled on the “progressive” European and Canadian speech laws. Their claim is similar to that of European nations and others that have enacted such laws: certain words or phrases create a “safety” issue for people. We should therefore silence this language in order to protect the exceedingly fragile and volatile Liberal mind from a state of danger. This is a classic example of the collective nature of the Left compared to the individualism of the Right. Even if preventing one person from speaking would spare the feelings of an entire group, that one person’s freedom to speak should triumph over the hegemony.

Recent Pew research on the freedom of expression polled US citizens from the ages of eighteen to thirty-four, as to whether they thought the government should have the ability to prevent people from making offensive statements about “minorities.” A whopping 40% of those surveyed answered in the affirmative: the government should have the ability to stop people from making “offensive statements.” Democrats were twice as likely as Republicans to say the government should have the authority to regulate such statements. Of those surveyed in Europe, 49% were in favor of government intervention of offensive comments.9

There is some hope in the fact that 60% surveyed in America disagree with government censorship. On one hand, it is shocking that 40% of young Americans, people my own age, would be in favor of forfeiting their fundamental, inalienable, rights. On the other hand, it must be remembered that most people, long soaked in the propaganda of the Left, do not even realize that their thoughts are hardly their own anymore.

The startling aspect of the trend towards approval for hate speech laws is that each generation becomes more and more tolerant of censorship. Only 12% US adults aged seventy to eighty-seven were in favor of the government being able to regulate offensive comments. Each generation thereafter become more and more willing to submit to the State.

A 2017 study asked whether its subjects would support hate speech laws in the United States. 56% of black citizens supported hate speech laws. 58% of Hispanic citizens supported them. Only 33% of white Americans supported the banning of hate speech. 52% of Democrats were in favor of hate speech laws in America, while 27% of Republicans were in favor.10

It is clear to whom we must look for the defense of our freedoms.

Please Choose from the List of Approved Words and Phrases before Speaking

In Orwell’s prophetic classic, 1984, not only could a citizen be found guilty of a Thought Crime, but information that might threaten the official Party doctrine was also censored and destroyed. History books and articles were commonly rewritten to reflect the current agenda, and as always, thought criminals were routinely disappeared.

New York City passed a law that makes it illegal to address a person by the wrong title, pronouns, or gender. All businesses, professionals, and landlords, are required to address a person by their preferred title or pronoun. If a man wants to be referred to as “her,” “ze,” “xir,” or any other randomly imagined name, employers, professionals, and landlords are required by law to abide, else they face a fine of $125,000 to $250,000. “Mis-gendering” a person is now illegal in New York City. The law also includes provisions to inhibit the enforcing a “gendered” dress code at work. Meaning, you cannot ask a male employee not to wear a dress and high heels to work. NYC has now made it illegal to observe a fundamental, biological reality.11

In California, State Senator, Scott Weiner, who is gay and Jewish, wrote a similar bill, one that would charge people criminally, and have them jailed for up to one year, for the crime of mis-gendering a person.12 13 Weiner also introduced a bill that would no longer make it a felony to knowingly infect another person with HIV. The bill applies to blood banks, meaning an HIV positive person would face only a misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of six months in jail, for donating infected blood and not informing the blood bank of their HIV status.14 In California, to call a person by the wrong gender now carries a heavier sentence, than does knowingly infecting a person with HIV. This is clown world.

I’m not against referring to people by their preferred name. In fact, if you want to paint your face green, wear a giant turtle shell, and carry around nunchaku, I’ll gladly refer to you as Michelangelo from here to hereafter. Want to wear fangs, a cape, and only come out at night? You’re Count Dracula for me. I’ll be happy to entertain your delusion. I love a good character anyway.

The issue is that currently throughout the world, it is becoming a norm to criminalize and police language. I’m not appealing to some slippery slope, where I think this is going to spin out of control. It already has. Societies either need to decide that we can say whatever we want, or not. Somebody not calling you by your preferred name in no way inhibits you from being you. I would like it if from now on, everybody only referred to me as, King Richard the Wild Hearted, Last of his Kind, Hero to all Free Folk. Yes, the whole thing. I would like it quite a lot actually.

Imagine if everywhere I went, people affectionately greeted me that way. Walk into the coffee shop or the gym or class, “Good morrow, King Richard the Wild Hearted, Last of his Kind, Hero to all Free Folk, your standard espresso and muffin?” Life would be grand. But I do not think forcing anybody to call me by such a title under the threat of financial sanction or worse is reasonable in a fair and just society.

Hate speech laws are only the beginning. “Progressive” nations like Sweden quickly move on to censoring even the access of information, such as the recent denial by the Justice Minister at the request of updated crime statistics.15 This is a classic tactic used by every communist regime we have ever seen. Controlling what people can say is a way to control what they think. Controlling what information people have access to is a way to control what they think. This is about keeping a population in the dark, stupid, weak, and dependent on the State. Liberals today have the same value system that communist dictators have always had. They are the very authoritarians that they claim to fight. The deceitful Left needs to censor speech and restrict access to information, for those are the only two necessary weapons in the battle for truth. Liberals can never win in a fair fight of facts and reason. So, they use the State to limit the arms of the opposition by denying us access to information, and denying us the ability to speak the truth. The Left by nature is anti-truth.

