‘Tis the Season: A Pro-White, Pro-Natal TV Movie

Last year just before Christmas a movie caught my attention because it’s one of the rare pro-White modern Christmas movies, and, for added surprise, it is also pro-natal. Try to name any Hollywood film or any kind of TV fare that fits that bill.

The movie is called  ‘Tis the Season for Love (2015) and it comes from the Hallmark Channel.

In this day and age with the war on Christmas in full swing and at a time when births to White parents are way, way down historically, what a treat it is to have one movie straight out of the maw of our entertainment industry that shows for one woman, life in a small town with a traditional man beats out the “You Go, Girl” life of a single woman in New York City. And there is not an ounce of irony in the entire movie.

Here is Hallmark’s summary of the show:

Beth Baker is an out-of-work actress stuck in New York City without her friends at Christmas time. She decides to return home to the quaint small town she escaped 10 years before and finds a place far different than the hamlet she left. She suddenly finds performing possibilities and even romance that kind of blow her away. Will the holidays prove to be as magical for Beth as they appear, or is Christmas magic doomed to disappear as quickly as it arrived for a lady who is ready to take chances she could never have imagined a decade before? Then again, this is the kind of thing that seems to happen during the Christmas season all the time.

Further, this movie got some serious numbers—2.3 million viewers at its debut three years ago. As far as I can tell, there has been no backlash against the movie, its actors, or its creators, and this year Hallmark again ran it. My own motive for highlighting this movie is to give TOO readers a small Christmas present as we head into the thick of the Christmas season. To be honest, so much of my own cultural criticism has been negative and pessimistic — if only because circumstances and honesty dictate it. So I’d like to offer something positive at this wonderful time of year.

Christmas Morning with White Mom and Dad and White Twins — and no irony


‘Tis the Season begins in a swank apartment in New York City, with Beth and her gorgeous female roommate once again discussing Beth’s lack of career progress. While the roommate owns the expensive apartment and has realized success on Broadway, Beth is still sleeping on the couch and waiting tables. Incidentally, thoughts of children are entirely absent in this setting.

Because she doesn’t want Beth to spend Christmas alone, the obviously wealthy roommate gives Beth tickets home to Kern, Beth’s small hometown somewhere out in the heartland. When Beth gets there, we see an idyllic town full of Christmas decorations and White people wherever you might look. Beth’s mother is a widow, happily living alone among people she has known her whole life, and together mother and daughter visit the local lot where Christmas trees are sold. Straight off, Beth runs into her high school flame Barry, but Barry is now married to an attractive blonde, and they have a little blonde daughter named Taylor. Fortunately, there are no hard feelings among them.

Joining Barry and his wife is Dean, another friend from high school who Beth had never really noticed before. Like Barry, he is handsome and always wears attractive clothes, just like all the adults in the movie. Dean was married, but his hometown wife left him for another guy, so he’s now a single guy heading up the local fire department. At first, Barry and his wife, Beth and Dean go out for drinks and fun, but there is no hint of romance. This gradually changes, however, and we have the main plot of our movie.

Again, I have to stress how stunningly White the show is. Every last adult in Kern with any sort of speaking part is an attractive White, and they are all shown with wonderful qualities. The man playing Santa at the Christmas tree lot, for instance, is a charming White man, and he sagely listens to Beth’s plaints about her career. In response, he gives her a “magic” key that allows her to have special dreams about her future, and the first dream we see is that she has healthy White twin boys. The unknown identity of the father constitutes some of the ongoing drama in the film.

Unlike most other screen portrayals of family life in a small town, “Tis the Season shows not an ounce of negativity or departure from traditional values — no bickering, neuroses, drug use, foul language, kinky sex, gay marriage, murderous rage, twisted religious beliefs or racial mixing. When Beth and Dean visit Barry’s house, for instance, the downstairs is tastefully decorated for Christmas, Barry is tender toward his wife and daughter, and the wife is happily working in the kitchen. This is only one of many such scenes shown in contrast to the sterile, insincere life in New York City.

In addition to showing two-year-old Taylor, the adorable blonde daughter, the movie also focuses on the town’s children when Beth gets tasked with helping put on the annual Christmas festival. Rehearsals are upbeat, and Christmas is clearly the point of the play, not some smarmy “holiday season” theme.

