Orthodox Rabbi on Jewish Involvement in Promoting Immigration to the West

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  1. Alexander Baron
    Alexander Baron says:

    I actually sent this guy a lengthy e-mail in November, and had an acknowledgment but not really a response, and nothing since. Probably didn’t want to get involved with a Holocaust Revisionist!

    Excellent analysis, Rabbi, but you grossly underestimate the scale of the problem.

    The Jewish Establishment in the UK and every other Western nation is and in my lifetime always has been at the very centre of this campaign to destroy the White Race, literally.

    Anytime someone dares to point this out, the person concerned is denounced to High Heaven as an anti-Semite and mocked as a conspiracy theorist. Then those very same crypto-Jews continue with their hate campaign.

    Jews wrote the “race relations” laws in both the UK and the United States. Jews were behind Brown v Topeka in the US.

    The Jew Noel Ignatiev has called openly for the destruction of “whiteness”. And on and on it goes. You must surely be aware of some of the poisonous films churned out by Jewish Hollywood like “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”.

    Their mission has nothing to do with promoting good race relations but is purely about hatred of their historical enemy, as they see us.

    The question is, what are you going to do about it?

    At the turn of the Twentieth Century, the white slave trade was dominated by Jews. Rather than whine about anti-Semitism when people pointed this out, Jews formed organisations to suppress it.

    In his book “PROSTITUTION AND PREJUDICE ‘The Jewish Fight against White Slavery 1870-1939′”, author Edward J. Bristow quotes Arthur Morrow from a report of October 31, 1903: “We fear unfortunately this horrible blot on the reputation of our race, exists in most places of the world where there is the chance of these unscrupulous men and women making money by the sacrifice of young Jewish girls.”

    As you can see, people like this had no problem with trafficking in Jewish girls as much as “Aryan” ones. Most of the crypto-Jews in this insane movement have nothing but contempt for your religion, all religion, and would gladly see Jews wiped out if that is what it took to eradicate the hated white race.

    Many Jews are infected with this poison so profoundly that they willingly contribute to the destruction of their own heritage. Need I mention Mark Zuckerberg?

    Again, you have identified the problem correctly. Now what are you going to do about it?



  2. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    Excellent presemtation. Obviously, speaking for myself, as far as he went, and he is an expert at knowing his limits under various circumstamces, he said nothing that I disagreed with, which, for me, is saying a lot. Of course, as respects specifics, this means very little to someone else. We all are at different stages in the journey to understand something that has been very susceptible to misunderstanding. It should also be said that he left open many avenues that invite further elucidation, and I look forward to following up on this challenge.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 The heading for this video is a complete misnomer. It should read ORTHODOX RABBI ON JEWISH N O N INVOLVEMENT IN PROMOTING IMMIGRATION TO THE WEST.

    02 Like a talented Journalism undergraduate, in a lecture on how to change public opinion, he initially shows understanding and agreement with our apprehension: costing him nothing. He then cleverly qualifies his agreement and finally ends up telling us, that our perceived, well documented opinions as to who is behind this scourge, are all wrong and historically anti-Semitic.

    03 He falsifies the evidence of the Torah, forgets to mention the blood curdling Talmud, and refers to Halacha. All of which support, in one way or another, both our individual as well as collective disappearance. He lies through his teeth, that the Torah and the majority of the religious Jews, nevertheless and of course deeply spiritually, support the individuality of people and nations: for which, of course, THEY REQUIRE THEIR THIRD TEMPLE as an administrative seat.

    04 We are being done a huge and potentially harmful disservice, by adopting the producer’s probably intentionally misleading title, without an analytical caveat of our own, concerning this sage’s bullshit. Unless TOO attends to that, chalk one up for them !

    05 And why two identical videos, with merely Pittsburgh as a difference: but with the Rabbi’s apparently only tie ?

  4. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    This guy took over 23 repetitious & tedious minutes to say what could be said in less than 23 seconds:

    Yes, Jews are pushing cultural (((Marxism))), open borders, White genocide, and the destruction of the West, but it’s “absolutely false & pernicious” to blame Jews.

  5. Maria W
    Maria W says:

    This is the way I have come to conclude the issues for myself some time ago. I believe him, gut feeling and instincts, they are not all the same and alike. Sadly though plenty out there to worry about who will leave long lasting destructive consequences on many Nations and innocent lives. It is high time some show some courage to come forth and speak out. It is about their own survival as well. May be to late and war, whether within or without, is on the horizon. It will all be shifting so fast …political, dizzying reasoning/ incompetence. The powerhouse is moving in full speed and the thrust …who can escape. Strength, wisdom and endurance to anyone who listens, these are scary times. I am Peace loving, but will speak up when compelled to do so. Hate can never be a constructive motivator, and this video showed no signs of hate, but concern for self, as well as others, since all of us exist in relation, with and to others, or to one another. These boundaries, from micro to macro, in my humble opinion, should never be blurred. European I am and must live as such, intellectually, emotionally, physically and Historically, and this we must preserve, if we want to live and breath life. Does not mean I love myself and hate others, but it means I do love life and others and I wish others to do the same, live and let live. Most of all, learn from the past and from EVERYONE. I comment the Rabbi for his courage in speaking Truth to the current issues.. If I had and was to say the same thing, I’d be put in the courtroom for some accusation or intentions that is not there. These things also must be addressed and changed…free speech to counter the lies free speech tolerated for too long.

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