Incidents all over Europe have been intentionally covered up to keep people unaware of what is happening to their homelands. From the Rotherham sex-operation cover up, to the New Year’s Eve sexual assault scandal in Germany, we are only scratching the surface. In Sweden, gangs of Afghan men raped and sexually assaulted girls as young as eleven at a music festival. When asked about the incident in an interview, a Swedish politician said that often times, they will leave out stories of this nature, as they worry the information may “play into the hands” of the Right-wing, nationalist party.16 The Left understands what it is doing very well; it knows that if people knew the truth of their victimization they would naturally gravitate towards the Right and towards nationalism. It is intentionally keeping these stories, and thousands like them, under cover, at the grave expense of people’s lives and safety – all so it may continue to rule with impunity.

Sadly, the same trend is beginning to emerge in the US as well. After a string of robberies committed by non-whites on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Francisco authorities chose to not release footage of the crimes. Despite the fact that releasing the footage would certainly help to apprehend the criminals, authorities felt releasing the video might perpetuate stereotyping. Further, one of the BART directors stated that the footage “would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.”17 Once again we see that those in positions of authority are more concerned with protecting the people who victimize, than with stopping further victimization. There is a large-scale cover up the world over on the part of the Left of all the crimes non-whites commit against whites. This war against us is being deliberately waged under the guise of tolerance and political correctness.

Liberals in America have resorted to more indirect ways of silencing dissenters; due to our first two amendments, they cannot throw us in jail for speaking the truth. For now. The Left has therefore essentially privatized and outsourced the censorship. Instead of having the State censor us, as in so many other “advanced” nations, American censorship is done via private entities. Instead of using the State to directly police our voices – as happens in Europe – censorship has been out-sourced and renamed “terms of service.” Liberals and tech giants now leverage their terms of service as little more than a virtual Article 58, a way to grant carte blanche to the cyber secret police.

Tech companies such as YouTube, Google, and Facebook have hired armies of people to find and remove upsetting or offensive content. Not content such as animal cruelty, violent pornography, and calls for rape and white genocide, but content that might be labeled as “hate speech,” according to the Nuevo-Ministry of Truth.18 19 They are actively censoring and manipulating search results, in an effort to ensure we do not stumble upon any content they wouldn’t want us to see. Thousands of accounts have been banned from social media such as Twitter and Facebook simply because they promote white interests and stand against mass migration. The Daily Stormer’s website has become the most censored publication in history, being thrown off of dozens of domain-hosting companies.

Payment processing companies have followed suite as well, ensuring that those who sell Right-wing books and produce Right-wing radio shows or run Right-wing websites are hindered financially. None of these people are advocating violence, not one of them posts illegal content, as say videos of brutality against animals or violent pornography. That material can easily be found online. But political musing that cuts at the establishment is met with ferocious obstruction. There has been a virtual Hanging Order issued to suppress all forms of dissident thought.

Speaking of which, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is building a “command center,” with the goal of combating hate speech, meaning anything Right-wing. It is easy to imagine what this will entail: a campaign to remove all instances of Wrong Think that might be found anywhere on the internet.20 The ADL is working with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and YouTube to remove any content deemed to include “hate speech.”21 22 The same group of people that declare cartoon frogs to be the enemy of mankind are now working with the largest video-hosting site, search engine, and social media networks on Earth to determine what people can and cannot access. Horrifying.

Large online book retailers have been pressured by Leftists organizations to ban “problematic” books. The most degenerate pornography is universally available – but books with the wrong political message are beyond the pale.

It is important to note that there is indeed a racial element to this. Those considered to be white nationalists are silenced with quick action. However, nationalists of other varieties are left alone, and generally even celebrated. Jewish nationalists, black nationalists, Latin nationalists, Muslim and Arab nationalists, are all welcomed. Nobody is censoring the many Zionist organizations, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, the Palestine Liberation Organization, or the Muslim Brotherhood. However, if you are pro-white the Left views that as an existential threat to their hegemony.

The Washington Post ran an article entitled, “How do you stop fake news? In Germany, with a law.” The piece praises Germany for expanding their crackdown on Wrong Think by fining websites that do not remove “fake news” and “hate speech” quickly enough.23 And who gets to decide what is and is not fake news and hate speech? The same people that claim there are more than two genders, that race is merely a social construct, that unborn humans are not living beings, and that public beheadings are the trappings of a peaceful religion.