Unfortunately, the children’s festival is also the one place in the movie where non-Whites make a marked intrusion, for close to half of the kids in the play are various shades of brown. Sadly, this is an accurate portrayal of today’s America, where already half or more of the young children are no longer White. This is going to be America’s future, too. Still, it is a minor image, and none of the brown children say anything. Along with one Black fireman, his wife and child, plus a another non-White carrying Christmas trees, there are no other depictions of non-Whites in the ideal White town of Kern. Again, I noticed these faces because that’s what I study, but I’d say your normal viewer would hardly notice, given the far, far greater emphasis on White roles.

By halfway through the movie, we have two competing themes: Beth falling for Dean (though her special dreams still don’t show who she’ll marry) vs. her long-held dream of making it big in New York. And thanks to a phone call from her swarthy agent Bill, it appears Beth is even less likely to realize her big-city dreams. She didn’t get the part she had longed for — and Bill is quitting as her agent. Things are looking up for the prospect of Beth settling down in her hometown.

Yes indeed, her chances of again becoming a resident of Kern increase when she and Dean find themselves ice skating alone one night at the ice rink of her childhood, and there she and Dean enjoy their first kiss. That night, she again has a special dream and here she sees that the father of her twins is none other than Dean.

Things only get better in Kern. The Christmas cheer is growing, and a group of carolers even sing the following:

Hark! the herald angels sing,
“Glory to the new-born King!
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled.”

While this does not directly mention Christ’s name, it has a very Christian theme.

Finally, we reach the climax of the movie when Bill the agent again calls and tells Beth that the understudy of a Broadway show has broken her leg and Beth is immediately needed as a replacement. What will Beth do?  Stay with Dean and realize her small town destiny?  Or jump at the chance to fulfill her dreams of a Broadway breakthrough?

She chooses the latter, but ‘Tis the Season uses this development to show how thoroughly Beth has opted for family life in a nice White town. Back in New York, we meet a group of insincere, unconnected multicultural individuals, beginning with the likely homosexual director of the play. Behind him stand a Black man and assorted other people from all over the globe. The director is uncaring, remarking that the understudy had broken her arm . . . or leg, or something. He then showers Beth with clearly insincere praise, all the while rushing to get things done. No wonder Beth that night has a dream about her New York life where the apartment is sterile and bare, and the refrigerator empty. What a contrast to the home-cooked meals in Kern and the fresh-baked cookies in every kitchen.

For me, this unfavorable comparison of New York to a small White town is important, for I grew up with the exact same thing. Kern was my small town, a place where we knew almost everyone, and people took a genuine interest in the lives of others. I also recall an unstated sense that New York was an alien enclave, impossibly big and most of all threatening. To see this validated in a movie from 2015 most assuredly got my attention. Lord knows I’ve been inundated with a tidal wave of Hollywood films and TV shows that depict the reverse.

To wrap things up, Beth accepts the fact that for her, life in Kern among White people is far preferable to a barren life in New York City, so she immediately returns to Kern, where she rescues the Christmas festival from potential disaster and returns to the trajectory of domestic tranquility with Dean. The closing scene in the movie jumps ahead five or six years, and Dean and Beth wake up in bed together on Christmas morning, their White twins joyously announcing that Santa has been there during the night. A nice White couple in a nice White town with White children ready for the future. What could be a better Christmas story for our times?

Unpacking the Movie

I could end my discussion of ‘Tis the Season here, but it’s my job to dig deeper to try to better understand how our culture created this production. Further, I’ll be honest with you: I’ve certainly got a dog in the anti-Christmas race we normally see. For decades it has troubled me deeply that a central event in our culture has been so openly defiled and downgraded by our racial competitors. For that reason, I wrote two pieces a decade ago about this “War on Christmas,” articles that were well received by racially conscious Whites (part one is here and part two here). In those articles, I showed how common it is to associate modern Christmas with evil, as these two pictures show:


As mentioned above, we now see and hear the ubiquitous “Happy Holidays” rather than the traditional “Merry Christmas,” and as my anti-Christmas articles show, it was our racial enemies who made this happen. No surprise that a holiday as important to Whites as Christmas would be subjected to the endless “culture of critique” that everything else is.