German heads of state are so dedicated to the cause of censorship that they have hired a former Stasi agent to patrol social media for “xenophobic” content. How appropriate, granting a former member of the communist East German secret police the power once again to hunt down dissidents.24

German officials behind the new laws claim that the rise in violence in Germany and across Europe is the result of increased “hate speech,” posted online. They actually have the gall to tell us that European citizens speaking out against the huge surge in rape and violent crimes, is the cause of the same. A United Nations Secretary General, a socialist, has expressed similar thoughts, by suggesting that the rise in global terror is caused by the rise of “Islamophobic hate speech.”25

In a similar act of prodigious stupidity, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio blamed Donald Trump’s “hate speech” on the rise of “hate crimes,” thus attributing one totally imaginary thing to another.26 This, despite the fact that hundreds of alleged “hate crimes” turned out to be hoaxes entirely fabricated by the “victims.” In reality, the Left fabricates hundreds of “hate crimes” with one hand, and attacks the Right with the other, blaming those they attack for their own violent behavior, and then using it all as an excuse to silence opposing views.

Sweden passed a new law which makes it illegal to criticize migrants, the LGTBQ community, or government officials.27 Even if such criticisms entail factual claims. Like the fact that the rate of rape in Sweden committed by Muslim migrants is over 20 times higher than that committed by native Swedes. Or the fact that the rise in rapes has been caused almost entirely by mass Muslim migration. Just for mentioning these demonstrable facts, you might face four years in prison.28

A police officer in Sweden is now being criminally investigated for speaking out against open-border policies and the crime they have caused. Officer Peter Springare did nothing but state publicly what everybody already knows. He affirmed that the investigations of violent crime he undertook per his detective job revealed that nearly all of the criminals are foreign, coming mostly from Muslim or African nations. For the offense of speaking the truth, Swedish government prosecutors are investigating officer Springare.29

London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently launched a new police unit within Scotland Yard specifically devoted to policing “online hate crime.”30 It goes without saying that hate speech laws are never created to protect whites or Christians, despite the fact that whites and Christians are in fact the most persecuted group of people on planet Earth. Reports from the Center for Studies on New Religions reveal that in 2016 over 90,000 Christians were murdered for their faith.31 Yet there are no special laws protecting them. We are seeing precisely what happens when a nation allows individuals with no connection to its own people or culture to make the laws and govern them. We hear constantly of the rise in antisemitism, Islamophobia, and “hate crimes” targeting migrants, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Liberals hide behind the guise of not wanting to “incite hatred” or to “insult” anyone; they use this as an excuse to incessantly pass laws limiting public access to data about their own victimization. This has never been about protecting a targeted group of people. This is simply about forcibly protecting the Liberal multicultural doctrine.

The same lunacy is rearing its ugly head in the United States as well.

California recently introduced Senate Bill 1161, the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016. The new act would allow those who spoke out against the accepted “truth” of climate change to be sued for damages.32 “Fraud” in regard to climate change would be grounds for prosecution. Liberals have even suggested jail time as an appropriate penalty for so much as challenging the climate narrative

Liberals would love to see us all in Room 101 or reeducation camps, so that we can learn what is politically correct – just as their Bolshevik forefathers once did.

Interestingly enough, when it came to light that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had manipulated data in their report for the United Nations 2015 climate conference in Paris, Liberals did not seem particularly interested in the news. NOAA was found to have been emphasizing and omitting data in order to exaggerate the effects of global warming, while downplaying the slowdown in warming patters.33

Where are the outraged Leftist organizations that claim to protect civil liberties during these blatant assaults on our freedom? They are naturally off supporting bills like the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2016, which seeks to shut down criticism of Israeli foreign policy in higher education. This bill, which arose after pro-Palestinian activists dared protest the conflict between Israel and Palestine, makes “demonizing Israel” a legitimate cause for investigation of college students.34

Pro-Israeli lobbyist groups like The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) provide incredible financial incentives to sway our politicians to create laws prohibiting criticism of the foreign policy of foreign nations.35 This is unacceptable: nobody, no idea, and nothing, is above criticism. Groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are merely organizations furnishing weapons for the illegitimate war on Crime Think. The bills they urge Congress to pass are nothing but tools to police and humiliate dissenting opinions.

The same Liberal organizations that claim to support the protection of civil liberties are on the forefront of every movement to undermine them. No matter what they claim, it is clear from their actions that these virulent organizations do not support free speech whatsoever. They support approved speech, speech which does not threaten their narrative. And it is well worth asking why they find this so necessary. If Liberals were on the right side of the issues, if they had nothing to hide with regard to foreign conflicts, crime data, and migrant data, if they had the truth on their side, why would they go through such extreme lengths to ensure that nobody speaks about these topics?

It’s incredibly telling that in America, you can freely criticize American foreign policy. Yet if you criticize the foreign policy of Israel, a country on the other side of the planet, groups with hundred-million-dollar budgets immediately lobby Congress to silence you. And our politicians, in an incredible show of cowardice and greed, capitulate. The US State Department even has an entire department called The Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Our tax dollars are going to provide programs ensuring that certain foreign peoples are not having their feelings hurt. In America.

The absurdity of the situation is incredible. Imagine if there were a massive pro-Russia lobby that made it illegal to disagree with or criticize Russian foreign policy. Or what if there were a white anti-hate bill passed that could fine a private citizen up to a quarter of a million dollars for speaking negatively about white people? We are creating a society in which free-born Americans are going to be living in fear that what they say might be subjected to legislation like the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. If this isn’t stopped now, more will soon follow. One has only to glance at Europe if one wants the proof.

Censorship is so out of control we have essentially been reduced to dealing “hate facts” and truth on the black market through underground tunnels, ensuring we don’t tip off the Stasi.

Do you think the Left would be very pleased if we reversed the roles for a change? Maybe it is time we lobby for anti-Anglo, anti-Celtic, anti-Russo, anti-Slavic, anti-Nordic, anti-Hellenic, anti-Native, anti-Saxon, anti-Orthodox, and anti-Christian laws – that is to say, laws against anything anti-white. Maybe once Liberals start facing investigation, fines, and jail, once their names are smeared merely because they have the wrong opinion about the wrong people, maybe then they will understand the totalitarian intolerance of their ways. In America, whites and Christians are fair game for criticism and mockery, yet everybody else is off limits. In fact, that is precisely how some “entertainers” have made their entire living. Everybody else is a part of some protected “minority” class, but the war on whites rages on.

I am beyond weary of their insolence. I am tired of foreigners coming to America, foreigners who have no connection to this land or people, foreigners who take advantage of the nation our ancestors built, using its own best qualities to destroy it in their attempt to rebuild a new nation in their image. If “antisemitism” is so bad, go home to Israel. If “Islamophobia” is so awful in America and Europe, go back to one of the fifty Muslims caliphates in the desert.

The idea of making it illegal for Americans to say whatever they want about anybody they want is an insurrection against the people native to this nation. Those who agitate for laws to protect any groups other than the ancestors of the people who built this nation should be immediately deported via helicopter. Jews are not the heirs to this land. Arabs and Muslims are not the heirs to this land. Africans are not the heirs to this land. Mexicans are not the heirs to this land. I am. We are. And I am sick of people trying to tell me what I can and cannot say in my own homeland.

An identical pattern repeats itself time and time again: a group of aliens migrate to a new nation; they play the victim; they complain that they are being discriminated against, that they are not well enough represented in government. The government in question acquiesces to their every demand. Then, once they possess a large enough percentage of the population or a strong enough influence, they vote their own group into power, and begin to pass laws granting themselves special immunities and privileges, heedless of the effects on the previous culture, or the erosion of the rights of the peoples who built these nations.

Advocating or passing “hate speech” laws or making it especially illegal to criticize one group, is fundamentally un-American, anti-Western, and inherently unequal. It flies in the face of true equality. Equality means we are all the same in the eyes of the law and of God. It does not mean that saying “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide” should be legal, while saying “All I want for Christmas is [Insert ethic or religions group here] Genocide” should be punishable. Either they are both accepted, or neither is: that is true equality.

The quantity of mainstream articles favoring censorship laws is illuminating. The outlets that produce them are not in the business of truth or honesty. They are interested in selling a very particular narrative. With the rise of the internet and independent media outlets, the Ministry of Truth is squirming to find a way to bury the truth.

Because Liberals cannot refute the facts or logic of our arguments, their only recourse becomes censorship. The Left sees too much danger in laying out the facts; it is threatened by the prospect of allowing people to make up their own minds.

Liberal narratives are eternally hollow and held up only by lies. The truth fears no investigation, and has no need of the crutch of censorship.

Silence or Violence

For quite some time now Liberals have resorted to simple name calling as a means to win arguments. Their ideas are weak and fragile. Factual reality weighs so heavily on their narrative that it would collapse at once in the added pressure of reasonable debate. To circumvent the onerous duty of actually proving their case, they label anybody who disagrees with them as sexist, racist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic, antisemitic, transphobic, misogynistic – the list goes on and on. This tactic used to work well because of the social stigma attached to these terms. Liberals took full advantage of this, silencing dissident opinions with a label, thus forcing their interlocutors to defend themselves, rather than focusing on the argument and the facts at hand. This worked wonders for the Left. It did not need to defend its grotesque and harmful immigration policies, because its adversaries were too busy defending their character, explaining how they are not in fact racist, assuring everyone ad nauseam of how many black friends they had.

As the Right has caught onto this tired game, it has stopped being so effective; thus, the Liberals have moved on to the next level: when screaming “BIGOT!” and screeching horrifically at the top of their lungs fails to silence dissenters, violence is the natural next move in the Liberal strategy. The Left justifies violence against its political foes in a simple, two-step process.

First, it equates its opposition – that is, anyone who stands anywhere to the Right of Lenin – to generally despised historical figures or groups, like the KKK or the Nazis.