Naturally, I was curious to see how something this pro-White, pro-Christmas, and even pro-White movie got made. My research shows that it’s close to a fluke, really, for despite the Christian roots of The Hallmark Channel, we see some of the same usual suspects in the credits for ‘Tis the Season for Love.

While all the main actors are surely not Jewish, behind the cameras we find a mixed bag. The director, Terry Ingram, appears to be White, but the producer, Harvey Kahn, is likely Jewish, as are the director of photography Adam Sliwinski and perhaps also writer Nina Weinman. Yet from this suspect line-up from a notoriously anti-White and anti-Christian industry, we get a first-rate White Nationalist Christmas tale. Presumably, they thought it would be popular and they’d make some money.

Now what about this entity called “The Hallmark Channel”?  Not surprisingly, it shares links with Hallmark Cards, which was founded in 1910 by a non-Jew,  Joyce Hall (a male, despite the name). Rather than do the hard work myself, I’m going to rely on Wikipedia and also ask readers to send in further information in the comments section. Wiki tells us that The Hallmark Channel was formerly called VISN/ACTS (1992–1993), Faith & Values Channel (1993–1996), and The Odyssey Network (1996–2001), and that it replaced the American Christian Television System (1984–1992) and Vision Interfaith Satellite Network (1988–1992).

As noted, The Hallmark Channel has vast exposure, with approximately 85,439,000 pay television households (73.4% of households with television) in the United States. Not surprisingly, the channel is popular in heavily White areas, particularly the suburbs and rural areas. One researcher felt that shows on the Hallmark Channel “express traditional family values and also steer away from political themes and stories that denigrate religion.”

This certainly fits the pro-Christmas theme of ‘Tis the Season for Love. What we are left with, however, is the question of why a channel with a strong Christian background completely avoids the object of Christmas observations, namely Jesus Christ. Again, I am thankful that the show is implicitly White Nationalist and openly respects Christmas as a holiday, but in the greater picture surrounding the (Jewish) “War on Christmas,” we have the figure of Jesus Christ, one that Jews have disliked from the beginning. It’s too bad ‘Tis the Season did not push further and at least show a nativity scene or say the words “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ.”

For White Nationalists, however, the issue of Jesus is a vexed one, so perhaps we should not dwell on His absence in the show under consideration. Just in the last month, for example, the site Counter-Currents posted two essays on this very topic, the first criticizing the view that since modern Christianity has largely lost its spiritual moorings and is openly anti-White, White Nationalists should abandon it. The second, titled “Christianity & Nationalism: A Cautionary Tale,” pointed to the anti-racialist bearing of the modern Catholic Church:

“Pius XI’s Christianity was strongly opposed to racialism and nationalism. He spoke out several times against racial thinking, emphasizing that “catholic meant universal” and to divide the world by nationality and race is “contrary to the faith of Christ.” He ordered the drafting of an encyclical that would aggressively condemn racialism and anti-Semitism shortly before he died in 1939.

Obviously, this is not an issue that will be easily solved, so I’m going to push it into the background in this essay and celebrate the fact that in 2015 such a pro-White, pro-Christmas movie could be made and shown repeatedly on a major cable network.

I just saw a rerun recently and enjoyed it thoroughly. “Yes, New York City and its sterility and multicultural masses are a dead end!  In contrast, Nice White Small Towns have it all, especially when it comes to Christmas!” I’ll take an exception like this movie and savor it, and I hope readers of TOO will, too. In fact, the movie can be streamed for a nominal fee from the usual sources, so I hope readers take the time to watch it and consider it in the context I have described.

Finally, I’m going to ask readers to be far more involved in this discussion than they usually are. Going back ten years, The Hallmark Channel has run a seasonal series called Countdown to Christmas, featuring all kinds of Christmas fare. Perhaps readers could share thoughts of shows they’ve watched, or maybe some could even begin a study of the series, noting how it has or has not changed over the last decade. To be sure, we’re bound to see much more race mixing or even loose morals, but it could be a cultural study worth doing. We might even consider broadening the discussion to take in other versions, such as A&E’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime.”

I doubt we’ll find anything as much to our White Nationalist liking as ‘Tis the Season for Love. The unnecessary touch of adding White children to the story was wonderful. TWINS, no less!  Two light-haired White boys brightening the abode of this wholesome White couple. And the husband and wife are young enough to have two, three, four, five more children if they’d like. May they enjoy many years of joy as a White family.

Merry Christmas, all!

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  1. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Google shows no American town named Kern. Therefor I wonder, whether the writer did not use this German word for ” nucleus ” to convey his values.

    Our local farm supply store installed a half dozen flagpoles along the street, adorned with red flags, just for flutter. Red comes in different shades, but theirs was identical to that used by the Bolsheviks and their many branches: also resembling that of the moving red star that graces the CNN backdrop so often.

    I reminded the manager, that our town, named Hanover, might just have many second generation Germans in it, in addition to post-War arrivals, like myself, with relatives and friends in then both German states, and that their flags would engender a visceral reaction in these likely lost customers. I remember, that whenever I passed daily, my blood pressure rose. Other local European newcomers would probably have shared my aversion.

    In less than a week the flags were gone: without a word spoken in anger or even lacking joviality !

    This year they positioned their ” Season’s Greetings “, which aroused feelings similar to the above, in me. I’d like to think, that it was the excessive voltage in my ESP, which made them at least add ” Merry Christmas ” in equal measure, minutes before another friendly visit.

    I never miss a chance to wish the staff at my bank and at all other frequented merchants a ” Very Merry Christmas, since IT IS NOT YET CRIMINAL TO DO SO ! ” Encouragingly ca. 75 % respond with an agreeing, aware look and nod.

    At the end of the previous article here, I wished commenter Adolf Shickelgruber a Froehliche Weihnacht and encouraged him to kick back and enjoy the multitude of cultural treasures on Ukraine got Talent. I might add, that these incredible artists, particularly the youngest among them, immensely enjoy the accolades by the audience, but are invariably anxious to run back to parents and friends awaiting them offstage. The many faces among the audience, from the deep end of the gene pool evidence the fact, that the Bolsheviks didn’t get all of them, as intended.

    There, family remains foremost: despite Victoria Nuland and her extended familial merry band of systematic thieves.

    Merry Christmas, a long and healthy life and profuse thanks for your spirit and message !

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I have previously posted that Jews are not the monolithic block organized Jewry wants you to believe it is. They have virtually all on the same page for the Hollowco$t, Auntie Shem-itism, and Israel. Beyond that, not so much. I have known many Jews, including an uncle who “married into” the family, and so became familiar with many aspects of the tribe.
      How does this relate to your post? Two of my Jewish acquaintances have told me that I would probably make a better Jew than them, due to my having some dated insight. Both of them refused to follow their employers’ directives to say “Happy Holidays” to everyone. They openly flaunted saying Merry Christmas to people whom they were sure were Christians. The rationale was simply that ‘it’s your holiday, so why shouldn’t I recognize it’. Interestingly, they aren’t keen on the vibrancy of diversity browning our city either.

      • Kevin
        Kevin says:

        Good post. There are certainly many many Jews who have no interest of following the values of the ADL/AIPAC. The Jewish activists w/ power are our enemy, not the Jewish ppl as a whole. As we all can attest too, w/ our families, there are many Whites who are clueless about the world we live in & have strange moral concepts.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Kern City is a former unincorporated community now incorporated in Bakersfield in Kern County, California.[1] It is located 4 miles (6.4 km) west-southwest of downtown Bakersfield,[2] at an elevation of 387 feet (118 m).[1]

      Kern City was founded as a planned retirement community in 1961.[2] It was developed by Del Webb and constructed by his namesake company the Del E. Webb Corporation.[3] A post office operated at Kern City from 1962 to 1976 [Wiki]

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        You omitted to inform all of us, where, exactly, the ice rink of Beth’s youth was located in this non-town, ca. 100 miles north of non-freezing LA, where she and Dean enjoyed their first kiss.

        Upscale new suburbs, populated by rich retirees from LA, were probably not the antipode to NYC, that the writer considered for contrast.