Second, it asserts that violence against groups like the KKK and the Nazis is in all cases inherently justified.

There’s some sleight of hand going on here we must bring to light. The term “racist” and “Nazi” are now so loosely defined by the Left, the political spectrum has shifted so far its way, that anybody who is not willing to give up his nation to hordes of third world invaders, pass hate speech laws on a whim, and limit gun rights, immediately becomes a racist and a Nazi. Liberals have moved so far into their collectivist group-thinking hive-mind, that merely wanting to enforce current immigration laws, makes you Himmler. That means you too, you who are presently reading this work of blasphemy against the Liberal god, have furnished enough evidence that the communist Left can label you a Nazi, and act accordingly.

There is a slogan I’ve seen online and on signs of protesters that read, “Make racists afraid again!” And how is the Left going to go about this? The same way it always has. The same way every Leftist regime has through history. With extreme violence.

During protests, the neo-KPD, based on the Antifaschistische Aktion group, known as Antifa can be frequently seen bearing a banner that reads, “The only good fascist is a dead one.” The alarming part of this is that the Left has long openly declared Donald Trump a fascist, as well as all the nearly 63,000,000 people who voted for him. Logically meaning – they want us all dead. Not only has the ADL and SPLC covered for Antifa, but CNN has as well. CNN ran a piece about the group which claimed that Antifa “seeks peace through violence.” NBC interviewed Dartmouth professor Bray, who explained the “ethics” of Antifa and their violent actions. Professor Bray defended and justified the virulent group, equating violence against the Right with “self-defense.”36

The media, the press, and academia make these claims, thinking people will take them seriously, perhaps will even support political violence against us. But what are these Antifa even fighting for? Billion dollar corporations do not condemn them; in fact, they cover for them. Nor does the ADL, SPLC, or any Liberal politician disavow them. This Antifa claims to be the “resistance,” yet every major organization, university, corporation, media outlet, and celebrity supports its messages and goals.

The truth is that the members of this “resistance” serve as the useful idiots for the international Left. It is painfully clear that they are fighting against us as a people. The Left fights for a debased democracy in which hordes of invaders on welfare have just as much a vote as those of us whose ancestors built these great nations. They fight for more mindless egalitarianism to achieve their debased pseudo-democracy; they fight for more ugliness, more disorder; they fight to destroy everything good and beautiful. They are fighting to censor us, disarm us, cheat us. Finally, they are fighting to orchestrate our eradication. They are fighting for a Final Solution to the White Problem.

The reason nobody on the Left will denounce Antifa is very simple. They share one and the same end goal. Antifa is simply the “street” division of the SPLC, the ADL, and the press. Every Leftists organization is moving in the same direction: against us and our people.

As the prevailing media, press, and politicians rush to defend the anarcho-communists, any whites that organize, hold rallies, and advocate for the interest of their people are violently shut down, de-platformed, and made into pariahs. They are called “terrorists” and “supremacists,” in the total absence of supporting evidence, while Antifa and BLM burn entire cities, and nary a negative word uttered in reply. But when a white man advocates for his people, the world comes to a standstill. The real crime these whites seemed to have universally committed was being white, articulate, racially consciousness, and fighting for their people, when nobody else would. Simply wanting to opt-out of the massively failed experiment of multiculturalism is now grounds for accusations of terrorism.

As with the term “Nazi,” the Left has now redefined “fascism” to cover anyone who opposes the open-border tyranny of globalism. It is used as a political smear. Simply a tool to demonize, dehumanize, and un-person political adversaries, so the truculent Left may justify its violence.

During the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, political author, advocate, and speaker Richard Spencer was attacked while giving an interview. Following the assault, social media as well as mainstream news outlets began debating the morality of whether or not it was acceptable to “punch a Nazi.” Even the New York Times ran a piece asking, “Is it O.K. to punch a Nazi?”37 Mother Jones published another entitled “The Long History of Nazi Punching.38

The overwhelming reaction by the Left was yes, it is indeed not only reasonable, but morally righteous and even obligatory, to attack a random person for having different political views.

During the interview in which Spencer was attacked, he had just finished explaining to a protester that he was not a neo-Nazi, nor a Klan member. This, it was subsequently argued, was mere covering for his actual beliefs. But in truth, anybody that wishes to defend the sovereignty of Western nations, anyone who shows even a shred of nationalism, an iota of pride in his heritage, is now called a white-supremacist, a fascist, a Nazi, no matter what he really thinks about these positions.

Following Donald Trump’s Inauguration, The Forward, published an article entitled, “Pulling No Punches In Fight Against ‘Alt-Right’ And Neo-Nazis.” Discussed in the piece was the rise of the “Anti-Fascists,” who are ready to use violence to suppress anybody they label a Nazi. A black-clad man was depicted stomping the face of another man supine on the ground. The man on the ground was wearing a shirt with a Celtic cross. A text around the image read, “Good Night White Pride.”39

These groups advocating violence in the streets are of course never labeled as hate organizations by the ADL or SPLC. Richard Spencer, however, is listed by their organizations as a white supremacist. This despite the fact that he has never attacked anyone, nor advocated violence against anyone; to the Left, he is clearly the real threat to society. For while Richard Spencer does not pose an imminent threat, his ideas menace the Left’s regime. His ideas, like so many of our ideas, are starting to make too much sense. They are becoming almost self-evidently true to too many people.