  2. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    The jews will be outraged. In their version she’s a single white lesbian that adopts a negro child at Christmas and is involved in a domestic violence dispute against a White Christian male. A smart, hipster, cool, negro male police detective intercedes and she falls in love with him because as we all know The Black Man is gentle and loving and loves baybeez and can pleeze da ladies because his cock is bigger.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      It appears that the only people with “big cock” obsessions and/or belief in the proven fallacy that black males have larger penises than white males are “cock obsessed” closeted homosexuals who are not only unaware of this fallacy due of course to having no male/male experiences, interracial or otherwise, and of course ineffectual, tragically insecure men who grasp at any excuse for their failure not only to attract women, which I can assure you has nothing to do with penis size, but to stand up and be men.

  3. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    Fascinating. I shall watch this.

    I’m reminded of my current experience watching The Andy Griffith Show (I’m now on season 6). The credits reveal that this show was almost uniformly run by Jews. Yet this show is mostly great, mostly non-toxic.

    Mostly. Barney Fife is a model of the neurotic, hysterical Jew. Good! Yet he’s a goy. Not good. And of course the show pushes liberalism in various subtle ways (such as religion being an mere accessory to life rather than being central). But by today’s standards, The Andy Griffith Show is utterly retrograde (an unapologetically all-white town, a good father figure…..).

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      During the Golden Age of Talmudvision the shows were regulated for content. The Jew was held to certain standards that the Jew finds repugnant today. When in their element, controlled and attempting to entertain us goy they actually did okay and were funny and entertaining. Today the Jew is vulgar, coarse and disgusting as is his true nature. When the vulgar and vile Jew Ron Jeremy was asked why Jews control the Porn Industry his answer was (blatantly jew) “Because Christ sucks”

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Were the shows regulated by the FCC [Federal Communications Commission]?

        The FCC was founded in 1934. The three networks went to (((Paley))) [CBS], (((Sarnoff))) [NBC], and (((Goldenson))) [ABC]. This was the (((RED))) decade. . .

        Were jews holding back to avoid outraging Americans before the opportune moment?

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          01 Wrong on all counts. Wrong Wikipedia wisdom enquiry in the first place.
          02 The Catholic League of Decency patrolled and censored the films and gave them different ratings; forbidding Catholics, from the pulpit, to view many of them. This League’s name changed a few times, while its censorship policy was watered down. There are long lists of forbidden movies, by year.
          03 Most probably true, but I wasn’t in Hollywood in 1963, the Jews punched through the League’s shield against pornography, by showing it in context with sexual abuse in the camps, claiming that the ‘true’ description of the Holocaust demanded it, and entitled them. Otherwise it would represent anti-Semitism through a diminution of the Shoah.
          04 The ” [[[ RED ]]] decade ” is still with us, only camouflaged more cleverly.

      • Alphonsus Jr.
        Alphonsus Jr. says:

        I used to like Mel Brooks’ movies. Since I’ve swallowed the red pill I now see much toxicity in them.

  4. Duke Norfolk
    Duke Norfolk says:

    Yes, Hallmark Channel is an island of goodness in a sea of degeneracy. My wife watches it A LOT. I only observe it on and off, but from what I’ve seen it almost exclusively white and traditional. It’s not perfect, for sure. But it’s so far above all the other crap out there that it’s hard to pick at it.

    One thing that irritates me at times is that it’s very upper middle class and SWPL-y. One of the problems with this is that it can tend to invoke the tendency for women to yearn for that ever-bigger and more perfect home, etc. That can inject disharmony into the home and encourage more consumerism. Envy can be pernicious, as we know.

    I’d like to see more storylines that involve regular middle folks. But all in all it’s a great cable channel. I’m sure that the left has agitated for more diversity, etc. Hopefully they’ll stay strong and hold the line against the Poz.

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ll have to ask the wife about it and maybe watch it if I get the chance. She may have it recorded, as she has DVRed a boat load of programming from there.

  5. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    May I present an alternative interpretation? Jews want to replace whites, and an obvious stage in the process is to persuade whites to abandon traditional capital cities. Imiagine, for example, a touching tale of a single Frenchwoman in Paris trying to work in a fringe Jewish activity. She goes back to her provincial town in Normandy, or Picardy, or Limousins and reconnects with a childhood sweetheart. Thus Paris loses someone who belongs, helping to leave it to deliberately imported tax-eaters and inflation-increasers. And Paris controls even more education, publishing, police, law… there’s a long list. And (surely Connelly is disingenuous here; does he come from a long line of Catholic priests? Does he like the money-for-nothing aspect?) back in her small town, she has the privilege of worshipping a Jew!