Let us be clear. People defending themselves from violent, hostile anti-white, Liberal aggression is not a manifestation of “white supremacy”: it is simple self-preservation. Our enemies recognize that we are in a war: every other group can be Pro-black, Pro-Jewish, Pro-Muslim, Pro-Latino Pro-Gay, Pro-whatever, and be proud of their heritage and culture. But white Pride, and Christianity, clearly, need to be stomped out of existence.

The Antifa is ready to do the stomping, the national and international press is ready to cover for them, and the organizations which proclaim themselves in favor of the First Amendment are ready to fund and defend the entire charade. Those of us who see clearly know what has happened: the essence of the First Amendment is dead; they have killed it.


“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”
1984, George Orwell


I watched as so-called Anti-Fascists rioted and burned the Berkeley campus in objection to the unacceptable prospect of journalist Milo Yiannopoulos giving a speech.40 If you’re unfamiliar with Milo, he is a gay, Jewish journalist from England, with a bit of character. He’s anti-Islam, anti-abortion, and pro-Trump. The “tolerant and progressive” Liberal students were so outraged at his opinions that they physically attacked other students who were merely going to watch his speech. They held signs reading “This is war,” “Kill Trump,” and “Kill Fascists.” The behavior we have seen all across the country by the violent Left, attacking conservatives, rioting, silencing dissident opinions, is actual, definitional authoritarianism. It is the very thing these “Antifa” are claiming to fight. We have really reached the point that a gay, Jewish, journalist from England is branded a Nazi and silenced accordingly.

During the riot coverage on the news I did not see police doing anything to halt the violence. It appeared they were ordered to stand down. Liberals are allowed to riot and attack their political opposition with total impunity while law enforcement, universities, and the media simply watch on. Nobody is holding them accountable. In fact, this kind of activity is actually being encouraged all over social media and in speeches given by other Leftists, reporters, celebrities (read: court jesters) at award ceremonies and protests.

This is nothing but the American Left showing its true colors now that power has been taken from it. I have said that they want us suffering, demeaned, and dead; that is no understatement. During an interview, Tim Kaine, once vice-president hopeful, urged his listeners to take the fight to the streets, saying that this is the time to “act.”41 While accepting an award at the Screen Actors Guild, actor David Harbour received a standing ovation after encouraging viewers to go out and punch people in the face – for their political views, of course.42

CNN referred to Milo as an “extremist” while reporting on the incident, but did not deign to comment in such terms on the violent rioters throwing bottles and attacking the students that wanted to see his speech. Ironically enough, Milo speaks quite a bit about the censorship of Right-wing thoughts, and had come to Berkeley to speak about this subject exactly. The only people who were injured in that riot were the students trying to see a damn speech. All the while, CNN has the audacity to refer to the “fake news” of independent journalists. The Left is nothing less than deranged.

Imagine if a group of Trump supporters violently rioted and forced the shutdown of a Left-wing speaker – which by the way, is a fair description of nearly every professor or speaker on college campuses. Imagine if a group of Trump supporters walked around cities in masks, starting fires, beating up Hilary supporters. Do you think CNN would have the same take on the event? Doubtful.

We have here yet another example of how the Left effectively silences heretics, those who dare attack the Liberal machine. This is neither the first nor the last time a Right-wing event is shut down by the Left. A Free Speech Rally in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park turned violent as Antifa arrived to protest the radical Right-wing view that there should be free speech.43 Evidently, free speech is not a value that the Left shares with us.

The Antifa, taking its inspiration from the Bolsheviks and German Communist Party (KPD), has staged protests and riots at numerous colleges in order to stop speeches from taking place. Free speech advocate Dave Rubin, was forced to cancel a talk at University of Southern California due to security concerns.44 Ann Coulter had to cancel a speech for the same reason.45 It would be tedious to recount all the examples that have occurred in the past year alone.

When violent mobs are not adequate for silencing those guilty of Thought Crimes, the Leftist faction at the Southern Poverty Law Center gladly steps in. The SPLC, which has declared itself the de facto Thought Police, labels any group or person it disagrees with politically a “hate group.” Thus, the SPLC declared for instance that the non-profit research organization, Center for Immigration Studies, warrants a place on their “hate watch” list, alongside the likes of the KKK, the Skinheads, and the Black Panthers.46 The SPLC answers to no one; it does not bother to explain why the violent Antifa group does not make the “hate list,” while a data-collecting non-profit organization does. The SPLC claims to be a neutral, non-partisan entity – yet it is quite clear it does not engage in any sort of objective neutrality, nor holds even a single objective standard.