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      This became QUITE obvious in the mid terms as inner cities (black militant mouth breathing moochers and liberal self-hating white snowflakes) voted Democrat and rural areas voted Republican (white, down to Earth, conservative, hard working).

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        My fault for not being clearer. Jews want cities – many with histories over thousands of years – occupied by Jews and other trash. If whites move out, it helps them.

    • Sutter
      Sutter says:

      I do not think there is anything nefarious here. The Hallmark company is a Middle American Christian company historically, and the wholesomeness of its products reflects that.

      The fact is that Goys do not need to be told by Jews to hate American cities, we already do.

  6. Jack
    Jack says:

    “Star in the Night” is an excellent 22 minute Oscar winning short subject Christmas movie made in 1945. It’s been shown a few times on TCM and has also been available on YouTube.

  7. m
    m says:

    When mom was still alive she used to watch Hallmark. I don’t know how it is today, but I recall shows centered around single (maybe divorce of widowed), closely approaching middle aged women. The woman’s goal in life was never to be a high powered, sexually promiscuous, independent Sex In The City career woman, but rather to meet a nice guy with whom they could realize natural desires within a traditional marriage setting.

    Almost all characters where white.

    I used to ask myself, “Why is this sort of thing even allowed on Jewish dominated TV? It all seems too pure!” The only answer I could give is that the SJW had not focused on this channel, yet. Maybe it flies too low under the radar. When they do find out, and you know they eventually will, scripts we become degenerate, mirroring the ones offered in some of the above posts.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      “The woman’s goal in life was never to be a high powered, sexually promiscuous, independent Sex In The City career woman”

      This is a world where the pendulum swings this way and that. Women, generations ago, saw that men generally lusted after the above mentioned things. So, right or wrong, they wanted the same for themselves, ignoring the fact that in spite of being “high powered” they were, still are, and always will be dependent on men one way or another. Mostly to design, build and maintain the infrastructure and social/political/economic systems that allow them to eventually have careers, get rich, then mouth off about the perfidy of men. LOL. I ask you, is the Creator not really just a magnificent comedian?

  8. sixten svensson
    sixten svensson says:

    That will not hold attention here, although i am happy to see them getting this through the hollywood filters; but The Last Kingdom is more my style. Yes, very violent, but it’s our history and I have not seen any jewish directors and actors all seem to be white. By the 3rd or 4th episode in first season I found self hooked. The first 2 episodes are just laying the foundation for the series.
    Great battle scenes depicting the strategy and tactics of early warfare. The film makes me more determined to support my white European heritage. It’s more than just a story, it’s about the heart and breath of national loyalty and pride.

  9. lou
    lou says:

    / That doesnt matter. What matters is the ones in power. Rahm, Bibi, Barney, etc. The 2 California senators, one of who has a hubby that has the factories in China.
    Greenspan and Mitchell? ‘Iowa is too White.’…huh?

  10. JM
    JM says:

    Could it be that a small section of {{{them}}} see an $opportunity$ in commodifying White Christian Nostalgia?

  11. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    So a while ago, I remember reading in an article that Hallmark company, in the past, was suspected of being very anti-semitic in its hiring. This perhaps was due not only to its Christian roots, and desire to keep a Christian ethos in the company, but also to the fact that its top competitor, American Greetings, has historically been owned by Jews, and this company was (perhaps!) worried that if Jewish people became executives of Hallmark, they would merge the two companies and have a cultural stranglehold on greeting cards in North America.

    Speaking of American Greetings, they made history by becoming the first big card company to create Kwaanza cards for Black Nationalist types who want to make this fake holiday a reality (https://books.google.com/books?id=ZWCOAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA150&lpg=PA150&dq=hallmark+company+not+hire+jewish+designers&source=bl&ots=jNZvYulM89&sig=IS7pqCRQmu4YxVBPtHjDSOoVHaU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi2sPDzw63fAhUKnq0KHT67BX0Q6AEwAnoECAMQAQ#v=onepage&q=hallmark%20company%20not%20hire%20jewish%20designers&f=false). The first greeting card company to do this at all was EthnoGraphics, which itself was also Jewish-owned. The new “War on Christmas” is to flood the winter season with competing holidays, such that the Christian/European element, which is so terribly stifling and annoying to Jews, is neutralized. Thankfully, American Greetings was taken over by private equity (https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/news/local_news/american-greetings-has-new-majority-owner/article_b3339036-125b-11e8-afc1-7fe8e392637f.html).

    Speaking of fake holidays in December….what about Hanukkah itself? Now that Hallmark is evidently getting more Judaized, they will be making not one, but TWO Hanukkah movies next year (https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Hallmark-working-on-two-Hanukkah-films-for-next-year-573321). I remember a Jewish friend in the boy scout troop i was in, growing up, joked that Hanukkah is just a fake holiday that Jews invented to keep their kids from being unhappy/jealous of the other kids around Christmastime. Jews don’t actually believe any of the spirituality behind it, besides something vague about hope. Which isn’t surprising, as Jews, even many Orthodox Jews, don’t believe their own religion at all. Don’t need to beat that dead horse, though.

    One of the imperatives of Hanukkah is to put Menorahs in the most prominent, public places as is possible. How exactly this links in with the story of one vial of oil lasting eight days. It seems more likely that Rabbis want to beat back the feeling of cultural unity that comes from having pervasive Christmas decoration around this time of year by putting their Menorahs in front. The result of this is that at the two universities I attended in getting my bachelor’s and master’s, large menorahs were placed at the most heavily trafficked areas of campus, such that there was an impression of there being more overtly Hanukkah-themed decoration than Christmas-themed decoration.

    Now that I live in Chicago, I notice that my neighborhood’s Winter decorations on commercial streets are all blue and white – the official colors of Hanukkah. Menorahs are placed in prominent places in many restaurants, as well as my office building. All this, for a holiday that caters to the < 2% of the population that is Jewish, among whom < 20% even keep any authentic Judeo-religious culture (but 100% keep a culture of resentment towards Christianity and rejection of any ideal of cultural solidarity / patriotism in favor of materialistic, socially-apathetic individualism).

    Why? Because attacking Christmas head-on is a lost cause. But you do not have to attack Christmas to eliminate the beautiful power of Christmas, which pervades public life with its unanimously positive, indisputably traditional, nostalgic, family-oriented, civic-minded, generous (as opposed to Jewish materialistic misery), Christian-European spirit. Christmas is a time that, after seeing 11 months of Jewish post-modern garbage, we get a taste of the ideals of a nice, white country, and every man, woman, and child is left knowing that it "no-diffs" this diverse secular individualistic materialistic garbage society.

    In the meantime, Hallmark is getting lots of complaints from liberals on sites like this (https://www.complaintboard.com/hallmark-channel-l12907/page/27). They want Hallmark movies to be more like…movies on every other station? They like the attitude, just not the lack of pro-diversity messaging. I [do not] wonder if they don't realize that the ethos of Hallmark is indivisible from its traditional, Middle-American, Christian roots.

  12. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    The Black Pilled channel on Youtube has some brilliant film analyses highlighting the perfidy of the Jews. Watch before Youtube flushes them!

    Within this one is an analysis of an utterly toxic anti-white propaganda movie called Pleasantville:

    The Great Boomer Deception

    And this one includes an analysis of Scorsese’s filthy Gang of New York:

    The Nature of Power

    Must see.

    I’d share links to both, but I don’t want to trigger the spam filter. Find them both here on the Black Pilled channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaHgYcWAAcn5D54w4Dqezg/videos?disable_polymer=1

  13. cecil1
    cecil1 says:

    Nothing reveals the extent of the anti-White racial animus underneath society than the fact that every MSM outlet and all non-White groups now actively push for EVERY mention of Christmas to be bracketed by mentions of every and any other possible ethnic holiday or event even remotely associated in time with the Christmas period.

    Last night on Global news Canada it was of all things the Persian moon cycle.

    The ‘me too’ resentment and conflict underneath this is striking.

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