Despite the fact that the Antifa group has physically assaulted Trump supporters at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, the SPLC refuses to comment. Despite the fact that 230 Antifa members were arrested for felony rioting.47 Despite the fact that they smash windows of businesses, set fires in the street, employ mob violence from Berkeley to D.C., the SPLC will not so much as mention their violence. Let alone grant them a coveted spot on its “hate watch” list.

The “hate list” is little more than a blacklist and defamation tactic, setting the innocent alongside the guilty and thus arbitrarily forcing guilt by association.

Limiting speech limits your thoughts. The ideas you cannot speak soon become the ideas you do not think. If you believe even for a second that censorship and hate speech laws are really about protecting somebody’s feelings, understand – this is about protecting the narrative, this is nothing but a concerted effort to police thoughts. The Left fears that those who speak out against their lies might begin to awaken others to the false narrative of Liberalism. Free speech is deeply dangerous to the Left, which is precisely why we have seen an all out war on freedom of expression across the Western world.

Laws, policies, and actions that restrict speech are always instituted by the Left. Never the Right. For the Liberal narrative cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas or on the battlefield of facts in a fair fight. How could they? So far as facts go, they come unarmed. Silencing dissident views is for that reason a cornerstone of Leftist policy. Those who speak with honesty and integrity never fear what their opponent might say, for nothing is as powerful as the truth. The Left cannot defeat this. It will never be able to hide the truth, no matter how much it censors, bans, and lies. There will dawn a day when the truth the Left has fought so hard to bury will rise from the ash heap of history to triumph again.

Those of us who still have the courage of our beliefs will never tire and never despair. We will speak the truth when it costs us friends. We will speak the truth when it is unpopular. We will speak the truth when it becomes illegal. We will speak the truth when it is seen an as act of heresy. We will speak the truth even when our voices shake.

And sooner or later, our speaking of the truth will be the downfall of the international Left.

The Truth is No Longer Good Think

One fine autumn day, about a week before the 2016 election, a pro-life group set up a series of posters showing an unborn child’s development. The posters depicted the size of the child in the womb compared to other objects for reference. There were photos of when the heart beats for the first time, photographs of facial development, of when babies start to yawn, of when they start to smile. As you walked through the display the tone changed. Suddenly there were photos of the abortion process. The suction method, the extraction method. In the latter, the child has its limbs severed, its tiny head decapitated, crushed, and forceps shoved into its spine to severe its little brain stem. And finally, posters that show actual photos of the aftermath of the murder.

Soon after the display was set up, a group of Liberal degenerates gathered round with signs to protest the right of the pro-life group to express their beliefs and show the truth of abortion procedures. They held signs reading “my body my choice,” “get your religion out of my uterus,” and “reproductive rights matter.” These green-, blue-, and purple-haired mental patients stood at the ends of the walkway where the posters were set in order stop people from walking through the display and seeing the photos. They claimed they were there to keep people from feeling “unsafe” and to protest this act of “hate speech.”

I had some time before my next class, so I was standing near one of the posters having a nice conversation with one of the people from the pro-life organization when I was accosted by a rabid Liberal woman (?) who was already screaming at me. Amidst her babble, I made out that I was creating an “unsafe environment” by being there and “normalizing” this act of “hate speech” and “aggression” against women. I was, she informed me, creating an unsafe environment for women on campus that have had abortions, and that I am inhibiting a woman’s right to choose.

Being the sporting chap I am, I engaged her. I responded that women who have had abortions did have a choice – the choice to not get pregnant – and that they do not deserve a “safe space” to hide from their act of infanticide. That sent her into a wild tirade about my espousing of “hate speech.” And suddenly I understood why Liberals are so hell-bent on censorship.

They know that if more people knew how soon this so-called “fetus” begins to look and act just like them, a tiny human, fewer and fewer voters would approve of the act of infanticide. They know that if people knew what “dilation” and “evacuation” procedures actually look like, fewer and fewer would vote for the wretched Democrats who support these barbarities.

The New York Times article, “When is Speech Violence?” sought to make the same claim as the rabid Liberal I encountered. They argued that because certain speech can cause stress, which can be seen as a form of harm, then stressful “hate speech” is consequently a form of violence:

“If words can cause stress, and if prolonged stress can cause physical harm, then it seems that speech – at least certain types of speech – can be a form of violence.”

“By all means, we should have open conversations and vigorous debate about controversial or offensive topics. But we must also halt speech that bullies and torments. From the perspective of our brain cells, the latter is literally a form of violence.”48

The argument of the Janus-masked Left goes like this;

  1. People have the right not to feel unsafe or have their feelings hurt.
  2. Some speech hurts feelings and makes people feel unsafe.
  3. Therefore, you do not have the right to speech that make others feel unsafe or hurts their feelings.

But their first premise is deeply flawed. People do not have any intrinsic right to have their sentiments spared. This effete attempt to put the subjective value of feelings over that of the right to express one’s ideas freely is a Pandora’s box. Once we create laws based on the utterly subjective “feelings” of some Liberal goblin, everything becomes fair game, anything can be silenced, and the real right to freedom of speech, clearly identified by our Constitution, diminishes to the point of vanishing. Claiming your feelings are more important than another person’s freedom of expression is the true violation of human rights.

Merely because I had looked at photos and engaged in conversation with one of the advocates for the human rights of unborn children, I was guilty of creating an “unsafe environment” for my fellow students. I did not speak to these students, I did not put up the photos, I did not provoke anyone in any way. I was simply an observer. Which was enough to make me an enemy of the Left – and thus, presumably, a Nazi, and fair target for Leftist violence.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In truth, the First Amendment is designed precisely to protect “hate speech.” No one needs protection for run-of-the-mill, garden variety comments; it would be nonsense to make an amendment to the Constitution protecting a person’s right to say something that everyone under the sun agrees with. It is only “hate speech” that needs protection from persecution.

Perhaps I feel this problem more sharply than others. I am, after all, a regular proponent of “hate speech.” Some people golf. Some people play cards, or collect things. I like to make offensive and provocative statements. Most people, especially Liberals, are eternally worried about offending anybody, even by mistake. I, however, find great joy in the propagation of facts and thoughts which most find uncomfortable. I believe it to be one of the finer things in life. I don’t even know how many forums, chat rooms, social media platforms, and comment sections I have been banned from for having the wrong views and opinions. For posting facts that discredit the narrative, for not appropriately participating in the Two Minutes of Hate, and for being the first to stop clapping.

So perhaps this is why, of all the perverse meanderings of Liberalism, I find the assault on free speech to be of the foulest. We owe it to our First and Second Amendments if laws limiting our speech have not yet been passed in the US. Because the Left has already lost the argument. Our ideas, and the evidence we can adduce in their favor, are so much stronger that the only option the Left has now is censorship – turning dissenters into pariahs, against whom violence is not only acceptable but even encouraged.

We are the only ones being silenced because we are the only ones left with the courage to speak truth to power. The First Amendment exists to protect the likes of us, and the Left knows it. Every single time a Leftists regime has taken hold of country, one of the first things they do is silence those who speak against them. One way, or the other. From the Gulags to the Killing Fields, those who refuse to fall in line are dealt with severely. If the day ever comes to the United States when people are thrown in prison for “hate speech,” as they are all over Europe, then people like myself will have only a few options left: do hard time in the Gulag, wind up dead in a snowy forest – or pick up a rifle.

Manifestations of the Liberal Illness: Freedom of Speech

During the 2017 White House Correspondence Dinner, member after member of the lying press stood up and accused Donald Trump of stifling freedom of press, of not understanding the First Amendment. Liberal after Liberal accused President Trump – with no supporting evidence – of doing precisely what the Left does on a constant basis.

This is a classic example of projection. The lying Liberal media, the same people who support “hate speech” laws and “fake news” censorship, are accusing the Right of their own attitude. The Left fails to see its own hypocrisy and the double standard in its actions and statements. You cannot say you support freedom of expression while advocating for hate speech laws.

Once again, the Left hides its contradictions by appealing to altered and redefined words. Claiming there is a difference between “free speech” and “hate speech” is the most egregious example. Feelings of victimization are again common here. The Left feels that if they hear things that upset them, they have moral grounds to shut that person down, one way or the other. Their feelings of victimization simultaneously enhance their feelings of moral superiority. We see this in the way they claim to be the arbiters of who can say what.

The desire to police speech is nothing but another form of the desire for control. Thus, the Liberal illness makes itself felt yet again. In the debate over free speech, we see symptoms 1, 2, 4, and 5 from Cluster I appearing, and symptoms 6,7, 8, and 9 appearing from Cluster II. [These refer to traits commonly found among liberals described earlier in the book.]

Cluster I

  1. Deceitfulness, indicated by repeated lying, grand exaggerations, or omission of contrary information, with the purpose to advance their chosen narrative and discrediting others.
  1. Irritability or aggressiveness towards anybody that questions or opposes their views. Coupled with the inability to recognize they own hypocrisy, double standards, and doublethink.
  1. Inability to adjust views when presented with information contrary to their own beliefs.
  1. Frequent projections of their own traits onto others.
  1. Difficulty in dealing with a loss of control or power, or a strong desire for control and power.

Cluster II

  1. Appeals to altered and redefined definitions of words, or relies on fictitious terms for argumentation.
  1. Consistent feelings of having been victimized or wronged, without any actual harm being done. Seen also as playing the victim after attacking others.
  1. Intense sense of righteousness or moral superiority.
  1. The inability to recognize the negative outcomes of their own actions. Often placing the blame on others.
  1. Intense guilt or self-hatred, often manifests as hatred towards one’s larger group identity.

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